[Top 5] Dead By Deadlight Best Beginner Survivors To Level First

DbD Best Beginner Survivors
The thing that differs a survivor from another is how they look

Are you just starting Dead by Daylight and want to have a good head start? Great! Because I will give you the best survivors to level up the fastest for beginners. I prepared the list considering these factors: the signature perks of each survivor, their ability to be altruistic, complete objectives, show boldness, and survive. 

5. Meg Thomas

DbD best survivors to level first, easiest survivor to level first, Meg Thomas

Oblivious runner Meg Thomas

Leveling up a character requires in-game currency called bloodpoints. You can get them by playing the game. But there’s a way to speed up this process. Along with the categories you have to succeed in, some perks give you extra bloodpoints. Keeping these in mind, we have Meg Thomas in number 5. 

Meg Thomas is an athlete. She uses her speed to outrun the killers. Her perks are very easy to use, but if you are pretty new to this game, or any game at all, this character might seem a little difficult. For example, you have to know how to run certain tiles and jungle gyms which are a means of putting a gap between you and the killer. The better you know how to use these structures, the easier you will keep your distance from the killer. There are different kinds of structures. For example, L and T walls, mazes, loops, etc. Learning these will help you be a better survivor. But it might take some time to get used to them.

So, using her to level up might be harder than the other survivors. But she is an easy survivor to master if you have some game sense. 

Why Meg Thomas Is Great

  • She can outrun the killers using Sprint Burst and survive another day, guaranteeing you BPs in the survival category.
  • She has a perk called Adrenaline, allowing you to have one health state recovered after the gates are powered. This also gives you a speed boost up to 150% for 5 seconds. This increases your chance of survival.
  • She can be Quick and Quiet. Her rushed actions will be almost completely silent, and the killer won’t notice it. This allows you to possibly avoid the killer mid-chase, giving you BPs in the boldness and survival categories.

Meg Thomas is a great survivor at stalling the killer. So, with her unique perks, other players will expect you to run the killer around. If you can’t take chases, you shouldn’t play as her. Because of this reason and her lack of ability to succeed in other categories, it makes her a bad pick early on. 

Survivor Spotlight: Meg Thomas | Dead by Daylight

4. Jake Park

DbD best survivors to level first, easiest survivor to level first, Jake ParkNo-sound Jake Park

Jake Park is a survivalist. His color palette makes him easier to blend in on certain maps, unlike Meg Thomas. He's a pretty straightforward character to play. His stealthy nature allows him to avoid taking any possible chases with the killer.

If you can implement his style into your gameplay, it’s possible to earn BPs in the boldness and survival categories. 

Why Jake Park Is Great

  • His perk Calm Spirit doesn’t trigger crows nearby and allows him to keep under pressure even when getting hit by different kinds of effects or attacks. This might confuse new killers as they purely rely on audio cues. This helps you survive another day.
  • Jake makes no noise while injured if you use his perk, Iron Will at the highest tier. This allows him to easily get away from the killer if he’s out of sight. Losing the killer after starting a chase gives you BPs. So, it’s easier to gain BPs in the boldness and survival categories with this perk equipped. 
  • His last perk Saboteur lets him sabotage hooks with his bare hands. Sabotaging hooks gives survivors 500 BPs in the boldness category. But you have to be careful using this perk. Sabotaging hooks alert the killer, revealing your location.

If you want to stay away from unwanted chases, don’t use this perk. You can only sabotage hooks every minute at the highest tier of this perk, after all. 500 BPs every minute can give you an iridescent emblem (highest rank you can get in a category) in the boldness category, but it’s risky.

Jake is a good beginner survivor. However, he doesn't really ensure that you will get the most BPs in one match. 

3. David King

DbD best survivors to level first, easiest survivor to level first, David King, Dead HardExhausted-on-the-ground David King

David King is a fighter. He’s a bold survivor. He can take chases, and protect his teammates at the same time. As much as these may sound good, David is a very high-risk/high-reward survivor. His boldness requires dangerous plays. As his playstyle according to his perks lets him get chased easily, beginners might get the risk without the reward. You might need to give yourself some time to master this kind of playstyle. 

Why David King Is Great

  • His second perk, Dead Hard, however, grants you another chance in case you mess up during a chase while injured if used correctly. This perk might take some time to master for beginners. 
  • His last and best perk (for leveling up), We’re Gonna Live Forever, gives him 100% healing speed while he’s healing a dying survivor. If he performs any altruistic actions such as performing a safe hook rescue, taking a protection hit for an injured survivor, stunning the killer to rescue a carried survivor, or blinding the killer to rescue a carried survivor, you receive one token, and each token grants a stackable 25% bonus to all BP gains, up to 100%. This means that you can exceed the total amount of BPs received in one match, which is 32,000 BPs. With this perk, you can double this amount. 

David King guarantees you BPs in the boldness, altruism, and survival categories if played correctly. But his playstyle is way too risky for a beginner to handle. You might as well just die. Because of this reason, even if he has the best perk for earning BPs, he can’t climb up to be the first on this list.  

Survivor Spotlight: David King | Dead By Daylight

2. Claudette Morel

DbD best survivors to level first, easiest survivor to level first, ClaudetteImmersed Claudette Morel

Claudette Morel is a botanist. She uses nearby plants to heal herself and her teammates. Unlike any other character, her color palette makes her one of the easiest survivors to blend in on certain maps. This allows her to avoid the killer and keep her teammates alive without any unwanted attention. 

She’s the only survivor that can heal herself without any med-kit. While healing teammates gives you BPs in the altruism category, self-healing gives you BPs in the survival category. This means even if you don’t escape the trial, you have a chance to earn an iridescent emblem in this category. That is, if you try hard enough. 

Why Claudette Morel Is Great

  • Her Empathy allows her to see her injured teammates’ auras (basically wall hacks that the game allows) within some distance. So she can find and help them. This means that you can heal your teammates and get altruistic BPs.
  • Botany Knowledge increases her healing speed on both herself and her teammates. With this perk, you can heal more people with less time. Getting even more altruistic BPs.
  • Her last and probably best perk is Self-Care. This perk is awesome for beginners. But you have to keep in mind that self-healing takes a lot of time. And the BPs you get in one complete heal aren’t worth that many. You would probably have to heal yourself 10 to 20 times, or even more to earn an iridescent emblem in the survival category.

Claudette might be good for earning BPs in the altruism and, possibly, survival categories. She's easy to play and remain hidden. That's why she's in the second place on this list. With her perks, you can keep yourself alive for a long time. But she doesn’t have any perks that give her extra BPs. And she doesn't ensure that you will get the most BPs in one match. 

1. Dwight Fairfield

DbD best survivors to level first, easiest survivor to level first, DwightNervous leader, Dwight Fairfield

And the moment you’ve been waiting for! The best survivor to level up the fastest is Dwight Fairfield. 

Dwight is a leader. His playstyle lets him and his teammates work fast and effectively. His nervousness, just like the player, allows him to ignore any possible chases by simply hopping into a locker to hide! He might not be bold, but he ensures that he survives. 

Why Dwight Fairfield Is Great

  • His first perk, Bond, allows him to see the auras of his teammates. With this perk, you can easily find your teammates and heal them if they are injured. This means that you can easily earn BPs in the altruism category.
  • His second perk, Leader, allows his teammates to work faster. Actions such as sabotaging, healing, unhooking, etc. are faster for your teammates when you are around them. This gives you and your teammates a higher chance of surviving.
  • His last and best perk, Prove Thyself, gives you extra BPs if you perform cooperative actions. And you get a 15% speed boost for each survivor within 4 meters of you, up to a maximum of 45%. This means that you can get more BPs for the objective that you already have to do to survive. 
  • With this perk, you can complete your objectives faster, get rewarded for them, and escape faster. Getting objective points is hard. You have to fully complete at least 3 to 4 gens to fill it all the way up. But with this perk, you can immediately have all the points in the objective category.

Dwight is an easy-to-play survivor. His perks give you more BPs and let you escape faster. If you want to avoid chases and only want to survive in silence, Dwight is the most suitable survivor for you. 

Even if you don’t take chases as Dwight, you will get rewarded for the other three categories. This means that he’s the only survivor for beginners that can easily achieve this. But keep in mind that eventually, you will have to learn to take chases - meaning that one day, you will get maximum BPs in every category as Dwight. 

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