Top 10 Best Call of Duty Youtube Channels That Are Fun To Watch

Best CoD Youtube Channels To Watch

10. NoAnnoyingCommentary

Youtube Link: NoAnnoyingCommentary - YouTube

NoAnnoyingCommentary started in 2020 and grew rapidly. There is no face or even name to the channel, but it rapidly grew, hitting 250k subscribers earlier this year. While there may not be an identifiable person to root for or support, this channel is great for people who want to watch great Call of Duty gameplay, for Warzone 2 to Multiplayer to Zombies.

The idea behind this channel is pure love for Call of Duty. Some people don’t want to hear commentary or enjoy highlight clips of the best plays. Maybe you want to improve your game and want to see what to do outside of just gunfights. Maybe you want to throw up some good CoD gameplay on your second monitor while you work. With this channel, you don’t have to listen to anything to stay involved and you can look away and come back and still have a general idea of what’s going on.

Video Page: NoAnnoyingCommentary - YouTube


9. Bobby Plays

Youtube Link: Bobby Plays - YouTube

Call of Duty: Mobile was released in 2019, and I have to admit I was a skeptic. As a diehard console player, the idea that CoD could be played at a high level seemed impossible while still bound to the confines of a mobile device. But who can argue with the cold, hard numbers? Call of Duty: Mobile has had over 650 million players put time into the game, making it one of the most popular mobile games ever.

Sitting at 854k subscribers is BobbyPlays. A mobile CoD content creator this guy is not only arguably the most visible and popular Call of Duty: Mobile player in the world, he’s one of the best competitive players in the game. His popularity and skill have led to over 170 million total views, tournament winnings, and a position as host of the Mobile World Championship 2021. His love for the game, skill, and knowledge make him a go-to guy for anyone getting into CoD: Mobile.

Video Page: Bobby Plays - YouTube


8. Expel

Youtube Link: Expel - YouTube

Expel is next on our list and probably the funniest guy to be featured on here. He has been avid about content creation since he was a kid, creating his first Youtube channel back in 2008. After some false starts, his current channel (started in 2014) sits at 369k subscribers with over 70 million views.

Expel offers a wide array of content, most of it humorous, however, he does put out guides and tip videos for newer players or experienced players looking for a new edge. His commentary videos are the ones that stand out the most, spectating solo players, creating narratives for random online foes, doing viewer-suggested challenges, or playing with a shock collar on (don’t try that at home). His energy and commitment to creating well-edited, well-designed content is almost unmatched and absolutely worth checking out in 2023.

Video Page: Expel - YouTube


7. PrestigeIsKey

Youtube Link: PrestigeIsKey - YouTube

Think of PrestigeIsKey as a go-to source for all things CoD. Created by Ryan this channel is less about the streamer and all about the game. With over 1.39 million subscribers and over 330 million total views, it’s safe to say that many people highly value the content that comes out of this channel.

PrestigeIsKey is all about CoD. I mean he creates content for other games, but his focus is on CoD as a game and as a franchise. With videos ranging from new metas, tutorials for game mechanics, gun overviews, game mode overviews, and franchise direction, this channel will tell you all you need to know about the current state of CoD and where it’s going.

Video Link: PrestigeIsKey - YouTube


6. Chaos

Youtube Link: Chaos - YouTube

Chaos is the channel for those with analytical minds or those who want to get in debates on the internet (who doesn’t). His systematic approach to CoD and gaming, in general, has gathered him 2.76 million subscribers and over 868 million total views!

Chaos is known for his Top 10 lists, ranging from games in general, the different CoD games, the guns within CoD games, maps, achievements, and everything in between and beyond. His originality in producing within what would seem to be a very limited genre is incredibly impressive. He does release gameplay and other videos but mostly it’s the lists. And they keep coming and are always interesting and always spark intense debate, kind of like what we used to do with our friends when at a LAN party but on the internet (i.e a little more hostile). Check out his channel to see what other people think and put in your vote on all things CoD and more!

Video Link: Chaos - YouTube


5. BennyCentral

Youtube Channel: BennyCentral - YouTube

Run by the former CoD pro player BennyCentral, this channel is great for those that have mastered the basics and are looking to step their game up to the next level. BennyCentral left competitive play to focus on his Youtube channel and it has clearly worked out! He has accumulated 619k subscribers with over 82 million total views.

His channel is loaded with tips for the up-and-coming CoD gamer. Whether he’s helping with controller and audio/video settings, loadouts, or general gameplay tips, Benny is a wealth of knowledge from years of playing CoD at a higher level than most of us here will ever achieve. He has clearly thrown himself into content creation head-on with well-curated videos that are churned out regularly as well as live streaming.

Video Link: BennyCentral - YouTube


4. MrRoflWaffles

Youtube Link: MrRoflWaffles - YouTube

MrRoflWaffles is (for my money) the person here to challenge Expel as the funniest content creator on this list. His is a very diverse channel, featuring appearances from other gamers and friends, different games, and a wide variety of content with a focus on entertainment and information. With over 1.85 million subscribers and over 456 million total views!

MrRoflWaffles channel is great because he doesn’t take himself seriously while still being clearly passionate about gaming and the communities it builds. Committed to bringing his channel quality content, you’ll see a mix of IRL streams thrown in that make you feel more included than probably any channel on this list. And the gameplay is quality too! Don’t let the “casual” tag fool you, although he isn’t as well known as the top 3 on this list he has the views to prove that he’s just as fun to watch.

Video Link: MrRoflWaffles - YouTube


3. DrDisRespect

Youtube Link: DrDisRespect - YouTube

The Two Time himself. One of the early legends of streaming, the Dr. Disrespect character first appeared on Youtube in 2010. Since then he has only grown, representing a parody and the truth about our most “gamer” cliches. Since he was mysteriously banned from Twitch in 2020 (which only added to his mystique) Doc has already garnered 4.27 million subscribers and over 332 million total views, including a record-breaking 510,000 simultaneous viewers during his Youtube debut.

DrDisRespect is both a larger-than-life (literally, he’s 6ft 8in) parody of and the hilarious truth of the CoD gamers we are. With his mustache, wig, sunglasses, and outsized ego and bravado DrDisRespect is everything good and bad rolled into one character about gaming. From a streaming point of view, his content is probably the highest budget of them all and he is actually a good FPS gamer. His rages are both over the top and the truth we all feel about this game sometime. You can’t watch CoD in 2023 without watching the Doc.

Video Link: DrDisRespect - YouTube


2. NickMercs

Youtube Link: NICKMERCS - YouTube

The MFAM. One of the biggest and most rabidly loyal communities in streaming. Led by NICKMERCS. Unquestionably one of the biggest streamers on Youtube he puts out videos daily, it was Fortnite, then mostly CoD, and now he has transitioned to a variety of games. Thankfully Warzone 2 brought him back to team up with some other high-profile streamers for more hilarious banter and high-quality gameplay. And we all love it, NICKMERCS is sitting at 4.01 million subscribers and over 734 million total views!

NICKMERCS has been part of the gaming scene for over a decade, first as a National Championship-winning Gears of War player and Halo Pro. He transitioned to Battle Royales with the release of Fortnite and skyrocketed to fame thanks to his skills and personality. As part of the team that got the second-highest kill total in one game, he is known as one of the few controller players in an eSport filled with M+K users. His dedication to his community is remarkable, with plenty of giveaways and events to engage his viewers and you are sure to watch high-quality gameplay and high-energy gameplay.

Video Link: NICKMERCS - YouTube


1.)  TimTheTatMan

Youtube Link: TimTheTatman - YouTube

Good morning, good evening, and good afternoon! Who else but TimTheTatMan. The guy we all want to game with, that friend who is always down to stay up late and play some CoD. It’s hard to argue with the numbers, 4.85 million subscribers and over 968 million views, both number one on this list. With his trusty sidekick, Kevin, he has climbed to the top of the Youtube ladder after over a decade of dedicated streaming and it shows.

TimTheTatMan is a great stream for new viewers who want to watch CoD. It’s gaming at its purest form, competitive enough to scratch that itch to win, but with the boys. While he has started varying his games up a bit he still can be seen in Warzone frequently, raging (as we all do) at glitches, hacks, campers, and sometimes his own teammates. For someone with such a big community, he is very involved and invested in his viewers and puts out entertaining content daily as well as live streaming. We’ve seen him go from a long-haired, one-arm tattooed bro at a small desk, to the bald, fully tattooed husband and father that he’s become. And it’s been one hell of a ride.

Video Link: TimTheTatman - YouTube

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