Dead by Daylight How To Counter The Shape (Top 5 Tactics)

How to counter The Shape in Five ways
He's looking at me... menacingly!

The Shape… Who Is He?

Within Dead By Daylight, there are thirty-one killers, and the numbers grow with each passing month. All of them have some type of past to them. They range from tragic to horrifying… but The Shape is something else. A few of you might know of him but by a different name: Michael Myers.There’s much to tell about this man’s life, not much reason to find within his evil; he was born that way. Evil. Michael found a way to soothe his inner darkness. He found that way by murdering his sister. The police thought therapy was the answer: that it would mend his broken mind. Yet, that only made him unhinged. The town folk hoped and prayed that he would never see the light of day…  A hope that murdered the moment news of his escape reached their ears.


His Power & Abilities

Evil Within

The Shape’s power works a little differently compared to other killers. There are three tiers, each stronger than the one before.


Tier One:

 The Shape is affected by Undetectable. That can suppress his terror radios and his red stain, so he can sneak up on the survivors easily. His aura can’t be relieved either. His movement speed is slowed to 4.6m/s, and the vaulting speed is 1.48 seconds. The Shape’s lunge attack is decreased in range as well.


Tier Two:

Once he enters this tier, The Shape’s terror radius is suppressed to 16 meters. His movement speed is speed up to 4.6m/s while his vaulting speed is 1.48 seconds


Tier Three:

All the survivors will suffer from Exposed— allowing them to be downed instantly with a single hit. Luckily, it lasts for only 60 seconds. After that, the tier will dissolve into tier two. The Shape will have a normal terror radius of 32; however, his vaulting speed will be quickened to 1.275 seconds. His lunge attack will have increased distance



This is what builds up his power; as long as The Shape has a clear line of sight, his power will build.


Ways to Counter The Shape


1) Use Loops With Tall Walls

Like The Huntress, loops with tall walls effects how effectively they can use their power. The Shape needs a clear line of sight to build through the tiers.


2) Be Careful About Pallet Throwing

Depending on how killed a The Shape player is, they might anticipate a pallet throw. They will use that to their advantage and stalk. So, always use loops as much as you can! Pallets only need to be thrown when you just know you’re going to get a stun. The more you play Dead By Daylight, the easier it will be to tell how skilled a player is. 


3) If You’re Obsession, Avoid The Shape At All Costs!

What makes The Shape such a strong killer is his add-ons. I’ll over two of the most common add-on for the Tombstone Myer build. The first piece is Judith’s Journal. If you are the obsession, and he’s stalking you with that add-on, he will get 40% stalk compared to what he would normally get. So, be careful!


4) With Judith’s Tombstone, He Has A Built-in Mori

Another common add-on is Judith’s Tombstone: once The Shape enters tier three, he can instantly kill anyone. It doesn’t matter if they’re healthy or injured— they’re just dead. So, if you know or think The Shape has that add-on, and you know you can’t escape, jump in a locker. This is forcing him to pick you up. 


5) When The Shape Is Stalking, You Can Run Through Him

When he’s stalking, he loses all collision, meaning you can run through him. This is a good way to make stalking you harder.


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