Dead by Daylight Survivor Tier List [Strongest and Weakest Survivors Revealed]

Dead By Daylight Survivors tier list, Behaviour Interactive
Courtesy of Behaviour Interactive featuring the best dead by daylight Survivor tier list

The Survivor Tier List based on their Perks:

S Tier:  An S tier group consisting of survivors who have perks that are effectively contributed either for solo or teammate gameplay, making the game for the killer much more difficult. Whilst if all teammates have the survivors and the perks, the chance of winning the game is almost certain.

  • Mikaela Reid: 97/100
  • Meg Thomas: 96/100
  • Dwight Fairfield: 94/100
  • Kate Denson: 92/100

A Tier: Consists of Survivors with great power and skill mechanics of their perks. While excellent at playing with these survivors, the gameplay will be very successful if played and timed well. 

  • Zarina Kassir: 87/100
  • Haddie Kaur: 87/100
  • Jeff Johansen: 86/100
  • Feng Ming: 84/100
  • Yui Kimora: 83/100
  • Felix Richter: 83/100
  • Bill Overbeck: 81/100

B Tier: A group consisting of average-like survivors where they have perks that might be effective depending on whether they are used well, and connected with the other teammates' perks. Unlike the S & A Tier survivors, these perks are effective depending on the teammates and the killers. 

  • Adam Francis: 79/100
  • Yoichi: 77/100
  • Jane Romero: 77/100
  • Nea Karlsson: 76/100
  • Leon Scott Kennedy: 75/100
  • Jonah Vasquez: 74/100
  • David Tapp: 74/100
  • Quentin Smith: 73/100
  • Elodie Rakoto: 73/100
  • Yun-Jin: 72/100
  • Jill Valentine: 70/100

C Tier: A group of survivors consisting of below-average perks, which can be described for more personal creative use, therefore creating a less competitive atmosphere. With these perks, it would depend on the survivors' creativity, and therefore not recommended for everybody as they are not effective overall.

  • Laurie Strode: 68/100
  • Cheryl Mason: 66/100
  • David King: 64/100
  • Ace Visconti: 63/100
  • Ash Williams: 63/100
  • Claudette Morel: 62/100
  • Jake Park: 61/100


1. Mikaela Reid (S Tier)

Behavior Interactive, Mikaela standing in the feather background, surviving through her boon.

Mikaela is one of the newest survivors who came not long ago, the survivor that introduced a new theme to dead by daylight, the boon totems, totems that can be transferred and therefore be used by other survivors in the game. Nevertheless, Mikaela's power of the Boon totems not only is advantageous for the survivors but also for yourself making it an ultimate perk to use, with one of the disadvantages being that the killer can destroy the boon, and therefore required to activate it again.

Nonetheless, she also consists of information perks such as clairvoyance, where she will be able to see generators, gates, etc. and therefore pass on the information to the rest of the teammates speeding up the game. Therefore making it an ultimate build, especially throughout my experience, where MIkaela has proven to be one of the best survivors in the game. 

Why Mikaela is powerful:

  • Mikaela's Boon totem circle of Healing takes the spot as being one of the most powerful perks in healing survivors. 
  • With the healing boon totem, it creates a teamwork atmosphere, and the ability to save lives for your teammates and also for yourself. 
  • Boon totem perk, shadow step, is another perk which is very powerful as it can hide scratch marks whilst running in that area; it is helpful for the whole team. 
  • Has the perk which is amazing whilst solo playing, and recommended for beginners with the perk, clairvoyance, you will be able to see items on the map such as generators and even the hatch within 64 metres which can be amazingly useful. 
  • A Survivor consists of perks that are undeniably powerful for the whole team and playing solo - can be used in all situations; universal. 

Character Power Rating: 97/100 

Video representing Mikaela:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by Ayrun


2. Meg Thomas (S Tier)

Behavior Interactive, Meg staring deeply into your soul chasing you like adrenaline through your heart.

Meg Thomas is a classic survivor that has been in the game for quite a while. Her traditional skills involve athleticism, whereas most of her perks involve running, and it includes one of her best and most efficient perks, adrenaline, where you are able to heal yourself and run at 150% speed once all the generators are powered up, which is very useful when at that time you were still in a chase, therefore using this perk to escape the killer and then go through the exit gates. Nonetheless, her perks are the ultimate way to escape and therefore I personally recommend using at least one of them on any survivor, as it will eventually save your life in the game, and this advice is why she comes up to second place on the list. 

Why Meg is powerful:

  • One of the best exhaustion perks in the game, is adrenaline, giving you the ability to heal one health state and run 150% once all the generators are powered up. 
  • Her Quick and Quiet perk is very universal and useful in different situations that can potentially save a survivor's life.
  • Ultimate running/exhaustion perks are particularly used in every game and are used pretty much by 90% of the players making it one of the most reliable perks out there. 
  • Her perks are mainly used for solo use, therefore amazing to use if you are the survivor running with the killer and letting the rest of your teammates do the generators. 

Character Power Rating: 96/100 

Video representing Meg:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by Monto


3. Dwight Fairfield (S Tier)

Behavior Interactive, Dwight is thinking about whether he should go into a locker, or reveal his true crouching.

Dwight Fairfield is a survivor which is a man with a tie and glasses and nothing else, to be honest. He is mostly stereotyped as a survivor who is scared and therefore jumps in the locker to escape the killer, which doesn't end up very well often. However, a lot of people do use Dwight due to his stereotype and therefore it creates a type of mindset illusion for the killer thinking that the survivor is a noob, but actually if played well, the tables would turn. Especially with one of the perks, prove thyself, which is currently one of the best perks in the entire game, allowing for a speed of repairing generators to a max of 45% which is incredibly fast and therefore recommended to use, for successful gameplay. 

Why Dwight is powerful:

  • Dwight has currently the most powerful perk in the game based on the rankings. 'Prove Thyself' is the perk that is overpowered allowing your teammates to upgrade generators to an increased max speed of 45%.
  • The Build can be described as a teamwork power boost with additional perks such as 'leader' and 'bond', allowing to find survivors easily and use the boost to speed up the game to a win. 
  • Whilst having the perk 'bond', it is amazing when it comes to coordination and directing lost players around the map, additionally knowing where the killer is, as you can see the aura clearly within a max of 36 metres.
  • Stereotypical Dwight, where he usually hides in lockers and crouches for the rest of the game. Therefore if played well, chances are that the killer will make silly mistakes thinking that the person playing Dwight is a 'noob' player.

Character Power Rating: 94/100 

Video representing Dwight:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by PROBZZ


4. Kate Denson (S Tier)

Behavior Interactive, Kate doing self-portraits in every image, it is not about survival but about her beauty.

Kate Denson is one of the survivors that are very amazing to play around with, especially with the killers in the game. One of the perks that allow her to do that is windows of opportunity which is an amazing perk to use when having to want to loop around with the killer and you don't have a lot of time to look around for windows and pallets. It can be described as a quick-thinking perk. Nonetheless, Kate also has a finishing touch of 'dance with me, where she can finish the chase and escape the killer without having to leave any scratch marks making it an amazing start & build, that I personally recommend using, especially for people who are new to this game.

Why Kate is powerful:

  • She has the perk 'windows of opportunity, which is a perk suitable for every survivor, especially useful against dredge's powers where your visibility is low, therefore useful in finding loops and pallets.
  • Consists of a powerful running build, which is useful for running around with the killer, this includes 'dance with me where you don't leave any scratch marks when performing a rushed vault. 
  • With the perk dance with me, it is a good combination to use with the perk 'lithe', which gives you an extra speed boost whilst wanting to earn some distance. 
  • With the perk 'windows of opportunity, it is great to us against imaginary pallets, and when going against killers such as 'Freddy'. 

Character Power Rating: 92/100 

Video representing Kate:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by SuperAaronNova


5. Zarina Kassir (A Tier)

Behavior Interactive, Zarina realised she can't do photos anymore, her mind just went blank.

Zarina Kassir is an interesting character in the game, and not a lot of people play her, so she is officially one of the most 'unpopular' survivors to play with. However, this doesn't go the same with her perks, where one of the perks, off the record, is currently one of the best perks in the game, allowing you to hide your aura from the killer, and also suppress pain and gain endurance effect for a long time, which doesn't, on the other hand, require borrowed time, overall making Zarina a great survive to play with, even without her popularity.

Why Zarina is powerful:

  • Has the 2nd most powerful perk in the game, when referred to the statistics, making the perk 'Off the record', an S-tier perk. 
  • The perk 'off the record' allows the survivor to hide its aura from the killer, suppresses grunts of pain and at the same time grants endurance status effect.
  • The perk, for the people, is an A-tier perk which will allow to immediately heal a survivor's one health state, making it a great perk for support and coordination.
  • All the perks refer to the coordination and full support to the survivors, making it a survivor full of information that can be useful for the survivors, finishing the game much more easily and more effectively. 

Character Power Rating: 87/100 

Video representing Zarina:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by not Otzdarva


6. Haddie Kaur (A Tier)

Behavior Interactive, Haddie is struggling to do those hex totems and she is thinking to herself "why is she here".

Haddie Kaur is one of the newest survivors that have recently appeared in the game, and looking at her perks once she came out was something that no one has expected. Her build is formatted in a way that would isolate herself and the killer together, while the other survivors are helping to do the generators and to finish the game. This includes perks such as residual manifest which blinds the killer for a maximum of 30 seconds making it one of the most toxic perks in the game, that pretty much every killer would hate. Nevertheless, throughout my experience playing as Haddie, she is a fun survivor to play with, and I totally recommend playing with her builds and perks as they are amazing.

Why Haddie is powerful:

  • With the perk inner focus, you will be able to see the scratch marks and the killer's aura whenever a survivor is injured within 32 metres, making it an amazing perk to see what is going on and plan ahead. 
  • Haddie's toxic residual manifest perk has the ability to increase the killer's blindness status effect for 30 seconds and at the same time allow the survivor to get a guaranteed flashlight from the chest making it one of the most powerful flashlights perks in the game. 
  • Just by cleansing a totem, for a totem cleansed, you have the ability to repair a generator much faster, max 8% for a dull totem, and 16% for a Hex totem, speeding up the game and causing a generator rush, pressuring the killer. 
  • Haddie has an overall extensive build that will go beyond causing the killer to have a bad time, and therefore using its perks to pressure the killer and blind at the same time without making any risky moves.

Character Power Rating: 87/100 

Video representing Haddie:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by JRM


7. Jeff Johansen (A Tier)

Behavior Interactive, Jeff cooling himself with his girlfriend, drinking some good beer, oh, and the girl next to him of course.

Jeff is a man that sees all and is full of potential on the map. His perks are what you can call 'he sees it all, having the ability to see the aura in multiple situations, such as the aura of survivors and killers. Nevertheless, in my experience, I have really enjoyed playing with Jeff, and I think that he was one of the most loyal survivors in the game when it comes to the people I have played with. So I recommend playing as Jeff, and so that there would be more Jeffs in the game, and make dead by daylight a better place.

Why Jeff is powerful:

  • Allows seeing auras in multiple situations with his perks, making it an amazing build when sending information to your teammates. 
  • With the perk breakdown, you will be able to see the killer's aura for a short time, allowing you to check whether the killer is coming in your direction and if so, enabling you to go a different direction so that the killer won't find you. 
  • Aftercare is one of the best aura visionary perks in the game, where you will be able to see the last 3 survivors' aura, and the survivors seeing you as well, making it much better than Dwight's perk, bond. 
  • If the killer wants to read your aura, the perk distortion, will disable the killer's vision and therefore remove your scratch marks at the same time, which is amazing against the killer's top perks such as Barbecue and Chilli. 

Character Power Rating: 86/100 

Video representing Jeff:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by Monto


8. Feng Ming (A Tier)

Behavior Interactive, Feng in a chase with the Doctor, and the Doctor thinking, oh wow, she is good, let's mori her instead.

Feng is a quiet survivor, and you should expect the unexpected. One of the stereotypes about her is when a survivor is being picked up by the killer, you see Feng Ming rushing to the killer with a flashlight ready to quick save with a stun, making this one of the quite toxic survivors in the game. Nevertheless, one of the best perks that Ming has is the exhaustion perk 'lithe' which will allow her to run at 150% sprint burst when performing a rushed vault, such as vaulting through a window. This is amazingly useful when wanting to finish a loop with the killer, allowing yourself to go on a full-on sprint and escape the killer. Overall Feng is a great survivor to play with, and it is a good survivor for beginners as it for instance has the perk 'technician', which will make failed skill checks much quieter, recommended for players who are new to skill checks. 

Why Feng is powerful:

  • A quiet survivor with toxic actions, making the killer difficult to predict what her next actions will be, coming from a stereotypical background. 
  • One of the best perks for teamwork is 'alert', which will allow you to see the killer breaking items such as generators, and therefore report to your teammates making it much easier to take control of the game and predict the next moves.
  • With a technician, any failed skill check will cause the generator to not make a sound at all and therefore use the regression penalty instead, which is recommended for new players, or killers such as the doctor where skill checks are much harder to perform. 
  • Amazing exhaustion perk to use during the chase with the killer, lithe, where you are able to sprint after vaulting, making it much easier to make an escape and lose the killer. 

Character Power Rating: 84/100 

Video representing Feng:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by SuperAaronNova


9. Yui Kimora (A Tier)

Behavior Interactive, Yui staring blankly, is there something wrong with her eyes? We will never know.

Yui can be described as an aggressor, with one of the best creative-style builds in the game. One of the perks that I like in Yui is the perk 'any means necessary which will allow her to pick up any use pallet in the game, and therefore give a chance to every other survivor to use them if they were to be chased by the killer, adding more time to the game and increasing the chances of winning. Personally, I love Yui and her builds, as it gives out an aggressive play style, releasing her maximum potential of winning a game. Overall making her one of my favourite and toxic survivors which I would recommend to anybody. 

Why Yui is powerful

  • With Yui's perk 'lucky break', when you get injured at any time, you will be able to suppress the pools of blood and scratch marks, making it much harder for the killer to find you. 
  • Yui has a similar build to Nea, therefore winning a game will lead to more of an aggressive game style and therefore will make it much more difficult for the killer to take control of the game. 
  • With breakout, you will be able to support a survivor and help them wiggle out from the killer's grasp, with an increase of 20% wiggle rate, and an additionally 7% haste, to help you catch up with the killer. 
  • One of her perks any means necessary will help to recover pallets around the map by picking them up, and therefore will allow for the other survivors to use them.

Character Power Rating: 83/100 

Video representing Yui:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by SuperAaronNova


10. Felix Richter (A Tier)

Behavior Interactive, Felix looking away somewhere into the emptiness. We will of course never know what he is staring at.

Felix Richter is personally one of my favourite characters not just in terms of looks but also in terms of his skills and perks, which makes it a masterpiece to this game. One of the perks includes 'built to last which is very useful when needing to refill an item, especially a very rare item where the replenishment is very high and therefore, you will have the same high recharge for a better experience in-game. Nonetheless, as an architect, he is also able to locate generators and do things faster for every injured survivor, making it a great survivor, with a personal experience of him having a great collaboration in the game.

Why Felix is powerful:

  • It has one of the powerful perks for replenishing items in the game, 'built to last', where you are able to recharge your items a couple of times. 
  • If the game is tense, and every survivor is injured, the perk 'desperate measures' is a useful perk to have where it would increase the speed of the survivors' actions for every injured survivor. 
  • Felix is a technical character that will try their best to fulfil the potential of every action in the game, making the game as effective as possible to increase the chances of winning. 
  • With the last perk 'visionary', you will be able to see every generator on the map within 32 metres, taking this as a time-efficient way of finding generators and speeding up the process of winning the game. 

Character Power Rating: 83/100 

Video representing Felix:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by Jaae


11. Bill Overbeck (A Tier)

Behavior Interactive, Bill calmly smoking his invisible cigar.

Bill is a classic 'never gonna give up' survivor, which has his skills from back in the army, where he learnt how to survive, converting his skills into this beautiful survival horror game. One of his skills that are on the top of the list is 'unbreakable', allowing him to stand up and recover without anybody's help, making it one of the greatest perks for recovery, and the overall build proves to be survivable and greatest especially for cooperation with the perk 'borrowed time', giving an additional endurance effect. Therefore through my personal experience, I would recommend it to anyone who would like to go the old classic style and survive Bill's way.

Why Bill is powerful:

  • It has one of the best cooperative perks names 'borrowed time' where you will be able to give a survivor the endurance status effect, enabling protection from the killer. 
  • Bill's survivor tactics with 'unbreakable', will allow to pick yourself up without having to be recovered by the survivor making it an ultimate solo perk. 
  • Bill has a mix of solo and teamwork perks that creates a perfect balance in the game depending on the playstyle that is used. 
  • With 'left behind', this makes it a complete build and therefore very useful when solo as a last survivor in the game, making it easier to find a hatch within 64 metres.

Character Power Rating: 81/100 

Video representing Bill:

Dead by Daylight gameplay by PROBZZ


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