[Top 15] Best Coop FPS Games To Play With Friends

Co-op FPS Games
Its all fun in games running around killing normal zombies until someone accidentally hits the witch

Nothing like playing a Left 4 Dead mission with the guys

While playing through Skyrim for the 35th time might be fun, it's sometimes fun to play a game with others. Today, many games are released with some sort of multiplayer component, but some require a little teamwork to win. The kind of teamwork you might achieve with friends in a Discord call or just some randoms with no mics. These are some of the best co-op games to date. 

1. Left 4 Dead 2

Get to the choppa! You and three other survivors have to escape the zombie-infested country to get somewhere safe. Play in four-player PvE campaign missions or a PvP gamemode where some players take control of special zombies in an effort to kill the survivors. 

Goes through em’ like butter: while individual zombies are easy to kill they typically attack in hordes.


2. Team Fortress 2

TF2 is one of the oldest and most played hero shooters to be released. It inspired newer hero shooters like Overwatch. While some classes can work for a lone wolf player, the team with better hero composition and cohesion has a much better advantage over the other.

Utilize what you got: use all the abilities your class has including ones that aren’t as obvious like rocket jumping.


3. Squad

Like real combat teamwork and communication are not optional in Squad. People who play in squads are not only more effective in combat but also receive a wider array of equipment. Playing alone makes it way more likely you’ll get killed with nothing to show for it. This is no game for lone wolf players.

Have each other’s backs: when working in a squad you can provide cover for each other, making it less likely you’ll be killed.


4. Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Defend your land from the Chaos army and Skaven horde with whatever you got. Featuring five characters with three career branches each and over 50 weapon types, you will surely make a build that’s “just right.” 

Dying but not dead: the world may be ravaged by war but that just means more fun for the player.


5. Cuisine Royale

Fight to be the last man standing in one of the wildest battle royale games to come out. On top of the regular melee and gun combat, you can also use equipment like jetpacks, call in airdrops, and even use mystical powers. 

All geared up: work to get the best gear in the game to get the upper hand over the others.


6. Killing Floor 2

Take Europe back from the zombie horde! Go into hot zones with rifles, machine guns, and explosives to clear the area of its zombie residents. With different classes and gearsets, your playstyle will be different from the rest and should complement the team.

Zed killing variety: there’s plenty of different weapons each class has to mow down zombies.


7. Rust

Rust’s PvP, resource gathering, and base building mechanics make plenty of room for teamwork. You and some friends can make a base together, attack other clans, and dominate a region of the map.

Equipment matters: you can have anything from a spear to assault rifles. Be careful to not bring a bow to a gunfight.


8. Destiny 2

Save the world, Guardian! Again! Play the PvE campaign missions with others or fight each other in PvP arenas. Being a looter shooter, there will be plenty of flashy abilities and weapons to unlock along the way.

Plenty of options: build your character to fit your playstyle that not only kicks ass but also looks cool.


9. 7 Days to Die

Survive with your buddies in the zombie apocalypse. Loot, gather, and build to survive the zombie onslaught. 

Rookie mistakes: there’s always someone who doesn’t clear the area of zombies before going in. Don’t be that guy as it will likely lead to your death.


10. Deep Rock Galactic

Rock and stone! As a dwarf working for a space mining company, your job is to gather resources in caves deep underground. However, your presence is noticed by the local bug population, which tries to make you their dinner.

Nitra mining: a swarm attack is inevitable in any match so make sure to always have some ammo to fight with. Mining nitra to get more ammo a necessity in most matches. 


11. Battlefield 5

Battlefield is back to World War 2! Form squads with some buddies to fight across the Pacific and continental Europe in large battles. Use the plethora of weapons and vehicles to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Burn your enemies with the M2 Flamethrower that's available for as a map pickup.


12. Rainbow Six Siege

Perhaps the most prominent competitive game on this list, Rainbow 6 Siege, allows the selection of different operators like a hero shooter while maintaining the hardcore elements of the older Rainbow Six games. One team defends an objective inside a building while the other tries to breach in and secure the objective.

Breach in carefully: when entering the building make sure to watch for camping enemies. The defenders have a vested interest in not allowing you to even get inside.


13. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt monsters for bounties, steal bounties, and protect your bounty. Play with either a small team or alone to hunt monsters in the Louisiana bayou. However, it’s a lot easier to guard the bounty you get when playing with others.

Be aware of your surroundings: if you earned a bounty be sure no other hunters go after you for it.


14. Insurgency: Sandstorm

Participate in intense close-quarter battles in buildings and urban streets. Existing somewhere between Battlefield and Squad, Insurgency provides hardcore gameplay while still being easy to pick up and learn. 

Have backup: pushing the enemy without any backup or smoke grenades doesn’t tend to bode well.


15. GTFO

Get in, complete your objective, and get out in one piece. Though in GTFO, it’s not that simple as the building is filled with creatures ready to kill you. The game combines coop, FPS, and horror elements into one intense experience. 

Face the nightmare: stick together to fight whatever is waiting for you inside.

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