[Top 5] Cod Blackout Best Landing Spots (Blackout Best Place To Land)

Blackout landing spots, best Blackout landing spots
Allow no one to prevent you from achieving victory!

The initial landing spot can secure your victory

While using the right gun, utility, and perks for the right situation is vital, knowing where to land and how to loot the site can give you a crucial advantage over other players. In Blackout, just like in any other BRs, it’s all about finding good loot fast, first and foremost.

If you’re looking to secure the best loot, along with a few kills, as soon as you land, here are the best landing spots to keep in mind.

5. Construction Site

Construction Site can be a confusing location if you’re not familiar with it. In reality, it’s pretty straightforward if you do but three vital things: land fast, land first, and land at the very top floor. From that point on, it’s all about hunting the enemies at the lower floors, which already puts you at a significant advantage.

What makes it great

  • An abundance of loot throughout the three upper floors
  • The high chance of finding gold guns
  • Multiple potential locations for a crate
  • Multiple locations for small boxes, containing grapples, sensors, gold guns, etc.
  • Gives you a great vantage point for the nearby eight houses in case you have a sniper with you
  • You often get a heli on the second-to-last floor, for when you’re ready to bail

Key strategies

  • Scan for nearby enemies as you land, to see whether anyone will land with you on the roof
  • Choose the highest landing spot possible
  • If you get sensors and perks, use them immediately
  • Secure the top floors before jumping to the lower ones
  • For this site, Dead Silence and Awareness are game winners
  • If the end-zone is Construction, don’t leave the high-ground advantage of the upper floors

4. Estates Area

If you want a more secluded location, with not so many engagements (not that construction is too hot nowadays) Estates is the go-to landing zone. You have two massive building complexes next to each other, with other buildings close to the west for additional loot and kill opportunities.

What makes it great

  • Great loot, condensed in relatively small areas
  • Not so many places for enemies to hide, compared to Construction
  • Except for grapples, there are only two ways to the roof; land there, and you will have a significant advantage over your enemies
  • Since each building complex is relatively small, you can loot everything you need faster than other locations

Key strategies

  • Land at the building complex in quadrant E. Most people land on the one in quadrant D and then move to E; where you will be expecting them
  • Loot and leave since it’s not a good location to camp; you can’t fight from the roof since you’re surrounded by hills and, thus, exposed, and you can’t leave the location undetected
  • Always scan the South hills to make sure no one’s waiting for your retreat; those landing at the nearby wooden huts in the South like to do that sometimes

3. Train Station

Just like Estates, the Train area is small, compact, and offers great loot right from the start. You have high chances to find a crate upon landing and, most importantly, you will always have a lvl 3 armor somewhere, waiting for you.

What makes it great

  • The trains are pretty loud to run through, which means it’s unlikely that anyone will catch you by surprise (just pray they don’t have Dead Silence)
  • One sensor can cover 50% of the entire area, which is an awesome advantage
  • You have a hill and a river in the East in case the location gets too hot and you need to flee undetected
  • That hill offers an amazing vantage point for a gold Paladin, from Hydro Dam to all the surrounding houses across the river and beyond

Key strategies

  • There are two main buildings at Train Station; land on the one without the orange roof for immediate loot and a better vantage point
  • Hop down immediately, and loot the area below; you might get a crate there
  • If you find a sensor, use it immediately; same if you find Dead Silence

2. Fracking Tower

Despite not having too many places for cover, many people still land at Fracking, due to the high chance for a crate right off the bat. It’s also the ideal location if the end zone is in the desert because you can loot and traverse the river immediately, before people begin to camp bridges and the houses on the shoreline.

What makes it great

  • Almost guaranteed loot crate in the underground right from the start
  • The loot is spread out among many smaller buildings, which means you have a lower chance of dying immediately upon landing
  • The main tower, giving you excellent vantage point all the way up to the Factory
  • Perfect site for ambushing people migrating from Factory to North, so long as you occupy the main tower

Key strategies

  • Obviously, take the highest point in the main tower; if you play it well and have a sniper, you’ll most likely be invincible there
  • If the site is outside the safe zone, leave it as soon as possible; it offers no value outside the immediate good loot and the high-ground camping opportunities

1. Firing Range

If you’re comfortable with close-quarters combat, Firing Range is ideal. It offers great loot in condensed areas, the opportunity for high kills upon landing, and nearby buildings and barns to scan for people.

What makes it great

  • You don’t need to do much running to find all the loot you need, like with Construction Site, Turbine, or Ghost Town
  • If you like high-kill games, the Firing Range is ideal
  • Many people land at the barns nearby, in case you’re looking to end their miserable lives fast

Key strategies

  • Don’t rush to leave the area fast. Scan your surroundings first, because Firing Range is in the middle of a field; you’ll have no cover whatsoever
  • I suggest going to the nearby North-West buildings when you’re done with the area; you’re almost bound to find heads to collect there
  • If the area is too hot, leave the site as soon as you get some loot, position yourself in the direction of the safe zone, and camp the survivors leaving the site late

No matter your preferred hot drop zone, always remember to look for armor, sensors, and Dead Silence as soon as you can. You should also prioritize SMGs and Shotguns for smaller sites like Firing Range and Estates, and ARs for areas like Fracking and Construction.

Naturally, Blackout has many landing zones that could prove great in terms of loot, strategical positioning, and combat opportunities. Just pick a spot that tingles your senses, and land there as often as you can, until it becomes your playground.

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