[Top 5] Dead by Daylight Best Addons For Every Killer

Best DbD Killer Addons
An extensive list for the iconic horror game of DbD

[Top 5] Dead by Daylight Best Addons For Every Killer

In the bloodthirsty game of Dead by Daylight, your objective as the Killer is no mystery: Take down the Survivors swiftly and brutally. But said objective is easier said than done! Not to fear, a guide to addons is here for any struggling killers who want a quick and easy rundown of what to bring, no matter the Killer.


1. The Trapper

While he may suffer from being a bit outdated, the Trapper can still be quite the intimidating foe with the right add ons! His power is all about herding Survivors into his traps and brutally punishing them for their obliviousness. He is best suited with addons that increase pressure and allow the Trapper easy setup.

  • Trapper Sack: A crude leather sack suitable for foraging. All Bear Traps are carried at the beginning of the Trial instead of spawning throughout the Trial Grounds. The Trapper is unable to pick up Bear Traps once placed
    • One of Trapper’s hardest obstacles you’ll face is his need to physically pick up his power, or traps. It is incredibly time consuming and more often than not, traps will spawn in places you’d never need to go as a Killer. This addon swiftly takes care of that problem. The downside may seem scary, but if you have a good idea on how Survivors utilize different game tiles and structures, you won’t need to worry about replacing your traps. And if it really is too scary, try saving at least one trap in your hand or use the yellow version of this addon, trapper bag!
  • Honing Stone: When used with the Bear Trap, the Honing Stone sharpens its blades. The razor-sharp blades inflict deep wounds aimed at bleeding the victim as fast as possible. Survivors caught in a Bear Trap, who free themselves, are inflicted with the Dying State
    • This addon is great at being a complete win-win! Typically a downside of your traps are that they can only ever inflict one level of damage, and if an injured Survivor steps in one, they basically suffer no loss. However, this addon can create some serious panic in the Survivors, as now you either have a second Survivor pushed off a gen or other objective to free their teammate, or a free down. The only downside is that you may possibly not get much use out of this if you were chasing the trapped Survivor anyways, so I would suggest that if you do run this addon, remember to lay some traps where Survivors might not expect!
  • Fastening Tools: A specialized set of tools used to fasten Bear Traps to ensure their effectiveness. Increases the Bear Trap Rescue and Escape times by +25%. Increases the Bear Trap Setting speed by +50%.
    • A lot of benefits fit into one addon slot is always a plus for a killer like Trapper. What’s even better about Fastening Tools is they don’t have a downside like most loaded addons, so never be afraid to slap it on your build!
  • Secondary Coil: A secondary coil keeps the Bear Trap functional in times when the primary coil becomes unusable. Increases the Bear Trap Disarm time by +50%.
    • This is a nice addon to have in your casual build. It’s almost inevitable as a Trapper that Survivors are bound to disarm your traps, so the least you can do is waste a bit more of their time. I recommend pairing this addon with another that inflicts some sort of status onto the disarming Survivor if you want more value out of it, but it also shines just fine on its own!
  • Iridescent Stone: Bear Traps sharpened with the sickly gleaming Iridescent Stone seem to gain a life of their own. Every 30 seconds, a randomly chosen disarmed Bear Trap is automatically reset and armed
    • This is another addon that can help save you much needed time. Iridescent Stone often catches Survivors off guard, whether it be vaulting a window they thought was safe, getting trapped in the middle of booning a totem, and other possibilities. I recommend using this with Trapper Sack however, as having a useless trap arm itself across the map instead of where all the action is happening can be understandably frustrating.


2. The Wraith

The Wraith is an excellent choice for players of any experience, with a very simple to understand power and strategies. He excels at getting the jump on ignorant Survivors and applying pressure through quick hit-and-runs. While he does have a good amount of addons to aid in his base power, he also has a few that can make for quite a different playstyle than your average Wraith! You’ll find he plays best when using stealth and speed addons.

  • “The Ghost” - Soot: The Khugwemuu symbol, representing the spirit world, is finger-drawn out of soot on the body of the Bell. Continues to suppress the Terror Radius and the Red Stain of The Wraith for 6 seconds after uncloaking
    • Don’t be fooled by this addon’s low rarity as it can actually be one of his strongest! When paired with the Coxcombed or Bone Clapper, the Wraith can become a terrifyingly stealthy killer. This build can even fool some of the most experienced players, and it’s personally one of my favorites to run!
  • Bone Clapper: A Bell clapper made from a highly polished piece of bone. Causes the sounds of the Wailing Bell to echo and warp chaotically. Survivors are unable to discern distance and direction of the Wailing Bell's tolls
    • While not completely silencing the bell as its iridescent counterpart, the Bone Clapper can actually be more effective in confusing Survivors. Some survivors may go running when you’re nowhere near them, and others might sit on a generator thinking they’re safe as you’re right behind them!
  • “Swift Hunt” - Blood: The Kuntin-Takkho symbol, representing a rapid descent on a prey, is stamped in blood on the body of the Bell. Reduces Uncloaking time by -12%
    • This addon is possibly the hit-and-run Wraith’s favorite, as it allows the player to get right back into chase after following a Survivor cloaked. It might also save you precious time to get a grab or stop a heal! If you are going for the mentioned playstyle, I recommend bringing one of the “Blink” addons as well.
  • “Windstorm” - Blood: The Ohuwe-Onmnea symbol, representing a howling storm, is stamped in blood on the body of the Bell. Increases Cloaked Movement Speed by +9%
    • This one will make you feel like you’re going Blight speeds! You can generally add this to any build of your choice, as it really only makes your job easier on all accounts. Whether it’s to catch up in chase or interrupt a generator, this addon turns the Wraith into something even more deadly.
  • “All Seeing” - Blood: The Kra-Frabai symbol, representing the Entity watching over us, is stamped in blood on the head of the Bell. Unlocks hidden potential in The Wraith's Aura-reading ability: When cloaked, the Auras of Survivors are revealed to you within 8 meters of your location
    • If you want to become the pinnacle of stealth, try this on for size! Say goodbye to any aura perks taking up your slots, cause this addon basically gives you all of those perks for free. And you won’t have to worry about missing any sneaky Survivors hiding in a bush right next to you…


3. The Hillbilly

Still one of the greats in my heart, the Hillbilly is all about mobility. His chainsaw allows him to reach great distances in the nick of time as well as down any Survivors in his way. And trust me, a chainsaw barreling towards you is not a good last sight to see…

  • Doom Engravings: Engravings found on the Chainsaw body representing the dark beast that lives in the Fog. Fills the user with determination. Increases the Movement speed during a Chainsaw Sprint by +20%. Reduces the Heat gained from charging the Chainsaw by -14%. Increases the Charge time of the Chainsaw by +12%.
    • Considering the pros of this addon, the downsides can be pushed aside. Whether it’s a Survivor, hook or generator you’re aiming for, it’ll feel so nice to feel like you’re there in the blink of an eye.
  • Death Engravings: Engravings found on the Chainsaw body counting the amount of lives it took. Fills the user with determination. Increases the Movement speed during a Chainsaw Sprint by +15%. Reduces the Heat gained from charging the Chainsaw by -14%. Increases the Charge time of the Chainsaw by +12%.
    • Do be warned, taking this addon on its own isn’t that good of an idea as it has the same downside as the Doom Engravings with less payback. However, stacking it with the aforementioned addon makes for what feels like an inescapable Hillbilly. He’s here, he’s there, he’s right behind you!
  • Mother’s Helpers: A small number of caffeine pills found in Evelyn Thompson's purse. Side effects include nervousness and irritability. Reduces the Charge time of the Chainsaw by -18% for 30 seconds after being stunned by a Pallet
    • This addon does happen to be a bit situational, but with the right anti-pallet build, it can quickly become something mortifying. Picture this: Survivor slams a pallet on you, not expecting Spirit Fury to crush their one barrier, and they realize they’ve done screwed up as you’re immediately charged up to one-shot them. Ah, sounds like paradise…
  • Dad’s Boots: A pair of trusty boots, pulled from the corpse of Max Thompson Senior. Increases the Turn speed during the Chainsaw Sprint by +28%.
    • This one is just a nice quality of life addon to add to your build. It can certainly help for any surprise or speedy Billy builds, but it’s also fine on its own! I do not recommend beginner players depend on this though as playing Hillbilly without this addon will be difficult to adjust to.
  • Lopro Chains: Light chains that decrease the weight of the Chainsaw, allowing for greater maneuverability. Allows you to continue the chainsaw sprint after breaking a pallet or breakable wall with the chainsaw. Reduces the pallet stun duration by -50%. Survivors hit with the Chainsaw within 5 seconds of breaking a Pallet or a Breakable Wall are only damaged for a single health state.
    • Like Enduring + Spirit Fury bundled up with a pretty little bow, Lopro Chains feels like a gift from the Entity. A neat bonus of this addon is that if you just want to break the pallet and not keep sprinting, it’s actually faster to cancel your chainsaw with this addon than not having it at all! Of course, the single health state nerf can alter your game by quite a bit, but if you’re confident in your chasing abilities it’s worth the consideration. It also compliments most of the other addons listed previously for Hillbilly, so go ahead and try them out!


4. The Nurse

Though I doubt she needs any introduction, the Nurse is known as possibly the most powerful killer in the game. She ignores any walls or pallets as she “blinks,” or teleports across the realm. And if you really want to spice her up, these addons should give you the most bang for your buck!

  • Kavanagh’s Last Breath: A powerful last breath snatched from Crotus Prenn Asylum Orderly Harvey Kavanagh, the "Fat Orderly". In the hands of The Nurse, it wobbles with intensity. Increases the maximum range of the Blink by +6 meters. Increases the Charge time of the Blink by +30%. Increases the duration of the Blink by +30%.
    • Not only does this addon maximize the Nurse’s already fantastic mobility, but the other great news is that it won’t mess with your muscle memory! The key thing about this Killer is that depending on how long you charge your blink, it will also determine how far you go. All this addon does is add extra time you can hold it, so it won’t feel off kilter at all.
  • Heavy Panting:The slow and bulging breath stolen from the "Fat Orderly" Kavanagh. Dimly oscillates at The Nurse's touch. Increases the maximum range of the Blink by +4 meters. Increases the Charge time of the Blink by +20%. Increases the duration of the Blink by +20%.
    • This addon is identical to Kavanagh’s Last breath except for some adjustments to the numbers. You can pair them up or just use one, still getting great value from either!
  • Torn Bookmark: A white and pristine piece of ribbon once attached to a sacred book. Serves as the symbol of a dispute. Increases available Power Tokens by +1 Token. Increases the Power Recharge time by +50%.
    • As I’ve mentioned, the Nurse is a force to be reckoned with on her own, but if you need the extra help, or want to doom your enemies even more, an extra blink can come in handy. Though the extra recharge time can look daunting, the payoff of this addon is priceless.
  • Fragile Wheeze: The whistling and rattling breath stolen from Father Campbell. Silently curves and bends at The Nurse's touch. Reduces the Power Token Recharge time by -0.6 seconds per Token
    • Fragile Wheeze is really effective for helping you catch that Survivor right after you barely missed them. It can be frustrating seeing them run off after you just almost landed a perfect hit, so reducing that wait time can be really beneficial!
  • Campbell’s Last Breath: A powerful last breath snatched from Crotus Prenn Asylum Priest Father Campbell. In the hand of The Nurse, it crackles with intensity. Immediately Blink at half-charge in the direction The Nurse is facing after reappearing from a fully charged Blink.
    • This is quite a tricky one if you’re unfamiliar with it, but all this addon does is push you a little farther after a fully charged blink and consumes your second token. This can definitely lead to some surprising advantages, such as being able to turn mid blinks to catch a dodging Survivor. A small tip would be that if you don’t want to engage the half blink, just make sure that you don’t charge your first blink all the way!


5. The Shape

One of the most infamous staples of both Dead by Daylight and horror itself, Michael Myers makes the player experience feel just like a slasher film! He plays slowly and stealthily, stalking Survivors until he’s built up enough Evil Within to down them with one fatal swing! As magnificent as that sounds on paper, he does also suffer from being one of the more outdated killers, so here’s some addons that can put the bloodthirst back in his step!

  • Dead Rabbit: A gray rabbit which has been opened from neck to tail. Reduces The Shape's Terror Radius by -25% while in Evil Within II. Increases The Shape's Terror Radius by +25% while in Evil Within III
    • This addon helps Myers retain that stealth he’s most known for! Survivors will practically never notice you coming, especially on indoor maps. The Tier III effect won’t really act as a downside, but don’t expect it to be nearly as useful as the Tier II effect either as Survivors will typically know where a Tier III Myers is anyways. So you can go ahead and consider Dead Rabbit just for its first effect!
  • J. Myers Memorial: A glossy page ripped from the 1965 Haddonfield High School yearbook, one dedicated to the memory of Judith Myers. Increases the Stalk rate by +25%
    • Out of the three stalk rate addons, J. Myers Memorial is your best option in terms of value. It’s useful for both getting out of your mostly useless Tier I and getting into Tier III faster than Survivors can prepare for!
  • Fragrant Tuft of Hair: A tuft of blond hair which was forcefully torn off someone's scalp. Releases hints of feminine floral fragrance. Grants unlimited duration to Evil Within III. Increases the amount of Evil required to reach Evil Within III for the first time by +200%
    • This is a big risk-reward sort of addon, but if you have some experience as Killer you do have the chance of making this one really shine! The penalty is quite hefty if you can’t pull it off in time, so don’t expect this addon to give you a free win. That being said, Fragrant Tuft of Hair in full effect will genuinely put you back into your favorite slasher flick!
  • Hair Bow: A blue tartan ribbon used to tie hair. Increases the duration of Evil Within III by +30 seconds. Increases the amount of Evil required to reach Evil Within III for the first time by +50%
    • Hair Bow is a really valuable addon that pays more back and takes less from you than others with similar functions. That may seem weird considering one of those counterparts is of purple rarity, but rest assured that penalty is much too egregious compared to what Hair Bow can do for you.
  • Mirror Shard: A large and sharp piece of a broken mirror. The Auras of Survivors, who have been stalked for at least 1 second while in Evil Within II, are revealed for 5 seconds.
    • This addon has great potential for some support during chase! It can really come in clutch when you’re just on the verge of Tier III and need to secure this one down, and now you’ll know for sure where they’re headed. I should mention if it’s not made clear by the addon description that this will only work in Tier II as you physically cannot stalk Survivors in Tier III, so be sure to keep that in mind.


6. The Hag

The Hag is a peculiar but damning choice of Killer depending on how the player uses her traps. She has a wide variety of strategies to choose from, and can even be completely altered by a few specific addons. Her traps can be used for stealth, pressure, confusion and more, and no Survivor wants to deal with a Hag who knows how to use them!

  • Rusty Shackles: Shackles once used to hold prisoners and carcasses in the cannibal village cellar. The trapped life essence within unlocks tremendous potential in The Hag's power. Tripped Phantasm Traps do not spawn a Mud Phantasm. Tripped Phantasm Traps do not give any indication of having been tripped to Survivors.
    • This addon makes for a terrifying Hag! It’s great for punishing unaware Survivors and sneaking around, allowing for some very interesting builds on this killer. A downside for a regular Hag player however is that you will have to switch up your playstyle if you place your traps with the intent of scaring off Survivors, but once you can shift your mindset, Rusty Shackles will be all in your favor.
  • Dried Cicada: A large swamp cicada covered in a fine layer of ash; crispy. Devoured to increase stamina. Increases the Phantasm Trap's Teleportation range by +30%
    • Adding this to your traps near guarantees you can teleport from any spot on the map. I don’t recommend heavily relying on it if you’re just starting out, but if you have any particular pressure builds in mind, this can help you out a lot as Hag!
  • Dragonfly Wings: A handful of yellowish wings, dry and crisp. Devoured to increase stamina. Increases the Phantasm Trap's Teleportation range by +25%
    • This addon is effectively a lesser version of Dried Cicada, but it still accomplishes an impressive feat and can work wonders if you pair them together!
  • Willow Wreath: Three frail willow branches attached to form a triangular wreath. The Auras of Survivors tripping a Phantasm Trap are revealed to The Hag for 5 seconds
    • Willow Wreath can be great support during chases, and is the best option of the Wreath addons. In situations where a Survivor can either vault the pallet into you or stay on the side with your trap, it can help you figure out which side they’re settling on.
  • Mint Rag: A small piece of cotton torn from the dress worn by Lisa Sherwood on the day she disappeared. The trapped life essence within unlocks tremendous potential in The Hag's power. Grants The Hag the ability to teleport to any untripped Phantasm Trap at will. Mint Rag applies a cool-down of 15 seconds to teleports between un-tripped Phantasm Traps. This cool-down does not extend to regular teleports to tripped Phantasm Traps.
    • This is another addon that should really only be used by more seasoned Hag players. A bad habit you’ll need to ignore when using it is spamming the teleport button as you would normally do. But if you’re really up for the challenge, you’ll need to design your web carefully and critically to get the most value out of your traps. If you can do that, Mint Rag works wonders in terms of pressure!


7. The Doctor

The Doctor is the king of paranoia, using every tool he has to pressure Survivors into defense mode every single second. He can use his Static Blast to easily track Survivors before punishing them with his Shock Therapy, blocking them from any chance of escape! If you want to play an overbearing, terrifying character, Mr. Carter is a safe bet.

  • Iridescent Queen: A glass-like queen chess piece molded from The Fog itself. It cannot be touched without receiving a considerable jolt of electricity. Any Survivor struck by the Shock Therapy or Static Blast Attack acquires a lingering Static Charge. The Static Charge remains with the Survivor until it is discharged. Any time a Survivor is within 4 meters of a Survivor carrying a Static Charge, both receive a shock identical to a Shock Therapy Attack and the Static Charge is discharged immediately. If Survivors are within 4 meters of one another when being struck by the same Shock Therapy or Static Blast Attack, they do not acquire a Static Charge.
    • To put it short, this addon does the work of shocking Survivors for you. They will passively shock each other, delaying their abilities to heal, work on generators and other tasks without you needing to even be near them. Iridescent Queen does so much in your favor without requiring any setbacks, making it a good one for any build you run!
  • Iridescent King: A glass-like king chess piece molded from The Fog itself. The Entity's trace reverberating within can break the most powerful minds. Survivors with Madness suffer from all available Afflictions: Calm, Discipline, Order, and Restraint. Survivors intermittently hear a distant Illusionary Terror Radius. During a Chase, Survivors perceive an Illusionary Red Stain and Terror Radius as though The Doctor were directly behind them. This effect persists for 6 seconds after the Chase ends in Madness II and is constantly active in Madness III. Broken Pallets have a chance to become replaced with Illusionary Pallets that persist until approached. Every 20 seconds, a new Illusionary Pallet is generated at the location of a random Broken Pallet. Increases the Illusionary Doctor duration by +6 seconds. The Doctor shares in his patients' Madness in order to see the various Afflictions, including the Auras of Illusionary Pallets and Doctors.
    • This addon has a little bit of everything built into it! If you’re feeling indecisive about what specific affliction you want to build off of, the Iridescent King can act as an umbrella for all of them in small amounts! A big, big warning however that this addon does not stack afflictions with other addons, so I advise you pair it either with the Iridescent Queen or a range addon.
  • “Order” - Carter’s Notes: An experimental version of the ECT procedure, annotated by Doctor Herman Carter himself. The long, constant stimulus leaves the patient in a state of severe confusion. Reduces Cool-down duration of Static Blast by -6 seconds. Survivors with Madness suffer from the Affliction of Order: Broken Pallets have a chance to become replaced with Illusionary Pallets that persist until approached. Every 20 seconds, a new Illusionary Pallet is generated at the location of a random Broken Pallet. The Doctor shares in his patients' Madness in order to see the Illusionary Pallets.
    • This might be a bit of a biased choice, but I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve seen Survivors fall for the fake pallets- myself included. Might be a bit situational, but there are certain builds that can turn this into both an effective and hilarious effect. The cool-down reduction is nice too to keep Survivors’ madness right where you want ‘em.
  • “Calm” - Carter’s Notes: An experimental version of the ECT procedure annotated by Doctor Herman Carter himself. Uses a deep wavelength that soothes various mental illnesses. With Carter's Spark as its source, this procedure causes uncontrollable fear and anxiety in the patient. Increases The Doctor's Terror Radius while Static Blast is ready by +8 meters. Reduces The Doctor's Terror Radius while Static Blast is on Cool-down by -8 meters. Survivors with Madness suffer from the Affliction of Calm: Madness II: Survivors intermittently hear a distant Illusionary Terror Radius. Madness III: Survivors constantly hear a distant Illusionary Terror Radius.
    • This addon acts as one of the best panic inducers in the Doctor’s kit. Added to the confusing fake terror radius, you get the bonus of a shifting terror radius depending on when it is needed. One of the known downsides of Doctor is that he can be difficult to apply stealth to, but this addon measures that problem out!
  • “Discipline” - Carter’s Notes: Project Awakening ECT procedure for disciplinary action, annotated by Doctor Herman Carter himself. The intolerably high voltage leaves the patient in a severe state of paranoia. Reduces the Detonation delay of Shock Therapy by -0.3 seconds. Survivors with Madness suffer from the Affliction of Discipline: Madness II: During a Chase, Survivors perceive an Illusionary Red Stain and Terror Radius as though The Doctor were right behind them. This effect persists for 6 seconds after the Chase ends. Madness III: Survivors constantly perceive an Illusionary Red Stain and Terror Radius as though The Doctor were right behind them. The Doctor shares in his patients' Madness in order to see the Illusionary Red Stain.
    • This addon works wonders as it helps pressure Survivors when they’re both in and out of chase with you! They’re confused as to where you are and when they’re actually safe, allowing you to either spook them or let them run wild without you lifting a finger. The Detonation delay can also come in clutch as well, making chase even easier if you’re using your shocks correctly!


8. The Huntress

Possibly the most balanced Killer currently in Dead by Daylight, we have the mighty Huntress. Her hatchets are easy to learn and adjust with addons to fit whatever playstyle you wish, and her lullaby makes for great pressure against Survivors as they’ll always be playing a guessing game as to where she is.

  • Oak Haft: A polished haft which allows for a quick and sly manipulation of the deadly tool. Reduces Cool-down duration in-between Hatchet Throws by -20%
    • Ah, the infamous addon responsible for the nickname, “Machine-Gun-Huntress.” This addon is effective for both solo chases and hitting multiple Survivors at once. Combining this with one of her wind up addons is especially deadly!
  • Infantry Belt: A sturdy utility belt pillaged from a soldier. Its multiple leather loops and holsters are useful to transport tools. Start the Trial with 2 additional Hatchets. Grants the ability to carry 2 additional Hatchets
    • The belt addons are great additions on any Huntress build! Similar to the Trapper, Huntress does suffer a bit from having to reload her hatchets, so this will help relieve you of some of that struggle.
  • Leather Loop: This leather strip tied into a loop can be attached to a belt to allow easy transportation of tools. Start the Trial with 1 additional Hatchet. Grants the ability to carry 1 additional Hatchet
    • Half as helpful as the Infantry belt, but still a worthy choice! If you’re out of the mentioned addon or want to increase its abilities, Leather Loop is still worth the slot.
  • Flower Babooshka: A clean and colorful handkerchief adorned with a flower pattern. This memory of a lost little one fills The Huntress with rage and focus. Reduces Wind-up time by -12%
    • Do be advised, both this addon and the one below it are not recommended for baby Huntresses. Once you’ve gotten familiar with her hatchets, playing around with these addons makes it feel like you’re shooting at mach speeds! Survivors have little time to react to the reduced wind up, confusing them and giving you more pressure during chases or pushing them off generators.
  • Manna Grass Braid: A circular decorative braid made from manna grass. This memory of a lost little one fills The Huntress with rage and focus. Reduces Wind-up time by -8%
    • As mentioned above, this addon is great for forcing the Survivors to think fast. If you really want to give them the spooks, stacking this and Flower Babooshka will definitely fit the bill!


9. The Cannibal

Another classic staple of horror right here in the fog, the Cannibal truly incentivises a sense of helplessness into cornered Survivors. With a chainsaw that can feel impossible to outrun and knack for knocking down several Survivors in one swing, Bubba is very punishing to those who stick together or run out of shelter.

  • The Beast's Marks: Jagged marks cover the chainsaw’s body, punishment from the dark beast that lives in the fog. Memories of violent reprimands fill its holder with fear of failure. Increases the movement speed during a chainsaw dash by 3%. Increases the charge time of bubba’s chainsaw by 12%.
    • This addon is amazing at catching Survivors off guard with his speed. As long as you cut those corners just right on loops, chances are the other side won’t have time to drop a pallet or run away fast enough. I recommend pairing this with one of the chilis or its yellow counterpart!
  • Award-winning Chili: A big bowl of spicy chili made famous thanks to prime meat. Increases the duration of the chainsaw dash and chainsaw dash window by +0.5 seconds.
    • Both chili addons are incredibly effective at instilling that helpless feeling into your victims. Chances are that no matter where the Survivor runs, you will catch them with this addon. 
  • Chili: A big bowl of steaming chili to keep you fresh and strong. Increases the duration of the chainsaw dash and the chainsaw dash window by +0.25 seconds.
    • As mentioned above, this addon makes chases go impossibly quick as Survivors scramble for some sort of safety against your Chainsaw. And paired together? They’ve got nowhere to run.
  • Primer Bulb: Pumps more gas in the ignition system to ensure a quick and powerful start. Reduces the token recharge time by -1 second.
    • This addon saves precious time for the Cannibal! When you need to catch up with a particularly elusive Survivor or just had to waste a charge on a pallet, this can be the one addon that saves your skin.
  • Iridescent Flesh: A thin slice of smooth, young flesh. The veins shimmer with luminescent glow, as if life still flows within. Replenishes all tokens when hitting a Survivor with Bubba’s chainsaw. Limits the maximum duration of the tantrum to 5 seconds
    • Speaking of skin! This addon makes it feel like you could go on chainsawing for forever, and is especially punishing against Survivors who are bundled up. It also has good synergy with many of his other addons!


10. The Nightmare

A terrifying killer on the screen, but… not so much in the gaming scene. While he isn’t weak by any means, Freddy’s power can seem a bit underwhelming compared to his actual character. Still, here’s the best addons I can provide to give this Killer a proper makeover!

  • Red Paint Brush: A large paint brush, wet with crimson paint. Causes all Survivors to start the Trial inside the Dream World. Survivors are unable to wake themselves up by failing skill checks.
    • The early game value of this addon is nothing to be brushed aside. It’s even more powerful with its second effect, forcing them to leave objectives to wake themselves up! It also has great synergy with his other skillcheck focused addons if you’re looking for that kind of build.
  • Blue Dress: A little girl’s pale blue dress with white lace which;s front is ruined by large cuts. Survivors inside the dream world suffer from the following effects: Increases the regression penalty of failed repairing and healing skill checks by +4%. The auras of Survivors failing these skill checks are revealed for 4 seconds.
    • The dress addons have a rare quirk that most killers aren’t offered, which is addons that actually affect generators and healing! Any interruption to these big Survivor objectives is always appreciated in the race against time of Dead by Daylight.
  • Green Dress: A little girl’s green dress with a silky white ribbon. Survivors inside the dream world suffer from the following effects: Increases the regression penalty of failed repairing and healing skill checks by +4%. The auras of Survivors failing these skill checks are revealed for 3 seconds.
    • As previously mentioned, both dress addons have significant value to the Nightmare. The aura bonus is also appreciated if you’re looking for people and they happen to be healing right around the corner!
  • Paint Thinner: A tin of highly volatile and inflammable material. Replaces dream snares with dream pallets. Grants 7 dream tokens. The auras of Survivors interacting with dream pallets are revealed for 6 seconds.
    • This is the best of the dream pallet addons, and offers a very hilarious effect when it works. It also has excellent synergy with other of his high tier addons!
  • Class Photo: A large photograph taken at Badham Preschool showing the cheerful class of ‘94-95. Causes every generator to spew blood while channeling dream projection and suppresses the Husk. The Nightmare is unable to cancel dream projection once initiated.
    • This is a great addon to enforce pressure on Survivors, especially when combined with the perk Dead Man’s Switch! Unfortunately, the downside of this addon can feel rather punishing, but if you find a way to make it work, it can save some valuable time.


11. The Pig

A killer aided by both stealth and pressure built into her kit, the Pig is quite the punishing foe to careless Survivors. On her own, she is unfortunately not the strongest of the bunch, but she does have a few addons that can manipulate the game in her favor significantly.

  • Amanda’s Letter: A blackmailing letter for the attention of Amanda. Fills the reader with rage and focus. When crouched, the auras of all Survivors within 16 meters are revealed to you. Reduces available reverse bear traps by -2 traps.
    • Typically, Pig players are crouched more often than not during matches, especially when creeping up on Survivors. It aids both in ambushes and chases that are vital in keeping pressure throughout the game.
  • Jigsaw’s Annotated Plan: A disturbing, yet brilliant, trap design laid down on paper and annotated by Jigsaw. Increases available reverse bear traps by +1. Each time a generator is completed, the death timer of all active reverse bear traps is reduced by -10 seconds. Increases the default death timer duration by +10 seconds.
    • This addon has been listed higher than its purple counterpart because its bonuses are far more valuable than the other’s aura reading bonus. It is able to lure Survivors into a false sense of security and, of course, gives you an extra trap- always handy!
  • Crate of Gears: This collection of mechanical parts allows the creation of extra-challenging Jigsaw boxes and reverse Bear traps are easier to install. Increases the attaching speed of reverse bear traps by +50%. Decreases the Search speed of Jigsaw boxes by -25%.
    • The delay of searches is imperative for slow down during the match. If it doesn’t immediately sound appealing, remember that each search is longer with every box a Survivor interacts with. It does require a bit of luck on your side, but no matter what it costs precious time that could be used for generators.
  • Last Will: A latched wooden box with a satin lining, offered as part of a last will. Increases movement speed during an ambush dash by +6%. Increases the charge time of Ambush dash by +33%.
    • Another good addon to help in chases, Last Will can help you reach that extra inch that wouldn’t be available without it. It’s especially good for slashing Survivors right before they can vault a window or save a teammate!
  • Combat Straps: Leather straps that hold fabric in place for nimbler movement. Increases the crouch state Transitioning speed by 30%.
    • Combat Straps seems seriously underrated as, again, ambushes and stealth plays are some of the most important tools in the Pig’s belt, so anything to help her get the jump more effectively will reward you in game.


12. The Clown

With an incredible backstory but unfortunately disappointing power, the Clown is a Killer in dire need of some buffs. Luckily there are a few addons that can revive our killer clown into a proper force of nature against Survivors. With just a few tweaks to his intoxicating and invigorating bottles, he can swiftly end chases and delay his opponents from reaching their goal.

  • Redhead’s Pinkie Finger: A prized pinkie finger of a redhead. Faintly fragrant. Tastes of potpourri and varnish. Survivors hit directly with the bottle suffer from the exposed status effect for as long as they are Intoxicated. Reduces available bottles by -2 bottles.
    • Now you’re gonna need some mastered precision to get this addon to work, but once you have that, this addon is going to save you a lot of time in chase. And that’s not just because of the targeting requirement, because if you don’t also bring one of his bottle addons listed below, you’ll be short on your only ammunition!
  • Cheap Gin Bottle: The only remnant of a cheap good time and one hell of a headache. Start the trial with 2 additional bottles. Grants the ability to carry 2 additional bottles.
    • Extra bottles are much needed for a Killer on the weaker side like the Clown, especially if you haven’t had much practice throwing them yet. 
  • Cigar box: A grim and incomplete collection of fingers. Fills the clown with longing and focuses his chemical crafting abilities. Any invigorated player sees the auras of all other players within a radius of 16 meters.
    • I should note here that “any invigorated player” includes both the Killer and the Survivors. It may sound useless with that caveat, but experienced Clowns know how to get use of their yellow bottles without letting Survivors reap the benefits as well. Once you master that control, this becomes an efficient information addon for your trials!
  • Sticky Soda Bottle: An empty bottle, stick with dried sugar and blood. Start the trial with 1 additional bottle. Grants the ability to carry 1 additional bottle.
    • A good substitute if you’re out of Gin Bottle addons, and as mentioned before, goes very well with the Redhead’s Pinkie Finger!
  • Bottle of Chloroform: A sweet-smelling organic compound with strong anesthetic capabilities. Increases the size and spread of afterpiece tonic gas clouds by +20%.
    • This addon offers help for a few situations you’ll face as Clown, whether you’re having trouble precisely predicting where a Survivor will run or you want to affect multiple of them at once. I would not recommend relying on this addon if you’re just starting out as Clown however!


13. The Spirit

Quick and deceptive, the Spirit is known as one of the toughest Killers to go against, and even tougher when combined with certain addons! Using her phase walk to either sneak or catch up to Survivors, it often feels like there’s no escape from this ghostly figure. Her only weakness being that she has to rely on sound and scratches left by the Survivors to track them down, so she requires an attentive and accurate player.

  • Mother-Daughter Ring: A silver ring engraved with “for my precious daughter”. Increases the movement speed during the phase-walk by +40%. Scratch Marks are no longer visible while using Yamaoka’s Haunting
    • Remember what you just read about relying on scratch marks? You’re gonna need to pay extra, extra attention if you want to use this addon. However, this downside seems pathetic to experienced players as the increased speed is monstrously good. I can guarantee from my own experience that the lack of scratches almost never matters as you tend to catch up to survivors before they can get much distance, so don’t be afraid to try this one!
  • Furin: A warm summer breeze chimes the little bell hanging from the balcony ceiling. Causes all survivors to hear the phase-walk sound cue.
    • This addon is very efficient at wasting the Survivors’ time. Unlike other killers who give a sound cue for teleportation or decloaking like Wraith, Spirit is unique in that she hardly gives away any physical sign that she’s near. So unless every Survivor knows exactly where she is all of the time, Furin will definitely manage to shake a few of them up!
  • Yakuyoke Amulet: A powerful talisman to protect your endeavors from being hindered by suspicious circumstances. Increases the maximum duration of the phase-walk by +3.5 seconds. Increases the recovery rate of Yamaoka’s haunting by +70%. Decreases the movement speed during the phase-walk by -15%.
    • This addon nearly cuts your recovery time in half! It’s great for making quick plays against survivors in fast repetition, and if the cut speed is an issue for you, try pairing this with the Mother-Daughter Ring or other speed addons! 
  • Muddy Sport’s Day Cap: A muddy sport cap with a High School logo. Identified with a sewn name tag to "Rin". Increases the Movement speed during the Phase-Walk by +10%
    • Similar to the Mother-Daughter Ring but without the downsides, this addon is a nice little bonus if you’re out of its iridescent counterpart, don’t want the tradeoff, or want to stack them!
  • Katana Tsuba: The hand-guard of an ancestral blade. Crafted for the Tamaoka family. Increases the Spirit’s reappearance duration after a phase-walk by +0.2 seconds. Increases the Spirit’s reappearance movement speed after a phase-walk by +5%.
    • Katana Tsuba near ensures that you’ll always land that hit on the survivor in front of you when coming out of phase! It’s great for catching them right before they get to pallets windows, when normally you’d be just out of reach.


14. The Legion

Our favorite group of juvenile delinquents have gone through some rough patches during their years in the fog, but they are by no means a lost cause. They actually have quite a bit of versatility when it comes to addons that can make for some fun playstyles! Here’s the best of the bunch to prove the Legion are a worthy bunch.

  • Stylish Sunglasses: Oval-shaped sunglasses that exude poise and cool. Their color-tinted lenses add an understated appeal. Survivors Mending within 24 meters of your location have their Auras revealed to you
    • This addon offers some pretty useful information, especially if you want to interrupt their mending and better determine who you should pressure. 
  • Filthy Blade: This blade is stained with foul spots of blood and grime that make injuries particularly difficult to mend. Increases Mending time by +4 seconds
    • Any addon that can waste more of Survivors’ time is worth the consideration. Combining this with Stylish Glasses is also a pair I’d recommend if you’re having trouble starting chases!
  • Mural Sketch: A rough sketch of The Legion mural torn from a notebook. Increases the stack-able Movement Speed boost from successful Feral Slashes to +0.3 m/s, up to a maximum of +1.2 m/s.
    • The fun thing about this addon is it works wonders whether you want to get a hit on all the survivors or just hit one and catch up to them! It is very difficult to get away from a Legion with a few stacks using this addon so as long as you don’t let yourself get stunned, you should be unstoppable!
  • Iridescent button: A glass-like button molded from the fog that captures the legion’s likeness. The surface is warm and reverberating with the entity’s power. Feral vaults immediately break the vaulted pallet.
    • I’m sure every killer main can agree that pallets, at least for normal killers who can’t just magically teleport through them, are possibly the most annoying plague on us all. But luckily this addon helps a killer with no fancy powers ignore them like they’re nothing! If you don’t want to accidentally get slammed with a pallet when you want to use this, however, I’d recommend pairing it with Spirit Fury so the Survivors are forced into a lose-lose situation!
  • Mischief List: A list of mischievous missions to accomplish, memento of brighter days. Extends feral frenzy by +2 seconds.
    • This addon can really save your skin to get that one last survivor, or if the player you’re trying to catch has been dodging your every move! I’d suggest this addon over the Never-Sleep Pills because of that addon’s downside, but feel free to compare the two yourself!


15. The Plague

Known for constantly forcing Survivors into lose-lose situations, the Plague has a nasty power that will either keep her opponents at half their strength for the entire match, or punish them with her Corrupt Purge for daring to cleanse! While the community may undermine her for having an easily counterable ability, I’d argue that with a few addons and a skilled player she can be a very overwhelming Killer to deal with. 

  • Ashen Apple: A peeled apple rolled into sanctified ashes. Eating such a fruit warded off the malignantly envious spirits of the deceased. Start the trial with 1 pool of devotion already corrupted. Increases available pools of devotion by +1.
    • One of the Plague’s unfortunate downsides is that it is very easy to counter her: don’t cleanse at fountains. Luckily she has a few addons to combat this, including the Ashen Apple. While not necessary, you can combine it with the Blessed Apple if you really don’t expect any Survivors to cleanse, but it at least gives you one leg up on its own.
  • Devotee’s Amulet: A bloodstone amulet carved intricately with the effigy of babylonian god of mayhem and pestilence. Fills the wearer with boundless devotion. Increases duration of corrupt purge by +20 seconds.
    • This is a very rewarding addon especially during times you’re not getting a lot of corrupted pools! It is also very punishing to survivors who get a bit too altruistic for your liking…
  • Blessed Apple: A perfectly ripe fruit to break fast during the purification ceremony. Delicious. Start the Trial with 1 Pool of Devotion already corrupted
    • As mentioned above, the Blessed Apple is meant to give you an out in case you have some stingy Survivors, and works just fine if you’re out of Ashen ones!
  • Iridescent Seal: A translucent cylindrical seal molded from the fog itself with the effigy of the plague. Its surface is warm and pulsates with the entity’s power. Each time a generator is completed, the Plague is automatically granted corrupt purge. Reduces duration of corrupt purge by -20 seconds.
    • This is another addon that saves you from Survivors who refuse to heal or not having time to go consume a fountain. It is also great to run with an endgame or late game build since, unlike the apples, you still get your power later in the game.
  • Worship Tablet: A stone tablet adorned with gold, showing the drawings and writings of corrupted incantation used originally to worship forgotten deities. Increases ingestion speed by 100%. Increases Movement speed while holding corrupt purge by +4.4%.
    • The Worship Tablet can make for a unique chasing build that more often than not catches Survivors off guard and forces them into corners. It is a bit disappointing as it only works for Corrupt Purge, but it balances out as the speed almost guarantees a hit with this addon!


16. The Ghostface

Jed Olsen, Danny Johnson, Michael Jr., whatever you call him, this Killer punishes oblivious Survivors like no other! Whether he uses his Night Shroud to sneak around loops or expose you in the nick of time, the Ghostface is one of the few Killers in the game who still manages to spook even the most experienced players.

  • “Philly”: A stolen camera from a victim of Olsen in Philadelphia, where he worked before. The firm inside captured his last night in the city. Reduces the time required to mark a Survivor by -20%.
    • For a brown addon, this one has great value and does something no other addon of his offers. It goes well with pretty much anything else in his kit and I suggest using it at any level!
  • Cheap Cologne: Dollar store cologne with a pungent scent of rubbing alcohol. Worn by the Ghost Face to make his presence known. Reserved for impromptu visits. Increases the time Survivors stay marked by +10 seconds.
    • The Cheap Cologne works in your favor for whether you end up chasing the Survivor, or you don’t. Oftentimes you just need those last few seconds to catch up to a particularly elusive Survivor, or you want to get pressure on multiple to force them off generators or getting hook saves. I think that despite being a brown, this addon deserves a spot up here as it offers an effect that, again, none other in this kit does.
  • Olsen’s Wallet: Olsen’s wallet holds thirty dollars in cash, a video club membership card, and folded picture of Olsen’s first Roseville victim. Carrying incriminating evidence boosts your excitement and resolve. Breaking a pallet or breakable wall immediately recharges night shroud.
    • This addon comes in handy for a Killer like Ghostface who has to depend on his basic attack. Pallets are bound to become your greatest enemy, but with this in your build, it’ll become much easier to get that last bit of stalk on the Survivor you’re chasing.
  • Outdoor Security Camera: A small surveillance camera that filmed The Ghost Face breaking into a house on Belleview Road in Northern Roseville. The camera was positioned at the perfect angle to catch a glimpse of The Ghost Face without providing any real clue to the police. Putting a Marked Survivor into the Dying State reveals the Auras of all Survivors for 7 seconds
    • This addon makes for a great information tool for your kit especially if you’re dealing with a group of over altruistic survivors. It also has good synergy with a few of his other addons, including his other Iridescent addon and anything that shortens the recovery time.
  • Drop-Leg Knife Sheath: A sheath allowing for full motion range: ideal to inflict quick and powerful wounds while moving freely. Stolen from a patrol officer the night Danny left Philadelphia. Grants a 10% haste status effect for 5 seconds after marking a survivor.
    • This little bit of added haste can work wonders if you’re stalking from a bit farther away or trying to catch someone at a shorter loop. A neat bonus of this addon is that if you mark two Survivors at once, you actually get two stacks of the haste effect, for 20% total.


17. The Demogorgon

Gone but not forgotten, the Demogorgon will live on in both Killer and Survivor hearts alike for his entertaining gameplay. For those special few who managed to grab this alien puppy before he was taken down, here’s a rundown of the best addons to bring to customize your shred abilities and the effects of your portals!

  • Barb’s Glasses: A broken pair of glasses that traveled to the upside down. Decreases the pallet break cool-down of shred by -15%.
    • One of the Demogorgon’s strongest assets is his ability to swiftly destroy loops with his shred. This means you’ll find yourself more often than not using this ability to force Survivors to either throw down a pallet, or get hit. If you know how to make the best of your shred, this addon is always a nice quality of life tool to have on you.
  • Upside Down Resin: A sticky, flammable sap that fortified the gateway to the inter-dimensional tunnels. Increases the time Survivors require to seal portals by +40%.
    • As a Demo-lover myself, I can attest that whether you try to defend them or not, Survivors love to mess with your portals. If you want to try to keep them, or just waste more of their precious time, I recommend using this addon from time to time.
  • Mews’ Guts: The tasty guts of an unfortunate victim. Increases available portal’s by +1 portal. Decreases the attack cool-down of missed shred attacks by -11%.
    • Because of how much you’ll be relying on your shred, it’s only natural there will be a few missed shots here and there. Plus the extra portal is a neat bonus!
  • Black Heart: A black fermented heart ripped from the chest of a tentacled creature in the Upside Down. Decreases the attack cool-down of successful shred attacks by -15%
    • Similar to Barb’s Glasses, this addon also helps you get more value out of your shred! For a brown addon, it has a significant effect akin to Save The Best For Last!
  • Rat Liver: A soggy pile of salty, soft liver. Increases movement speed while charging of the abyss by +3.5%.
    • This addon is great for catching Survivors off guard with its speed. This allows you to force them into making split second decisions as you’re coming at them much faster than the typical Demo!


18. The Oni

The world’s best great-great-great grandfather, the Oni is a bloodthirsty killer who grows stronger with every injured foe. Using his demon dash to mow down Survivors and knock them to the ground, he’s a hulking behemoth you should be wary of feeding! Depending on his addons, he can become an incredibly quick or exhausting Killer.

  • Lion’s Fang: A tooth sold from an exotic vendor, it symbolizes power and nobility. Increases the duration of blood fury by +10 seconds.
    • The Oni’s duration addons are incredibly valuable for various reasons to his playstyle: If you use a chunk of it to traverse the map, if you’re going to down multiple people, and best of all, you lose less of your power bar when you end blood fury!
  • Akito’s Crutch: The crutch used by Kazan’s son after falling from a tree. Akito’s playmate and her family were punished for the boy’s injury. Increase the Oni’s movement speed during a demon dash by +1.0 m/s.
    • Baby Oni’s beware, this addon will likely make learning him a lot harder! But once you know how to control him, Akito’s Crutch can make you very powerful. It helps in both mobility and catching people at loops.
  • Kanai-Anzen Talisman: A trinket given to Kazan at birth, its powers are meant to protect his family from harm. Increase the Oni’s movement speed during a demon dash by +0.64 m/s.
    • Not quite as powerful as its purple counterpart, this addon can still get the job done. I personally wouldn’t suggest stacking them but if you think you can handle it, go nuts!
  • Yamaoka Sashimono: The banner of the Yamaoka family, Kazan felt an overwhelming pride from it. Increases the duration of blood fury by +8 seconds.
    • Similar to Lion’s fang, this addon can be helpful to you in multiple situations. They both already have substantial effects on their own so I wouldn’t recommend stacking these two together.
  • Splintered Hull: Fragments of a ship that carried Renjiro Yamaoka. Against all odds, the legendary samurai seemed to survive. Increase the frequency of Survivors dropping blood orbs by +33%. Survivors drop 1 additional blood orb when they vault, throw pallets, exit lockers, crouch, or fail a skill check.
    • This addon helps guarantee you’ll never feel deprived of your power! The additional orbs for Survivor actions do end up helping a lot in the long run, especially at long loops when you’re just on the verge of a full power bar.


19. The Deathslinger

A Killer unlike any other for his ability to turn Dead By Daylight into an FPS, the Deathslinger is both a tough character to master and to face in the fog. He has a few crafty addons to turn his harpoon gun into whatever kind of hybrid you want, as well as to aid you in learning how to properly use it.

  • Iridescent Coin: A glass-like coin molded from the fog itself. A payment to the bounty hunter for the services rendered. Survivors spread by The Redeemer from at least 12 meters away suffer from the exposed status effect for as long as they remain speared.
    • Though the specific meter requirement can be tricky to navigate, this addon can be incredibly powerful once you’re able to gauge it. It’s also not too difficult to reel survivors in from that distance unless there are a lot of obstacles.
  • Bayshore’s Cigar: A quality cigar, plucked from the jacket of Caleb’s box while he waited over the spear lodged in his abdomen. Reduces the stun duration when survivors break free from The Redeemer by -1 second.
    • This addon is bound to help you multiple times per trial, as trying to completely ignore obstacles would be impossible. It almost functions as Save The Best For Last but for your Redeemer!
  • Prison Chain: A thick heavy chain that once held a steel ball and latched to Caleb’s ankle. It has been re-purposed to hook onto a spear. Increases the time required for Survivor to break free from The redeemer.
    • This addon works well with most if not all of the Deathslinger’s addons. It also is really helpful for beginners and getting hits on loops you normally couldn’t.
  • Warden’s Keys: The dull jangle of the keys evokes a furious memory within Caleb. Reduces the reload time by -0.5 seconds.
    • This addon is great for catching a survivor right after shooting them once so they can’t gain much distance, as any Deathslinger will tell you the reload time can feel agonizing sometimes.
  • Modified Ammo Belt: An old ammo belt Caleb altered for his specialized weaponry. Reduces the reload time by -0.25 seconds.
    • While not as effective as the Warden’s Keys, this addon is still pretty useful for its grade and makes a fine substitute.


20. The Executioner

From the chapter that truly changed DBD into the horror game hybrid it is now, the Executioner, or Pyramid Head, has an array of abilities to punish foolish Survivors. He is the only Killer that has a substitute to the normal meat hooks and can knock survivors to the floor with a flick of his Great Knife. Here’s his best addons to suit his damning personality!

  • Burning man painting: A diagram of the lakeview Hotel. Red flames are painted over this place of guilt. Increases punishment of the damned attack range by +1.5 meters.
    • You’ll soon find throughout this list that our poor conehead killer doesn’t have too many good effects through his addons. That’s why his range addons take up most of this list, and I do highly recommend bringing at least one if you’re not going for a specific build. That said, the range does come in handy in a lot of situations, sometimes catching multiple people in one attack!
  • Valtiel Sect Photograph: A photograph of two figures in red hoods. Entitled Crimson and White Banquet for the Gods. Reduces rites of Judgement recharge time by -4 seconds.
    • In case of the inevitable misses or if you want to down survivors before they can get too far, this addon has your back. However, the recharge time is pretty significant, so if you want a “Machine-Gun-esque” Pyramid Head, you’ll need to stack it with another addon.
  • Wax Doll: A doll carved from wax, handcrafted by a prisoner who would soon face their judgment. Increases punishment of the damned attack range by +1 meter.
    • Another good range addon, what’s great about all three of these is they allow you to hit Survivors at times and places they wouldn’t normally expect! I say play around with these addons and see what kind of moves you can do.
  • Black Strap: A nylon strap that was used to restrain a victim to a metal frame. The color makes it difficult to see the blood-soaked into it. Increases punishment of the damned attack range by +0.5 meters.
    • Though it is the weakest of the ranged bunch, it does stack with its counterparts and still offers something better than most of this Killer’s other addons.
  • Tablet of the Oppressor: A metal tablet engraved with Aztec figures. Increases rites of judgment power duration by +2 seconds.
    • This addon goes well with any of the range addons as it allows you to swing at Survivors from even farther than they would expect and lets you get away with little mistakes during chase.


21. The Blight

Known as one of the few Killers who can rival the Nurse’s power, Talbot Grimes has an interesting playstyle revolving around chaos and quick movements that are hard for Survivors to keep up with. As some players have lovingly described it, the Blight “ping-pongs” around the map to quickly get information, pressure, and absurd hits that constantly keeps the opponents on their toes.

  • Alchemist’s Ring: A ring given to chemists graduating from the London School of Medicine. It’s a reminder of unrestrained ambition. Hitting a survivor with a lethal Rush will instantly recharge all rush tokens. 
    • This addon saves you from losing a Survivor right as you got that first on them. Even with their short speed boost, you’re immediately right over their shoulder when using this addon, and you can even chain downs if you keep managing to hit several people!
  • Compound Thirty-Three: Talbot’s penultimate attempt at a serum. Though it did not facilitate his escape, it did have powerful side effects.  Any Survivor within 16 meters of a slam will suffer from the Hindered status effect for 3 seconds, reducing their movement speed by -3%. Slamming into pallets and breakable walls immediately destroy them, incurring a cool-down of 1.5 seconds.
    • Both effects of this addon make the Blight an inescapable killer. It eviscerates their one defense and debuffs them at the same time! I would not recommend pairing this addon with Spirit Fury as, well, it basically does that perk’s job for you.
  • Adrenaline Vial: A hormone removed from an unwilling subject’s adrenal gland. Though it provides a jolt of energy, it can fatigue its user. Reduces the token regeneration time by 1- second per token. Increases the maximum Look angle during a rush by +50%. Increases the available rush tokens by +2 tokens. Increases the rush movement speed by +10%.  Decreases the rush turn rate by -0.5°/s.
    • This addon makes the Blight feel insanely fast and really helps you get around whether that be around the map or at loops. It also goes really well with several addons, including the Umbra Salts or Blighted Crow.
  • Blighted Crow: A dead crow that has been grotesquely mutated by putrid serum. Increases rush movement speed by +6% for each consecutive rush.
    • As mentioned above, this addon goes very well with the Adrenaline vial. It’s great for surprising Survivors who don’t expect you to pick up speed.
  • Umbra Salts: Regular sea salt that has momentarily passed through the spirit world, altering its properties in the process. Increases rush turn rate by +15%.
    • This addon allows you to go for some unique shots and slams to toy around with, and has good synergy with others in the Blight’s kit. Similar to Oni and Hillbilly, there are some hits around corners you just wouldn’t be able to make without one of these!


22. The Twins

The Twins are a couple of the most interesting Killers but also the most underrated. They have very different gameplay compared to the rest of the roster, obviously because you get to play as two different characters, and it makes for a lot of opportunities for unique builds. If you want some advice on what to take to get the most out of these two, here’s some addons that can help you out.

  • Forest Stew: A stew of foraged vegetables mixed with moss and bark to create a false sense of fullness. Increases the movement speed of Victor by +0.6 m/s.
    • This addon makes Victor a genuine option for traversing the map for information and pressure. This also makes him much harder to avoid as a Survivor.
  • Iridescent Pendant: A glass-like pendant molded from the Fog itself. There is a portrait of Madeleine Deshayes upon it, though something about her depiction seems unsettling. If a Survivor crushes Victor while he is idle, they suffer from the exposed status effect for 45 seconds.
    • This addon makes for a great build in which you can leave Victor around at places to essentially act as a trap. Granted, this addon doesn’t work if he is kicked during a chase, so you’ll need to ensure you’re actively trying to get this to work, but when it hits, it hits hard!
  • Stale Biscuit: A hard, unleavened biscuit that madeleine stole from a town’s market. It was not much, but it was better than most meals. Reduces the Cool-down time of Victor Pounce by -0.4 seconds.
    • This addon can really come in handy as your greatest downfall will be eager Survivors ready to kick down Charlotte’s poor brother. While not a game changing effect, it could save your skin in a few moments.
  • Madeleine’s Scarf: A cloth Madeleine wore shortly before her death. The Twins kept it as a memento. Increases the movement speed of Victor by +0.3 m/s.
    • A slightly lower grade version of the Forest Stew, this one still adds some weight to Victor’s efficacy and should be considered.
  • Toy Sword: A minuscule toy sword, only a few inches long. Holding it brought out a violent enthusiasm in Victor. Reduces the charge time of a pounce by -0.2 seconds.
    • This is the only addon in the Twins’ kit that has this effect and is way more deserving of a higher grade. It makes Victor an even faster and harder to dodge opponent, and this addon goes well with Forest Stew.


23. The Trickster

The Trickster, our star of the show, the chapter that brought possibly the most fun trailer in all of DBD history. Similar to the Huntress, he uses his throwing knives to progressively puncture and down Survivors from a distance. His addons have certain gimmicks and traits to them that can allow for a variety of strategies, but here’s just a few to set you on the most efficient path.

  • Death Throes Compilation: A collection of the final sounds from Ji-woon’s victims, adapted to a vinyl record. Terrifying and emotionally raw. Exiting main event replenishes the Trickster’s Blades.
    • If you have any experience as Trickster, you’d know that triggering Main Event happens more often than you need it to. With this addon in your build, chances are you’ll only need to reload at lockers a few times in one match.
  • Bloody Boa: A boa that Ji-Woon draped around a victim’s slashed neck. A number of pockets are concealed within it. Start with 8 extra blades. Increases blade carrying capacity by 8.
    • While eight knives doesn’t sound like too much compared to Trickster’s full carrying capacity, it can come in clutch when you need a few extra to get a down!
  • Fizz-Spin Soda: A limited edition can of soda promoting NO SPIN. High sugar and caffeine content. Increases initial throw rate of blades by +2 stacks.
    • To help translate, all this addon means is that instead of gaining throwing speed gradually, you start off fast already! The speed still builds, but the head start definitely helps get downs quicker.
  • Iridescent Photocard: A glass-like photo molded from The Fog itself. Ji Woon's eyes shimmer holographically on his grinning face. When a Survivor's Laceration Meter is two or one Blade Hits away from the maximum, they are inflicted with the Exposed Status Effect.
    • This is one of those addons that requires an attentive and precise player to get proper value out of it. That being said, if you’re able to quickly hit Survivors with exactly four or five knives and not one more, this addon makes you unstoppable. It’s great against bodyblocks, stopping Survivors on generators, or just chases in general.
  • Caged Heart Shoes: Shoes that Ji-Woon wore during the music video for One Caged Heart. Allows for smooth, graceful movements of the point dance. Moderately increase thrown state movement speed by +2.5%.
    • This addon helps you maintain distance with Survivors without being slowed down too much, and keep an eye on them around corners of tall loops.


24. The Nemesis

Nemesis is very talented and efficient at forcing Survivors’ hands at loops, which has definitely gotten me killed more than I’d like to admit! Unfortunately, his addons tend to depend on how much his Zombies help him or do absolutely nothing during the match, so when you’re fitting a build, always keep that in mind that it could fall flat.

  • Serotonin Injector: A hormone that slightly relaxes the user for when stealth is required. Gain the undetectable status effect for 15 seconds, when a zombie is destroyed.
    • Despite this killer’s thundering footsteps, it’s not too hard for him to creep up on Survivors with this addon. This also goes well with his other addon, Tyrant Gore, so that way you get even more value out of slapping Zombies!
  • Broken Recovery Coin: A coin depicting a bird framed by a laurel wreath. It is broken in half. Removes 1 supply case from the trial.
    • This is one of the few addons Nemesis has that is basically guaranteed to help you during the match. You may not first think of it as much, but Survivors will genuinely waste their searching for boxes and vaccinating. The only time this won’t do anything is if none of them cleanse at all, which is rare but does happen, so don’t lean too heavily on it.
  • Marvin’s blood: The contaminated blood of a Raccoon City Police Officer. Increases mutation rate when hitting Survivors with a tentacle strike by +0.75 nutation points.
    • This addon helps Nemesis get into Tier II and III much quicker if you’re actively using your tentacle. The early game is this killer’s weakest point, so rapidly getting out of your first tier is really important to a successful trial.
  • Depleted Ink Ribbon: Who will save them now? There is something about this ink ribbon being dry that energizes zombies. Reduces zombie respawn time by -5 seconds. Increases Zombie movement speed by +0.5 m/s. Once all 5 generators are completed, any destroyed Zombies respawn in an exit gate area.
    • This addon, while being a bit gimmicky, does help in the long run. The increased speed is most of the appeal and can help the Zombies get more hits for you.
  • Tyrant Gore: A damaged sample from a T-002 Tyrant that died in combat. There are signs of severe burns. Increases mutation rate when destroying zombies with a tentacle strike by +0.5 contamination points. Reduces zombie respawn time by -5 seconds.
    • As mentioned earlier, this addon has some good synergy with other Zombie centered addons. Both effects of Tyrant Gore have potential to aid you in the match and as long as they don’t spawn in the literal corners of the map, your Zombies can actually be useful!


25. The Cenobite

A rather difficult Killer to get just right, the Cenobite, or better known as Pinhead, has great potential to be an oppressing killer. He has many addons to morph the effects of his change and the Lament Configuration, but here’s the top few to drag Survivors straight down to Hell with you!

  • Impaling Wire: A wire that pierces the cheeks of a Cenobite, while revealing the gaping wound on her neck. Summons 1 additional chain if a Survivor uses the environment to break a chain.
    • This addon comes into use more often than you’d think, as having a chain wasted on obstacles can be the one frustrating move preventing you from getting a hit. This is especially useful in indoor maps.
  • Original pain: The first pin pushed into Pinhead’s skull. Such pleasure and pain. Survivors who break free of possessed chains suffer from the deep wound status effect.
    • This one has a neat effect of essentially turning Pinhead into an odd spinoff of Deathslinger. What’s even better about this addon is that it’s a win-win situation whether you get a hit on them or not!
  • Engineer’s Fang: A sharp tooth from the maw of a fleshy, scorpion-like creature, known to accompany Cenobites on their grim undertakings. Possessed Chains injure healthy Survivors, but do not bind them or spawn additional chains. Increases gateway closing time after hitting a healthy Survivor with a possessed chain by +0.25 seconds. When hitting an injured Survivor with a possessed chain, only 1 additional chain will spawn.
    • Despite the downsides of this addon, it shifts the Cenobite into a very dangerous killer. When combined with range addons it becomes even more useful as you could possibly interrupt Survivors across the map!
  • Wriggling Maggots: Larvae that poured from the mouth of a corpse hidden in the Cotton household. Increases Possessed chains turn rate by +15%
    • While not typically used around corners or from long distances, a higher turn rate for the Possessed Chains can help in both chase and pressure, so do take it into consideration for your builds!
  • Larry’s Blood: The blood of Larry Cotton, which partially resurrected his brother Frank. Increases maximum gateway casting distance by +8 meters.
    • This addon helps turn your chains into not just a chasing power, but a pressuring tool as well. Being able to force Survivors off of generators, totems or hooks from a distance can really help a Killer with otherwise no mobility.


26. The Artist

A fearsome foe with a tragic backstory, the Artist is a great choice for beginners and for those looking to master her powers! Her crows are great for pushing Survivors out of loops and getting information as well. Her addons can morph the crows into several new tools, including pressure and even more aid in chase.

  • Severed Hands: Carmina’s severed hands, cut from her mouth shortly before her death. The sight instills rage not just in her, but in her crows. Any Survivor within 3 meters of a Survivor, who is being swarmed by dire crows, will also be swarmed.
    • This addon is great at spreading pressure, especially against Survivors trying to rush a generator together. It’s also handy against an over-altruistic bunch!
  • Matias’ Baby Shoes: A grieving reminder to Carmina that Matias would be with her, always watching. The auras of Survivors within 5 meters of an idle Dire Crow are revealed to you for 3 seconds.
    • This addon maximizes the information effects of your crows without you even needing to earn a hit. It’s especially good against Survivors who try to stealth around them.
  • Severed Tongue: Carmina’s tongue, cut from her arms shortly before her death. The sight instills rage not just in her, but in her crows. Reduces the slow-down duration of the Artist when the dire crows take flight by -0.5 seconds.
    • Severed Tongue is a great asset to have during chase, specifically for making up for misses or catching up to a Survivor at loops.
  • Festering Carrion: A stomach-churning pile of meat and guts, yet it attracts hungry crows craving a bite. Reduces the cool-down time of birds of torment after a dire crow takes flight by -0.5 seconds.
    • This addon goes great with any build and has surprising value for a yellow grade. It helps get that extra hit before you can lose a Survivor.
  • Velvet Fabric: A striking red fabric Carmina used on an art project. Its brightness contrasted against black feathers. When a Survivor attempts to repel a dire crow swarm, the swarm’s aura remains visible for another 1.5 seconds. 
    • This addon helps catch those crafty Survivors who turn in one direction before swinging the other way trying to trick you. They’ll often have trouble even detecting you have this on you, so I’d suggest it if you’ve been having trouble against that situation.


27. The Onryō

From one screen to another, Sadako in Dead By Daylight was a delightful surprise to Killers and Survivors alike! You must be warned, however, that in her current state, her power does not live up to her fame. But if you’re up for it, here’s some addons that, in the right hands, could potentially save this icon of horror.

  • Tape Editing Deck: The editing deck used by Reiko and Ryuji to analyze and copy the tape. They are frozen in fear as they realize they have seven days left to live. Each Survivor starts the trial with a VHS tape in their possession, and their highlighted TV is the one farthest from their location.
    • Unless the Survivor spawns right in front of a TV, you’ll end up getting more value out of this addon than you might think! It’s unlikely any of them will reach full condemned, but it will at least waste their time.
  • Ring Drawing: A drawing of the view from inside the well, as drawn by a young Yoichi. Helping those cursed by the tape can only bring misfortune. Condemned Survivors spread their condemnation to other Survivors, who complete a healing action on them.
    • This addon helps do some of the heavy lifting for you, as actually trying to spread condemned yourself without certain addons can be a nightmare! Even when Survivors become aware of this addon, there’s nothing much they can do if there’s no available boons or medkits.
  • Iridescent Videotape: The original tape containing Sadako’s curse. Hitting a Survivor within 8 seconds after manifesting turns on the last 4 TVs turned off by projection.
    • With lucky TV spawns, this addon can be really beneficial! Stealth hits right out of teleporting are usually your best bet on getting hits, so I suggest bringing this addon if you want to use that playstyle.
  • Old Newspaper: It tells of a local woman who predicted a volcanic eruption, evidence used to initially find Sadako. Increases the invisibility phase after manifesting by +2 seconds.
    • You’d be surprised at how often Survivors get confused at where Sadako actually is when she’s right in front of them. Most can’t even tell if she’d manifested or not! More often than not, this addon will help you in some regard.
  • Well Water: Water from the well where Sadako was left to die. Murky and black, it obscures everything around it. Increases the duration of the undetectable status effect by +2 seconds when Manifesting by any means.
    • This also aids in confusing or straight up spooking Survivors! I’d suggest pairing it with the Old Newspaper for extra value.


28. The Dredge

Chaos and gore incarnate, this lovecraftian being known as the Dredge is best suited for instilling genuine fear into even the most experienced players. With a teleportation ability unique to the others and a complete blackout of the Entity’s realm, this mass of flesh and bone is a tough foe to shake off or even possibly escape from.

  • Malthinker’s Skull: Those who brought negativity to the commune would mysteriously disappear from time to time. Their remains were never found… until the Dredge brought them up. Increases the nightfall meter charge rate for when Survivors are injured by 66% per second.
    • If you’re a moderately experienced killer who knows how to dish out hits, this addon should work wonders for you. It also increases the chances of injured Survivors being forced to face you during Nightfall, which is a much appreciated combo for the Dredge!
  • Broken doll: Followers brought their families to live in a utopia. Increases the duration of Nightfall by 20 seconds.
    • Nightfall is already as paranoia inducing as it is, but with 20 extra seconds? You’re guaranteed to frighten at least one Survivor into hiding in a bush.
  • Field Recorder: Haddie documented all of her forays near Overlaps, to prove not only to the world but herself what she saw and felt. Nightfall is active at the start of the trial. Nightfall activates automatically when the final generator is completed. Any Survivor coming into contact with the remnant suffers from the exhausted status effect for 15 seconds.
    • The first effect of this addon is vital to getting that first down, and though the Dredge isn’t necessarily helpless without it, the Field Recorder gives a very powerful advantage. The other effects are fantastic as well, offering both an endgame failsafe and a buff to your chase!
  • Burnt Letters: Some followers tried to write letters home. Stamper ensured that nobody would have contact with the outside world. Increases the number of charges added to the nightfall meter for injuring a Survivor by 25%
    • I’d recommend pairing this with Malthinker’s skull, as both addons work in tandem with each other!
  • Haddie’s Calendar: She planned to cross out each day until her parents took her to India, but when tragedy struck, she abandoned her calendar. Reduces the time to exit a locked locker by -1 second.
    • One second doesn’t seem too big of a deal on paper, but combined with Nightfall, it can make the difference between a grab or hit versus a Survivor sprinting away into the fog.


29. The Mastermind 

Our second killer from Resident Evil, Albert Wesker uses his deadly body modifications to sprint at Survivors and nab them right off the floor! A secondary passive effect of his is the gradual infection Survivors experience throughout the trial, and must cleanse if they don’t want to be easily captured. Plenty of his addons aid in more efficient bounds and effects of his Uroboros, so take a look for yourself.

  • Iridescent Uroboros Vial: The perfect bio-weapon. Decades of research have led to this. Survivors start the trial infected with Uroboros. Survivors suffer from the exposed status effect for 30 seconds when becoming critically infected.
    • This addon is another in the long roster of Killer tools to help waste the Survivors’ precious time. It also continues working for you throughout the match, guaranteeing you’re bound to down a critically infected Survivor even if you can’t land a grab.
  • Chalice (Gold): A chalice of pure gold used to celebrate the summer solstice. Increases the remaining bound duration when grabbing a Survivor mid-bound by 50%.
    • This addon helps save you in empty maps like Cold Wind or Red Forest where obstacles are few and far between. Even if you’re still not able to reach a wall or some other debris, chances are you’ll at least push the Survivor further away from generators or saves.
  • Lion Medallion: An old medallion depicting a brave lion. It was made when the Raccoon Police Station was still an art museum. Increases the Throw distance of grabbed Survivors by 30%.
    • Similar to the Chalice, this addon really helps in situations where you either want the Survivor far away from the action or you have no obstacles to choose from.
  • Loose Crank: To the person whose only tool is a crank, the whole world looks like a crank-shaped hole. Increases the movement speed of the Mastermind during the chain bound window by +8%. 
    • Think of this addon more like a turn rate addon as we’ve discussed previously: you only get a short window between bounds, and if all you need is just a fraction of an inch further to the right, this one’s got you covered.
  • Egg (Gold): A highly coveted foodstuff. The cash worth is second only to its regenerative effects. Increases the duration of the additional virulent bound window by +50%.
    • This addon also helps you secure a second bound grab! But instead of increasing your speed, it allows you more time to react, so whichever will personally help you more is up to you.


30. The Knight

Both the newest and arguably most unique killer in the game, the Knight shines as a hopeful future for more versatile powers to come. Unfortunately he is also an underwhelming killer in terms of actual efficiency, but here’s a few addons to highlight his diversity!

  • Iridescent Company Banner: Where this banner was raised, those who called themselves 'civilized' ran and hid, because for all their codes and laws, they had nothing resembling actual strength. Drawing a Patrol Path through windows blocks them for all Survivors for 15 seconds after summoning a guard. The Exit Gates are blocked by the entity’s spikes for the hunted Survivor. All Windows vaulted by the hunted Survivor are blocked for all Survivors for the remainder of the hunt.
    • This addon helps secure perhaps that one Survivor who’s been getting on your nerves all match, or maybe you just want the end game value. Whatever it is, I highly suggest pairing this addon with an obsession or Exit Gate perk.
  • Healing Poultice: Their reputation was so large , so horrible, that the mere knowledge that they were coming was enough to bring people to their knees. After summoning the Assassin, all Survivors within 24 meters of the Assassin’s spawn location scream and reveal their location for 3 seconds
    • With both information potential and synergy with Aura or other screaming perks, this addon can be quite useful despite its only occurrence being with one of your guards.
  • Call to Arms: Posted across many towns, lords desperate to protect their riches posted for able-bodied mercenaries. Increases maximum patrol path length by +10 meters. Increases the movement speed of the Knight while drawing the Patrol Path by 25%.
    • This addon allows you to spread more pressure while also allowing you to get back to chase even faster! This ensures that either you or your guard will catch up to a Survivor after you’ve set a path.
  • Map of the Realm: These unique leather maps were not easy to come by, but when they could not be purchased, they could be taken by force. Increases the movement speed of guards on patrol by +4 meters.
    • This can really help with that common frustration of feeling like your guards are doing nothing. Trust me, we’ve all been there. Whether they’re for pressure or actually meant to start a chase, this addon aids you just a bit in both scenarios.
  • Dried Horsemeat: Long campaigns often required restocking, and the steeds of fallen enemies were as good as any farm-fresh ration. Increases the hunt duration of guards by +4 seconds.
    • As discussed above, nothing feels better as Knight, besides getting a 4k, than seeing your guards actually accomplish something. Sounds a bit harsh, I know, but this addon makes up for it.

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