Dead by Daylight How To Counter Clown (Top 5 Tactics)

How to Counter The Clown in Five Ways
What a mighty tasty finger you have there.

The Clown— Who is He?

Like all killers within Dead by daylight, The Clown had a life before becoming what he is now. Before this game of cat-and-mouse, he was Kenneth Chase. A man so deeply disturbed that he liked to keep a finger of his victims as trophies. Life was not kind to him. His mother died during childbirth, and his father— a man that couldn’t spend a day without drinking— hated Kenneth. Time was all he had when he was young… and he spent that time on morbid things. It was small things at first— harmless: when he walked home from school, he would collect feathers that lay on the street.  Then, one day, he wanted to hold a bird, wondering how it would feel.  It took plenty of tries, but Kenneth had caught a bird using anesthetics. As he held the bird, he was overcome with this rush, seeing how the light in the bird’s eyes faded… so, he held it tighter. Tighter and tighter— he killed it. With that, a whole new world was open to him, and as he aged, his victims grew larger and larger. He was never caught until a man mysteriously disappeared. His father had found the cigar box that has stashed under the bed. A finger was found within it, and Kenneth did the only thing he could: run. Using a different name, he forged a new life with a traveling circus. Yet, he began killing more people years later. He doesn’t know when or how he met the Entity, nor does he care. The Entity lets Kenneth do what he loved the most: killing and collecting fingers.


His Power & Abilities 

The Afterpiece

The Clown has two bottles he can throw: Afterpiece Tonic or Afterpiece Antidote. Both of the bottles have different properties to them, allowing either a boost or debuff. Please note that the bottles have a variety of ranges! A shine will gloss over the bottles once they reached their max charge.

Afterpiece Tonic


When those bottles break, purple gas will appear. If a survivor runs through it, they will suffer the following effects…

  • Blurs their vision 
  • Coughing
  • Can’t fast vault
  • A 15% Hindered effect

The effects won’t last long (unless The Clown has add-ons to change that): they only apply when the survivor is in the gas and two seconds after they leave it. These effects can be cleansed by running through the Afterpiece Antidotes.


Afterpiece Antidotes


When this bottle breaks, yellow gas will appear. Now, this doesn’t affect just the survivors but The Clown as well! When either The Clown or a survivor runs through the gas, they will gain 10% haste Effect.


Ways to Counter The Clown 


1) Take Advance of the Yellow Gases

During the match, it’s easy to forget things and make mistakes. One of those mistakes could be how The Clown’s power works; when you see yellow gas, always remember this… It will give you a haste boost, as it will for The Clown.


2) Avoid his Bottles

This is important to note due to his add-ons, mostly the Redhead’s Pinkie Finger. With that add-on, when a bottle hits a survivor, the victim will suffer the exposed status effect. Meaning— one hit and they’re in their dying phase.


3) Drop Pallets Early

Now, this tip doesn’t sound good at first, but this gives survivors more power in the chase. The Clown’s power allows him to turn loops in his favor. So— newbies especially, drop pallets sooner and make a break for it!


4) Longer Loops are your Friend

Now, this is for the ones that are experienced played Dead by Daylight players. Find a long loop, drop the pallet, and squeeze all the usefulness out of that loop. Not only will this waste The Clown’s time, but this will also give more time for your teammates to fix the generators.


5) Be Unpredictable

Again, this is another for the more advanced players. When I say this, I mean zig-zagging, circling the killer, abruptly turning in another direction— everything and anything.


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