[Top 10] COD Warzone Best Loadouts For Kills

The new featured map.
I definitely feel reborn after this season.

10. RPD


 This gun is very promising. It sports a very large clip and is surprisingly accurate compared to other LMGs (which I am generally not the biggest fan of). The gun brings back nostalgic factors from previous games in the Call of Duty franchise, yet it feels like it is the most effective it has ever been. Often times I end up landing in and being able to eliminate full squads with just one clip with the groundloot RPD.

Attachments: GRU Suppressor, 20.3" Taskforce, Silix Holoscout, Spetsnaz Grip, and 120 Round clip.


  • Great precision and lots of ammo, lets you shoot persistently
  • Powerful

9. M13


One of the more popular ARs you might see in Warzone. Personally I am not the biggest fan, but I completely understand why someone would love to use this gun. This gun is dominant at close and mid-range due to its fire rate, but generally I find controling this beast a tad too difficult at longer ranges. Usually will get the job done.

Attachments: Monolithic Suppressor, Tempus Marksman, Comando Foregrip, 50 rnd Mag, and VLK optic.


  • Great fire rate and damage
  • Decent control

8. MP5 (BO)


The Cold War MP5 is a gun many were anticipating to use in Warzone. It is very similar to the MW MP5 but I find it has more recoil, which is why I still favor the MW MP5. The advantage it does carry over its predecessor is that it has a better fire rate, which results in more damage.

Attachments: Agency Suppressor, 9.5" Task Force, Field Agent Grip, Salvo 50 rnd Fast Mag,  and Airborne Elastic Wrap.


  • Excellent fire rate
  • Great hipfire accuracy
  • Great mobility

7. Kar98k


I generally am not a big fan of sniping, but to those who do love it, I would absolutely suggest using the Kar98k. This marksman rifle is a bit weaker, but it compensates well with its amazing accuracy, precision, and mobility. Due to these strengths, the rifle has to have a putback and that is its damage. If you are looking to put in work for kills with this bad boy, you better already have a perfect shot.

Attachments: Monolithic Suppressor, Singuard Custom 27.6", VLK Optic, FTAC Sport Comb, and Granulated Grip Tape.


  • Insanely accurate shots with low bullet drop
  • Mobility

6. XM4


One of the first ARs I decided to test out from Cold War and let me tell you, it feels much better than the M4 from MW. I picked up the blueprint called the Souvenir and it just felt so comfortable in my hands. 

Attachments: Agency Suppressor, 13.5" Reinforced Heavy, Field Agent Grip, Salvo 60 Rnd Fast Mag, and Microflex Led.


  • Good damage and fire rate
  • Decent mobility
  • Great all rounder

5. Groza


The new AR addition that came this to this season of Cold War and Warzone has been gaining popularity quickly. 

Attachments: KGB Eliminator, 16.2 GRU Composite, Royal and Kross 4x, Spetsnaz Speed Grip, and Spetsnaz 60 Rnd.


  • Very quick fire rate
  • Good accuracy
  • Smaller gun = better mobility

4. Mac 10


I have major hope in this becoming the best SMG in Warzone. Compared to its counterpart game, Cold War, this SMG is substantially easier to control. This SMG has high damage and a lighting quick fire rate which allows you to shred through opponents easily.

Attachments: SOCOM Eliminator, 5.9" Task Force, Steady Aim Laser, Field Agent Grip, and STANAG 53 Rnd Drum.


  • Great fire rate and power
  • Great mobility and hipfire accuracy
  • Great control

3. MP5 (MW)


The better of the two MP5s in my own opinion, though both have different advantages. Usually would run this alongside my Kilo class. The best weapon for close range skirmishes and even can hang in mid-range battles, depending on your attachments. I love using this in my rush class where I play to be elusive yet aggressive.

Attachments: Subsonic Integral Suppressor, 1mW Laser, FTAC Collapsible, Operator Foregrip, and 45 Rnd Mags.


  • Insane mobility, you are as slippery as a bar of soap in the shower 
  • Great fire rate and power for close range
  • Great hip-fire accuracy

2. Krig 6


The Krig is one of the newest additions to Warzone which makes me very happy and excited everytime I use it. If I am being honest, this might be the new meta, but I want to get more experience with it before I can firmly say so. When I first made a loadout using this and the Mac 10, I felt unstoppable (I was using it all day yesterday).

Attachments: Socom Eliminator, 19.7" Takedown, Microflex LED, Foregrip, and STANAG 60 Rnd Mags.


  • Good mobility for an AR
  • Great accuracy and control
  • Great damage and range

1. Kilo


In my opinion, this gun is the safest option to take into Verdansk. The Kilo is generally the gun I feel the most secure using, and luckily everyone and their grandmothers run this loadout so there is always a high chance you can pick it up off of someone's corpse. This gun offers amazing range, control, and fire rate for any battle, but lacks the firepower some other guns in Warzone might have. Still the GOAT (for now).

Attachments: Monolithic Suppressor, Singuard Arms 19.8" Prowler, VLK Optic, Commando Foregrip, and 60 Rnd Mags.


  • Great range
  • Great precision and control
  • Fast fire rate

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