[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Doctor Builds

Dead By Daylight Best Doctor Builds
Dead By Daylight

[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Doctor Builds


5. Basic Doctor


This Doctor build doesn’t require any special perks from other killers or any kind of special way to play so it’s the easiest to follow just to have fun as you operate as the Doctor.

  • I haven’t tried the doctor yet but this build is great to pick up for those who haven’t played much as a killer in general or the Doctor when they do play the killer.
  • This build only uses one unique perk that’s unlocked on the Doctor’s blood web while every other perks used are in every killer’s blood web.

What Basic Doctor Excels In

  • You’ll be able to level the doctor as you play and get this build once you hit a high enough level with him making it much easier to use than other builds.
  • You’ll still be able to see and terrorize survivors as you play with this build the same way as you’d play the Trapper with few differences.

Build details:

  • For this build, you’ll need Overcharge, Whispers, Sloppy Butcher, and Distressing to increase your generator damage, hear survivors from the entity, cause deeper bleeding to survivors and increase your terror radius respectively.
  • Take polished electrode to increase the range of Shock Therapy and “Discipline”-Class III to decrease the charge time of Shock Therapy as well as more.


4. Discipline Doctor


This build is the most annoying thing you can do to survivors and if you enjoy making it as annoying to do anything for survivors then this build is for you.

  • I’ve been getting used to playing the doctor and this build is one I’m going to try because it makes it so much easier to make survivors suffer.
  • You’ll be able to use your static shock power often because of the add-ons making it nearly impossible for survivors to avoid madness.

What Discipline Doctor Excels In

  • Survivors will get madness stacks much quicker with this build as you passively destroy the generators that they are trying to fix.
  • Nothing will get done because survivors will get to the third level of madness extremely quickly making it easy to chase and hook them.

Build details:

  • The add-on is the most important part of this build that gives it its strength, you’ll need “Discipline” - Carter’s Notes, and High Stimulus Electrode.
  • For perks, they are more lenient but the best ones to bring are Barbeque & Chili from the Cannibal, Whispers, the Hex: Devour Hope from the Hag, and Pop Goes the Weasel from the Clown. These will give you much more map control as the Doctor.


3. The Doctor Mindset


This build is great for learning the Doctor and getting better with him as you play him in your games as the killer.

  • I like the Doctor and I have been trying to get into the mindset of using him effectively as I learn him more and more.
  • To play the Doctor effectively you have to get into the Doctor mindset as you make the survivors go mad and control the map 

What The Doctor Mindset Excels In

  • With these perks, you’ll be able to find survivors easily as well as cause madness to make chases go your way by making it impossible for vaulting.
  • You’ll be able to learn the Doctor with this build as you get better at being the killer in Dead by Daylight, as a hard killer it’ll be tricky to play him to his full potential but this build will help you get better with him.

Build details:

  • You’ll need Pop Goes the Weasel from the Clown to damage generators, Corrupt Intervention from the Plague to deny the survivors the generators, Whispers to locate Survivors easier, and finally Discordance from the Legion to find survivors.
  • Use Polished Electrode to increase your range for your power and “Order” - Carter’s Notes to decrease the charge-up time for your add-ons.


2. The Annoying Doctor


This build is so annoying that many survivors will disconnect because of how infuriating it can be as you play as the Doctor in games.

  • This is one build that seems fun but also really annoying and I plan to use it once I unlock the perks for each killer I need the perks from.
  • The Annoying Doctor is based around making it nearly impossible for survivors to hit skill checks making it extremely difficult to fix generators and heal.
  • With the Doctor being one of the most disliked killers to go against this build makes it much more annoying because of the difficult skill checks that come with it.

What The Annoying Doctor Excels In

  • Survivors will almost always be in your terror radius because of how large it will be and because of the Doctor’s passive, it slows their repairs and heals.
  • You’ll have perks that increase your terror radius as well as making survivors have more skill checks and harder near impossible skill checks often.

Build details:

  • For perks, you’ll need Distressing to increase your terror radius, Overcharge from the Doctor to give extremely difficult skill checks, Unnerving Presence from the Trapper to increase your terror radius and make skill checks harder, and finally Hex: Huntress Lullaby from the Huntress to make skill checks not do a sound.
  • For add-ons go with “Calm” - Carter’s Notes for the extra terror radius and “Calm” Class II for more of the same effect at a slightly weaker amount.


1. The Best Doctor


This is the best possible build that rounds out the Doctor with any flaws he has and expands on his strengths making him a powerful killer.

  • The madness that the Doctor causes is so cool and useful for the killer to find the survivors and stop them from doing anything like repairs or healing or vaulting.
  • The Doctor is a very map control type of killer that can cause madness to the survivors making them unable to perform any actions as they are under the madness.

What The Best Doctor Excels In

  • This build expands on the strengths of the Doctor making it much easier to control the map and find survivors as they try to hide and run to no avail.
  • With these perks, you’ll know where the survivors are and will be able to stall their repairs and control the map much easier than other killers.

Build details:

  • Use the perks, Save the Best for Last from the Shape, Pop Goes the Weasel from the Clown, Thrilling Tremors from the Ghost Face, and finally Whispers
  • For add-ons, any combination will work with this build but use Carter’s Notes- “Discipline” and “Restraint” for the most effects with your power.

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