[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Pig Builds

Dead By Daylight Best Pig Builds
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[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Pig Builds


5. Educational Piggy


This is a strong build for the pig that doesn’t rely on her reverse pig traps to get kills, but it still helps to get a survivor to stay off of generators.

  • I love the Saw movies that the Pig came from and she is one killer I’d love to get when I’m able to because she’s a strong stealth killer able to crouch and ambush.
  • The Pig is a hard killer to play but is worth getting to know and use because she is one of few killers with more than one part to her power.

What Educational Piggy Excels In

  • You’ll be able to learn the Pig and get used to her powers, crouch and ambush, and the reverse bear trap that makes a survivor forced to get a key and not work on generators. 

Build details:

  • For this build go with the add-ons Tampered Timer to lower the timer for the reverse bear trap and Crate of Gears to make it take longer for survivors to find the key for it.
  • The perks you’ll need are Whispers that’s on every killer’s blood web to know where survivors are and Brutal Strength from the Trapper to destroy pallets, breakable walls, and generators much faster as you chase survivors.
  • The last two perks you’ll need are Enduring from the Hillbilly to make sure you don’t get stunned from pallets for too long, and finally Monitor & Abuse from the Doctor to increase your terror radius and field of view while you’re chasing.


4. Impossible Skill Check Pig


This build can be used on almost any killer but works extremely well on killers who have either large terror radiuses or who can move across the map quickly like the Pig.

  • This is a build I’ve been wanting to try on other killers I play and would be good for the Pig or other killers you play.
  • The Pig can ambush survivors as well as put reverse bear traps on their heads forcing them to search for a key before it kills them.

What Impossible Skill Check Pig Excels In

  • The survivors won’t be able to hit skill checks and you’ll be able to quickly ambush them because of it, they won’t know what hit them.

Build details:

  • To start this build you’ll need Distressing, a perk every killer has, to increase your terror radius, next you’ll need Hex: Huntress Lullaby from the Huntress to make skill checks much harder and give no auditor warning.
  • The last two perks you’ll need are Unnerbing Presence from the Trapper to make skill checks appear more often and have a much smaller hitbox, lastly take Overcharge from the Doctor to force survivors into doing a difficult skill check after you overcharge a generator making it regress if they miss it.
  • For add-ons go with whatever you’re comfortable with whether it helps to make your ambush power better or your reverse bear traps.


3. Non-Slowdown Piggy


This build is useful to make chases much shorter and faster so you can down survivors and place your reverse bear trap on them or hook them to sacrifice them to the entity

  • My first time playing against the Pig I was terrified of the killer because she’s a perfect mixture of a stealth killer and an aggressive killer.
  • The Pig is a well-rounded killer who doesn’t rely too heavily on her power but is still able to use it well to get a jump on survivors.

What Non-Slowdown Piggy Excels In

  • Instead of being constantly looped around the same pallet again and again you’ll be able to make chases come to a short and sweet end.
  • While crouched you walk slower this build seeks to remedy that and make it not as much of a hindrance as you hunt and stalk the survivors.

Build details:

  • The perks of this build are simple, go with Brutal Strength from the Trapper to destroy pallets much faster, and Monitor & Abuse from the Doctor to increase your field of view and terror radius as you chase those snot-nose survivors.
  • The last two perks you’ll need are Enduring from the Hillbilly to make pallet stuns much less useful and finally Whispers to know where the survivors are.
  • For add-ons go with anything that will help you, use common add-ons till you’re comfortable with the Pig as your new main killer.


2. Ultimate Piggy


This is an ultimate build for the Pig that uses strong perks to make the Pig an aggressive killer able to quickly find survivors and down them.

  • This build is scary for any killer to use because it’s really strong but one such a versatile killer like the Pig it’s terrifying.
  • The Pig is more versatile than some killers because she’s able to ambush and force survivors to stop working on generators or they will die from her reversed bear trap.

What Ultimate Piggy Excels In

  • The Ultimate Piggy is well-rounded and makes the Pig a strong killer able to see survivors and hook them quickly or put them in a reverse bear trap to kill them.

Build details:

  • To start this build off you’ll need Barbeque & Chili from the Cannibal to see survivors after you hook one, Brutal Strength from the Trapper to destroy pallets faster, Enduring from the Hillbilly to reduce pallet stuns, and finally Save the Best for Last from the Shape to decrease your basic attack cooldown.
  • The add-ons you’ll need are Last Will to increase your number of reversed bear traps and Combat Straps to reduce your crouch activation time


1. Best Piggy


This is by far the most well-rounded build for the Pig that makes her a dangerous versatile killer able to control the map and end games quickly.

  • As a killer, the Pig is one of the strongest and most fun to play and is one that you should add to your roster of killers to play as your new main.
  • The Pig stalks better than the Ghost Face with a better power being able to kill survivors and control the map easily with her reversed bear traps.

What Best Piggy Excels In

  • Everything, the Best Piggy is well-rounded with some great map control that allows you to find survivors easily and quickly.
  • The Best Piggy uses every part of the Pig’s kit efficiently while other builds focus on a single aspect such as her reverse bear traps or her ambush but not both.

Build details:

  • To start you’re going to need the perks Whispers and Monitor & Abuse from the Doctor, to keep your terror radius small and so you know when to crouch and sneak up on the survivors, just beware for the survivor perk Spine Chill.
  • The last two perks you’ll need are Save the Best for Last from the Shape to make your basic attack cooldown decrease and finally Corrupt Intervention from the Plague for even more map control because it blocks off three generators.
  • The add-ons that are best for this build are Video Tape to decrease your ambush charging time and the attack miss cooldown, the last one you’ll need are Combat Straps to decrease the time it takes to crouch.

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