What Call of Duty WWII's Single Player Campaign Will Give Players

Activision’s newest instalment in the legendary Call of Duty series, being World War 2, is set to be an industry changer.

What Can Players Expect In Call Of Duty WWII Campaign Mode?

Recently released art depicting the player’s character Ronald ‘Red’ Daniels, a 19 year old Texan who is about to learn the horrors of war and the pleasures of brotherhood.

At the beginning of the game, the player will take on the role of Private Ronald ‘Red’ Daniels, a 19 year old fresh recruit from Texas, USA. This makes him something of an inexperienced soldier who will find himself vulnerable at many points throughout the game. Your leader throughout the game will predominantly be Sgt William Pearson, who is a hard man with a ‘get the job done at any cost’ attitude, while there is another leader with a more empathetic view toward battle. Throughout the game there will be moments where these two leaders will butt heads and come to conflict, creating some intense situations for the player.

You will ally with and even get the chance to play as a British soldier, French soldier and  the Resistance. In fact, there is at least 1 mission where you can play as a female fighter of the French Resistance. In a tweet given by Sledgehammer Co-Founder Michael Condrey said when answering a question about the possibility of fighting Axis missions in Call of Duty World War II, that “You’ll fight and follow the Allied cause. The Axis power is a ferocious enemy. But no, you won’t play as Axis in Campaign.”

During campaign mode, players will fight battles across Europe at many strategic World War II locations. As such, the story will follow the exploits of the Unites States 1st Infantry Division as they fight their way through the European Theatre of war. Some of the missions you can expect to see in Campaign mode will include the D-Day Invasion of Normandy, the Battle of the Bulge and also a gunfight atop the Rock of Gibraltar.

Campaign mode for Call of Duty WWII will have you starting at the landing site at Omaha Beach and then fighting your way across France in an attempt to liberate Paris, before pushing on and into Germany for the finale of the campaign. During this time, players will have to use their teammates to the best of their abilities as teammates will now supply health packs and ammo packs, as well as offering much needed cover fire.

Sledgehammer Co-Founder and Studio Head, Glen Schofield, says when explaining about adding personality to the environment, that “The best example I can give you is from ‘Saving Private Ryan’. In the end, in the town where the two tanks are coming, if you go watch it again, you realise that that for the first 7 minutes they never show you a tank. You just hear the sounds and it sounds like a dinosaur. So it’s Spielberg telling you a monster is coming. These tanks were monsters.”

Some Other Special Features That Players Can Expect From Campaign Mode

Although not a lot of details have yet been released about this game and won’t be available until the release on November 3rd 2017, there are a couple of other details which have been gathered by the gaming community. One such extra feature that has been discovered about campaign mode is that one of the weapons featured in the art released by Activision shows that players can expect, at least one weapon, the M1-Garand.

Another notable feature is that not all combat will occur on the battlefield as such, especially when it comes to a scene being portrayed, where you must take out a German soldier using a knife. If the scene is played successfully then the player will end up using their helmet as a weapon to attack the German soldier’s face with.

A final feature of the game that gamers can expect in campaign mode for the game is one particular battle known as the Battle of Hurtgen Forest, where a special war tactic was used and gives the player a huge feeling of immersion and experience when seeing it portrayed. The trick involved shooting off the tops of trees during an attack to create chaos and pandemonium on the battle field, which was masterfully re-created for the player at one point in the game.

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