Black Ops 4 Blackout Guide: Top 50 Blackout Tips, Secrets and Tricks

Black Ops 4 Blackout Guide
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Best Blackout Tips To Outsmart Your Enemies

Tired of never getting that victory in Black Ops 4: Blackout? Sometimes it takes a small amount of luck, but there are some tips and tricks you can use that will help you win. Drop in with me and outsmart your enemies before they outsmart you with these Blackout Tips, Secrets and Tricks.

The first part to victory is knowing when and where to drop.

The Drop:

  • Luckily in Blackout, knowing when to jump is easy. No matter the flight path of the caravan, the second you jump you’ll want to angle straight down until you reach around 50-55 m/s then straighten out. Once you level out, you should be able to glide to anywhere on the map.
  • It also doesn’t matter how soon you jump, the convoy only flies 70 m/s. Meaning you can jump at the beginning, across the map from your desired location, and be at the same location at the exact same time as the guy who jumped right over the top of it.
  • The next part is where to drop. Where to drop depends on how you want to play. Places like Rivertown, Firing Range or Nuketown are hot spots for great loot, but you’ll be in a fight from the get-go.
  • Try to find a spot you like and drop there consistently. You’ll begin to know the area well and you’ll start feeling like you have home field advantage.
  • If you drop in a hotspot you’ll want to pick a building or location that you know will have a weapon. Such as the barn in Rivertown or the underground bunker in Nuketown.
  • Some good spots I like to drop that dont have much traffic, but often have solid loot, are some larger/unnamed compounds.

The First Circle:

  • Now that you know where and when to drop, let’s figure out what to do once we’re on the ground.
  • Once you hit the ground, you need to find a weapon, no matter what it is. Your first weapon doesn’t matter, something with bullets is preferred.
  • Once you have a weapon in hand, you’ll want to listen to your surroundings. See if anyone is near you then hunt them down.
  • DON’T TRY TO HIDE. Being hesitant in the beginning of Blackout will get you killed faster than anything. Usually you can hunt down your opponent and kill them before they are expecting it.
  • Be aggressive...seriously, stay out of the corner unless you want to die there. You’ll feel better about dying in a fight rather than hiding in a corner and hoping they didn’t see you.
  • Once the perimeter is clear, you need to check to see where the first circle is collapsing. I like to set a small gameplan. Hit this building or that path. Usually a place I’m somewhat familiar with.
  • When moving from one circle to the next, I tend to stick to the wooded areas, places where people aren’t camped in a tall building or in a window.
  • Once you’ve set your gameplan, you can start looking for the tools and weapons that will help you win.

The Tools:

Looting is an integral part of Blackout and it can be what separates you from winning or losing. So I will break down the more common items and give you an idea of which ones will lead you to victory.


There are a lot of boosters(items that boost your natural abilities), called perks, that can help you win in Blackout. I’ll let you guys know the more useful and useless perks.

Useful Perks:

  • Awareness: Enhances enemy footsteps in the area.
  • Consumer: Reduces the use time of health packs and consumable items by 50%.
  • Dead Silence: Makes your footsteps and other actions quieter.
  • Mobility: You move faster, swap weapons quicker, reduce fall damage and allows you to fire weapons and use equipment while sprinting.
  • Reinforced: Reduces damage from fire and explosives, while giving improved resistance to concussion grenades and razor wire.

Less Useful Perks:

  • Engineer: Reveals enemy vehicles and equipment.
  • Iron Lung: Allows you to steady your sniper and hold your breath underwater for longer.
  • Looter: Reveals nearby lootable items and stashes through walls.
  • Medic: Allows you to heal and revive your teammates faster.
  • Outlander: You move faster and take less damage while in the collapsed part of the circle.
  • Skulker: Move faster while prone or crouched.

Useless Perks:

  • Brawler, Paranoia and Squad Link are all useless in any phase of the game and I would not pick them up in any situation. Just don’t.

Essential Items:

  • Backpack: You only need one of these guys and it will double your inventory space. Find one as quick as possible.
  • Armor: There are three levels of armor, each one is somewhat useful. Always have armor, even if it’s just level one, it will greatly extend your lifespan.
  • Healing Items: There are a ton of healing items throughout the Blackout map and you want to have as many as you can.
  • Also, anytime you have a trauma kit, use it immediately. It gives you extra health beyond your max and can be the difference in life or death. If you die without using it, you helped your enemy win...twice.

Useful Items:

  • Cluster Grenade: A grenade that sticks to walls and players then explodes into a ton of mini-grenades.
  • Concussion Grenade: Stuns enemies caught in the blast radius.
  • Frag Grenade: Your basic issue explosive grenade.
  • Grapple Gun: Allows for more creative movement and gives you access to rooftops and areas others can’t reach.
  • Sensor Dart: Sticks to any surface and reveals enemy movement within a designated area.
  • Smoke Screen: Emits a large area of smoke, allowing you to retreat or advance without enemies being able to see you.

Less Useful Items:

  • Barricade: Deployable cover.
  • Cymbal Monkey: A bomb that detonates when enemies pass by it.
  • Mesh-Mine: A trip mine that sticks to surfaces to create a web.
  • Throwing Axe: A powerful one-shot kill.
  • Trophy System: Destroys incoming throwable grenades.

Useless Items:

  • Molotov, Recon Car, and Razor Wire. Just don’t do it. You may have the urge, but don’t, trust me.

The Weapons:

As the tools and perks are undeniable in any good Blackout victory, the weapons are what matter most. Since there are so many weapons available in Blackout, I will give the best options, the ones you should constantly be on the lookout for.

Sniper Rifles:

  • The Outlaw: A .338 Bolt-Action Rifle that hits hard and is easy to aim while moving.
  • SDM: A powerful .338 semi-auto sniper rifle.

Assault Rifles:

  • ICR: A 5.56 automatic rifle that is accurate, fast and reliable with any scope.
  • Swat: A versatile 5.56 automatic rifle that is unrivaled in close to mid range combat.
  • KN-57: A powerful 7.62 automatic rifle that is unmatched in close quarter combat.

Submachine Guns:

  • Spitfire: A .45 submachine gun with the fastest firing rate. Deadliest gun in close combat.
  • Cordite: A 9mm submachine gun with a large magazine. Allows you to hang in close quarter fights better than any gun.

Both Shotguns are extremely useful in close combat. The Attachments

  • Any and all attachments are useful in Blackout. Whatever helps make your gun more effective in combat. If you find an attachment, use it.
  • Using the fast magazine is useful on any full auto gun, where an extended magazine is more useful on a rifle or semi-automatic weapon.

Mid-Game/Circles 2-4:

Now that you know where to drop, you have a game plan and what items you’re looking for, you can begin to figure out where to move within the circle.

  • Before I begin running from the collapse, I usually make sure I have armor, meds, a long range weapon and a short range weapon.
  • My favorite combination is a rifle(Sniper or Automatic) and submachine gun of some type.
  • You can switch from a submachine gun quicker than anything other than a pistol(which you shouldn’t have).
  • If you find yourself in the middle of the circle, it is best to hunker down somewhere like a tall building. You are surrounded on every side and will likely die if you begin to venture too far out.
  • If you are “camping,” it is best to have items to help you survive longer. Items like a Trophy System and Mesh-Mine can help you lock an area down.
  • Have an egress lane in mind. When things get hairy, you’ll sometimes have to retreat or disperse quickly. Make sure you don’t box yourself in an area with only one way out. You’re only one grenade away from dying.
  • If you are having to run from the collapse, I like to stick to the walls of the collapse and move in when it moves in. It is easier to fight on three fronts rather than four.
  • Also make sure you rotate around the edge of the circle. Running through the middle will get you killed quickly.
  • When running, you must constantly scan your area. Keep your head on a swivel and assume you are being aimed on at all times.
  • I normally try to avoid running through hot zones or places with a lot of buildings, as stated before, stick to the trees.
  • Move from cover to cover. Going from tree to rock to tree will help you stay alive. Again, assume you are constantly being watched. You don’t want to be caught in an open field when someone begins firing.
  • Perks like Mobility and Dead Silence can help you navigate to the next circle with the biggest advantage. Being fast and unseen is your best chance at winning and out-performing your opponents.
  • Only engage enemies you know you can kill. If you don’t have a rifle, don’t bother shooting at an enemy that is too far away, because odds are he does have a rifle and you’re probably dead.
  • In close to mid range combat, movement is key. Sticking in a losing fight will get you killed quickly. You’ll eventually get a feel for when you’re losing a fight.
  • If you find yourself in a losing battle, don’t be afraid to run away and re-engage from a different angle. Often times I shoot a guy, draw their attention, move to another side of him and catch him off guard.
  • If you’re in a duo or squad match, my squad and I like to establish an “L-shaped Ambush.” It’s just like it sounds. Your teammates and you establish a 90 degree angle to catch opponents in a crossfire that’s hard to run from. This is an actual military tactic, you’re welcome.

The Top Ten:

  • Once you reach the top ten, things get intense, the key to winning is to stay low, stay in cover and be as quiet as possible.
  • Useful perks and equipment such as Dead Silence, Skulker, Sensor Darts and Suppressors will help you stay alive and out maneuver your opponents.
  • In the top ten, high ground is key. Try to find the highest point within the circle while staying in cover. It gives you a distinct advantage of sight and combat effectiveness.
  • Be patient. Don’t overextend yourself by shooting someone who is too far away. You’re bullets are easily traced and often times this gets you killed by another player.
  • Stick to cover. Seriously...this one is obvious.
  • Everyone in the top ten is usually decked out with grenades and fully attached weapons. There is no distinct advantage other than your positioning and use of cover.
  • Only go for the kill if you’re sure you have it.
  • If you find yourself in a 1 v 1 situation, stay calm. Sometimes your heart gets beating, you get nervous, and you make mistakes. Just remember the combat tactics you used to get there and you’ll come away with a victory.

Now you have all the tools and knowledge necessary to win a match of Call of Duty: Blackout. At the end of the day, sometimes you just get unlucky. You’ll be killed from behind or you missed a jump you thought you could make. But nothing beats experience. Put hours and hours into the game and you will eventually begin racking up those wins. Good luck out there and good hunting.


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