[Top 5] DbD Best Haddie Kaur Builds That Are Excellent

Haddie Kaur cleanses a Hex: Totem, crippling the Killer's related perk.

Haddie Kaur originated in the Dead by Daylight world as a character only mentioned in Tome chapters. The Indian podcaster was introduced into the game, psychic powers and all, in Chapter 24: Roots of Dread. While the perks introduced along with her character didn’t make a particularly large splash in the ever shifting tides of the survivor meta, her character design and backstory earned her fan favoritism and a fairly high pick rate. Loving Haddie Kaur? Here are some of the best builds to use with her.


5. Hide-and-Seek Champion Build

Haddie hides right next to a Dredge giving chase to another Survivor.

It’s hard to beat the satisfaction that accompanies seeing a Killer frantically searching for you while you crouch right under their nose three feet away. Especially if they just got a hit on you. This build takes away vital information Killers tend to rely on to track survivors down such as the heavy breathing, pained grunting, pools of blood, and scratch marks that follow them after losing that first health state. It gives Haddie an easy opportunity to run away and heal, find a generator to progress, or just tease the Killer by getting them to chase her all over again. 

What “Hide-and-Seek Champion” excels in:

  • Forces the Killer to spend precious time searching for Haddie which gives her teammates more time to heal, repair, or cleanse totems
  • Muffles Haddie’s grunts of pain and heavy breathing after taking a hit
  • Takes away the risk of performing “rushed” actions such as jumping into a locker or leaping over a pallet or window
  • Confuses Killers by crippling their tracking capabilities

Build Details: 

  • Quick and Quiet: Removes the loud noise notification for Killers when performing rushed actions over pallets, windows, or when entering lockers. It has a cooldown as low as 20 seconds long. All Haddie needs to make this perk effective is a small window of time when she is out of the Killer’s line of sight. Jump a window or hide in a locker and they’ll have to guess where she went, at best. They may even waste time checking other lockers which is just more time for Haddie to get away. 
  • Iron Will: Negates Haddie’s grunts of pain due to injury by up to 75%. This perk is not active while suffering from the Exhaustion effect. Taking at least one hit from the Killer is par for the course in this build so Iron Will will be active a large part of the time Haddie is injured. Grunts of pain are normally quite loud and tip off Killers to Haddie’s location so the huge volume reduction aids her quite a bit when trying to throw off the Killer’s tracking. 
  • Lucky Break: This perk activates for up to 60 seconds after Haddie is put into the Injured State. Killers cannot see Haddie’s scratch marks or her pools of blood while Lucky Break is active. Healing other survivors recharges Lucky Break by 1 second of activity for 1 second of healing. Combined with Iron Will, Lucky Break makes Haddie almost completely undetectable after taking an initial hit from the Killer. They cannot see or hear the usual indicators of Haddie’s presence for up to a whole minute. This is more than enough time to get out of the Killer’s line of sight and quietly hide in a locker with Quick and Quiet or to simply get plenty of distance between Haddie and the Killer. 
  • Overcome: Increases the duration of the natural burst of speed Survivors get from being hit by the Killer by 2 additional seconds. Haddie becomes exhausted afterward, however, for up to 40 seconds. Overcome is purely used to gain extra distance from the Killer after taking that first hit. Combined with the rest of the perks in the build, Haddie can take a hit, run a great distance away without leaving visual indicators, and hide. While she’s hiding, the exhaustion effect will dissipate and allow Iron Will to activate reducing her noise indicators. The Killer will have a very difficult time tracking her back down after that first hit.


4. Tunnel Me, Please



A Survivor runs toward the infamous Killer Shack to continue looping the Killer as they give chase.

Sometimes it’s in a Killer’s best strategic interest to tunnel a survivor out of the game. Sometimes they just get really angry. This build lets Haddie be the most frustrating kind of survivor to go up against. It’s designed to not only increase Haddie’s survivability through increased opportunities to stun the Killer but also to increase teammate’s survivability through hook sabotage and faster struggle speeds. 

What “Tunnel Me, Please” excels in:

  • Forces the Killer to be mindful of hook locations and where they down survivors on the map 
  • Invites lots of opportunities for survivors to escape the Killer’s grasp via struggling while being carried 
  • Makes it in the Killer’s better interest to focus on removing Haddie from the match or else deal with her antics throughout the match which takes focus off her teammates 

Build Details:

  • Saboteur: Allows Haddie to see the auras of hooks within 56 meters when the Killer picks up a downed survivor. Haddie can sabotage hooks without needing a toolbox in 2.5 seconds. If positioned properly during chases, Haddie can potentially destroy hooks nearest to the Killer while they’re carrying another teammate who is in the dying state. This gives that survivor more time to wiggle off the Killer’s shoulder and stun them briefly. 
  • Breakout: When Haddie is within 6 meters of a survivor being carried by the Killer, she gains up to 7% haste and the survivor’s wiggle speed is increased by 20%. When paired with Saboteur, she is already going to be near the fallen teammate in order to destroy hooks so it’s more likely Breakout will activate and stay active long enough for her teammate to wiggle off the Killer’s shoulder. 
  • Boil Over: When Haddie, herself, gets downed and picked up by the Killer, Boil Over activates and increases the effects of her struggling by up to 80%. If the Killer falls from a great height while carrying Haddie, the “wiggle meter” is filled 33% automatically. Killer’s also cannot see the auras of hooks within 16 meters while carrying Haddie. This perk serves to increase Haddie’s survivability as Killers will need to make sure hooks are close enough to where they put her into the Dying State so she can’t wiggle away. It also makes it riskier for the Killer to leave Haddie in the Dying State for too long as she can crawl further away from nearby hooks. 
  • Flip-Flop: When in the Dying State, 50% of Haddie’s recovery progression is converted into up to 50% of wiggle progression when the Killer picks her up. This is another anti-slug perk for Haddie as the longer she remains in the Dying State, the faster it will be for her to wiggle off the Killer’s shoulder. Combined with Boil Over, Haddie can almost be guaranteed to escape from being carried a large majority of the time.


3. End-Game Livesaver Build

The Entity's black claws shoot through the earth to devour any unfortunate soul left in the trial after the End-Game Collapse is complete.

End-game in Dead by Daylight can either be anti-climactic or downright game changing. Killers have plenty of end-game specific perks that activate only when all the generators are completed or the exit gates are powered in order to make a quick comeback and capitalize on survivors’ altruistic, “no one gets left behind” mindset. Luckily, Haddie can be equipped with a build to better ensure both her and her teammates survival in the timed, heart-racing end-game. 

What “End-Game Lifesaver Build” excels in:

  • Gives Haddie a boost in health and speed right when the final generator is powered on successfully which can help her escape harrowing situations
  • Haddie is able to save her hooked teammates and give them a means to escape even during the end-game
  • Allows Haddie to instantly get her teammate up from the Dying State or for them to take a hit that otherwise would have put them in the Dying State
  • Specialized to counter Killer perks that aid them in getting those end-game sacrifices 

Build Details: 

  • Adrenaline: Haddie instantly gains a health state back and sprints at 150% of her normal running speed for 5 seconds right after the final generator is repaired. This perk causes the Exhaustion effect which lasts for at least 40 seconds. Odds are, the Killer has done some sort of damage to you if it is late enough in the game for the last generator to be almost repaired. The additional health state can be a huge boon to Haddie’s survival especially if the Killer does have end-game specific perk’s such as Blood Warden. You’ll need all the health and speed you can get to survive that last little bit of time. 
  • For the People: Haddie can instantly heal a teammate one full health state without a medkit. She automatically becomes the Killer’s obsession and suffers from the Broken status effect for at least 60 seconds after using the perk. She can only use this perk if she is at full health. This perk is fantastic in the frequent situations where you come across a teammate in the Dying State but have little time to heal them normally. It’s also useful for injured teammates that may need to take a hit in order to gain more distance between themselves and the Killer. Combined with Adrenaline activating when the exit gates are powered, Haddie will likely have the full health needed to make it work. 
  • Borrowed Time: When Haddie rescues a teammate from a hook, they’re Endurance effect is extended by up to 10 seconds and their Haste is extended for 10 seconds. Several end-game perks for Killers make it easier for them to get survivors hooked late. Plus, sometimes tunneling injured players is more appealing for Killers than attempting to chase down a healthy survivor that late in the game. This perk allows Haddie to safely rescue teammates and gives them a window of time to put a great deal of distance between themselves and the Killer. 
  • No One Left Behind: Another perk that activates when the exit gates are powered, this perk increases Haddie’s unhooking and healing speeds by up to 50%. Unhooked survivors receive a 7% Haste effect for 10 seconds. Haddie can also see all other survivors’ auras while this perk is active. Altruistic actions grant additional bloodpoints as well. Yet another perk that helps tie a build together. No One Left Behind gives a much needed boost for end-game survivors to get those last minute unhooks and saves on their teammates.


2. Ultimate Team Player

A group of Survivors fearlessly heal their teammate under the Killer's red stain.

Surviving on your own is one thing, but helping to get your entire team out alive makes playing Survivor in Dead by Daylight all the more entertaining. It’s not easy though, especially if you’re playing with random people. Healing, repairing, and unhooking safely all require at least some semblance of coordination. This build makes use of ranged perks that can affect multiple teammates in the vicinity for healing and repairing. It also boasts a way to keep Haddie alive by keeping her hidden when the Killer would normally be able to see her aura and by giving her guaranteed stage one unhook potential. 

What “Ultimate Team Player” excels in:

  • Makes it easier to assist your teammates with little to no communication
  • Ranged healing offers small “safe havens” for survivors to return to for guaranteed healing
  • Rewards Haddie for staying close to her teammates for cooperative actions
  • Potentially guarantees Haddie will unhook herself the first time she is successfully hooked by the Killer
  • Offers her some security in staying hidden from the Killer’s aura revealing perks

Build Details:

  • Distortion: Haddie starts the trial with 3 tokens for this perk. If she would have been shown to the Killer due to an aura-revealing perk such as Barbecue and Chili, a token is consumed and for up to 10 seconds, the Killer will not be able to see Haddie’s aura or her scratch marks. Every 30 seconds spent inside the Killer’s terror radius replenishes one token for a maximum of 3. There are tons of perks available to Killers that reveal a survivor’s aura. Distortion allows Haddie to evade the effects of these perks and make a quick get-away without leaving scratch marks for a period of time. This is necessary for this build as Haddie needs to be able to travel the map while still staying near teammates.
  • Prove Thyself: Haddie’s repair speed is increased by 15% for each other survivor within 4 meters of her location to a maximum of 45%. This effect stacks if those survivors are also working on the same generator. Up to a 100% blood point bonus is granted to Haddie for cooperative actions. An extremely rewarding perk for survivors to stick together while repairing generators, Prove Thyself makes generator progression go by so much faster. The faster the gens fly, the faster Survivors can escape the trial. 
  • Boon: Circle of Healing: Haddie gains the ability to “bless” a totem and turn it into a “boon” totem. A bell chimes gently in a 24 meter radius around the totem. Survivors within the radius can heal themselves at a 50% rate without a medkit. General healing speeds while within the radius of the boon totem are increased by up to 50%. The auras of boon totems are visible to all survivors. Haddie is able to create a boon totem and leave it in one spot for herself and her teammates to return to for the guaranteed ability to heal. This allows her to continue to aid her teammates without having to stop whatever she is doing such as repairing generators, unhooking other teammates, or opening the exit gates. 
  • Deliverance: Upon being hooked for the first time, Haddie has a 100% chance to unhook herself. This induces the Broken status effect for at least 60 seconds after unhooking. This perk will not work unless Haddie has safely unhooked another survivor prior to getting hooked for the first time in the match. Oftentimes when playing with random people, you’ll find yourself stuck on a hook without anyone close enough to save you. Deliverance rewards an altruistic Haddie with a free self-unhook making it an even nicer fit to this build centered around taking care of your teammates. 


1. I Will Survive

Haddie Kaur blinds and stuns the Dredge for extra escape time.

Why fix what isn’t broken? Some perks have been a part of the meta for Survivors through numerous updates. That’s because they work. We’ve looked at builds specifically for helping teammates survive, builds to give the Killer a hard time, and builds designed for sneaking away from chases. This build is meant to get you through the exit gates as Haddie Kaur-simple as that. It’s all about playing to win. 

What “I Will Survive” excels in:

  • Enables long chases with the Killer if they target you, whether you’re an especially talented looper or not
  • Makes it much harder for the Killer to track your location after getting unhooked
  • Punishes Killers for attempting to tunnel you directly after getting unhooked
  • Potentially a major time-waster for Killers to chase you down
  • Offers a single, but powerful way to help your teammates out as well

Build Details:

  • Dead Hard: While injured, Haddie can activate the Endurance effect for 0.5 seconds and take an additional hit. She then suffers from the Exhausted status effect for at least 40 seconds and she cannot use this perk while already Exhausted. Dead Hard is an old favorite because it can mean the difference between Haddie going down or reaching a safe spot such as a pallet or a window. It does require a bit of experience with the timing to use effectively, but once mastered it often acts as a major “second chance” for Survivors to get the upper hand in a chase.
  • Borrowed Time: Upon Haddie unhooking a teammate, that teammate gains the Endurance effect for up to 10 seconds. Their Haste effect is also extended by 10 seconds. This build primarily focuses on Haddie’s survival, but this is a game best played with coordinated teamwork so a perk like Borrowed Time on reserve to keep a Killer from immediately downing teammates after an unhook is well worth the slot it takes up. Plus, the Endurance effect can be used for Haddie’s teammates to take a hit that may have been aimed at her instead granting her the opportunity to get more distance between herself and the Killer. 
  • Decisive Strike: Once Haddie is unhooked or manages to unhook herself, this perk activates for up to 60 seconds. During this time, Decisive Strike remains active as long as Haddie does not perform any actions. If the Killer picks her up while the perk is active, she’ll get to perform a skill check. If it’s successful, she is dropped immediately and the Killer is briefly stunned. This perk has helped deter tunneling for many updates and continues to do so. Veteran Survivors know the mindset of Killers and know how hard it can be for them to give up the hit on an already injured Survivor and how it’s even harder to leave them on the ground for a full minute. They count on this mindset to get better distance between themselves or their teammates and the Killer or simply to waste the Killer’s precious time while generators are being repaired. 
  • Off the Record: This perk activates for up to 80 seconds after Haddie is unhooked or escapes a hook herself. During this time, the Killer cannot see her aura, she gains the Endurance effect, and her grunts of pain from being injured are suppressed entirely. Off the Record is de-activated once the exit gates are powered. A major buff to this perk has landed it in meta territory. It’s essentially Dead Hard, Borrowed Time, and Iron Will rolled into one timed perk. The only caveat is its method of activation. This perk is more of a way for Haddie to get far away from the Killer after getting unhooked and recuperating. Odds are, even if the Killer is targeting her for some reason, Haddie will be able to get far enough away without being heard or after taking a hit via Endurance that they’ll have to move on.  


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