[Top 10] DbD Best Survivor Builds That Are Pretty OP

The best survivor builds in Dead by Daylight
Claudette, Dwight, Jake, and Meg are ready to enter the Fog and escape with their lives. No matter what it takes.

Tired of falling to the ground after five seconds of starting a chase? Bored of sitting on a hook the whole match? Or maybe it’s your teammates who are holding you down. Well, nothing a proper build can’t solve. 


With the recent rework that touched most Perks in the game, choosing the correct build for your favorite survivor might seem like a Tome Challenge. Some Perks were nerfed to the ground, while others were buffed beyond reason. In this article, I’ll go through some of the best builds in Dead by Daylights after the rework patch. 


10. Generators Are Fun Build

The Nemesis attempts to kick the generator, only to be stunned and blinded.

Although the idea of escaping from the clutches of a bloodthirsty Killer sounds thrilling, most of Dead by Daylight’s gameplay is less than exciting. After all, you need to sit on generators for 90 seconds to get them done. You’ll spend most of this time staring at a progression bar and hitting a few skill checks here and there. Definitely not my idea of fun. 

This build makes generators actually fun to do. When you reach a certain progression, you’ll gain access to Perks designed solely to troll the Killer. The tables will turn as you lure the Killer towards you only to blind them and block the generator in their face.

What the Generators Are Fun Build excels in:

  • Prevents the Killer from kicking the generator. This counters Killer Perks such as Pop Goes the Weasel and Overcharge
  • The Killer will waste their time coming to the generator and kicking it, meaning your teammates won’t be under pressure
  • You can use your Flashbang to save your teammates
  • Makes repairing generators incredibly fun

Generators Are Fun Build full details:

  • Blast Mine: When you repair a generation for total progress of 50 %, Blast Mine activates. Work on a generator for 3 seconds and then press the active ability button to install a trap for the next 40/45/50 seconds. If the Killer attempts to damage the trapped generator, they will be stunned and blinded for a short duration. Other survivors will see the trapped generator highlighted by a yellow aura. Your mission to troll the Killer begins with Blast Mine. If you know they are coming, install it and hide nearby. Then proceed with the next Perk.
  • Flashbang: Flashbang activates after you repair generators for a total of 70/60/50%. You can then enter a locker and press the active ability button to craft a Flash Grenade. Dropping the Flash Grenade on the ground will blind the Killer. In this build, you should use it right after the Killer tries to damage the trapped generator. This will weave the blinding effects together.
  • Repressed Alliance: After you repair generators for 55/50/45 seconds, this Perk activates. Press the active ability button to block the generator for 30 seconds. Repressed alliance is the final touch to your troll combo. When the blindness effect ends, the Killer can only stare at a blocked generator which they now can’t damage anyway. Don’t worry about messing up the sequence – Blast Mine takes precedence over Repressed Alliance by default.
  • Red Herring: To activate Red Herring, you’ll need to repair a generator for at least 3 seconds. The generator will be highlighted to you by a yellow aura. When you enter a locker, you will trigger a loud noise notification for the Killer. The Perk has a cooldown of 60/50/40 seconds depending on the level. Red Herring provides an effective way to bring the Killer to your Blast Mined generator to execute the combo. 

While you won’t be able to execute the full combo all the time, it’s incredibly satisfying when you manage it. Many Killers got mad at me for using this build against them and I ended up face-camped to death. Equip these Perks at your own risk!


9. The Ultimate Sabotage Build

Multiple Bunny Fengs swarm the Oni, preventing him from hooking a survivor.

There’s nothing Killers hate more than the sound of a broken hook. Try as they may, the survivor on their back will likely wiggle free before they reach another one.

Though not as popular as it once used to be, the sabotage build can still be a menace to unsuspecting Killers. The whole idea is to wait until the Killer downs someone and then you sabotage the nearest hook before they get to it. This will force the Killer to start the whole chase again, wasting their time. But be warned – you will likely get tunneled if you pull this off successfully.

What the Ultimate Sabotage Build excels in:

  • You can save yourself and your teammates from being hooked
  • You waste the Killer’s time
  • Incredibly fun to use

The Ultimate Sabotage Build full details:

  • Saboteur: Saboteur allows you to sabotage hooks without a toolbox. It takes 2.5 seconds and has a cooldown of 90/75/60 seconds. While the Killer is carrying a survivor, the aura of all hooks within a 56-meter radius from the pick-up location is revealed to you. Saboteur is a must-have Perk of every sabotage build. The sabotage part of Saboteur has a high cooldown so you’ll need to bring a toolbox anyway. What really makes it shine is the aura-reading part. Thanks to it, you can tell which hook the Killer will be going to. 
  • Boil Over: When the Killer carries you, they won’t be able to see the aura of any hook within 16 meters. Additionally, the struggle effects resulting from your wiggling will be increased by 60/70/80 %. This makes it harder for the Killer to move straight. When they drop great heights with you on the back, you will fill 33 % of your wiggle meter. Boil Over will make it harder for the Killer to bring you to a hook. You can sabotage a hook in a corner and then let them down you there. Odds are you will wiggle free before the Killer can reach it
  • Breakout: When you are up to 6 meters away from a carried survivor, you move 5/6/7 % faster. The carrier survivor’s wiggle speed will increase by 20 %. When you use this build, you will have to walk along with the Killer to get to the hook before they do. Breakout helps you get there faster. While you race to the hook, the carried survivor will wiggle faster. This increases your chances of a successful sabo-play.
  • Dead Hard: While injured, run and press the active ability button to gain the Endurance status effect for 0.5 seconds. You are then Exhausted for 60/50/40. Dead Hard makes it so that you don’t die when you take a hit while you are injured. Instead, you’re afflicted with the Deep Wound and have to mend yourself in the next 20 seconds. Sometimes, the hook will be too close and you will need to block it with your body to allow the survivor to wiggle free in time. With Dead Hard, you can take 2 hits instead of one, granting you a few extra seconds. 

Even though you can use this build in Solo Queue, it’s even more fun when you play with friends. If everyone equips these Perks with Alex’s toolbox, odds are the Killer won’t hook a single one of you. I’ve seen many Killers disconnect because of this.


8. The Ultimate Locker Build

Jane Romero sprints out of a locker, stunning the unsuspecting Plague in the process.

When you see a clueless Dwight enter a locker, you probably think ‘gg, solo queue sucks’. But as you squirm haplessly on the killer’s back, an angel dashes out of the locker, forcing the killer to drop you. Your unlikely savior is the very same Dwight you condemned as a noob. 

How is this possible? Meet the Ultimate Locker Build.

The locker build is among the most popular survivor loadouts out there. In fact, there is not a single Youtuber out there who hasn’t done a video on it. Though it doesn’t ensure your survival, it’s arguably the top build in terms of fun. 

It revolves around the Perk Head On, which allows you to stun the killer for three seconds when you sprint out of a locker. This allows you to extend your chases and potentially save your teammates from getting hooked. 

What the Ultimate Locker Build excels in:

  • Turns the locker, a place where survivors are otherwise most vulnerable, into an asset
  • Allows you to lose the killer mid-chase
  • You can rescue your teammates while they are on the Killer’s back
  • Arguably the most fun build in the game
  • Thanks to Inner Healing, you don’t rely on other teammates to heal you when you’re injured
  • Thanks to Head on and Deception, the killer will have to guess whether you really jumped in a locker or not. This extends the chase and wastes the killer’s time

The Ultimate Locker Build full details:

  • Head On: After staying in the locker for three seconds, quickly exit the locker to stun the killer. You are then exhausted for 60/50/40 seconds depending on the Perk's level. You cannot use Head On while exhausted.     You can’t run a locker build without Head On. Without this Perk, you can’t go inside the locker while the killer’s nearby. It would be a suicide. 
  • Quick and Quiet: You don’t make any noise when vaulting pallets and windows or jumping in and out of a locker. This Perk has a 30/25/20 second cooldown depending on the rank. You can probably see why this Perk complements the locker build so well. Jumping in a locker mid-chase creates a notification for the killer that they can see from across the map. By removing this weakness, Quick and Quiet allows for some sneaky plays. 
  • Deception: When you interact with a nearby locker while sprinting, you will no longer jump in. Instead, you will trigger a notification for the killer. You then leave no scratch marks or pools of blood for three seconds. Deception has a cooldown of 60/50/40 seconds depending on its rank. When the killer sees you have a Head On, he might be tempted to check every locker he comes across. Sometimes, he will grab you out before you can stun him. Deception offsets this weakness. The killer will have to play a guessing game. Did you enter the locker or not? This will waste even more of his time, making this build that much stronger
  • Inner Healing (formerly Inner Strength): Whenever you cleanse any totem, Inner Healing will activate. The next time you enter a locker while injured or suffering from Deep Wound, you will be healed for one health state after 10/9/8 seconds. Inner Healing then deactivates until you cleanse another totem. It doesn’t trigger if you are Broken. Inner Healing further cements the menace that is the Ultimate Locker Build. If the killer loses you and you manage to stay in the locker for 8 seconds, you’ll be fully healed. This wastes the killer’s time even more since he will have to hit you two more times. 

While the Ultimate Locker Build might not be the strongest, it’s definitely the most fun one. I’d recommend swapping out Inner Healing for Vigil if you are playing with friends. Vigil will make you recover from Exhaustion faster. If your friends run it too, the effect stacks. This way, you can chain the stuns all game, forcing the killer to rage quit. It might be mean, but some killers deserve it. 


7. The Wall-hack build

Thanks to this build, Ace can see the approaching Ghostface through the wall. Thus, he can plan his next move.

One of the ways Killers can end chases quickly is to mind-game you. They can walk backward (sometimes called moonwalking) to hide their red stain. Your moment of hesitation then results in a free hit. However, there is a way to remove mind games from your games altogether.

As its name suggests, the Wall-hack build is based on aura-reading Perks. Each one reveals the Killer to you under certain circumstances. When used together, you can see the Killer for most of the match. As a result, they will have a much harder time hunting you down during chases.

What the Wall-Hack Build excels in:

  • Makes you invincible against mind-games
  • You’ll be able to tell where the Killer is at all times
  • Wastes more of the Killer’s time since they won’t be able to catch you easily
  • Might completely discourage the Killer from chasing you

Wall-hack Build full details:

  • Alert: Whenever the Killer performs a breaking action or damages a generator, you can see their aura for 3/4/5 seconds based on level. It is not affected by distance. Thanks to Alert, you can always tell when the Killer is breaking a pallet even if you don’t see them. Thus, you can abandon the tile right away and gain valuable distance.
  • Inner Focus: You can now see other survivors’ scratch marks. If a survivor loses a health state up to 32 meters away from you, you can see the Killer’s aura for 3/4/5 seconds. Inner Focus will allow you to see the Killer when someone takes a protection hit for you.
  • Object of Obsession: When the Killer reads your aura by any means, their aura is also revealed to you. While active, you gain 2/4/6 % increased speed to repairing, cleansing and healing. If you are the Obsession, the Killer can see your aura every 30 seconds. Despite the nerf, Object of Obsession remains a valuable information Perk. Even though it is unpredictable, it can change the flow of your chase when it activates at the right moment. It also counters the Killer’s aura-reading Perks.
  • Dark Sense: Dark Sense activates whenever a generator is completed. It reveals the Killer’s aura to you for 5/7/10 seconds when they come within 24 meters of you. Dark Sense allows you to see where the Killer is approaching from, enabling you to prepare for the upcoming chase.  

This build only works if you are good at looping. All the aura-reading provides you with valuable information about the Killer’s whereabouts, but it won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to run each tile. I would recommend it only for more experienced players. Consider bringing a Skeleton Key with the Blood Amber Add-on for even more aura-reading.


6. Pallet Stun Build

Meg managed to drop a pallet on the Trapper. Her Perks will allow her to reach the next tile fast. I won't comment on her dropping the shack pallet though.

Unlike windows, most Killers cannot vault a pallet. Instead, they have to break it. This makes pallets the best resources survivors can use. However, there is a finite number of them on every map so with each one you throw down, you leave yourself more and more vulnerable.

The Ultimate Pallet Stun Build focuses on making the most out of each pallet, so you can preserve them for your teammates. Additionally, you can punish the Killer for not breaking them.

What the Pallet Stun Build excels in:

  • Conserves pallets on the map while you gain distance from the Killer
  • Extending the chase means the Killer wastes more time
  • Easy to use, you only need to stun the Killer for the build to work
  • You can reset a pallet so you and your teammates can reuse it later

Pallet Stun Build details:

  • Smash Hit: After stunning the Killer with a pallet, you start running at 150 % of the normal running speed for 4 seconds. You are then Exhausted for 60/50/40 seconds. Sometimes, you will get trapped at a bad pallet loop near the edge of the map. Normally, you can’t avoid taking a hit in this situation even if you stun the Killer successfully. With Smash Hit, this isn’t the case – you will be able to zoom away to a safer location.
  • Parental Guidance: When you stun the Killer by any means, you will not leave any scratch marks and pools of blood for 5/6/7 seconds based on level. Your grunts of pain will also be suppressed for the same duration. Paired with Smash Hit, Parental guidance will allow you to lose the Killer after almost every successful pallet stun. 
  • Any Means Necessary: Any Means Necessary allows you to see the aura of dropped pallets. Moreover, you can press the active ability button for 4 seconds while standing near one to reset it. It then goes on a cooldown of 100/80/60 seconds depending on the level. Any Means Necessary is good to recycle dropped pallets. That way, you can use your Smash Hit even more often. 
  • Windows of Opportunity: You can see the aura of breakable walls, pallets, and windows within 24/28/32 meters. Windows of Opportunity will simply help you locate standing pallets so that you can stun the Killer with them. 

This build is perfect when you want to loop the Killer effectively but don’t trust your looping abilities. The only Killer it won’t work against is the Nurse, since she blinks through them and you’re unlikely to ever stun her. 


5. The Don’t Chase Me Build

Jonah is hiding from the Artist. Even if she injures him, he'll be able to escape within seconds.

Looping the Killer might seem impossible to newer players. I know I used to go down in under 5 seconds when I first tried out Dead by Daylight. While practice is the surest way to improve as a survivor, certain Perks can help you remain on your feet for a while longer.

The Don’t Chase Me Build discourages the Killer from pursuing you once you are injured. I’ve selected only Perks that don’t have any requirements to activate, making this one of the most beginner-friendly builds. 

What the Don’t Chase Me Build excels in:

  • It activates automatically when you get injured
  • Allows you to escape from the Killer in a matter of seconds
  • Most Killers won’t bother chasing after you with this build
  • Beginner-friendly

Don’t Chase Me Build full details:

  • Overcome: When you get injured, you always get a 1.8-second speed boost. With Overcome, this speed boost is increased by additional 2 seconds. It then causes the Exhaustion Status effect for 60/50/40 seconds. Overcome is the easiest Exhaustion Perk to use. You only need to get hit for it to activate. And when you do, the speed boost often discourages the Killer from chasing you.
  • Lucky Break: When you are in the injured state, you leave no scratch marks and pools of blood for a maximum of 40/50/60 seconds. Healing up stops the cooldown and the Perk can be recharged by healing other survivors. Each second spent healing will recover one second to Lucky Break, up to the maximum duration. Paired with Overcome, Lucky Break will allow you to lose the Killer the moment they touch you. The speed boost and trail suppression make for a formidable combo.
  • Vigil: You recover 20/25/30 % faster from Blindness, Broken, Exhaustion, Exposed, Haemorrhage, Hindered, and Oblivious Status effects. Survivors within 8 meters from you also benefit from Vigil and its effect lingers for 15 seconds when they leave this area. The only reason you take Vigil is to get your Overcome ready again faster. 
  • Self-Aware: You walk 10/15/20 % faster. You can also see your own scratch marks. You will need to walk to recover from Exhaustion. Self-Aware will help you move faster while you do so. 

All told, this build is very straightforward. Get hit, escape and heal. Rinse and repeat. Its only counter is Killers who can insta-down you, so be wary of those. 


4. The Ultimate Self-Healing Build

Yui was injured in the previous chase. She can now quickly heal up thanks to her Med-kit and Perks.

Many people claim that Med-kits are the best items a survivor can bring. They allow you to play more independently and take some pressure off your team. But are you using them to their full potential? With the Ultimate Self-Healing build, you’ll be able to heal within seconds of being injured.

What the Ultimate Self-Healing Build excels in:

  • Allows you to heal extremely fast
  • Allows you to heal mid-chase
  • You can refill your Med-Kit charges, meaning you can use it for several heals in one match
  • You don’t need teammates to heal you

The Ultimate Self-Healing Build full details:

  • Botany Knowledge: Increases your healing speed by 30/40/50 % while reducing the healing efficiency of Med-Kits by 20 %. There’s not much to say about this Perk, it simply makes you heal faster. It also makes you deplete your Med-Kit at a higher rate, which is why you need the other Perks in this build. 
  • Bite the Bullet: Eliminates all noise when you’re healing yourself or another survivor. Failing a skill check will regress the bar only by 3/2/1 % and won’t trigger a sound notification for the Killer. You can use Bite the Bullet to trick the Killer into thinking that you left the area, allowing you to heal up in peace.
  • Build to Last: Once you deplete an item, you can enter a locker for 14/13/12 seconds. After this time, your item will recover 99% of its charges. Each subsequent use recovers 33% fewer charges. This Perk will allow you to refill your Med-Kit when it runs out so you can heal more times. 
  • Desperate Measures: Increases your healing and unhooking speed by 10/12/14 % for every survivor who is injured, dying, or hooked. This Perk will make you heal yourself faster with your Med-Kit. The bonus applies when you heal other survivors too.

The Ultimate Self-healing Build works wonders if you love to be chased. However, some Killers counter it by default. If you get the Plague or Legion, then you’ll be playing virtually Perk-less.


3. The Anti-Tunneling Build

This Wrath is camping Claudette on the hook. Little does he know she will soon unhook herself right in front of his salad.

Running the Killer for a long time can be very satisfying until they throw you on a hook. They look you in the eye.. and just don’t stop. That’s right, you’re being face-camped. Some gentle soul comes along and rescues you only for the Killer to down you seconds after.

Although people say that tunneling is toxic, it’s not against the rules. The Killer can play however they want. But when it happens to you, it takes the fun out of the game. The Perks in this build all punish Killers who decide to stay on your trail by wasting their time. This build also helps you survive longer.

What the Anti-Tunneling Build excels in:

  • Discourages the Killer from focusing on you
  • Wasting the Killer’s time if they decide to tunnel you
  • Greatly increases your odds to survive the match
  • Relieves the pressure on your teammates because you can unhook yourself

The Anti Looping Build full details:

  • Deliverance: After unhooking a survivor safely, you can unhook yourself when your time comes. This will leave you with a Broken status effect for 100/80/60 seconds. You can’t be healed when Broken. Deliverance is great because you won’t rely on your teammates to come and save you. Paired with the other Perks, you can unhook yourself in the Killer’s face and they can’t do anything about it. Just make sure you don’t get caught first – you need to save someone else to activate it.
  • Decisive Strike: After you are unhooked by any means, this Perk activates for 40/50/60 seconds. If you are grabbed or picked up by the Killer during this time, you must succeed a skill check to stun them for 3 seconds and escape their grasp. Decisive Strike then deactivates for the rest of the match. It also deactivates permanently if you perform a conspicuous activity or when the Exit Gates are powered. With Decisive Strike, the Killer won’t be able to hook you again for one whole minute. If they try to do so, you’ll just gain free distance for your next chase. 
  • Unbreakable: You can recover from the Dying state on your own once per Trial. Your recovery speed is increased by 25/30/35 %. Experienced Killers will expect you to have Decisive Strike. The smartest choice would then be to leave you on the ground (called slugging). Thanks to Unbreakable, this strategy won’t work either – you can get back up by yourself.
  • Soul Guard: When you recover from the dying state by any means, you will gain the Endurance status effect for the next 4/6/8 seconds. If you are hit with the Endurance status effect active, you won’t go into the dying state. Instead, you will be inflicted with the Deep Wound status effect and you’ll have 20 seconds to mend yourself. If you have the Cursed status effect (from Hex totems), you can recover from the dying state on your own as long as it stands. Soul Guard protects you for a short time after you get up with Unbreakable. In the 8-second window, the Killer won’t be able to down you.

If Killers give you more attention than you’d like, use this build - they will quickly leave you alone. 


2. The Ultimate Looping Build

Elodie managed to reach the dropped pallet in time, barely avoiding a hit from the Twins.

Because generators are relatively easy to complete, it is the ability to loop effectively that sets apart the bad survivor from the skilled one. After all, you don’t see Youtubers publish videos in which they sit on generators all day long. Instead, they interact with the Killer and loop them for as long as they possibly can.

As you spend more and more hours playing Dead by Daylight, you’ll win more chases. As I said before, some Perks help with this. This build revolves around Perks that will prolong your chases significantly when you use them right. However, you need to have a firm grasp of looping when using this build

What the Ultimate Looping Build excels in:

  • Allows you to get from tile to tile quickly
  • You can bait the Killer to swing for you and force them to miss
  • You move fast even when you’re walking and you recharge your cooldown fast
  • Arguably the best looping Build

The Ultimate Looping Build full details:

  • Sprint Burst: When you begin to run, you start sprinting at 150 % of your normal running speed for three seconds. Causes Exhausted status effect for 60/50/40 seconds based on level.  Sprint Burst is one of the best Exhaustion Perks in the game. It allows you to bait the Killer into swinging for you which makes them waste time. 
  • Vigil: You recover 20/25/30 % faster from Blindness, Broken, Exhaustion, Exposed, Haemorrhage, Hindered, and Oblivious Status effects. Survivors within 8 meters from you also benefit from Vigil and its effect lingers for 15 seconds when they leave this area. With Vigil and Self-Aware, your Sprint Burst will be on a very short cooldown. 
  • Self-Aware: You walk 10/15/20 % faster. You can also see your own scratch marks. People take this Perk only for its bonus walking speed. Thanks to Self-Aware, you can recharge your Sprint Burst while still managing to keep some distance between you and the Killer. 
  • Windows of Opportunity: You can see the aura of breakable walls, pallets, and windows within     24/28/32 meters. Windows of Opportunity will help you locate the next tile to rotate to with your Sprint Burst. If you are a veteran player and know the layout of all maps well, feel free to swap it for a Perk of your own choice. 

This build is extremely popular among pro Dead by Daylight players because of how often it allows you to proc Sprint Burst. You can rotate across the map easily, enabling you to loop the Killer for five generators. 


1. The Best Solo Queue Meta Build

Mikaela blesses a totem with Boon: Circle of Healing. This will allow her teammates to heal alone.

The Solo Queue in Dead by Daylight can be a dreadful experience. We’ve all had that one Claudette on our team who kept crouching in the corner of the map, refusing to touch a single generator. But it doesn’t end there. Dwights getting grabbed from lockers three times in a row, Megs cleansing every dull totem they find… Your fellow survivors are often more nightmarish than the Killer. Well, this build gives you all the right tools to carry even the heaviest of teams. 

This build is formidable because it helps you in multiple areas. Apart from helping you loop the Killer, it also benefits your teammates by providing them with useful information and allowing them to heal up on their own. Ultimately, this makes the trial and tribulations of Solo Queue much more bearable. 

What the Best Solo Queue Meta Build excels in:

  • Helps you extend the chase  you extend the chase
  • After you get unhooked, you are practically invincible for a short while
  • Helps you coordinate with your Solo Queue teammates
  • Keeps your teammates alive longer, even if they are not the best
  • Arguably the strongest Solo Queue build

The Best Solo Queue Meta Build full details:

  • Sprint Burst: When you begin to run, you start sprinting at 150 % of your normal running speed for three seconds. Causes Exhausted status effect for 60/50/40 seconds based on level.  Sprint Burst is one of the best Exhaustion Perks in the game. It allows you to bait the Killer into swinging for you, which makes them waste time. Experienced players will be able to switch between walking and running to get it off cooldown faster, making it one of the best Perks to prolong chases. 
  • Off the Record: Off the Record activates when you are unhooked by any means. For the next 60/70/80 seconds, your aura the Killer won’t be able to see your aura and your grunts of pain will be suppressed. You’ll also gain the Endurance status effect that lasts for the same duration or until you perform a Conspicuous Action. This Perk doesn’t activate if you get unhooked after the Exit Gates have been powered. Since Decisive Strike was nerfed to oblivion, Off the Record took over as the best anti-tunneling Perk in the game. It’s also easier to use than Decisive Strike – you don’t need to hit any skill check. When you get rescued from a hook, the Killer will be discouraged from chasing you. Thus, you are more likely to survive the Trial. 
  • Kindred: When a teammate is hooked, you can see every survivor’s aura until the hooked survivor is rescued. You can also see the Killer’s aura if they stay within 16 meters from the hook. When you are hooked, all survivors can see each other’s auras until you are rescued. If the Killer stays within 16 meters of you, they can also see his aura. One of the greatest challenges of Solo Queue is the lack of communication. While Kindred can’t replace comms, it offsets this shortcoming well enough. With this Perk, you will know when to go for a rescue and when to commit to a generator. And if you are hooked, you’ll provide this valuable information to your whole team. 
  • Boon: Circle of Healing: Hold the active ability button to bless a Dull or Hex Totem. The created Boon Totem allows survivors to heal themselves alone at 50 % of the normal healing speed. Increases the speed of healing by 40/45/50 % based on level. Despite the many nerfs this Perk received, it remains the best Boon Perks and one of the best overall Perks in the game. It will save you valuable time since you won’t need to look for your teammates to heal up. The best part is that neither will they since everyone on your team benefits from it. And if the Killer snuffs it out, you can just replace it. Allowing your teammates to heal themselves will keep them alive longer even if they are not the best survivors out there. Because there are more people to hold the Killer’s attention, you are more likely to escape the Trial.

Keep in mind that you can change some of the Perks for this build if you wish. Which Exhaustion Perk is the best one has been subject to much debate and you might like a different one. The same goes for Kindred. Though I find it the best information Perk for survivors, you might prefer Alert or Bond. As for Circle of Healing, We’ll Make It or Boon: Exponential are also good options. 


Final Thoughts

Though there might be the best builds in terms of reliability, I believe the most important thing in any game is to have fun. If you don’t enjoy the game, what’s the point of playing? Experiment with your own builds, even if they don't always work out. 


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