Call of Duty: Can Infinite Warfare Redeem Black Ops 3?

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is set to launch 4th November 2016.

Let’s Face It. Many CoD Fans Were Not Happy With The Gameplay in Black Ops 3. Will Activision Be Able To Redeem Themselves With Infinite Warfare?

The Call of Duty franchise has been through many highs and lows. Some say that CoD produced its best games in its early days, such as CoD 4 and MW2. Many die hard CoD fans will agree, the Modern Warfare days brought about the most enjoyable Call of Duty experiences to date.

The last number of games have become too futuristic. The majority of us didn’t like it, right? CoD fans want to play a realistic shooter. They don’t want to be flying 10 feet in the air, dodging and diving. People want fair gun fights and being able to outsmart the enemy. They don’t want enemies boosting across the map, flying over builds and bombarding them all at once. They want feet firmly on the ground, entertaining gameplay.

That’s what CoD is all about, isn’t it? Many fans have left the CoD community and believe it has passed its day. Saying that the games have become stale and lost their Call of Duty feel.

Advanced Warfare is a great example. Many fans simply hated this game. It just wasn’t Call of Duty. The gameplay reminds people of other games like halo and destiny. Boosting, jumping and flying about is meant for these other games. Not CoD.

The latest game, Black Ops 3, saw CoD return to roots. By removing the exo suits, the gameplay began to flow more smoothly. But there is still a lot of work to be done. In the eyes of many fans, Black Ops 3 was still a let-down. The important thing is, it was an improvement on advanced warfare.

In this article, let’s talk about how what was wrong about Black Ops 3. Then on to the fun part. We will at the next game to come out, Infinite Warfare. And discuss whether or not it can redeem Black Ops 3.

So, let’s begin with Black Ops 3.

The Five Major Downfalls of Black Ops 3

There were many downfalls in Black Ops 3, some were bigger than others. Let’s take a look at the top 5 downfalls of Black Ops 3:

1. The Single Story Campaign Was Boring As Hell

What’s next? Killing more robots? I never would have guessed…

It’s no lie, Call of Duty’s campaign isn’t what it used to be. It’s gotten stale and boring. A lot of effort is put into game modes and features, such as co-o. Rather than the storyline of the campaign itself. The missions are repetitive and follow the same boring pattern. A long dragged out build up, followed by a poor anti-climax. Mission, after mission you expect the same thing. Open field shootouts with robots and humans, over and over.

2. Annoying Specialist Characters That Ruin Multiplayer Gameplay

Damn all 9 of you.

Just no. I am not a fan of the special characters at all. They aren’t fun to me. They don’t seem call-of-duty-y, if you know what I mean. Maybe they belong in other games, like halo or destiny. But not in CoD, not in my opinion. Specialist characters ruin the flow of matches. By using their overpowered specialist character, whether its rejack bringing them back to life or firebreak burning you to death. Maybe these rewards belong in the score streaks category. I know everyone has a special character so it balances out. But does everyone need one? Does everyone deserve one? Even players who are playing poorly can activate their specialist character. It’s like a pity feature. CoD is about dominating your enemy, giving them no sign of hope. No mercy.

3. Ridiculous Spawning System Giving Players Free Kills

“How did he get behind me?!”

CoD have had different spawning system in every game, some worked well, and some didn’t. In Black Ops 2 I thought it was done quite well. In Black Ops 3, it didn’t work well.

Whatever system they used in other CoDs, they need to bring it back into the game. Spawning in an enemies base, which may be fun, is actually very annoying for opponents and unfair.

Imagine you are playing domination, have captured A flag and are going to push for B. All of a sudden you are killed from behind, because an enemy got a “lucky spawn”. Annoying right.

4. Inconsistent Time To Kill Causes Gamer Rage

Kill an opponent before he can even react

Time to kill is how long it takes an opponent to kill you once they have started shooting at you. Time to kill worked well in some CoDs, but not so great in others. In my opinion, they done this well in Black Ops 2. It just flowed well.

But not in Black Ops 3. It is inconsistent. Sometimes you are killed before you can even get a shot away, other times you wonder how you survived for so long.

5. Stupid Maps That Don’t Make Sense

What even is this…seriously?

Apart from the incredible Nuketown. There are too many small maps in Black Ops 3 that aren’t enjoyable to play. In these futuristic games, you can get from one side of the map to the other very quickly. Which is frustrating for games like search and destroy, which is more enoyable at a slower pace.

Infinite Warfare

Now, on to the fun part. Let’s talk about IW. Discussing a new game is always entertaining.

At least I thought.

Advanced aircraft. But where are we flying, Russia? China? … The moon?

Infinite warfare is bringing us into space. Yes, when we thought it couldn’t get any more futuristic, they are sending us into space. Really?

I prefer playing on Earth. And I am sure you do too. The game is still being made, so we aren’t sure what to expect right now. So let’s not be too negative.

After all, when remove Black Ops 2 was released, remove fans hated it. They didn’t like the futuristic gameplay, compared to the Modern Warfare games. But, Black Ops 2 was the most successful game the CoD franchise released!

Take a look at what we have learned about Infinite Warfare: the good and the bad, on everything we know so far.

The Good

  • Zombies

Zombies is a first for Infinity Ward. Can they beat Treyarch at their own game?

Back to the good old zombies. Zombies first appeared in Call of Duty in World at War, thanks to Treyarch. Since then Treyarch have improved the Zombies experience with perks, weapons and even a storyline.

Now, Infinity War are having a go at Zombies. They have listened to the CoD fans, and got rid of extinction. Extinction involved aliens rather than zombies. Which is kind of weird. Aliens would have made sense in this game – seeing as its set in the future.

Enough of that. The undead are making a return and it is always a fan favourite, let’s see how Infinity Ward’s first attempt goes.

  • Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Makes A Return

Call Of Duty 4 is set to make a return. Will we be reunited with good old Captain Price?

Yes, you did read that right. The legacy edition will have a remastered edition of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. If this doesn’t get you more than excited for this release, then I don’t know what will. This alone could make the release great. As long as they keep everything from the original CoD 4 the same. And simply improve the graphics and a fresh environment. It should be a classic.

The Bad

  • Its Set In The Future & In Space

“Where’s the eject button?”

Everything I didn’t want. I’m sure many fans will agree. As usual Call of Duty has took the easy option. Keeping up with the latest trends. Which is the futuristic warfare. But is that really what the franchise has turned into? That’s the reason it has disappointed so many fans, turning them to other games. Space seems like a step backwards, rather than a step forwards.

  • Super Advanced Weapons & Equipment

Bring back the modern armour. None of this metal clothing.

This comes with futuristic setting, but is still a bad factor. IMO. Drones flying about, futuristic armour and combat robots were all in the last trailer. It’s not star wars – come on.

Can IW Redeem BO3 Or Not?

There isn’t much information out on the game yet, we are still waiting for the multiplayer gameplay trailer. But from the recent trailer, the game has seen bad reviews.

Again, let’s not forget the negative reviews of BO2, which went on to become the most successful game of CoD.

Regardless of the game still being developed. I am willing to say yes. Yes IW can redeem BO3.

Maybe not so much IW, but the legacy edition.

I mean a CoD Modern Warfare Remastered edition – come on! This is the most excited for a release I have ever been. Which is set for 4th of November 2016 by the way. This could literally make or break the franchise for me, if they hit the nail on the head. Successfully remastering the game that initially put CoD on the map, what could go wrong? As long as they don’t try involve their futuristic hovering, I can’t see much them failing.

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