[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Pig Builds That Are Excellent

The best Pig builds in Dead by Daylight.
The Pig creeps behind you and invites you to play her game. Live or die, make your choice…

The Pig has been subject to many memes over the years. ‘Oh no Nurse is OP, let’s nerf the Pig’ has been a running gag among the Dead by Daylight community for a long time. But luckily, her bear traps did receive a buff recently.

While she isn’t considered a strong Killer, she’s certainly fun to play. Her kit is one of the most unique ones in the game. She also has some of the best Add-ons in the game. In the right hands, she can be a menace.

But to do well with her, you’ll first need a decent build. In this article, I’m going to show you the top 5 best Pig builds that are excellent in different situations. Read on. But be quick about it – the timer’s ticking…


5. The Perma-Slugging Build

The Most TOXIC Pig Build in Dead by Daylight!

Although many people frown upon slugging, it can be a very effective gameplay strategy. If you don’t mind the flavor of salt in the post-game chat, you must try this build. You’ll be surprised at how effective it is.

The whole gist of the Perma-Slugging Build is to keep Survivors downed for as long as possible. Because of your traps, Survivors will remain incapacitated even if they are picked up. All Perks in this build revolve around making downed Survivors as hard to find as possible. 

Thus, their teammates will spend most of the game running on the map like headless chickens. Although altruism is often fatal in Dead by Daylight, many Claudettes tried to prove me wrong in my games. They didn’t.

This build comes in the last spot because it’s very niche. It won’t work on SWF since coms negate all aura-blocking Perks. Still, it’s a very refreshing build to try. 

What the Perma-Slugging Build Excels In:

  • Unlocks a new playstyle: As you’ll see further down this list, most Pig builds are painfully similar. Pig has a rather linear playstyle. Even her best Perks are rather singular. However, this build will shake up the same old routine. 
  • Insane snowball potential: Although it might not seem like it, the Perma-Slugging build has a strong snowball potential. With enough luck skill, you can down multiple Survivors at one time. If they don’t have Unbreakable, it’s very easy for you to wrap the game up. 
  • Grants you extra time: The slugging in itself works as a slow-down. Having two people on the ground generates intense pressure on other Survivors. And even if the Survivors do get up, they’ll still have the trap to contend with. 

Build details:

  • Knock Out: When you put a Survivor into the dying state with a basic attack, their aura is not shown to other Survivors who are more than 32/24/16 meters away. For the next 15 seconds, the dying Survivor crawls 50 % slower and takes 25 % longer to recover. They are deafened and suffer from the Blindness status effect. Their field of view is reduced as well. Knock Out keeps downed Survivors on the ground longer. At the same time, it makes them invisible to their allies if they’re too far. It’s a straightforward Perk and a must-have for every slugging build. 
  • Hex: Third Seal: Whenever you hit a Survivor by any means, they suffer from the Blindness status effect until the Hex Totem is cleansed. Third Seal can affect up to 2/3/4 based on the Perk level. Blindness counters all forms of aura reading. Since Knock Out only works at a certain distance, Third Seal acts as an extra precaution. This is especially powerful on indoor maps. Survivors might be right next to the would-be rescuer. But because of Blindness, the rescuer won’t be able to find them. 
  • Deerstalker: You can see the aura of all Survivors in the dying state within 20/28/36 meters of you. The longer the Survivors stay on the ground, the more likely they are to recover. To make the most out of the Perma-Slugging Build, you should hook Survivors who’ve been on the ground for a long time. However, they will definitely try to crawl away. Deerstalker helps you keep track of them despite this. 
  • Hex: Undying: You can see the aura of every Survivor within 2/3/4 meters of a Dull Totem. When a Survivor cleanses a Hex Totem, it won’t deactivate. Instead, its effect will be transferred to the Undying Totem. Despite how OP they are, Hex Perks have a major weakness – the Totem they’re bound to. Hex: Undying will keep your Third Seal up a little longer. 


4. The Ultimate Chasing Build


Do constantly falling pallets give you a migraine? Are you dizzy from the endless looping? Then you’ll love this next build.

As its name suggests, the Ultimate Chasing build will make quick work of your prey. Its Perks are all about shutting down both window and pallet loops. And the longer the game lasts, the stronger you grow.

Although the Pig might have an M2-ability, it has a very niche use. Thus, she has to rely more on her basic attacks than anything. Before you get the hang of her kit, this build will help you down Survivors fast. Its only drawback is the lack of slow-down Perks. 

What the Ultimate Chasing Build Excels In:

  • Greatly shortens your chases: The build can shut down even the strongest loops in the game. This includes Killer shacks and main buildings. 
  • Counters both pallets and windows: The Ultimate Chasing build offers the best of both worlds – it makes both windows and pallets weaker. 
  • Easy to use: You don’t need to be very knowledgeable to use this build. Apart from Save the Best for Last, all the Perks work by themselves. 

Build details:

  • Brutal Strength: You break pallets, breakable walls, and generators 10/15/20 % faster. Usually, it’s best to break a fallen pallet immediately. Otherwise, the Survivor will keep looping it. However, it takes some time to do so. Brutal Strength simply lowers this time a little. 
  • Enduring: Reduces the pallet stun duration by 40/45/50 %. Getting stunned as a Killer is always annoying. But with enduring, you won’t be tempted to respect a pallet ever again. This is important for the Pig since you can’t use your Ambush at every loop. 
  • Bamboozle: You gain 5/10/15 % vault speed when vaulting windows. After the vault, the Entity blocks the window for 8/12/16 seconds for all Survivors. Bamboozle affects only one window at a time. Bamboozle is the bane of Killer shacks and main buildings. Many windows in the game are powerful and good Survivors will abuse them. With Bamboozle, your chases will become much easier. 
  • Save the Best for Last: When you hit a Survivor who isn’t your Obsession, Save the Best for Last gains a stack up to a maximum of 8. Each stack reduces your successful basic attack animation by 5 %, up to a maximum of 40 %. Hitting the Obsession with a basic attack causes you to lose 4/3/2 tokens. Thanks to her Ambush dash, Pig is one of those Killers who excel at using Save the Best for Last. This Perk reduces the cooldown after a successful hit. Thus, you can get the next one in much faster. You just have to watch out for your Obsession – try to use your Ambush to hit them whenever possible to preserve stacks. 


3. The Lore-Accurate Build

The INVISIBLE PIG BUILD! - Dead by Daylight

In the Saw movies, the Pig moves under the shroud of night. She ambushes her victims when they least expect it and forces them to play her gory games. But in Dead by Daylight, you can sometimes feel like a dog chasing its own tail rather than an enigmatic abductor. 

To experience the thrill of the movies, all you need to do is equip this build. It will take your sneakiness to the next level. Although your Crouch ability gives you stealth, you move very slowly while crouched. Additionally, your vision reduces. With the Lore-Accurate build, Survivors won’t hear you even if you walk normally.

Though by no means the strongest build, it’s very satisfying to use. Expect a lot of Survivors running into you only to DC immediately – it happened to me more than once. 

What the Lore-Accurate Build Excels In:

  • Fun to use: Just like the Perma-Slugging build, the Lore-Accurate build deviates from the standard Pig gameplay. If you’re bored of repetitive matches, these Perks could spice things up a bit for you. 
  • You don’t need to crouch when approaching a generator: Sneaking up to a generator is great, but it’s hard to execute. Knowing at what exact point you have to crouch to hide your Terror Radius is difficult. Not to mention it takes ages to approach a generator this way. With this build, you can be both fast and stealthy. 
  • Versatile: Although it’s stealth-oriented, the Lore-Accurate build has some slow-down and chase aspects. Thus, you’ll always have something to work with. Even if you run out of Plaything Totems. 

Build details:

  • Hex: Plaything: As long as at least one Dull Totem exists in the match, this Perk will activate when you hook a Survivor for the first time. For as long as the Totem stands, the affected Survivors become Oblivious. This means they can’t hear your Terror Radius. For the first 90 seconds, only the affected Survivor can cleanse the Totem. The cursed Survivor can see the aura of their Totem when within 24/20/16 meters from it. The entire stealth aspect of this build relies on this Perk. Once you get enough hits in, chaos will follow. Survivors will never know where you are and you’re bound to get some easy hits in. It helps a bit at pallet loops too. 
  • Hex: Thrill of the Hunt: For every Totem in the Trial, Thrill of the Hunt gains a Token. It starts with 5. Each Token adds an 8/9/10 % cleansing and blessing penalty up to a maximum of 50 %. You gain 10 % more bloodpoints in the Hunter category for each token, also up to 50 %. Thrill of the Hunt protects your Plaything. It makes tampering with Totems take an excruciatingly long time. Thus, most Survivors will just give up on it. 
  • Pop Goes the Weasel: When you hook a Survivor, Pop Goes the Weasel activates for the next 35/40/45 seconds. When you damage a generator, it will immediately lose 20 % of its progress and begins to regress. The Perk then deactivates. Pop Goes the Weasel is a slow-down Perks. To apply Plaything to all four Survivors, you’ll need some time. But if you dislike Pop Goes the Weasel, feel free to use Deadlock or Pain Resonance instead. 
  • Save the Best for Last: When you hit a Survivor who isn’t your Obsession, Save the Best for Last gains a stack up to a maximum of 8. Each stack reduces your successful basic attack animation by 5 %, up to a maximum of 40 %. Hitting the Obsession with a basic attack causes you to lose 4/3/2 tokens. As I stated above, Save the Best for Last is an extremely valuable Perk on the Pig because she can conserve her stacks. 


2. The Ultimate Slow-Down Build


With her traps, the Pig already has a built-in slowdown in her kit. Why not take things a step further? The Ultimate Slow-Down Perks will make the game last so long that the Survivors will just give up.

Ever since her rework, the reverse bear traps became much more reliable. Instead of relying on luck, Survivors now have to search a specific amount of boxes to get their traps off. Combine this with the strongest slow-down Perks in the game and you’ll have all the time in the world to win.

The strongest part of this build is that it covers your mistakes. Even if you get 360’ed three times in a row, the generators likely won’t pop before you get at least two kills. However, this is one of those builds that will likely make Survivors cry in the post-game chat. Use at your own risk. 

What the Ultimate Slow-Down Build Excels In:

  • Great for beginners: The Ultimate Slow-Down build works with little input on your part. As long as you know what your goal is, you’ll be able to use it. 
  • Prolongs the game: This point is self-explanatory. With so many slow-down Perks, the game might last over twenty minutes, if not more. 
  • Consistent: The Perks in this build aren’t map-dependent. No matter where the Survivors send you, you’ll always get value from this build. 

Build details:

  • Corrupt Intervention: At the beginning of the match, the three generators farthest from you become blocked for 80/100/120 seconds. The effect ends prematurely if you put a Survivor into the dying state. Early game is extremely important for every Killer. The Pig is no exception. If you can get a Survivor down fast enough, you’ll be able to snowball later on. 
  • Merciless Storm: Whenever a generator reaches 90 % progression, all Survivors repairing keep receiving skillchecks. If they miss one or let go of the generator, it will become blocked for 16/18/20 seconds. Merciless Storms triggers once per generator per Trial. Merciless Storm is great because it triggers automatically. The consecutive skillchecks can be overwhelming and you should be able to block 2-3 generators this way in your matches. 
  • Sloppy Butcher: When you injure a Survivor with a basic attack, you increase their bleeding frequency by 50/75/100 %. Additionally, you apply Mangled and Haemorrhage status effects to them. Mangled makes it take longer for them to heal while Haemorrhage depletes their healing bar when they’re not healing. Sloppy Butcher further increases the effects of Haemorrhage by 15/20/25 %. Healing is extremely fast in this Meta. But with Sloppy Butcher, you can make both Med-kits and Boons much weaker. But if not a single Survivor brings a Med-kit, feel free to swap it out for Deadlock. 
  • Barbecue & Chilli: When you hook a Survivor, you can see the aura of every other Survivor 60/50/40 meters away from the hook for 4 seconds. Pig doesn’t have any form of tracking in her kit. At least no form that’s reliable. Thus, your only way to gain information is via Perks. Barbecue & Chilli is arguably the easiest one to use. However, you can use Floods of Rage or Call of Brine too if you wish. 


1. The Ultimate Meta Build

Best REWORKED Pig Build | Pig Guide - Dead By Daylight

The Pig’s main strength lies in her bear traps. Though rarely deadly, they give the Survivors an extra objective to complete. The Ultimate Meta build expands on this fact. 

Since the Pig doesn’t have great chase potential, you’ll likely go through most of the pallets on the map before you get a down. However, it wouldn’t matter if you had all the time in the world. And this build grants you just that. The slow-down Perks in the Ultimate Meta build work consistently through the early, mid, and late game.

Moreover, your chases will be a bit easier with this build. Every Pig main runs Save the Best for Last on her because it’s just so broken. If you can stall the game properly, victory will be yours. 

What the Ultimate Meta Build Excels In:

  • Considerably extends the game duration: Between your traps and all the slow-down Perks, you’ll have plenty of time to plan your next move. Your mistakes won’t be as punishing either. 
  • Helps you win chases faster: Save the Best for Last makes chases considerably shorter if you can get all 8 stacks. And thanks to the immense slow-down in this build, you’ll reach that stage easily. 
  • Competitive across all skill levels: The Pig’s Ultimate Meta build is both OP and simple to use. No matter what your skill level is, its Perks will make your matches much easier. 

Build details:

  • Corrupt Intervention: At the beginning of the match, the three generators farthest from you become blocked for 80/100/120 seconds. The effect ends prematurely if you put a Survivor into the dying state. Corrupt Intervention helps you gain pressure in the early game. 
  • Deadlock: When Survivors finish a generator, the generator with the most progress becomes blocked for 20/25/30 seconds. Deadlock gives you even more time. It also gives you a general idea of where the Survivors are. 
  • No Way Out: When you hook a Survivor for the first time, No Way Out gains a token for up to 4 tokens. Once a Survivor tries to open the Exit Gates, both Gates will become blocked for 12 seconds. Each token extends this duration by 6/9/12 seconds up to the maximum of 36/48/60 seconds. No Way Out is your trump card once all generators pop. If someone has an active bear trap on their head at this point, they’ll likely die. But even if they don’t, No Way Out gives you great comeback potential. 
  • Save the Best for Last: When you hit a Survivor who isn’t your Obsession, Save the Best for Last gains a stack up to a maximum of 8. Each stack reduces your successful basic attack animation by 5 %, up to a maximum of 40 %. Hitting the Obsession with a basic attack causes you to lose 4/3/2 tokens. Save the Best for Last is one of the best Perks for the Pig. I’ve already explained why it’s OP above so I won’t repeat it here. 

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