Top 3 Cod Blackout Best Weapons and Loadout

Cod Blackout Best Weapons
Come check out the best loadouts in Blackout

There are certain loadouts in Call of Duty: Blackout that can give you the edge over your opponents.

Whether it’s going in quick and quiet, or loud and heavy, some combinations of weapons, items and perks can help you get the victory you’re craving. I like to combine a short range weapon with some sort of medium to long range weapon for maximum effectiveness. Read on to find some interesting combinations that might help you to your next victory.

3. The Silent Assassin

The Silent Assassin is a combination of speed and stealth that can help you conquer any urban combat area with aggression. It combines the quickness of the spitfire and the effectiveness of the Swat to conquer your enemies before they even know you’re there.

Loadout -

The Silent Spitfire - Every attachment needed


This loadout of the Spitfire submachine gun is absolutely deadly. The spitfire has the fastest firing rate in Blackout, meaning you’ll melt anyone in close range combat before they can even bring their weapon to bare.

  • Reflex Sight - The red dot allows you to keep open sight-lines around you while still remaining pinpoint accurate.

  • Suppressor - The suppressor is pretty straight-forward, allowing you to dominate without fear of revealing your location.

  • Foregrip - While there are no other alternatives to the underbarrel, it is essential if you want to have a spitfire that you can bring to ADS with quickness.

  • Extended/Fast Magazine Hybrid - There are few weapons that can take advantage of the Extended/Fast Magazine and SMGs are one of them. One magazine of a spitfire is more than enough to annihilate any foe, meaning the ability to reload in an instant will keep you moving and racking up the kills.

  • Laser Sight - In this build I would prefer to use the laser sight over the grip. The laser sight allows you to shoot from the hip without any spread. This is amazingly effective on the spitfire considering how fast it shoots.

  • Stock - Again, like the foregrip, the butt stock doesn’t have an alternative but it is another must-have to stop the spitfire from kicking all over the place.

The Suppressed Swat - A dangerous weapon in any arsenal


I like pairing the above Spitfire loadout with this silent but deadly version of the Swat. The Swat is a 5.56 automatic rifle that packs a punch.

  • The 4x - I start with the 4x sight for this build because it gives you a decent amount of range at medium to long distances. It’s also effective up close if you are caught off-guard.

  • Suppressor - I vote for the suppressor again here given that the point of this build is to remain silent but effective. Using this bad boy at range with a suppressor can confuse an enemy.

  • Foregrip - Again, the foregrip is the only option available, but it is essential if you want to use the Swat with any sort of range.

  • Fast Magazine - The Fast Magazine is my preferred choice with the Swat given that the extended mag doesn’t really give you too much of a bullet advantage and you should be able to effectively kill someone with one normal clip from a Swat.

  • Grip - I chose the grip over the laser sight because in an ideal situation, you’ll be using the Spitfire in a battle where a laser sight would be effective. Also the use of a grip allows you to bring your scope to bare in time when that guy is running over the hill.

  • Stock - As stated before, the Stock doesn’t have an alternative but it is very useful if you plan on auto-firing a lot. It isn’t necessarily a must-have though considering shooting a weapon any long than medium range on auto isn’t going to be effective.

Items wanted:

  • Sensor Dart - Sensor Darts are pretty straightforward as defensive tools, allowing you to know the whereabouts of nearby enemies. They can also be offensive tools, allowing you to know exactly where your opponents are so you can charge them and throw them off-balance.

  • Combat Axe - The key to this little build is silence and speed, and nothing does that quite like the throwing axe. It is silent, deadly, and a one shot kill. It fits perfect with this set up.

  • Concussion Grenade - The concussion grenade is a brilliant tool for this build. Allowing you to stun enemies while remaining silent and relatively unseen. Stunning enemies is just as effective as killing them.

Perks Wanted:

  • Dead Silence - This perk should be obvious. It makes your steps almost impossible to hear, allowing you to approach enemies even while running.

  • Mobility - Mobility stacked with Dead Silence is exactly what this build wants. The ability to move faster and quieter is just dirty. You can switch between weapons faster and the ability to melt your opponents with a Spitfire before they even hear or see you is an amazing thing.

  • Awareness - This build is all about aggressiveness and speed. Awareness allows you to hear your opponents from further away, allowing you to close the gap with mobility and all the while staying silent with Dead Silence. These three perks will make you the deadliest player on the map for a couple of minutes.


2. The Tank

Where the silent assassin was more of an aggressive, offensive minded build, The Tank is a  more defensive-centric build that can help players stay alive while supporting any team mates you might have.

The Mighty Titan - Just as powerful as it sounds


The titan is a monstrous LMG that packs a punch. While it shoots a little slow, it only takes a few shots to kill someone.

  • The 3x - I like the 3x on this setup because the 4x is too far with too much kick and the 2x just doesn't have the range you would want.

  • Extended Barrel - The extended barrel is a must with the Titan. It increases muzzle velocity meaning your bullets with get to your enemy faster. It also helps this powerful gun that already packs a punch.

  • Foregrip - The foregrip is also essential with the titan if you want to shoot with any sort of accuracy. Crouching with the titan and a foregrip gives it a surprising amount of stability and range.

  • Extended/Fast Magazine Hybrid - Many may not know this but the Titan can actually use the hybrid extended/fast magazine. This gives the Titan a massive magazine that can be reloaded quickly. It is a dangerous combination that is essential to the effectiveness of the Titan.

  • Grip - The pistol grip is the only option for the Titan but it is extremely useful to the effectiveness of the Titan.

  • Stock - The butt stock is still the only item for this slot but as always, it’s extremely necessary to shoot the Titan at full auto with effectiveness.

The Fearsome Hades - Every attachment to make the Hades useful


The Hades seems like a bit of a weird choice here, but in this build it is a monstrous up-close gun that can annihilate anyone in its path. It has the highest damage to fire rate ration in the game, even if it is limited in what

  • Reflex Sight - The Red Dot is the optimal choice with the Hades since it has the open sight lines and the Hades surprisingly doesn’t have much kick up close. The Red Dot can also help reduce the urge to use the Hades at long range.

  • Extended Barrel - The extended barrel simply helps this gun be more lethal by doing more damage.

  • Extended Magazine - I believe the only magazine the Hades can equip is the extended magazine. It is a must considering it takes awhile to reload the Hades, you don’t want to be caught off-guard reloading with this gun. It also allows you lay down on the trigger finger and maintain pressure.

  • Grip - I also believe the grip is the only attachment allowed for the Hades, which is fine because you’re not really going to be trying to hip fire this gun.

Items wanted:

  • Level 3 Armor - While you usually want level three armor, regardless, it is essential for this build to be able to withstand the bombardment you might find yourself under. Also, unlike The Silent Assassin, you’re not worried about being quiet with this build.

  • Mesh Mine - A mesh mine can help you lock down a position. Allowing you to set up a defensive perimeter and get some kills in the process. At worst it makes players cautious when approaching an area.

  • Deployable Barrier - A deployable barrier is fantastic at funneling players. It can lock down a door or even a bridge. It also provides protection and the ability to kill players. It is an essential tool in The Tank's arsenal. Two to three barriers in the proper location can make a building nearly impossible to penetrate.

Perks Wanted:

  • Reinforced - Reinforced is an amazing perk that allows you to withstand an arsenal of clusters, concussions and frags. It is the premier defensive perk that is essential.

  • Mobility - Mobility isn’t necessarily essential, but having it helps you switch through your heavy weapons quicker, it also allows you to move faster while having level three armor equipped. It is an all around useful perk for this build.

  • Medic - Medic is more useful if you have squadmates, which is what this build is best for. It allows you to revive your buddies faster but it also allows you to heal faster if you are on your own. These perks can really help you overcome the negative aspects of this build.


1.The Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf is a more balanced build that I believe to be the best build in the game if you are running around solo. It is a good mix of speed and defense that helps you stay alive while being well-equipped for any situation, near or far.

The Wanna Be AK - The best automatic rifle in Blackout


I think the KN-57 is the best automatic rifle in the game. It mixes the stopping power of the 7.62 caliber with next to no recoil.

  • The Holographic Sight - The Holographic sight might be the best all-around sight in the game. It is fantastic in close quarters with a well-defined reticle and, depending on your monitor quality, it has long range capabilities as well.

  • Extended Barrel - The extended barrel makes the deadly KN-57 even more deadly with increased muzzle velocity. Using the suppressor with this gun is simply a waste of the gund potential.

  • Foregrip - The foregrip is, again, the only option her, but it is essential to use the KN-57 to its maximum potential. Allowing for the KN-57 to remain steady at any range.

  • Hybrid Extended/Fast Magazine - The KN-57 is the only assault rifle that allows the use of the Hybrid Extended/Fast magazine. An extended clip with the ability to reload in an instant cranks up the deadliness of this rifle, meaning you’re hardly caught off guard.

  • Laser Sight - I prefer the laser sight over the grip here. The laser sight on the KN makes it extraordinarily dangerous in close quarters because it makes it almost pin-point accurate from the hip.

  • Stock - The butt stock is one of the most useful attachments for the KN-57. It allows you to maintain a steady rate of fire with relatively no recoil. It is the attachment I actively search for.

The Worlds Deadliest Revolver - The best rifle in the game


The Outlaw is hands down the best sniper rifle in Blackout. It has the best combination of rate of fire and damage. It’s quicker to bare than the Paladin and has more damage than the SDM. If you can master this weapon, you’ll have an edge on everyone in your match.

  • The 4x - I prefer the 4x site over the sniper sight because of its usefulness in close range and long range combat. It is a precise sight that can be used all the way down to the bottom 2 players.

  • Extended Barrel - The extended barrel is essential on The Outlaw if you want to use it with anything long range. The bullets in Blackout can travel pretty slow at a distance and the extended barrel gives you more confidence in your shots and allows for a smaller lead distance.

  • Foregrip - As always the foregrip is the only option in this slot but it’s probably most useful on the outlaw than any other weapon. If you are crouched with a foregrip on the Outlaw it almost completely still. It is way too useful to not have, I’m probably searching for this attachment before any other.

  • Extended Magazine - While you can use a fast magazine, I like to use extended magazines on rifles because it allows you to maintain your vision on players in the distance without the need to lower your sights to reload. Also, a 6 round clip is pretty small to try and maintain a fight.

  • Stock - A butt stock isn’t necessarily needed for an Outlaw, but it can be useful when maintaining vision on a player in the distance.

Items Wanted:

  • Concussion Grenade - The concussion grenade is any players best tool at surviving a battle. The ability to stun your opponent with the click of a button is borderline overpowered. Stunning your enemy will give you the time needed to either escape or go in for the kill.

  • Sensor Dart - The Sensor Dart is useful in many ways for a lone wolf. It can help you clear a group of buildings in an instant, identify where enemies are if you are pinned in a building or cause opponents to flee in fear of having their location revealed. It is a key tool in surviving Blackout alone.

  • Trophy System - A Trophy System is useful in all stages of the game. If you’re camping a building, it can help protect from the likely barrage of grenades. If you’re in a top ten situation, it can help you stay alive instead of losing it all from one lucky throwable item. If you see one be sure to grab it, it’s useful in a ton of situations for someone that can’t get revived.

Perks Wanted:

  • Consumer - Consumer is the best perk for someone venturing alone. It cuts down the time on using any consumables. It allows you to heal almost instantly and repair broken armor is seconds. In a game that can be decided by 1 hp, it is a crucial perk to own.

  • Dead Silence - Dead Silence is fantastic to use as a lone wolf. Allowing you to sneak up on, or sneak away, from opponents. Dead Silence will help you stay alive longer which puts it at the top of the must have list. I personally try to save them for the top ten, it gives you a considerable edge on your opponents.

  • Mobility - Mobility allows you to switch through weapons faster, run faster, and even shoot while vaulting. It’s a perk that will help you run circles around your opponents, giving you a distinct advantage in the match in general.

These are a few fun and strategic builds that can help you enhance your Blackout playing experience. They aren’t for everyone and at the end of the day you will likely use the best items you can find. But if you can manage to get one of these combinations together, you will find it easier to come out on top and in charge. Happy hunting!

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