Call of Duty Blackout Hacks: Why It's Dangerous To Use Them

Call of Duty Blackout Hacks
Spotting some Cheats and Hacks

The Truth About 'Blackout Hacks'

Have you ever died in Blackout in somewhat suspicious circumstances, or by someone who seemed far too good?

Unfortunately, CoD Blackout has its fair share of cheaters, called hackers.

Some of these hacks include aimbotting (crosshairs snapping to their opponents), out of map hacks (falling underneath or outside of the playzone so you can’t die or be shot), or wallhacks (seeing opponents through walls or shooting them through walls).

Hacking is aggravating and kills the fun of any game. Just take a look at this clip from my favorite streamer DrDisrespect(


While hacking may seem like more of a nuisance than anything, it’s poison to a game and its community. One hacker completely ruined the experience of this game for not only Doc, but several others. This was a huge issue with PUBG, and while it seems to be limited in Blackout, it is definitely still an issue. While hacking is mostly on PC/Mac, it is possible on any gaming system.

There are several places to download hacking programs. It is sadly openly marketed on several different websites. Unfortunately hackers and cheaters are apart of any multiplayer game, but that doesn’t make them right to use. There are a few people out there who see that clip and think,”Where do I get this hack at?!” and may even go and download some. But downloading these hacks is a terrible idea with real consequences.


Top Five Reasons Why Using CoD Blackout Hacks Is Dangerous

5. Most hacks are malware that install viruses into your PC.

  • Malware is vicious software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unwanted access to a computer system.
  • Malware can slow down your system and steal personal information such as bank account numbers or addresses from your computer. The hackers that get this information can either steal your money straight from your bank or sell your information to companies.

4. These viruses could be a bitcoin miner or something worse

  • Bitcoin is an untraceable digital currency that hackers and criminals love to use.
  • Sadly, a lot of hackers and criminals will disguise certain programs as malware that will help them farm Bitcoin through your PC.
  • While you may think you’re downloading a program with just the ability to see your opponents through walls, it could have a hidden file that allows these criminals to use your system to farm bitcoin for them; or even worse, steal your bitcoin you may have mined yourself.

3. You could be giving a hacker remote control of your PC by installing a fake hack

  • Malware is not only annoying, it is dangerous to your livelihood.
  • Malware can allow hackers to take control of your computer while you aren’t even on it. When you put your computer to sleep, a hacker can turn it on and steal any sort of information you have.
  • They can ruin your credit, steal your identity or even get involved in illegal activities using your IP Address.
  • It is dangerous business to download these hacks for any reason.

2. Your account could get hacked if you installed the malware

  • Some of these hacks also allow for your Call of Duty account to be hacked and stolen, meaning you may have to buy a new copy of the game or never be able to play again.
  • Which leads to these people having two accounts to play on and you having none.
  • It is a dangerous gamble to download these hacks that can cost you so much.

1. You will get banned, eventually 

  • To continue on from the last part, installing hacks will lead to many ways your account or IP Address can get banned from Call of Duty servers.
  • Someone can steal your account and make unnecessary comments.
  • You could get reported for hacking and Treyarch will shut down your account.
  • They could steal other people’s accounts and it could get traced back to your IP.
  • There are a ton of ways your account could get banned. Which means you downloaded that hack, and exposed your information, for no reason.

While Doc made hacking into a fun skit, using and downloading hacks in real life aren’t a joke. Something as simple as trying to cheat at a game can expose you and your gaming system to real life issues. While Treyarch has counter hacking measures in place, and Blackout isn’t completely riddled with hackers, they still exist and will continue to exist. Hopefully a handful of hackers won’t continue to ruin the game. Happy hunting!


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