YouTube Gaming: 10 Awesome Ways It Will Impact The World’s Gaming Industry

This may be commemorating 10 years of YouTube, but it counts all the same.

YouTube Gaming Is Making Waves… And It’s Not Even Out Yet.

The spectacle that is YouTube Gaming, releasing this summer, is going to make some insane changes to the gaming world. Listed below are the 10 biggest changes to watch for when YouTube Gaming comes out. So, let’s see what’s changing, huh?

1. It Will Connect You To Streamers

Who wouldn’t want to be closer to guys as… unique as this?

YouTube Gaming has close relatives in your email and search engine (all run by Google) which means that the gaming industry will be one step closer to you. They will be right at your fingertips whenever you need them.

Best part? This is the smallest impact we’ll be going over today.

2. Google Is Making More Money Off Games

With the entrance of YouTube Gaming, Google, one of the world’s largest corporations, will be making a steady stream of cash off of the success of the gaming industry. The more people watch games, the more money Google receives.

What this means is that Google has a vested interest in making sure that the gaming industry is well funded and making money for this.

3. YouTube Gaming Will Amplify The Growth Of E-Sports

Here is an example of one such E-Sports conventions; Blizz-Con.

Because, as I said, Google now has a stake in E-Sports through YouTube Gaming. Therefore, Google is invested in the E-Sports industry, and will make steps to support it. Perhaps Google, like Samsung, will even feel the desire to field their own team in the E-Sports field.

By any means, the future is bright for E-Sports.

4. Bringing Pro Gaming to the Public

YouTube is, without a shadow of a doubt, of the most popular playback services in the world. Millions of people across the world use it, a majority of whom don’t keep up with gaming in any way, shape, or form.

The introduction of YouTube Gaming, however, will make people curious. Everyone has played games before, and this new streaming service will turn heads in the general public, and certainly increase the number of people watching E-Sports. Which increases the popularity, and so on, and so on.

5. Promote Competition Between Streaming Sites

A fight that’ll rock the world, courtesy of

Twitch has, so far, run unopposed in its life as a video game live streaming service. Once YouTube gaming hits the market, though, Twitch will be forced to up their game in order to stay afloat.

A company’s policies are very different when they’re running unopposed versus when they have competition to worry about. This will change the way Twitch operates and create a conflict between the two companies, promoting more innovation and advances in the way video game live streaming works.

Which can only be good for everyone.

6. Bringing Casual Gaming to the Public

The Casual Gamer gets lost in daydreams. Here is a more terrifying daydream than usual.

Remember a paragraph or two ago? When I was telling you how YouTube Gaming would introduce more people to pro gaming?

Well, not everyone will be interested in the competitive realm of E-Sports. Those that aren’t, might still be interested in YouTube Gaming once they see it.

Those people will, as the heading says, be introduced to casual gaming through the efforts of more casual streamers. Watching those guys play such games as Minecraft or Gary’s Mod will help ease even more of the population into the wonderful experience that is PC gaming.  

7. Improved Live Streaming Means More Live Streaming

Some of the many ways in which you will be able to watch ALL THE NEW live streams.

YouTube Gaming, as has been covered by many writers, has several features and advantages over Twitch. As mentioned a paragraph or two earlier, the competition that will erupt between Twitch and YouTube Gaming will encourage both sites to innovate and make themselves better.

As long as those two are fighting to be the best, streaming will only improve. And the more streaming improves and becomes easier to use, the more streaming that will come into play. It’s a nice little never-ending cycle.

8. Corporations Caring For Gamers

Here is a little corporate love letter to all their geeky fans… courtesy of YouTube.

Google didn’t need to make a streaming service. But if you sit down and read through everything they promise in their blog (, then you’ll realize that YouTube Gaming is a service built towards gamers.

And, when YouTube Gaming is successful, that will build a reputation in that gaming industry that, if you care for your customers, then you’ll make money.

9. Creates A Central Platform for E-Sports

YouTube Gaming won’t be nearly as… physical a central platform as this.

Remember when we talked about how Google now has a vested interest in making sure that E-Sports is successful?

Yes, well, now let’s elaborate.

As E-Sports grow, and Google continues to help fund them, YouTube Gaming will become a hub of E-Sports, which will finally give E-Sports what it has desperately needed, a central hub from where to stream and publish games, interviews and other E-Sports related materials. 

10. Making Streaming And Gaming More Relevant In The World

Tetris in real life. Proof gaming is becoming more relevant.

All of these items and points I’ve made so far today are all pointing towards one central idea. Gaming is becoming more and more important in our world. The fact that YouTube Gaming even exists is ample evidence of that fact.

As time passes and YouTube Gaming becomes more successful, all of the impacts listed above will occur. And when that happens, streaming and gaming will simply become more and more relevant in the world. 

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