Top 10 Games Like Call of Duty (Games Better Than Call of Duty In Their Own Way)

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Even with mask, you can feel the intensity of its stares

10. PUBG

PUBG Gameplay

One of the most hyped games. Player BattleGround Unknown is similar to Fortnite and H1Z1 except, it has a real life aspect to the game and players can drive vehicles as well. The objective is to survive and avoid being killed by the shrinking battlefield (think hunger games). Players can kill other players, this allows the survivor to loot the dead player and cut down competition of the game, but this could also give way your spot. Players decide their game style: stealth, tactical, or pure aggression. The available modes are solo, duo, squads, and zombies. While in duos and squads, teammates can revive one another to keep the fight going. 

Squad up and join the fight.

Collect supply drops for rare loot.

9. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam gameplay

This game gives players the options to choose from the tactical-multiplayer playlist: Skirmish, Supremacy, and Territories. Territories mode is a two-rounded game that has teams achieve objectives in order to win. Defenders can win the round if they successfully fight off enemy attacks and can hold their ground. Skirmish mode focuses on the taking objectives from enemies and to deplete their spawn tickets. Taking over an objective allows that team to replenish spawn. This mode can last up to five rounds and is featured on smaller maps. Finally, Supremacy mode is based on capturing objectives and earning points based on the number of objectives that team holds. A team wins if they achieve a greater score, and sudden death, as well as tie breaker, is also applied.

 Take over enemy objectives.

Defend your territories.

8. Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov gameplay 

Escape from Tarkov is an advanced massive multiplayer set in the fictional Norvinsk region between Russia and Europe. The cause of the destruction was from the Contract Wars. Now, the lands are full of scavengers, ex military and black ops units. You, the survivor of this new chaotic world, must escape Tarkov. As the player, you must keep on the lookout for your character’s health: hydration, blood pressure, blood loss, and more in depth parts of your body and mind. This game feels real and looks real. Players will purge themselves into this game and will feel everything as it would be in the real world.

Enjoy the peace when it comes

Keep on the lookout for scavs.

7. Insurgency  Sandstorm

Insurgency  Sandstorm gameplay

While the developers have left the story mode aspect of the game, they have turned their attention to the multiplayer parts of Insurgency Sandstorm. The story is set in the deserts of an Iraqi village. The game has more of a reality feel rather than a movie feel, this gives players a real-life experience while playing through missions. The game is inspired by real people and events, it is like a walkthrough of history. Players will discover their female protagonist being held captive, along with other young girls, by the radical insurgents. Present day will then show the female protagonist as an enlisted soldier for the rebel faction who fight against the radical insurgents. Players will be able to play with up to four people in a cooperative story.

Stand to fight the radical insurgents.

Explore the vast deserts.

6. Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 gameplay

In Battlefield 1’s campaign there isn’t just one story, no. There are five war stories for gamers to indulge themselves in: Friends in High Places, Nothing is Written, Through Mud and Blood, Avanti Savoia, and The Runner. Friends in High Places is a Britain based story, Nothing in Written is in the Middle Eastern deserts of Arabia, Through Mud and Blood is in Cambrai, France, Avanti Savoia is in the Alps with Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and The Runner is based on the Ottoman Empire and the invasion of Britain on it. Battlefield takes the players through five different feels of the games and environments. The beauty of the game is the scenery. The developers of EA DICE really scored on the graphics of this first person. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the latest instalment in the franchise - Battlefield V

Everything explodes…

OR is on fire.

5. Battalion 1944 

Battalion 1944 gameplay

The story is World War II based. The campaign isn’t your typical one either since it is primarily a multiplayer game unclear in meaning, rephrease for clarity. Players will be taken back through in historical battles as the settings are the most famous ones from World War II: Carentan and the German forests of Bastogne. The weapons are unique in their own. As an individual, you must develop your skill to have precise accuracy with the guns. With there being no single player option in the game, players must either join a Battalion or fight against enemies. Whats the difference?  But, your best bet is to just join a squad, no such thing as a one man army- unless you play BattleRank. This game mode allows players to go lone wolf and rank themself on the International leaderboards. Challenges are always available to allow players to earn XP and rewards.

Stealth can be your best friend.

Best friend or worst enemy?

4. Day of Infamy

Day of Infamy gameplay

War at its finest. The developers of New World Interactive captured the game of war in a realistic   manner. The time frame is set during World War II against the Germans. This tactical multiplayer lets players experience the real deal: no crosshairs, no HUD maps, and no killfeed (depends on server). Once you are shot, you are dead-just like in real life. But, the player gets to respawn in waves which can only occur when the team has waves available to spawn. As the player, you get to choose from nine different classes: Assault, Communications, Engineer, Flamethrower, Machine gunner, Officer, Rifleman, or a Sniper. The environment of the game can become increasingly intense with bullets flying and enemy soldiers ready to breach you at any moment. 

Be ready to attack enemy flanks.

Make every shot count.

3. Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order gameplay

Nazis have invented new technologies,prolonging the war. Three Allied soldiers: B.J. Blazkowicz, Fergus, and Probst take part in the army-like Allied raid against a fortress on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The fortress was said to be the laboratory for the weapons ran by enemy General Wilhelm, aka “Deathshead”. After being captured by Deathshead, the player must make a moral choice: sacrifice Fergus or Probst for Deathshead’s horrific experiment (this leads to the death of the player’s choice). B.J and the remaining ally come up with a way to escape the incinerator that they were forced in. They block the pipes of the incinerator and this causes it to explode. As they are surrounded in an explosion, B.J gets a piece of metal stuck in the back of his neck, rendering him paralyzed. He spends 14 years in an asylum. The asylum is shut down in 1960 by the Nazis. B.J., in his paralytic state, must watch as all the other patients are being brutally murdered. Rage wars within him and B.J. breaks out of his vegetative state and stabs one of the executioners. From here, the player will be taken on a journey through the fascist Nazi-world.

Bye bye Nazi movement.

Beware of dogs.

2. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown gameplay

Arachnophobes beware. This PvP horror is one that has stunned players visually and emotionally. You and another hunter sneak through a swamp that holds the monsters you must kill. But, the monsters aren’t the only enemies to watch out for. Five duo teams set off to track and defeat demons in exchange for bounties. These bounties allow players to make their character advanced. Once the team has figured out the clues leading to the demon, they have two options: Attack the target or loot the map and let another enemy team take the demon on so they may ambush them when the rivals are weakened. There is a rule that is unique in itself. If your character dies, they are gone forever. Players’ weapons, abilities, and even equipment will be gone if their character perishes. 

Not your average spider.

Stick close. The next enemy could be alive..or dead.

1. Metro: Exodus

Metro: Exodus Gameplay Trailer (E3 2018)

Four years ago, 4A Games released Metro: Last Light. In 2019, the developers are releasing a sequel to the game, Metro: Exodus. The protagonist, known as Artyom, starts off in the capital of Russia, Moscow. Players set off on a journey in post-apocalyptic Russia and will come across a few familiar faces along the way. Executive Producer, John Bloch, mentions that the story will take place for over a year. So, players will be able to experience all four seasons throughout their adventures. With the change of seasons, this also impacts monsters, animals, and hazards from other seasons. This gives gamers a true and immersing experience to First Person RPG (Role-Playing Game).

Be wary of where you dangle your feet throughout this game.

Where the adventure begins…

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