Top 10 Games Like Dead by Daylight (Games Better Than Dead by Daylight In Their Own Way)

Games Like Dead by Daylight
Jason Voorhees as the towering monster in Friday the 13th. Terrifying isn't it?

Let's Count Down The Best Games Like Dead by Daylight

Co-op games are great. But what’s better than teamwork among friends?

Hunting down each member of your team, one by one, and tearing them to shreds, that’s what.

Dead by Daylight already has an exciting array of psychopaths lined up to eviscerate players, but if that’s not enough for the discerning killer, here’s a list of games with similar mechanics. 

10. Deceit

Deceit Gameplay

Deceit - I love a succinct, descriptive title. Deceit is a game that has its unique selling point right there in the title.

Play as one of several human doofuses running around an environment. About a third of the doofuses are infected with an ultra spooky disease.

When the lights go out in the arena, the infected get a chance to terrify the terrified uninfected ofter they undergo a terrifying transformation into a monster known as a “terror”.

The gag here is that the infected players have to keep up a charade when the lights are on - you have to interact with your team in such a way that they don’t uncover that you’re one of the terrifying…terrors stalking the dark.

Cracking open a warm one with the boys.

Are you my next target?

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