[Top 10] CoD Modern Warfare 3 Best Weapons

10 best weapons in Modern Warfare 3
After reading this article you'll be the one taking Terminal by storm.

If you’re not using these guns in Modern Warfare 3 you might as well tie an arm behind your back. These weapons each have their advantages and this article will provide you with the information to take advantage of them. Here are the top 10 guns that you must equip to drop some easy killstreaks. 


10. Lockwood 680


Effective Damage Range: 2.5m

Reload Quickness: 5.4s

ADS Speed: 350ms

The Lockwood 650 is the best shotgun that was added to Modern Warfare 3. It excels in close quarters and will surprise you with its range. Although it is not a full auto shotgun like the Riveter it instead has the ability to 1 shot enemies with great handling. 

This weapon is best utilized in areas where close range fights are inevitable. Pull this weapon out on Skidrow, Rust or Favela for the best results. You will always be able to get your shot off first as you won’t need to ADS so play aggressive and get in close.

What the Lockwood 680 Excels In 

  • Extreme close range - consistent 1 shot kill
  • Tight Hip-fire spread - quickly aim and shoot with no need to ads
  • Single shot reload - ability to reload 1 bullet at a time when fast reload is needed

How To Unlock the Lockwood 680: Unlocked with the custom loadout option upon reaching level 5 


9. Cor-45

TTK: 315ms

Effective Damage Range: 5.8m

Reload Quickness: 2.1s

ADS Speed: 150ms

This is your classic Call of Duty pistol and is a great secondary to be able to swap to. The Cor-45 has a very consistent 3 shot kill, up to about 13 meters where it will take another bullet. Within its effective damage range it will not matter where you hit your target as the Cor-45 has no headshot multiplier but also only loses 3 damage for lower torso shots.

Although ranged kills are possible it is much better suited as a close range weapon. Pairing this weapon with the akimbo and faster fire rate trigger makes it particularly deadly. Although without those attachments this will excel at finishing weak enemies off when you’re out of bullets in your primary.

What the Cor-45 Excels In 

  • Fast swap speed for finishing off weak enemies
  • Consistent damage regardless of where you hit enemies
  • Extremely fast swap and ADS speed

How To Unlock the Cor-45: Unlocked with the custom loadout option upon reaching level 5 


8. Longbow


Effective Damage Range: 12.7m

Reload Quickness: 2.6

ADS Speed: 550ms

If this list was ranking the most fun weapons then the Longbow would be competing for number 1. It is an extremely quick sniper in terms of fire rate and ADS speed. Although it will need a couple attachments to make it really quick. If you love quickscoping then pick this one up and run in.

Although it is a sniper, its damage range isn’t the best. You will often see hitmarkers in the longer ranges and that can make this weapon a bit frustrating to use. However, if you keep to its strength in medium ranges you can have a lot of fun taking enemies out in quick succession. It also has an insane 30 round base magazine so you should almost never have to reload this gun.

What the Longbow Excels In 

  • Medium ranges as damage can be inconsistent in longer ranges
  • Fast rechamber speed - It’s semi auto and can be fired in quick succession
  • 30 round base magazine size - you won’t ever have to reload

How To Unlock the Longbow: Unlocked with the armory unlock system (accessed after level 25)


7. KV-Inhibitor


Effective Damage Range: 38.1m

Reload Quickness: 3.3s

ADS Speed: 540ms

The KV-Inhibitor is the alternative to the Longbow sniper rifle for people who enjoy quickscoping. You have a slightly slower ADS time with attachments and slower rechamber speed but the trade off is range. The KV-inhibitor doesn’t get that many hitmarkers in the longer ranges as long as you hit the upper torso.

This gun excels as a medium range quickscoping sniper. If you love the playstyle of running around and landing well placed shots then this gun is right up your alley. It will need a couple attachments to make it shine but it will not disappoint you with more consistent range than others in the category. Even though this sniper is slower than its counterpart the Longbow it is still semi auto and has a really fast ADS time.

What the KV-Inhibitor Excels In 

  • Great for longer ranges while maintaining quickness
  • Fast rechamber and reload speeds
  • Good bullet velocity

How To Unlock the KV-Inhibitor: Unlocked with the armory unlock system (accessed after level 25)


6. WSP Swarm

TTK: 230ms

Effective Damage Range: 4.6m

Reload Quickness: 2.7s

ADS Speed: 190ms

Everything about this weapon is fast. You move fast, you handle fast, you kill fast and you shoot fast. If you're the kind of player that loves to run in and get up close, and I mean really close, then this weapon is for you.

Play to the close range advantage of this gun and you won’t regret it. It has an extremely quick 6 shot kill but after about 10m it starts to go up and take longer. The trade off of the speed this gun has is the amount of recoil. The gun climbs high and moves a lot visually making this weapon not viable at medium to longer ranges.

What the WSP Swarm Excels In 

  • Extreme Close quarters - Fastest TTK for the SMG category
  • Extreme mobility - Fast mobility and ability to move around the map
  • Hip fire accuracy - with a proper build this weapon will be menacing with hipfire

How To Unlock the WSP Swarm: Unlocked upon reaching level 27


5. Rival 9

TTK: 287ms

Effective Damage Range: 10.2m

Reload Quickness: 2.7s

ADS Speed: 190ms

It will be a recurring theme within this article that the best weapons all share the same attribute as the Rival 9. It’s for this reason that the Rival 9 is the ranked the best SMG in the game, and that’s consistency. 

The Rival 9 has a very consistent 5 shot kill up to about 25m no matter where your shots land. The upper torso and lower torso damage are the same meaning you can land your shots from head to toe and get the same results. With a fast fire rate, minimal recoil, good mobility and consistently fast kills, what more could you want from an SMG.

What the Rival 9 Excels In 

  • Close quarters gun fights - with some of the best handling and TTK close range
  • Consistent 5 shot kill anywhere on the enemy within the effective damage range
  • Fast fire rate with lower recoil
  • 5 shot consistency can persist up to about 25m

How To Unlock the Rival 9: Unlocked with the armory unlock system (accessed after level 25)


4. DG 58

TTK: 300ms

Effective Damage Range: 35.6m

Reload Quickness: 3.2s

ADS Speed: 240ms

Burst weapons have a playstyle of their own, but mastering that and using this will make you unstoppable. If you are able to mix in 21 headshotsheadshot within the effective damage range of this gun it will 1 burst with a TTK of 133ms. There is no gun that will kill faster other than weapons with 1 shot potential like snipers and shotguns.

The 1 burst potential makes this gun deadly in its effective range which is short to medium combat. Play in this range to effectively use the gun and take quick peaks behind cover as you aren’t using a fully automatic weapon. Although this gun will still be competitive with its 300ms 4 shot kill up to about 45 meters.

What the DG 58 Excels In 

  • 1 burst potential giving this the fastest TTK of 133ms
  • Competitive TTK even without the 1 burst
  • Best gun for the effective range of 35.5m as that is distance that you can 1 burst in

How To Unlock the DG 56: Unlocked with the armory unlock system (accessed after level 25)


3. Bas B

TTK: 315ms

Effective Damage Range: 35.6

Reload Quickness: 3.2s

ADS Speed: 260ms

The Bas B is a weapon that feels amazing to use in this game. Assault rifles are dominating this list due to the range advantages that are taken advantage of on most of the maps on release. The Bas B is an assault rifle disguised as a battle rifle and will surprise you as being a powerful weapon.

The Bas B is effective in medium ranges with a consistent 4 shot kill to anywhere in the body and a potential 3 shot kill with 2 headshots. The 3 shot is pretty difficult to get so just aim for center mass and play your position. This is because the main downside of this gun is the starting magazine size of 20 rounds. You will have to reload this weapon and don’t want to be caught doing so.

What the Bas B Excels In 

  • Consistency - a 4 shot kill up to about 45 meters where it will be 5 shots afterwards
  • Low recoil - for a heavy hitter it doesn’t move as much as other weapons in this category
  • Medium ranges as with a lower bullet count you will need time to reload

How To Unlock the Bas B: Unlocked upon reaching level 17


2. MCW

TTK: 290ms

Effective Damage Range: 26.7m

Reload Quickness: 2.8s

ADS Speed: 240ms

While not as fast a killing weapon as the other assault rifles in this list the MCW is definitely a contender. This gun is extremely easy to control out of the box and rewards you for using that accuracy. The gun is normally a 5 shot kill but will be a 4 shot kill with only 1 headshot in it’s effective damage range.

This gun rewards players that are able to fully utilize its great accuracy. With it’s effective range 4 shot kill giving it a 252ms TTK which is really fast for this game. Aim well with this gun and it will earn it’s number 3 spot on the list.

What the MCW Excels In 

  • Accuracy - This guns recoil pattern is a slow vertical climb making it one of the easiest to control
  • Fast bullet velocity makes well placed shots very rewarding
  • Great headshot multiplier

How To Unlock the MCW: Unlocked upon reaching level 44


1. Holger 556

TTK: 306ms

Effective Damage Range: 36.8m

Reload Quickness: 2.8s

ADS Speed: 260ms

The Holger 556 takes the #1 spot on this list for its consistency and range. With the MW3 maps having many longer angles it is not a surprise that assault rifles are dominating this list. Like all other assault rifles there is little recoil to this gun making it easy to hit consecutive shots.

However what makes the Holger special is that it is a 4 shot kill for quite a distance. Within the damage range it will always be a 4 shot kill unless you mix in 2 headshots which will make this a 3 shot kill with a TTK of 204ms. This gun also is a 4 shot kill up to 36.8m and will be 5 shots at any range after that.

What the Holger 556 Excels In 

  • Consistent 4 shot kill until 36.8m where it will become a 5 shot
  • Potential 3 shot kill with 2 headshots in its effective damage range
  • Overall average handling and recoil with no downside to the consistent good damage

How To Unlock the Holger 556: Unlocked upon reaching level 37

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