[Top 10] CoD Modern Warfare 3 Best Loadouts

Best Loadouts in Modern Warfare 3
Create these loadouts to play as a team like these guys.

Your loadout makes all the difference in your Call of Duty experience. You want the perks and weapons to match your specific playstyle to get the best results. Whether you’re a rusher or prefer to enjoy the scenery we’ve got something for you here. These are the 10 best loadouts in Modern Warfare 3 and why you should give them a try.


10. Enemy Detection Loadout

Creating the Enemy Detection loadout will give you the tools to get the most information for you and your team as possible. It will still let you be effective in combat with the Assault Gloves and Covert Sneakers. Use this class if you have trouble knowing where the enemy is or where they are rotating to.

This loadout is best in situations where you are not sure where the enemy might be moving to. You will have the CCT Comms Vest to give you a larger mini map and UAV pings when you kill an enemy. Combined with the Blacklight Flashlight for seeing where the enemy runs too, you’ll always know where your target is.

Loadout Details

  • DG-58
  • Cor-45
  • Portable Radar
  • CCT Comms Vest, Assault Gloves, Covert Sneakers, Bone Conduction Headset, Blacklight Flashlight

What the Enemy Detection Loadout Excels in

  • Knowing where the enemy will rotate to after spotting them
  • Putting enemies without Ghost on the map with portable radar and CCT Comms Vest
  • Mid range combat with the DG-58


9. Tank Loadout

This class was designed with an RPG tank playstyle in mind. While there isn’t anything that will directly boost your health or armor in this game I think this does a decent job. This is the class to use if you don’t want to be bothered by enemy utility and just want to bunker down and spray some lead

This class is not one to be used by the pros but it might just suit your playstyle and let you succeed. With the Marksman gloves paired with the Pulemyot LMG you should be able to lay down some serious shots without letting up. Deployable cover is obvious and you’ve got the engineer vest to have 2 stun grenades to slow your enemies down.

Loadout Details

  • Pulemyot
  • RGL-80
  • Stun Grenade
  • Deployable Cover
  • Engineer vest, Marksman Gloves, Lightweight boots, Eod Padding, Tac Mask

What the Tank Loadout Excels in

  • Bunkering an area - With Deployable cover you can make a great spot
  • Never worrying about enemy utility with EOD and Tac Mask
  • Little to no flinch when shot with Marksman Gloves


8. Classic Loadout

This is your classic Call of Duty loadout if you are trying to remember how the old MW2 might have felt. Equipped with an ACR or in this game called the MCW this will be a very basic loadout but will get the job done. I was running this with the portable radar but using the dead silence field upgrade would be good too

I think this loadout is very solid and is a pretty good all around loadout. There are some options that could make this better for streaking but you shouldn’t have any qualms about using this class setup

Loadout Details

  • MCW
  • Cor-45
  • Flash Grenade
  • Frag Grenade
  • Portable Radar or Dead Silence
  • Infantry Vest, Scavenger Gloves, Lightweight Boots, EOD Padding

What the Classic Loadout Excels in

  • Good for streaks with decent survivability and ammo replenishment
  • Good movement speed with Infantry vest and Lightweight boots
  • Great at medium ranges with the MCW equipped
  • Solid utility with flash and frag


7. Anti-Streak Loadout

This is the loadout you swap to when the enemy has called in a bunch of air streaks on you and is one everyone should have.  loadout can make quick work of VTOLs or Support Helicopters. You should also not be detected by these killstreaks with the Hijacked IFF Strobe equipped.

Switch to this class to remove enemy killstreaks quickly so you don’t have to deal with them for their full duration. We have Mag Holster to make reloading the Pila faster as the reload can be quite long. The Pila is the best lock on launcher for taking out streaks as it reloads fast and shoots fast.

Loadout Details

  • Pulemyot 762
  • Pila
  • Stun Grenade
  • Trophy System
  • Engineer Vest, Quick-Grip Gloves, Lightweight Boots, Mag Holster, Hijacked IFF Strobe

What the Anti Streak Loadout Excels in

  • Taking out enemy killstreaks with the launcher
  • Fast swap and reload speed to make shooting the launcher as quick as possible
  • Undetectable by automatic killstreaks with the Hijacked IFF Strobe
  • Easy detection of enemy equipment with the Engineer Vest


6. Balanced Loadout

The Balanced loadout is a good class for any situation. It doesn’t have much for downsides but also not anything really powerful to make it stand out. You can change your gear to something that might suit your playstyle better but the Mag Holster is a staple to make reloading much faster.

Using the Holger 556 will make almost any loadout good but combining it with probably the best perk in the game, Covert Sneakers, makes this Loadout good. You are able to run anywhere as long as the enemy doesn’t have a UAV and take any fights as the Holger will likely win at most ranges.

Loadout Details

  • Holger 556
  • Cor-45
  • Stun Grenade
  • Frag Grenade
  • Munitions Box
  • Infantry Vest, Assault Gloves, Covert Sneakers, Mag Holster

What the Balanced Loadout Excels in

  • Getting to good positions undetected
  • Using the Holger to win gunfights
  • Solid in all situations


5. Sniper Loadout

The Sniper loadout is something me and many others will be running especially later into the game's life cycle. This is the class that I think will be best for quickscoping. Changing the Assault Gloves with the Marksman Gloves is something that I may need to try in the future.

The Intervention or FJX Imperium is the classic go to sniper for the original game. I believe that this sniper will still remain one of the strongest. It is not as fast as some of the newer snipers but hits like a truck in comparison. This build is meant so you can run around and snipe without giving away your position and with the Assault Gloves you can jump shot without a penalty.
Loadout Details

  • FJX Imperium
  • Gutter Knife
  • Tactical Insertion
  • CCT Comms Vest, Assault Gloves, Covert Sneakers, Ghost, Mag Holster

What the Sniper Loadout Excels in

  • Medium to long ranges
  • Good mobility while staying off the radar
  • Tactical Insertion for trickshot attempts on respawn modes
  • Combat knife for mobility when not near enemies


4. Stalker Loadout

The Stalker Boots have the potential to be a really good perk to choose. Although right now it is hard to say that they are better than Covert Sneakers. If you pair them up with the right guns and builds they can be a whole lot of fun as your strafe speed does get an increase of close to 20%.

This class has the potential of going higher in the list in the future if Stalker Boots see a buff. In the original game, the stalker perk was very powerful and while we likely won’t see them at that strength a slight buff would be nice. This class excels at pre aiming and strafing across corners or even strafing while behind cover.

Loadout Details

  • Striker
  • Tyr
  • Stun Grenade
  • Breacher Drone
  • Trophy System
  • Infantry Vest, Scavenger Gloves, Stalker Boots, Tac Mask

What the Stalker Loadout Excels in

  • Strafing around corners
  • Playing behind cover while ads strafing
  • Pre aiming corners while walking 
  • Close to medium ranges


3. Gunner Loadout

The Gunner loadout is meant to run down your opponent and brute strength them with your superior gun skill. Equipped with the gunner vest for the shotgun secondary you are prepared for all ranges. Battle Rage isn’t quite as good as it was in the beta, but still is the best tactical for running down the enemy.

This loadout will allow you to charge in and break down enemies that are camping an area. Approach with Battle Rage and Drill Charges to run in with the shotgun secondary. Although this class doesn’t just have close range, it is equipped with the BAS-B, one of the best full auto weapons in the game, for longer ranges.

Loadout Details

  • Bas-B
  • Lockwood 680
  • Battle Rage
  • Drill Charge
  • Dead Silence
  • Gunner Vest, Assault Gloves, Tac Mask

What the Gunner Loadout Excels in

  • Breaking down enemy barricades
  • Running at enemies to win with gun skill
  • Close quarters with ranged backup


2. Movement Loadout

The Movement Loadout is designed to equip you with the best movement options. You could experiment with the Tactical Pads but if you are slide canceling I feel that they are unnecessary. This class sets you up to move quickly around the map, swap weapons and reload fast as well as remove ADS penalty when jumping.

This is a class to run if you simply don’t care about enemies knowing you’re coming and want to move as freely as possible. With the Wsp Swarm secondary you will win any fight up close so use your movement to get there. This loadout is for people who play quick and want something that compliments that.

Loadout Details

  • Holger 556
  • Wsp Swarm
  • Stun Grenade
  • Throwing Knife
  • Overkill Vest, Assault Gloves, Lightweight Boots, Tac Mask

What the Movement Loadout Excels in

  • Overall fast movement to get into close range
  • Overkill Vest allows a medium to long range weapon to have in case
  • Fast swap and reload speed to keep you moving


1.Covert Loadout

Covert Loadout is for flanking while keeping you off the radar and out of enemies headsets. This is a class with some of the best perks in the game and is definitely a loadout everyone will have to try. 

Add a suppressor to your Rival-9 to stay off the mini map when shooting and this loadout will make you undetectable. CCT Comms Vest is one of the best vests as it allows you to have a second gear while giving you some valuable perks. This allows us to run Mag Holster or Tac Mask with Ghost. This class will do you no wrong as it has some of the best perks in the game.

Loadout Details

  • Rival-9
  • Tyr
  • Munitions Box
  • CCT Comms Vest, Assault Gloves, Covert Sneakers, Mag Holster, Ghost

What the Covert Loadout Excels in

  • Giving as little information to the enemy as possible
  • Flanking and picking enemies off from behind
  • Close quarters combat as you are able to run up without them knowing
  • Short bursts of combat to utilize Mag Holster

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