[Top 10] Dead By Daylight Best Streamers That Are Fun To Watch

The faces behind the terrifying killers aren't so scary themselves.

Ghostface always has time for a tasteful selfie. 

There’s something special about streamers that can absolutely dominate at a video game, yet still make you laugh till you cry. They’re the ones who play Dead By Daylight with total concentration, carefully watching for the killer’s approach while repairing generators, then promptly shriek and fall out of their chairs when Michael Myers decides to breathe in their ear from behind. We’re here to share them with you in this list.


10. HiDro


HiDro's logo and his various merchandise feature otters. 

HiDro’s brand of charm and his infectious laugh keep his viewers coming back. A killer main, HiDro devastates survivors as Deathslinger and frequently hits insane secondary shots with the character’s harpoon weapon.

While HiDro doesn’t boast the highest follower count on this list, he gets bonus points for promoting his channel as a “safe-space” for viewers and always greets them in his warm and open manner. He also regularly participates in community and charity events as a player or commentator. Plus, you simply haven’t lived until you’ve seen him morph into “Drossant” on stream. You can’t help but break down laughing at a floating croissant with a face commentating on a horror game.


9. potatolegiontv


Nothing compliments a masked killer like a tasty spud. 

 Potatolegiontv, despite the name, doesn’t play Legion much anymore. A highly skilled killer main, potatolegiontv specializes in being versatile with perks and add-ons depending on the killer he’s playing. He frequently completes challenges where he uses no perks or add-ons and still manages to get 3-4 survivors killed by the end of the match.

Potatolegiontv loves achieving satisfying victories against cocky survivor mains, particularly if they complain in the end-game chat afterward. He has made several Youtube videos highlighting gameplay from his streams in which he post-commentates on specific strategies he used to beat especially skilled or arrogant groups of survivors. Nothing beats laughing along while a streamer puts some overconfident players in their places with style.


8. SpooknJukes


SpooknJuke's aptly terrifying logo. 

SpooknJukes derives his entertainment value from his genuine love of Dead By Daylight and activity in the community. His undeniable skill in matches is just a bonus. Aside from primarily streaming the game on Twitch, SpooknJukes posts a variety of videos on Youtube of Dead By Daylight content. These videos are often interesting or hilarious clips ripped from his Twitch streams, but he also makes separate videos in which he gives his opinions on updates to the game and their impact on its playability as both survivor and killer. 

Notably, SpooknJukes is a staunch defender of his fellow Dead by Daylight content creators, regardless of their level of growth in the community. Several of his videos are outright call-outs of certain streamers’ abusive attitudes towards other members of the community. He doesn’t stop at berating them for their rude comments and demeanor, however, he even tears apart recordings of their gameplay and analyzes point-by-point why they’re in the wrong. SpooknJukes, uniform and all, is the objective content officer Dead By Daylight needs.




DOWSEY comes complete with comforting koalas to ease your fears. 

What do cute koalas and bloody-handed killers have in common? DOWSEY. This Australian-born killer main is a go-to channel for news on Dead By Daylight updates and gameplay in the community. It isn’t all business on his channels, however, as DOWSEY genuinely enjoys playing the game even amidst the challenges that playing at such a high Match Making Rating poses.

He even participates in two Youtube series called “Hardcore Killer” and “Hardcore Survivor” denoting his versatility as both roles in the game as these series feature incredibly difficult challenges even for seasoned Dead By Daylight players. DOWSEY’s the perfect example of a Dead By Daylight professional that can still find fun in playing the game and is capable of sharing that with the rest of the community in a positive way.


6. CMWinter


Don't let the bored expression fool you-this pig means business. 

World records exist in every gaming community. Dead by Daylight is no exception, and CMWinter is a seasoned holder with 4 world records under his belt as a Pig main. While some content creators build their popularity up from funny highlights or witty commentary, CMWinter is a streamer who carved his from raw skill. This means putting up with going against the highest ranking survivors in the game which, of course, comes with all the bad manners the community has to offer. 

Aside from his Pig gameplay, he also tends to play renowned “low tier” characters for added challenge. CMWinter embodies the pleasurable experience of underdog characters coming out on top and breaking records while doing it. Sometimes there’s nothing better than watching someone decimate the competition.


5. Umbra


Umbra gettting geared up for another Dead by Daylight slaughterfest. 

Everyone has a favorite kind of “comfort” food, and plenty of Twitch viewers find the same kind of comfort in watching certain streamers. Umbra’s channel offers a laid-back, quieter environment for viewers while Umbra, herself, still manages to provide engaging, highly skilled gameplay. While she switches between killer and survivor roles, her hours played primarily fall on Huntress. Dead By Daylight can be a particularly frustrating, competitive game as any long-time player knows.

Updated game mechanics, buggy maps, and unbalanced perks are more than enough to make plenty of content creators emotionally reactive during matches. Umbra, however, rarely appears to get frustrated with the game and simply pushes on with whatever happens. She sticks to that calm, easy-going demeanor when other streamers would peak their microphones yelling and there’s just something nice about that kind of consistent peace.


4. SpookyLoopz


Calm down, SpookyLoopz, Ghostface just wants a friendly picture. 

Good vibes and powerful energy can carry viewers a long way and SpookyLoopz exudes a lot of both with every stream. Easily jumping between survivor and killer matches, SpookyLoopz can infuriate both types of opponents in his games.

As a survivor, he’s capable of looping killers for the time it takes to get multiple generators repaired almost every time he gets chased. Often, the killer’s best chance of winning is leaving him be. As a killer, SpookyLoopz is notorious for challenging survivors to escape from him and even offers incentives to content creators who manage to survive. He absolutely terrorizes survivors in relentless attacks regardless of the killer he’s playing.

A well-rounded player is enjoyable to watch, but especially so when it’s someone like SpookyLoopz who can destroy people at the game and still give them a good time with good vibes all around.


3. Mogsy


Mogsy's channel art is a perfect preview for the relaxing, fun environment of his channel.

Combine top tier cosplay, an engaging personality, and impossible amounts of energy, and you’ve got Mogsy. Despite the hundreds of viewers he pulls each stream, Mogsy always makes time to welcome new-comers into his chat and tries his best to reply to comments throughout the gameplay. It gives his channel the same close-knit feel that smaller streamer communities have and it’s a welcome change from having your comments swallowed up in a flooded chat. 

During gameplay itself, Mogsy primarily plays survivor and takes pride in his ability to run killers for extended periods of time, frequently looping them to the point of frustration. He is no stranger to end-game chat rage directed at him, but he takes it all in stride with a grin on his face. Mogsy also enjoys cosplaying and usually sets subscriber goals for cosplaying new characters which is just another level of interactivity that keeps his viewers coming back.


2. TrU3Ta1ent


The face of a mastermind Killer, right here. 

Maybe you’re new to Dead By Daylight, or maybe you just want to try out some new builds that fit the character you’re playing. Luckily, streamers like TrU3Ta1ent exist with the knack for educating the community on perks, add-ons, and individual killer mechanics. Always playing to win, he constantly narrates his actions and tactics throughout each match and analyzes his opponent’s movements out loud. It makes it easy for players of any skill level to follow along and learn the proper competitive mindset for winning matches. 

TrU3Ta1ent seems to enjoy facing off against high Match Making Rating survivors in his matches since they provide a level of challenge for him that “potato,” or low Match Making Rating, survivors do not. He also uses his platform to debate players in the community on improvements to the mechanics of Dead By Daylight, which are often decried as unbalanced in some manner with each new update. TrU3Ta1ent offers a refreshing, unapologetic attitude toward competitive gameplay in Dead By Daylight and his thousands of viewers can attest to its effectiveness.


1. Otzdarva


Otzdarva, the go-to Dead by Daylight professional if there ever was one. 

Jack-of-all trades streamers are diamonds in the rough in any game’s community, and Otzdarva is Dead by Daylight’s. Otzdarva exhibits a mix of every great trait the rest of the streamers on this list have and more. He’s an expert on both roles, he’s able to clearly articulate the pros and cons of certain perks, add-ons, and killer abilities. He’s also always one of the first creators to report on new content for the game, and he communicates with his viewers in a personable way. 

Otzdarva’s expertise on the game makes his videos a well of knowledge for viewers both on and off Twitch. He backs his opinions up with hours and hours of gameplay captured from himself and other creators he collaborates with. He even goes out of his way to answer specific questions on the game in his chat even though thousands of people watch his streams on average. Otzdarva truly represents the best of the best when it comes to Dead By Daylight streamers thanks to his credibility, his unwavering dedication to the community, and his genuine enjoyment of the game. Plus, otters are cute too.


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