[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Plague Builds

Dead By Daylight Best Plague Builds
Down With The Sickness

[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Plague Builds


5. Toxic Plague


This is a toxic build for the Plague that pairs well with her power Vile Purge as she infects survivors with her disgusting bile.

  • The Plague is a rather disgusting killer to look at but wouldn’t be half bad if she wasn’t quite literally rotting from the Plague that infects her.
  • With her infectious bile, she’s able to launch ranged attacks that cause survivors to become sick and throw up revealing their location unless they cleanse themselves.

What Toxic Plague Excels In

  • This build will make survivors rage and any high rankers you catch will most likely quit because it seems like an unfair perk build.

Build details:

  • The first two perks needed are available to every killer and the Plague specifically, those are Bitter Murmur to see when the survivors when a generator is completed and Infectious Fright to find survivors after putting one into the dying state.
  • Next, bring Knockout from the Cannibal to make it so survivors can’t see when another survivor is put into the dying state and, lastly Hex: The Third Seal from the Hag to make survivors suffer from blindness after hitting them with a basic attack.
  • For add-ons bring anything that will help make you the most toxic killer in the game.


4. Gen Assassin Plague


This build is more about assassinating survivors after a generator is done with your Vile Purge because of one specific add-on that changes your Vile Purge once a generator is completed.

  • I like to kill survivors before generators are finished to keep the game going longer but this build does the opposite but it would be fun just to play.
  • With the add-ons and perks with this build, you’re playing for the late game to catch survivors off guard as they run away from the generators.

What Gen Assassin Plague Excels In

  • This is not the build to get early kills with, you’ll be finding survivors and injure them and down them after generators are finished to finish them off.

Build details:

  • The add-ons are the most important thing with this build, use the Iridescent Seal for numerous effects, and make this build work, last bring Devotee’s Amulet to increase your Corrupt duration Purge that this build relies on.
  • For perks, you’ll have to bring Tinkerer from the Hillbilly to see when generators are almost done, and Bitter Murmur to see survivors once a generator is done, these are the most useful to catch survivors off guard with your Corrupt Purge.
  • Lastly, bring Cruel Limits from the Demogorgon to block windows and anywhere survivors can vault once a generator is complete, and lastly Corrupt Intervention from the Plague to block of generators so the game isn’t over too soon.


3. Vile Slowdown


This build focuses on slowing generators down the most and making the game last longer so you can infect the survivors and sacrifice them to the entity.

  • As the killer, a quick game that goes in favor of the survivors is never fun, so this build is great to use to make the game last longer so you can find survivors easier.
  • With the perks in this build, generator repairs will be slowed down greatly giving you more of an opportunity to find survivors and down them.

What Vile Slowdown Excels In

  • Generator slows down and destroying is the main thing this build excels in making it a late-game type of build so you have more time to find survivors and hook them.

Build details:

  • For perks start with Surge from the Demogorgon to make generators explode after you put a survivor into the dying state and automatically regress, for the second perk bring Hex: Ruin from the Hag to make all generators regress automatically.
  • Next, bring Dying Light from the Shape to make all survivors except the obsession get a penalty for repairing. Lastly, Thanatophobia from the Nurse all survivors receive a penalty for everyone who’s injured, dying, or hooked.


2. Plague Mains Build


This is a build from a pro who mains the Plague and goes over three amazing builds for this toxic, bile, killer who some have grown to love playing.

  • The Plague is not my type of killer but that won’t stop me from bringing the content you guys have come to expect from me, so here we go.
  • This pro goes over three amazing builds for the Plague but I’m only going over the strongest out of the three he goes over.

What Plague Mains Build Excels In

  • These builds are all strong in their ways this one slows generators as well as gives you much-needed map awareness that the others don’t do or are much more complicated for beginner Plague users, this is the easiest one to use. 

Build details:

  • From the Plague bring Infection Fright to see where survivors are after downing one and Corrupt Intervention to block generators and force survivors near you. Next, bring Hex: Ruin from the Hag and Hex: Undying from the Blight to make sure generators regress automatically and to keep Hex: Ruin alive.
  • For add-ons bring Black Incense to see the aura of survivors when they vomit, and Vile Emetic makes Vile Purge more effective and makes survivors sick faster.


1. Best Plague Build


This is the best possible build for the Plague that rounds out her strengths and weaknesses that make her a below-average killer to make her a powerful killer able to down numerous survivors at once with her Corrupt Purge and sicken them with her Vile Purge.

  • It’s always nice playing a killer who’s able to down multiple survivors at once like the Plague or the Shape, or the Cannibal, but the Plague is somewhat lackluster when it comes to efficiently downing survivors quickly.
  • With this build, the Plague becomes much stronger and you’ll be a better player for using it when you play the Plague and climb ranks.

What Best Plague Build Excels In

  • This build rounds the Plague out making her Vile Purge and Corrupt Purge stronger while making it so you don’t have to rely on it too heavily.

Build details:

  • To start bring the perks of Corrupt Intervention and Infectious Fright from the Plague to block generators to get more time to infect and to see generators when you down one.
  • Lastly, bring the perks Discordance from the Legion to see when 2 or more survivors are working on a generator and Pop Goes The Weasel from the Clown to make deal more damage to generators after you hook a survivor.
  • For add-ons, you have a great number of combinations such as the duo apples to get more Corrupt Pools to use Corrupt Purge more often, or ones that make Vial Purge much strong. The Purge is a strong killer with these perks so you don’t need to bring add-ons if you don’t want to.

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