Dead by Daylight How To Counter Hag (Top 5 Tactics)

How To Counter The Hag in Five Ways
She like a granny, but she isn't joking when she says she can eat you whole!

The Hag— Who is She?

Like many killers within Dead by Daylight, The Hag had a life before all this. Before the Entity— before this game of cat-and-mouse, The Hag was Lisa Sharwood:  a woman that met a terrible, terrible end. Living in a quiet and isolated village, Lisa grew up on the elders’ traditions and way of life. The charms were the one thing that kept her interest. Hamlet, the village, rarely suffered from conflict— not anything that the elders couldn’t handle, so Lisa did not know the dangers of the world. At least, not until that one stormy night. During a relentless storm, Lisa was walking home through the woods, but she lost her footing and fell against the hard, sharp rocks. Her vision swirled and darken. The last thing she saw was shapes creeping toward her. When Lisa woke up, she was locked in a cellar with countless others: they were prisoners. The strangers came back, knife in hand. She was forced to watch as the strangers began carving a prisoner, taking their skin and flash. The numbers began to dwindle done… until it was just Lisa left.  Somehow, she managed to hold on— to outlast despite being nothing but bones. One day, she managed to escape from the cellar, but she collapse once free. With her dying breath, she etched the charms taught to her, demanding two things: blood and vengeance! That’s when the Entity took her in… but after she murdered her captors.


Her Power & Abilities

Blacken Catalyst

The Hag can set down traps called Phantasm Traps throughout the map like The Trapper. 10 is the max she can put down at a time. Once a survivor is within the trap’s range, it will active. If The Hag is within 40 meters of it, she will instantly teleport there.


Ways to Counter The Hag


1) Burn Those Traps With A Flashlight

If you have a flashlight, you can burn The Hag’s traps. This is a common way to deal with her power.


2) Crouch And Walk Across The Trap

Oddly, if a survivor crouches and crosses the trap, it will not activate. Why does this work? Is it a glitch— is it going to be removed? Nope, this is has been within the game for a long time, so I highly doubt the devs will remove it. Anyway, Tthis is the safest way to deal with her power!


3) Circle Her Traps

Now, if you’re a new survivor, I would not recommend this… however, this is another way to set off her traps without getting hurt. You’re going to run in circles. Then, you slowly inch toward the trap until it is active. If done correctly, this will keep you uninjured. It’s a little hard to explain it:  a video will give you more of an idea of what I mean. Kyto has a video explaining what I mean. It’s shown at the very end. If you like his content, you should subscribe: he has great videos explaining counters for killers in a quick but detailed manner.


4) Pressure Her

 Once you know it’s her, undo her traps quickly. This will cut down The Hag’s ability to teleport and downing people. An ideal time to do this is when she’s chasing someone.


5) Urban Evasion

Personally, I don’t believe in having a perk equipped for just one certain killer. However, I only mention Urban Evasion for those that are new or skittish about playing against The Hag. Remember how I said crouching over the traps won’t activate them? This perk speeds your crouching by either 10, 12, or 15%.  Again— I only recommend this to those that are new or nervous about The Hag.


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