[Top 5] CoD Modern Warfare 3 Best Maps To Play On

Best Maps to play on in CoD Modern Warfare 3
The most beautiful map in Modern Warfare 3, is it the best?

This year's Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 brought back the 16 classic maps from Modern Warfare 2 2009. Rose tinted glasses or not, these maps have proven themselves to be worthy of praise. While all these maps are very enjoyable in their own way, these are the top 5.



Favela is an all time fan favorite for its beautiful design and many routes between buildings. The map designers did an amazing job keeping this map visually pleasing while providing many nooks and crannies to play in or rotate through. This map also has lots of elevation with many power positions being higher up in the middle of the map.

This map is the best looking one in Modern Warfare 3 on launch. While that’s not the only reason for making it on this list it doesn’t keep its spot as the best map like when it was first released. With different movement and climbing speeds this map tends to play more on the upper levels than it used to. While that doesn’t make it a bad map in any way it can cause the flow to feel more frustrating as getting enemies off the tops of buildings can be difficult.

What We Love About Favela:

  • Scenic design and beautiful color pallet 
  • Many small alleys and ways to rotate through the map making it feel larger than it really is
  • Freedom of climbing up top in many areas to hold powerful positions 
  • Plenty of close range areas where many different guns can excel


4. Rust

This is a small map done right. The smallest map that is available on release of Modern Warfare 3 but doesn’t have the chaos of other small maps. The flow is very circular with people often running in circles around the maps as spawns move. You are able to go up top and have some amazing sight lines but just know that once you get a kill, everyone will be looking up there for you.

This map is the absolute best for getting high kill games as the spawns are all super close together and everyone runs around on this map. Although you can still streak out without even going into the middle as there is plenty of cover all around the map. The only real power positions on this map are up top but you will quickly become the enemies main target if you are up there for too long.

What We Love About Rust:

  • Small map but not congested and chaotic
  • They’ve toned down the sandstorm effect from previous versions of the map, making visibility really nice to play on
  • Close spawns with a little spawn trapping possible, giving you high kill games as a result


3. Scrapyard

Scrapyard is a small rectangular map with crashed airplanes in the middle and 4 buildings on each side of the rectangle. This map is great as it tends to flow through the 2 sides with some people with more close range weapons going through the center. It can have people sitting in their spawn building windows but that is a rare occurrence.

This map excels in fast paced gun play with longer ranged weapons being advantageous on the two longer sides of the map. . However, pushing through the center and into the enemy spawn building with an SMG or shotgun is a possibility if that’s your play style. This map is simple but effective at what it's trying to accomplish making it one of the best maps in the game.

What We Love About Scrapyard:

  • This map is on the smaller side but big enough for you to have some breathing room in your spawn
  • Ranges and areas for all kinds of weapons, with longer angles on the side but some really close ones in the middle
  • Little verticality is a nice break from other maps as you won’t need to look up much unless someone is in a select few spots
  • Perfect streaking map as you can get easy kills on enemies leaving spawn and play some really high traffic areas to keep your streak going


2. Highrise

Highrise is the map taken place on the rooftop patio between two conjoined buildings, with cranes along one side stretching out across the map. The map is very linear and often has a strong connection with the two teams controlling their own sides. However, the map will flow towards the center to take power positions such as the helicopter landing pad and other angles looking at the enemy spawn building.

This map earns its place on this list as the flow is controlled and not chaotic. This map is one you can streak on or get lots of kills depending on how you want to play it. With great sight lines, beautiful visuals and good spawns Highrise is certainly a map to vote for.

What We Love About Highrise:

  • Linear design with sticky spawn locations making flow consistent from one end to the other
  • Good lines of sight for holding power positions with equal play for the other team to take advantage
  • Underground area is able to be used to take back space in the map but camping down there can be easily punished


1. Terminal

A creative approach on a Call of Duty map and arguably one of the best of all time is Terminal. This map hasn’t been overdone in remakes like some others in the franchise but is certainly a fan favorite. The map takes place in an airport with escalators to a higher elevation and an outside area with a plane that you can go inside and shoot out the windows. The map is more square by design and flows very well with many positions that you can play and hold your ground from.

Are you someone who likes to take the high ground and hold that position? Or are you someone who likes to run around and hunt the enemies? Or maybe you prefer holding a cross with really good cover. Whatever your playstyle, Terminal has it for you. There are many great power positions that all play well but overall flow keeps players moving around. There are some spots that are really powerful to hold down but there are objects in place to give you a good chance at taking them back.

What We Love About Terminal:

  • Absolutely stunning design. This map is beautiful and is definitely one of the best looking maps in this game.
  • The flow is very good and it doesn’t feel like people sit in one spot all game long, although if they are you have a good chance to take them out.
  • One of the maps that allows you to play in any style that you would like without any style being particularly overpowered.

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