Top 15 Free FPS Games We Love!

Free FPS Games
While blowing things up in a tank may be fun you still need infantry to win in Planetside 2

No Budget Needed For These Games

Some might say the best kind of game is one you didn't have to pay for. With many free games coming out in the last several years, most of us know at least a few free games, but many don't know that free games span more than just battle royales. In fact, there are great free games that span all the genres and include indie games to AAA big box releases. And if you don't enjoy it, at least there's no need to go through Steam's refund system.

15. MechWarrior Online™ Solaris 7

If you’re a Gundam or mecha fan, then MechWarrior Online will be right up your alley. Take part in mecha on mecha combat with highly customized mechs of the 31st century. 

Get in the robot Shinji! Some mechs in the middle on combat.


14. Unturned 

Loot, build, and defend yourself. Unturned will have you trying to survive in an open world filled with zombies. You can play with friends to defend yourselves against zombies or other players. 

The last thing you want is to try fighting off a horde of zombies in the middle of the night.


13. Deceit 

Be careful who you ally with. Most players in the group will try to escape, but some in the group will try to pick off the rest. You must stay constantly vigilant as the person you trust could be infected.  

Trust no one: Deceit harcons to similar games where you have to be suspicious of everyone around you.


12. Battle Grounds III 

You can say this game is quite the “revolution.” Taking place during the American Revolution, you play as one of many soldiers of the battlefield equipped with just a musket, some ammo, and a melee weapon.

Sticking together: since you only have one round in your musket its best to have allies backing you up.


11. Paladins 

Get on the site! Paladins came out during the hero shooter craze and continues to thrive. The game mechanics will be familiar to veteran player as the game is often compared to Overwatch.

Work together: like other hero-shooters teamwork is needed on all levels of play.


10. Planetside 2 

Planetside 2 puts the MASSIVE into MMO, with hundreds of players being able to participate in each battle. The maps are massive, with multiple battles going on at any moment. 

Go all out: most battles involve infantry, tanks, and air units fighting over one control point. Adding another tank to the battlefield is never overkill.


9. SCP: Secret Laboratory 

Escape the SCP facility or be killed by one of its deadly inhabitants. This multiplayer version of the original will have you trying to escape, stopping the escape attempt, or playing as one of the SCP entities. 

Hunt or be hunted: know your place in the SCP foodchain and avoid fighting the unstoppable.


8. CS:GO 

Global Offensive is the most up to date iteration of a PC gaming giant. Its seemingly simple game modes have developed into a list of rules and strategies that can make the game feel more strategy than shooter. 

Coordinate: high level competitive play can be determined by which team planned things out and which team just winged it.


7. Destiny 2 

Awaken Guardian for you are needed once again! Defend humanity against multiple foes and unlock tons of gear along the way or fight other players in PvP modes. 

Fight with flair: with many flashy weapons and abilities you can take down your enemies


6. Fistful of Frags 

If you love team deathmatch and westerns, this is the perfect game. All weapons are available to every player right off the bat, making the game a true contest of gunplay. Also, you gain health by drinking whiskey! 

Pass the whiskey! Make sure to regain health between fights with the whiskey strewn around the map.


5. World of Tanks 

Drive tank. Shoot enemy tank. Rinse and repeat. There are plenty of tanks from around the globe and customization options to create the perfect killing machine.

Drive through scenic maps with the sole purpose of blowing up your enemy.


4. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 gameplay
It would be an understatement to say TF2 is the inspiration for all modern hero based shooters like Overwatch and even Apex Legends. Despite being over a decade old, the TF2 community is as active as ever with regular content updates and patches.

Art of the jump: the Soldier is able to use the famous rocket jump to quickly cross great distances or to pull off some quick maneuvers.


3. Warframe 

Being a blade and gun-wielding ninja is what it’s all about! The game includes over 30 Warframes with different abilities and over 300 customizable weapons. All this all means that players can make a build that's very specific to their play style that they can continually change and tweak.

Perpetual loot machine: with many weapons and customizations there will always be something to unlock and new gear to look forward to.


2. Apex Legends 

Despite arriving later to the battle royal hype train, Apex has managed to carve out a big niche within the genre. The game features a class system that makes it stand out amongst its peers and gameplay that’s more refined than others.  

Be the last one standing: fight with your team to be the last ones standing to win.


1. Valorant 

Valorant takes some of the best aspects of CS:GO and Overwatch to create a unique sub-genre. It has the weapon selection and round system of CS:GO while having heroes with abilities like Overwatch. So if you ever wanted a hero shooter with the fast-paced gameplay of Counter-Strike, then this is the perfect game for you.

Guns and powers: Even with hero abilities some fights can come down to gunplay and reflexes.

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