[Top 15] Dead by Daylight Best Survivor Perks And Why They're Great

DbD Best Survivor Perks
Trapper and 3 survivors

Top 15 perks of survivors that are gonna make escape much easier

 We are going to take a closer look at the top 15 perks by the survivors.

Most of the perks by the survivors but top perks are so good that they can make a game very easy.


Very opportunistic perk

Power Struggle is a very situational perk that can make survivor escape or not use the perk in the whole game. People usually run this perk with other perks like Flip Flop.

Power Struggle is the newest perk in Dead by Daylight and is teachable of Elodie Rakoto. The best use of the perk is when you play with friends because it allows other people to stall for you and when you reach 25% wiggle status and killers carries you near a plank, the survivor can drop it and he is free. Use of the perk is unlimited but if a killer is smart, he is gonna try to avoid the pallets.

Why Power Struggle is great:

  • can be used multiple times
  • avoid the first hook

Full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Power_Struggle



One of the best clutch perks

Deliverance is a powerful perk that can be used to get unhooked by yourself. If you are a good player and you are hooked on the end, it can make your fellow survivor's life easier and you can make a great escape.

I would recommend using Deliverance with perk Decisive Strike and Unbreakable because it is the best combo with this perk. You need to unhook a fellow survivor safely so that perk activates. After you unhook yourself from the hook you have a broken status effect for 60 seconds which means you cant get healed.

It is a great perk to use it at the end of the game if doors are near you or if a killer is camping you and your friends or survivors don't have borrowed time.

Why Deliverance is great :

  • makes you unhook by yourself if your team cant unhook you
  • make camping by the hook harder for the killers

Full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Deliverance


best perk to use with SWF

Head-On is a very good perk to people who usually play with their friends and have voice communication between them. It is very common for teams that play together.

Head-On is a perk that makes killer the maddest when they get hit by it. Perk is used in that way that survivor needs to go into a locker and wait three seconds before it activates. When the killer comes near you, the survivor can hop out of the locker and stun the killer for three seconds but get 40s exhaustion timer.

People can use like saving people who are gonna get hooked and the killer walks by them, a killer is chasing a survivor and you hop into the locker and stun the killer. Perk is best used by people who play together.

The Head-On is great : 

  • makes killers angry
  • saving teammates who are getting hooked or by running near your locker 
  • funny moments when multiple people have the perk 

Full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Head_On


best beginner-friendly perk

Alert is one of the best for beginners. It is a teachable perk by survivor Feng Min.

The alert shows killer aura for 5 seconds when he kicks a generator or kicks a pallet. It is one of the most underrated perks in the whole game. To a new survivor, it provides information where the killer is chasing or which planks are gone.

I would recommend new survivors to equip this perk and use it so that they can learn where the pallets and gens usually spawn and also so that they don't run into the killer.

 Why Alert is great :

  • gives you information
  • helps new players
  • information about the killer location

Full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Alert


helps against slugging killers

Soul Guard is one of the best perks to help you against killers who slug. It is not really seen too much but when it works it saves you a lot of trouble.

Soul Guard activates after you get healed from dying state or you use perk Unbreakable to pick yourself up. When you get picked up you get and endurance status effect for 8 seconds which means you can take another hit but you have to mend after that. 

It is a really good perk because people rarely use it and it makes killers not down you immediately after you get up. After you get up you should still get to the pallet or a window.

Why Soul Guard is great :

  • gives you 1 extra hit after you get picked up
  • killers don't know that you have a perk until they hit you

Full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Soul_Guard

10. Prove Thyself

helps with gen rushing

Prove Thyself is a perk that comes from Dwight and has divide the community. It is very unpopular on the killer side.

The perk activates when two survivors are doing the same generator. Perk bosts the speed of almost everything by 15% if it is done by two survivors and one has the perk. Perk is great for people rushing gens and completing them very quickly.

Many killers hate the perk because of the speed boost on the generators that perk provides. Many people use it when they play with friends because you can always find your friend on the generator.

Why Prove Thyself is great :

  • makes every action quicker for 15%
  • makes gens go a lot quicker and killer can't really do anything do about it

Full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Prove_Thyself


can be used instead of Self-Care

Inner Strength is a great perk to use it as an alternative to the Self Care. 

it is the second perk that can make you have self-heal.

Inner strength is a perk that activates when a survivor cleanses a totem. When you are injured, just hop into a locker for 8 seconds and you are fully healed. It is a great perk to use if you don't want to use Self Care.

Many people run this perk but if other survivors cleanse other totems, you don't have an ability to heal yourself which makes many people rather choose Self Care.

Why Inner Strength is great :

  • don't have to rely on the teammates for healing
  • quick 8-second heal instead of the longer healing time

Full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Inner_Strength


can be paired with Urban Evasion

Iron Will is a perk that is used by a lot of survivors in high ranks. It is a great perk to pair with perk Urban Evasion.

Iron Will makes your grunts of pain and breathing 100% silent. Because of that is a great perk to counter people who play Spirit. Spirit can counter it by using Strider which amplifies grunts of pain. Great perk if a killer is heading into your way and you just hide. The killer is not gonna know you were there.

Urban Evasion is a great perk to go with Iron Will because of the way you can use that playstyle to sneak away.

Why Iron Will is great :

  • makes grunts of pain 100% silent
  • counters Spirit
  • makes your hiding easier

Full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Iron_Will


great combo with Decisive Strike

Unbreakable is a perk that is used by most skilled survivors. It prevents the killer from using slugging to much.

Unbreakable is a perk that can make survivors picked themself up with no help needed by any survivor. It also speeds up the recovery speed when you are downed for 35%. Perk can be only used once in the whole match but the pickup speed stays.

The perk is perfect for running against the killers like Nurse, Hillbilly, Cannibal and others who have one shoot potential.

Why Unbreakable is great :

  • speed of recovery is increased to 35%
  • you can pick yourself up
  • does wonders against killers who slug or have one shot ability

Full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Unbreakable


a great perk to play with friends

Adrenaline is a teachable perk from Meg Thomas and is widely used by people who play with friends. It is considered to be a very good perk but situational.

 Adrenaline lets you heal one state after all the gens have been completed. It also gives you a speed boost for 3 seconds but gives you an exhaustion status for 40 seconds.

 The perk is widely used by people who play together or in high tier ranks. It can really save you from a bad situation if the killer is chasing you at the end or he is letting you bleed on the floor.

 Why Adrenaline is great :

  • heals you at the end
  • saves you at the end if you are at the bad spot

Full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Adrenaline


best beginner perk

Self-Care is a great perk for all types of skilled survivors. It is an only perk that lets you self heal except for Inner Strength.

Self-Care is a perk that lets you heal at 50% of normal healing speed. It takes about 30 seconds but you can get healed by yourself and you don't have to rely on your teammates. It is a very good perk for survivors of all skill levels.

Self-Care is a great perk to run with other perks who can heal you faster like Botany Knowledge. Its time can be greatly extended if a killer has perks like Sloppy Butcher and other anti heal perks.

Why Self-Care is great :

  • lets you heal by yourself
  • other survivors do gens while you heal

Full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Self-Care


gives you another chance at chases

Dead Hard is a perk that I use very often and is a great perk and is also used by a lot of skilled survivors. It is a higher tier level perk for survivors who know how the game works so I wouldn't recommend it for beginners.

Dead Hard lets you avoid one hit after you are put into an injured state. It is used to reach pallets or windows. After you use the survivor has an exhaustion effect for 40 seconds.

It is a great perk but if you are going against high tier killers, they are gonna wait until last second until you use it so you should be timing it carefully.

Why Dead Hard is great :

  • lets you avoid one-hit
  • killers don't know you have the perk until you use it

Full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Dead_Hard


Best exhaustion perk in the game

Sprint Burst is the best exhaustion perk in the whole game. It is used by almost all survivors because it is so good.

Sprint Burst allows you to gain a 3-second speed buff after your character starts running. It can be used as a way to reach a jungle gym or a pallet. It can be denied by killers if they have exhaustion addons like Clown or Huntress. 

It is a great perk for all survivors but especially for the survivors who are new to the game and should unlock teachable as soon as possible.

Why Sprint Burst is great :

  • makes you avoid a hit
  • gives you a speed boost

Full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Sprint_Burst


can save survivors from killers who are camping

Borrowed Time is a great perk for people who play with friends or killer is camping one of the survivors.

Borrowed Time makes survivor who was hooked and is saved in a killer terror radius not easily downed. He can receive one more hit for 15 seconds and then the effect expired. If he is hit he needs to complete a mending action in 20 seconds after he was hit.

It is a great perk to use against killers who camp and gives your survivor another chance. But if they are stealthy killers or one-shot killers is still gonna be pretty hard to save.

Why Borrowed Time is great :

  • makes saves easier
  • denies camping from killers 

Full details: https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Borrowed_Time


Most OP perk used by survivors

Decisive Strike is a perk that makes killers the angriest and many people think that is overpowered.

Decisive Strike can give you stun on the killer if he picks you up after he hooked and time was under 60 seconds. It gives survivors second chance but it also gives killers a warning not to tunnel a person they just hooked.

Decisive Strike is also a perk that is a very good combination with Unbreakable. Many killers rather don't tunnel and go after a person who saved you or other survivors.

Why Decisive Strike is great :

  • makes killer not tunneling
  • saves you from the hook

Full details : https://deadbydaylight.fandom.com/wiki/Decisive_Strike


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