Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Plagued With Problems

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, Steam review page
Featured Image by Clay Bailey: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered with mostly negative Steam reviews

A standalone edition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered was released on June 27, 2017 for the PlayStation 4 and July 27, 2017 for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. After it went on sale, the game’s Steam page was immediately filled with negative reviews. Most of the reviews were posted by people who received the game when buying Infinite Warfare although lots of reviews were posted by players who have bought the standalone game. Out of 927 reviews there have been 561 of these that are negative which has lead to a mainly negative Steam review rating.

Since Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare came out, Modern Warfare Remastered has been playable on PC, but this is the first time it's had its own store page on Steam and has been sold as a standalone. The review section has been full of unhappy players who have nothing but bad remarks to make about the game.

On Steam, players are complaining about all sorts of bug and issues including a lot of common complaints about not being able to get into a Multiplayer match, the performance of the game in general and the increase of hackers in multiplayer.

There have been a lot of players are saying that the queue times are way too long and the matchmaking system is broken, While a lot of others players aren’t happy about the $40 price, saying it’s only slightly cheaper than the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Digital Legacy and that it’s unreasonable for a remaster. There is also a $15 Variety Map Pack DLC which isn’t being received very well by fans as they don’t think they should have to pay for it and that it should be included in the game.

Some Call of Duty fans are deciding to skip Modern Warfare Remastered along with all its issues and instead wait until November 3rd, 2017 to buy Call of Duty: WWII. WWII will be quite different from Modern Warfare in terms of era, visual and gameplay mechanics. WWII will remove the advanced system of movement including double jumping and wall running that has been present in the three previous Call of Duty titles and instead, it will return to the traditional movements of the series. The game will also not be featuring unlimited sprint mechanic as seen in the previous two titles.

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