11 Movies You’ll Enjoy If You Like Call Of Duty Black Ops 3

black ops 3 movies
If intense, exciting Black Ops 3 gameplay is your thing, then check out these movies.

How Many of These Movies Have You Watched?

Black Ops 3 is an action packed, fast-paced, Sci-Fi first person shooter. From wall running to double jumping, the game is firmly set in the future. You can enjoy hours of fun on the game, destroying enemies and exploring the futuristic maps.

Your love for Black Ops 3 doesn’t have to stop there. When you are taking a break from your gameplay, maybe you would like to watch a movie and relax. Well, the good news is there are movies out there, which are similar to the Black Ops 3 setting!

Yes. Everything you love about Black Ops 3, included in a movie. The futuristic environment, the maps and equipment. All featuring in different movies.

So, if you love Black Ops 3, you may enjoy these movies. Check them out: 

11. Terminator Genisys

Arnold is back. But is he a robot or human?

In terminator Genesis we see Kyle Reese time travelling to the past. From 2029 back to the year 1984. But it isn’t the 1984 we are used to, 1984 Terminator Genisys has robots and machines fighting against man-kind. What we would call, future warfare.

Their ultimate goal is to change the past events and prevent the robot warfare that is currently going on. Arnold Schwarzenegger who we see pictured is a terminator guardian, along with Sarah at his side, who is a very skilled fighter. Together they help Kyle in order to protect themselves from the terminator assassin, and to prevent the future robot war!

The typical robot we see in Black Ops 3.

In Black Ops 3 campaign mode there is a lot of battle against robots – terminator is no different. In the Genisys movie, Arnold and his team must fight against the robots. But there is a twist, Arnold is half robot, he was programmed to be a protector for Sarah.

That’s not all. Black Ops 3 is full of explosions, in multiplayer and in the campaign, from airstrikes to rocket launchers. Just like in Terminator Genisys which is action packed from start to finish.

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