Top 3 Builds for the Spirit- Dead by Daylight

Intro Image of The Spirit


‘The Thought’ Build

Art by u/andi_haha

This build is mainly branching off what perks fit exactly with spirits kit. Perks that are meant for spirit and function smoothly with her playstyle. 

What ‘The Thought’ excels in

  • Tracking
  • Movement speed
  • Vision

Perks used and why- 

Sloppy butcher: Increases bleeding frequency of injured survivors. Increased healing times for survivors. 

This perk goes great in sync with some of The Spirit’s add-ons. One of the add-ons this perk works so great with is Father’s Glasses. This add-on lets you see blood when phase walking. 

Predator: Makes scratch marks spawn considerably closer.

An obvious pick. The spirit can only see scratch marks when phase walking, therefore, this perk helps her pinpoint where exactly the survivor has scurried off to. 

Shadowborn: Increase FOV by 15 degrees.

A perfect perk for helping your vision. It allows you to get a better look and hold of your surroundings, and when you are going 100m/h you are gonna want to see.

Play With Your Food: Increases move speed every time you let a survivor escape (5%). Stacks up to 3 times. 

Most times when you injure a survivor and go to phase walk- you will get the ‘let prey escape’ prompt if played right. How The Spirit works and this perk combined make for a good combo. 

‘4k Machine’ Build

This is a build for all the sweaty players who need that 4k to get up in the morning. In this build I leave out ruin for corrupt intervention for its newness, and increasing move up in the meta. 

What ‘4k Machine’ excels in:

  • Gen slowing
  • Tracking
  • Map awareness

Perks used and why- 

Stridor: Makes survivors breathing and grunts of pain moderately more audible. 

The Spirit needs to listen closely for injured survivors while she phase walks. This is because she can’t see their bodies when phase walking. 

Pop Goes the Weasel: Instantly regress a gen considerably after hooking a survivor. 

When you are on your hooking frenzy you want to keep those filthy survivors from doing gens. 

Corrupt Intervention: Takes the farthest generators from the killers spawn un-repairable for a short duration. 

Similar to ruin, this perk directly impacts repair times greatly and is an excellent time buyer for the killer. 

BBQ and Chili: Reveals survivors auras after you hook a survivor. 

In order to be as time-efficient as possible you will need to have a plan after a hook. Camping is for beginners. WE ARE PROS. Go after someone else and avoid that bm in after-match chat


“The Tortured Soul' Build


While the name of the build might not match with the perks. It matches with the picture. And I thought it was nice. Anyway, this build is for all aspiring doctors and nurses out there. This build contains many powerful perks relating to the dreaded doctors office. 

What “Slow Dancer” excels in:

  • Killing
  • Tracking
  • Time management
  • Needles
  • Band-aids

Perks used and why- 

Nurses Calling: Reveals healing survivors to the killer within a certain distance. 

This is good for keeping on track and staying on top of the survivors. A lot of killers like to complain about healing times and insta-heals (rip). But, this perk eliminates the need for complaining. 

Stridor: If you read this whole article you know what I’m talking about already and- hell yes this perk is good on spirit. If you are like “Um where's the description? Check the build named ‘4k Machine’”

Thanatophobia: Slows action speeds by 4% per injured survivor.

I mean… this perk will really only work if you are doing your job as killer. This paired with Nurses Calling is also really strong. 

Hex: Ruin- Makes good skill checks on generators regress the gens progress. 

I KNOW. I KNOW. This perk slithered its way to another list of mine. But I mean hey, for now, ruin is on top as the best time slowing perk. If you want to play dirty- use ruin. 


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