[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Free Killers

Different kind of killers, from a K-pop star to a monster...

5. The Wraith


The Jerks Guide To The Wraith | Dead By Daylight 

The Wraith is a stealthy killer, able to sneak up on survivors. His power, Wailing Bell, allows him to turn invisible. 

Why The Wraith Is Great 

  • His mobility while cloaked gives him map control. So, patrolling generators is easier with his power. 
  • He's an easy-to-play killer. 
  • His perk, Shadowborn, is the best of all of his perks. It allows you to have a better view and catch details easily. This perk is especially good for killers like The Nurse and The Huntress since they rely on details to injure survivors.
  • He can catch up to survivors easily after getting a hit. 
  • His add-ons, unlike some other killers, can be used to strengthen him. 
  • Play With Your Food, a perk unique to The Shape, is used the best and easiest as The Wraith. 

The Wraith details: 

  • You are faster by 150% while cloaked.
  • You are stealthy, but not completely while uncloaked. You make breathing noises and thumps that can be picked up by survivors within a certain distance.
  • You start the trial cloaked. 
  • Certain add-ons make you even faster, have better stealth, or give you tracking skills. 
  • Cloaking takes only 1.5 seconds while uncloaking takes longer with 3 seconds.
  • You have a speed boost after uncloaking. 
  • The Wailing Bell doesn't turn you completely invisible while moving. 
  • Survivors can't see you while cloaked further away from 20 meters. 
  • While standing completely still, you turn completely invisible. 
  • The Wraith, while cloaked, can be Lightburnt with a flashlight directly beaming on his body for 2 seconds. This forces him to uncloak and stuns him for 4 seconds.
  • He has 115% movement speed while uncloaked (faster than survivors). 
  • He is tall, meaning that he can be seen over many obstacles.
  • He has a 32-meter terror radius. 
  • He has no terror radius while cloaked. 
  • Survivors can hear you ringing your bell and getting cloaked or uncloaked within a certain distance. 
  • Getting stunned by a pallet drop will force you into uncloaking. 


4. The Trapper


Quick Killer Guide - The Trapper | Dead by Daylight 

The Trapper is a strategy-based killer. He can close off certain exits and trap oblivious survivors. 

Why The Trapper Is Great 

  • With a well-planned strategy, you won't need to move an inch to try to catch survivors. 
  • You can block off certain places with bear traps, making it almost impossible to escape for survivors. 
  • You can force certain loops to end immediately with bear traps. 
  • You take no stun by a pallet drop while setting up a trap. This must be timed correctly. 
  • Basement is one of the best places to consider trapping. 
  • You can stall survivors opening the exit gatesby putting traps in front of the switch boxes. 
  • Brutal Strength and Agitation are his best unique perks that can be used by any killer effectively. 
  • You can protect your Hex Totems. 

The Trapper details: 

  • He has 115% movement speed (faster than survivors).
  • He can only carry one trap in his hand at a time, but this can be altered using certain add-ons. 
  • It takes 1.25 seconds with a 25% chance to get freed from a bear trap. This can be altered by using certain add-ons. And an ally can free a survivor from a bear trap immediately. 
  • The Trapper can trap himself in his own trap. But if he sets up a trap, as long as hed doesn't get away from it completely, he can stand on it as much as he  wants, while survivors get caught in it immediately. 
  • Survivors can Dead Hard through bear traps. 
  • He is tall, meaning that he can be seen over many obstacles. 
  • He has a 32-meter terror radius.


3. The Hillbilly


Hillbilly 101 - Basic tips, settings & build | Dead by Daylight 

The Hillbilly is one of the best killers in the game. The official sources might say otherwise, but he is a hard-to-play killer. His power, Chainsaw, is not something that many new players can adapt to quickly. 


Why The Hillbilly Is Great 

  • All of his unique perks are good and can be used effectively by almost every killer. 
  • He has perfect map control. 
  • He can down survivors immediately with his chainsaw.
  • He has insane mobility. 
  • He can break pallets and breakable walls with his chainsaw.
  • He can mind game survivors at certain loops, catching them off-guard.
  • He can find survivors immediately after the match starts.
  • He can patrol generators fast. 

The Hillbilly details: 

  • Indoor maps are the worst thing that can happen to The Hillbilly. 
  • He has a 230% movement speed while using the chainsaw. 
  • His chainsaw can overheat after using/revving it for a long time. 
  • He is tall, meaning that he can be seen over many obstacles. 
  • His chainsaw noise can be heard from a certain distance.
  • He has 115% movement speed while not using his power. 
  • He is not as good as before since he has been nerfed, but still good. 


2. The Huntress


Ultimate Huntress Guide - Dead by Daylight 

The Huntress is famous for her ranged attacks. She can hit survivors from miles away with her power, Hunting Hatchets. She's a hard-to-play killer since she requires aiming. However, she's one of the best killers in the game. 


Why The Huntress Is Great

  • She can hit survivors through certain obstacles. 
  • She can hit multiple survivors and also down them in such a short duration. 
  • Hex: Huntress' Lullaby is her best perk that can be used by any killer effectively. 
  • She can end chases easily. 
  • She can interrupt survivors from doing certain actions with her power. 
  • Iron Maiden and Shadowborn are  used the best on her.

The Huntress details: 

  • She has 5 Hatchets by default, which is more than enough to down at least 2 survivors. 
  • She can charge her Hatchets to throw them faster. 
  • She can stop charging her Hatchets and decide not to throw them. 
  • She can get more Hatchets from inside a locker. This takes some time, but she gets all of her Hatchets back. 
  • She is extremely slow while holding a Hatchet. 
  • She can start the trial with more Hatchets by equipping certain add-ons.


1. The Nurse 


Dead by Daylight | The Last Breath | Spotlight Trailer 

The Nurse is not only the best free killer but also THE BEST killer in the entire game. She has been nerfed throughout the years, but this hasn't stopped her from still being the best killer. As powerful as she might be, she's a very hard killer to play. She requires constant thinking and guessing, and her power is very complex and confusing for new players. Especially the timing on her second Blink is not known by many players. 


Why The Nurse Is Great 

  • She can go through objects.
  • She has insane mobility. 
  • She has very good map control. 
  • Thanks to her fast movement speed, survivors often can't hear her coming. 
  • She can grab or interrupt survivors. 
  • Her perks are great and can be used by every killer effectively. 
  • Pallets don't exist to her. 
  • She can end chases quickly. 
  • She can down multiple survivors in such a short duration. 
  • She can immediately switch floors on certain maps without needing to find the stairs. 
  • She cannot be stunned in fatigue (timing is important). 
  • She can close the gap between herself and the survivor after taking a hit immediately. 
  • She doesn't need any perks or add-ons as she's way too powerful, but Shadowborn is best used on her. 

The Nurse details: 

  • The Nurse is the slowest killer in the game. If you try to hit survivors only by running or floating to be exact, the match will end before you can even get a hit. 
  • She has 96.25% base movement speed.
  • The Nurse's power is Spencer's Last Breath, a.k.a. Blink, and she only has two of them. It allows her to travel through the Soul World, meaning that she's almost completely invisible. While using her Blink, she can ignore any obstacles near her, as long as her Blink's distance is longer than these obstacles. She gains immense speed while blinking. 
  • She has 333% alternative movement speed while using her power.
  • A very common mistake made by new The Nurse players is that they do not Blink properly. Her first Blink should be used to approach the target (to close the distance a bit), and her second Blink should be used to maneuver and attack correctly. As survivors will attempt to dodge your attacks, you will have a better chance of getting hits with this technique.
  • Her Blink has a maximum range that can be known that you've reached once The Nurse closes her hand. 
  • Reaching the maximum range takes 2 seconds.
  • You can decide to Blink in place in case you don't want to go too far away with the maximum Blink range. If you look down in a place where there's no downstairs, you won't travel all the way. 
  • Certain add-ons can be equipped to help you with measuring the distance of a Blink. 
  • After using Blinks she goes into fatigue. If you use all of her Blinks she will suffer from a longer fatigue. Getting a successful hit on survivors using Blinks will give you a longer duration of fatigue. In a nutshell, the more you Blink and attack, the longer the fatigue duration will be. 
  • Her height is average, so she's harder to spot. 
  • Her terror radius is 32 meters.
  • Just like The Wraith, The Nurse also suffers from the Lightburn effect. 
  • A flashlight beaming on her body disables her ability to Blink. 
  • A flashlight beaming on her body while she's charging a Blink will interrupt her Blink and stun her. This also causes her to go into fatigue. 


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