[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Cannibal Builds

The Cannibal Killer, Dead By Daylight Best Cannibal Builds
Bubba's Angry

 [Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Cannibal Builds


5. Impossible Skill Check Bubba


This build makes it so that survivors won’t be able to hit skill checks when healing or repairing so that they won’t be able to fix generators as fast

  • Bubba, the Cannibal, is an interesting killer that is just the stronger version of the Hillbilly with much stronger perks
  • The Cannibal can down survivors in a single hit with his chainsaw that’s much stronger than the Hillbilly. 

What Impossible Skill Check Bubba Excels In

  • Survivors won’t be able to hit skill checks making it near impossible for the survivors to heal or repair generators

Build details:

  • For perks take Hex: Huntress Lullaby from the Huntress to make it so that skill checks give no auditory warning, next take Overcharge from the Doctor to make it so you can overcharge generators, and make survivors have to do an extremely difficult skill check
  • The next two perks you’ll need are Oppression from the Twins to maximize your damage to not one but 3 other random generators at once, the last perk you’ll need is Trail of Torment from the Executioner to become undetectable after damaging a generator making it much easier to hunt survivors


4. Can’t Stop Bubba


With these perks and add-ons, you’ll be able to swing your chainsaw often and not suffer as much if you miss a survivor or if you hit a pallet.

  • The worst feeling ever is when you miss a game-changing hit that would have downed a survivor or when you feel like you don’t have control and this build helps with that.
  • Bubba’s Chainsaw is a very useful and powerful power, able to down multiple survivors in one swing making it a game-ender if everyone is bunched up together 

What Can’t Stop Bubba Excels In

  • With this build, you’ll be able to use your chainsaw often without fear of suffering just because you miss a survivor or you hit a wall or a pallet.

Build details:

  • For the add-ons go with Primer Bulb to make your charges replenish faster, and Chili for the extra dash duration and larger swing window for your chainsaw.
  • The first two perks you’ll need are Distressing to increase your terror radius and gain more blood points, next use Monitor & Abuse to increase your terror radius more as well as your field of view to see those pesky survivors.
  • The last two perks you’ll need are Infectious Fright from the Plague to make all survivors in your terror radius scream when you down a survivor, last you’ll need Corrupt Intervention from the Plague to keep survivors from working on 3 generators.


3. Forbidden Bubba


This build is an absolute blast and should only be used if you want to destroy survivors and make them rage quit the game because of how great it is.

  • Bubba is just the Hillbilly 2.0 because they have very similar power and their base weapons are both hammers but the Cannibal is fun.
  • If survivors are dumb enough you can down two at once if they’re trying to heal each other or if they’re working on the same generator.

What Forbidden Bubba Excels In

  • Your chainsaw will be unstoppable and you’ll be able to just charge straight on forever as long as you don’t hit a wall or pallet.

Build details:

  • For perks go with Barbeque & Chili from the Cannibal to see survivors after you hook one, A Nurse’s Calling to see survivors that are healing from the Nurse.
  • The next two perks you need are Infectious Fright from the Plague to see survivors within your terror radius after you take a survivor down and lastly Monitor & Abuse to increase your terror radius and field of view
  • The two add-ons you’ll need are Iridescent Flesh to make your chainsaw charges recharge after hitting a survivor and making tantrum last much shorter, next take any add-on of your choice that helps kill those snot-nose survivors.


2. Insane New Bubba


This build is insane on Bubba and utilizes his tokens for his chainsaw so you can easily down survivors and win chases so they don’t escape.

  • The perks for this build are great for almost any killer but help Bubba because of his somewhat unreliable chases because of the slow he gets when charging his power.
  • Bubba’s Chainsaw is much stronger than Hillybilly’s chainsaw but it comes with its drawback when you charge it Bubba gets slowed down making chases much harder and come to a quick but unsatisfying end.

What Insane New Bubba Excels In

  • You’ll be able to use your chainsaw more with more swings and more tokens as they charge back quickly.
  • With this build, chases will be much more satisfying and survivors won’t be able to just jump a window or a ledge and escape.

Build details:

  • To make chases better you’ll need Bamboozle from the Clown, and Corrupt Intervention from the Plague to stop survivors from repairing generators as you hunt them and chop them down with Bubba’s Chainsaw
  • The next two perks you’ll need are Whispers, which is on all killer’s blood web, to find survivors much easier, and lastly Infectious Fright to see the aura of the other survivors after downing one of their friends.
  • For add-ons go with Depth Guage Rake to get more charges, this can be changed for others that offer the same effect but without the cost, and finally, Award-Winning Chili to increase your dash duration and the swing window of Bubba’s Chainsaw.


1. Best Bubba


This is the most well-rounded and strongest build on Bubba, the Cannibal, to give you the best chance to kill survivors in every game you play as Bubba.

  • This build is great because it capitalizes on the ’Cannibal’s strengths with his chainsaw while accounting for his drawbacks in chases because of the chainsaw’s slow effect.
  • For those who play as the Cannibal, you’ll understand how the chainsaw can sometimes be a hindrance so this build seeks to remedy this.

What Best Bubba Excels In

  • With these perks and add-ons, Bubba is a much more rounded and stronger killer that’s able to down survivors quickly and find them even faster.

Build details:

  • The first two perks for this great build are going to be Play With Your Food from the Shape to increase your movement speed, and next you’ll need Nemesis from the Oni to make Play With your Food much more reliable
  • The last two perks you’ll need are Enduring from the Hillbilly to make pallets not as effective and Spirit Fury from the Spirit to make them get destroyed if you get hit by them more than once which survivors love to do to Bubba because he’s so strong.
  • For add-ons go with Carburetor Tuning Guide to reduce your chainsaw charge times and lower the recharge time, also take the Beast Mark’s to increase the speed in your chainsaw swing and movement speed when using your chainsaw sweep.

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