[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Anti Loop Killer Builds

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The Wraith versus Feng Min and corn, featuring their Withering Harvest and Lan Party cosmetics.

[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Anti Loop Killer Builds

What are some of the best ways to cut Survivors down?

As a Killer in Dead By Daylight, you already have a lot to do every time you start a trial. The Entity brought you to its realm for a reason, and it’s your job to sacrifice Survivors so that it can feed. You have to do your best to kill as many of them as you can and not disappoint the almighty and malevolent being. You must patrol generators and do your best to halt their progress as you cut players down. As you continue to sacrifice, the Entity allows you to spend Bloodpoints to upgrade your Killers, giving them items that alter their powers and perks to give you advantages in trials. We’re going to be focusing on the builds that help you the most when Survivors are trying to get away from your blades and traps. Looping is the term for when players will run around structures with pallets and windows to make the best of them and get as much distance as they can. There are many perks and Killer powers that can cut loops down, making it take much less time to catch up to them and strike. There are many different strategies in Dead By Daylight, but these Anti-Looping Builds should help you to start serving the Entity and make quick work of any Survivors that try to escape your grasp. 

5. Save The Brutal Bamboozle Build With The Clown

CLOWN ANTI LOOP? - Dead by Daylight! - YouTube

This perk build helps Killers save time on necessary actions and also locates Survivors that are distant when hooking someone. Save The Best For Last is an Obsession perk that quickens your cooldown when successfully attacking a non-obsession. Every time you gain one token, for up to eight tokens total, this perk decreases your attack cooldown by five percent and allows you to catch up to Survivors quickly for a follow-up hit. When hooking a Survivor, Barbecue & Chilli tells you where you need to go to chase someone else that may have gotten away before. As long as they are more than forty meters away, their aura is highlighted for a few seconds after the hooking action, giving you vital information and cutting out the guesswork on other player’s whereabouts. Bamboozle not only blocks locations that you vault for a limited time but also lets you perform the action quicker, cutting off an area that Survivors can use to escape your hits. Bamboozle also strengthens the use of the perk Brutal Strength, which speeds up your break actions by up to twenty percent. 

The Clown isn’t exactly considered the strongest Killer in Dead By Daylight, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be extremely effective. Other than the actual perk build we’re referencing here, the Clown has anti-loop mechanics built into his base kit. His power allows him to throw bottles at Survivors, creating a cloud of gas that slows them down and blurs their vision. He also was recently upgraded, adding a second type of bottle that can speed him up if used properly. If you pair that with this anti-loop build, it can cause players to waste pallets quickly and give you more control over the map later in the match. 

What the Save The Brutal Bamboozle Build Excels In:

  • Bamboozle can help shut down some of the strongest structures and loops in the game quickly. Vault a window, preferably when a Survivor is forced into a bad position, and chase them knowing that they no longer can use that vault location for a limited time. If the Survivor makes a mistake, it’s an almost guaranteed hit. If they drop a pallet, now you can break it, weakening the loop greatly
  • Speaking of breaking pallets, with Brutal Strength, you no longer have to worry about players gaining too much distance from you. Force Survivors to drop pallets using Bamboozle, then follow up with Brutal Strength to cut down their resources and get more hits more often. You can also fake breaking a weak pallet to make survivors run away and land a hit on them while they are confused as to what you are doing. Simply go up to a dropped pallet and look down briefly, causing the player to believe that you’re breaking it, then go around and chase normally
  • Save The Best For Last works so well with this build because you’re able to decrease the time it takes for you to perform necessary actions and get more hits on players. Acquiring eight tokens for this perk speeds up your attack cooldown by forty percent, making it extremely difficult for Survivors to make distance
  • Barbecue & Chilli is just the cherry on top of this build. Hook a player and instantly know where others are hiding or working on generators

Build Details:

  • With Save The Best For Last, you gain one token for each hit you land on someone who is not the Obsession, however, you lose between two and four tokens whenever you hit the Obsession, so be careful of who you spend time chasing. Dead By Daylight gives you an audible cue to know when you start a chase with an Obsession and also highlights them in their player status area with the Entity tentacles moving as they’re in chase. You can sometimes get away with downing the Obsession early to take them down a hook state and chase other Survivors in the meantime to build up tokens
  • Bamboozle and Brutal Strength is a great combo, so use it aggressively. Bamboozle a vault location early and cut off escape routes to force the players to drop pallets. If they choose not to, you can usually get a hit, so it’s a win-win situation. Beware, however, that you shouldn’t just Bamboozle a window because you can. If you become predictable, the player can trick you into thinking they’re staying at that loop and leave the area, causing you to waste time. Also know that you can only use Bamboozle on one vault location at a time

4. Fiery Blood Favor Build With The Deathslinger

The Best Anti-Looping Deathslinger perk Build - Dead by Daylight build (dbd deathslinger 2020) - YouTube

While this perk build consists of Bamboozle and Brutal Strength as well, it is quite different than the previous build in our list. Hex: Blood Favor is quite a unique perk that blocks Survivors from being able to drop them for a time after someone gets hit by a basic attack. This can stop survivors from being able to save their teammates from pallet saves while the Killer is picking them up from the ground. It can also force players to leave the structure, putting them in a worse position. Fire Up is another perk that saves you time, shortening the duration of actions as more of the generators on the map are completed. When you put these together with the Bamboozle-Brutal Strength combo, you have a build that gives you an edge when chasing Survivors, forcing them to give up resources while their timings for saves are thrown off.

The Deathslinger is a unique Killer who can use this build quite effectively. While being a slower speed character, his power, The Redeemer, can shoot a chained spear at players, reeling them in for hits. He also has a smaller Terror Radius that can help him sneak up on unwary survivors. Bamboozle a window, hit a player, and follow up with a Redeemer shot while pallets are blocked with Blood Favor to down them quickly. Even if the Survivor gets to drop a pallet early to black your path to them, any successful use of your power on them will cause the Deep Wound status effect, forcing players to mend and waste time. 

What The Fiery Bloody Favor Build Excels In:

  • The Bamboozle-Brutal Strength combo is always good for killers that need to destroy pallets manually and helps them save time by speeding the process of both. Pair that with the blocking vault locations and you can always shut down strong loops much more quickly
  • Fire Up adds even more speed as Survivors complete objectives, amplifying the effect of both Bamboozle and Brutal Strength. For every Generator completed, this perk can increase your action speed by up to four percent, giving you a great advantage in the late game
  • Hex: Blood Favor helps if a survivor wants to drop a pallet to save themselves or a teammate from your attacks. While this perk is active, you’ll force players to leave strong loops or catch them when they make mistakes

Build Details:

  • Remember that Hex: Blood Favor is reliant on the Totem it is attached to. You can try to protect it, but don’t lose the game chasing pesky survivors around it
  • Fire Up can become useful as the game progresses, but you almost don’t want it to activate at all. Don’t bait survivors into finishing Generators just to gain tokens in this perk, instead think of it as a slight boost when they get away with completing objectives
  • As The Deathslinger, use your power to deny Survivors from dropping pallets early, if possible. This makes it so that if Hex: Blood Favor is active, the pallet can be blocked and you can follow up with a second attack to down them very quickly

3. Thrill For The Ruined Build With The Doctor

ANTI LOOP = LOVE! - Dead by Daylight! - YouTube

While this next build might not seem to have anti-loop mechanics built into it, these perks together work flawlessly to let you know where to be and cut chase time down by quite a bit. Sloppy Butcher helps buy you time when Survivors are injured by making healing yourself or others much slower. The other three perks in this build work brilliantly together to give you information and regress any Generators not actively being worked on. Hex: Ruin makes it so that Killers do not have to kick Generators for them to start regressing. This is amazing for chases since you no longer have to waste time performing this action. While you chase players off of objectives, Surveillance comes into play by letting you know if any other Survivors begin to work on Generators that were regressing with Hex: Ruin, for a limited time. This is great, as you can instantly know if sneaky Survivors are at one objective or another at any given time. Hex: Thrill Of The Hunt ties these other perks together beautifully. This Hex perk protects itself and any other Hexes on the map, in this case, Hex: Ruin. Whenever a Survivor starts to cleanse one of your Hexes, Hex: Thrill Of The Hunt will give the Killer a loud sound notification and a visual cue, telling you exactly where players are that attempt to get rid of your perks. It also has a secondary effect, slowing the speed at which players can cleanse Totems and giving you more time to get to them and punish their mistakes.

The Doctor uses these perks extremely well, mainly because of his power, Carter’s Spark. This Killer can use Shock Therapy and Static Blast to force Survivors further into Madness and prevent them from performing actions such as vaulting or dropping pallets. The Doctor’s power helps him cut loops down to size and gives him less to do in matches that already give you multiple Generators and Survivors to watch over. Putting players fully into Madness also makes players scream, compromising their position and limiting their ability to sneak successfully. 

What Thrill For The Ruined Build Excels In:

  • Hex: Ruin, Hex: Thrill Of The Hunt, and Surveillance all work together to give you multiple advantages when chasing Survivors. You don’t need to waste time manually kicking Generators and you will know exactly when players return to one that is regressing. No guesswork and less time looking for Survivors to chase. Also, once you find your victims, The Doctor’s power makes short work of loops, denying them of being able to escape easily
  • Sloppy Butcher slows down the match, making it take more time for Survivors to heal themselves or others. For this reason, experienced players will sometimes stay injured to finish objectives, but you’ll most likely know where they are at that point with the help of this build. An injured Survivor cuts down chase time since they only need to be hit once more to be downed

Build Details:

  • Having multiple Hex perks can sometimes be seen as a disadvantage because Survivors can cleanse them, deactivating the perk. This is countered, however, by Hex: Thrill Of The Hunt, which increases the time it takes to cleanse any Hex perk on the map and also tells you when and where it may be happening. The downside to this perk is that it can slowly be weakened by players that will also cleanse Dull, or inactive, Totems. Hex: Thrill Of The Hunt starts with five tokens, one for every totem on the map, whether it is a Hex Totem or a Dull Totem. For every Totem cleansed, it loses a token, decreasing the slowdown effect it has on cleansing. Keep this in mind when using this perk and build
  • Hex: Ruin and Surveillance work well together, as we’ve already stated, but what happens if this Hex Totem is cleansed from the map? Don’t worry, you can still use it to your advantage. Manually kicking a Generator will still activate Surveillance, making the Generator give off a white aura for you. When it turns yellow, you know that a player went back to it to try and repair it again

2. Save the Undying Ruin For Last With The Demogorgon

DEMOGORGON Best BUILD {Anti Swf} Dead By Daylight Demo Gameplay Killer - YouTube

While we’ve already covered a bit about the perks Barbecue & Chilli, Hex: Ruin, and Save The Best For Last, this build adds something that gives killers a huge advantage over survivors with both aura reading information and function. Hex: Undying is another perk that protects other Hex perks. If a Hex perk is cleansed while Hex: Undying is still active, that Hex perk is transferred to the Hex: Undying Totem, giving it a second life. On top of that, while Hex: Undying remains on the field, any Players within two to four meters of any Dull Totem on the map are revealed to the Killer. Add this to the information you get with Barbecue & Chilli, the Generator regression of Hex: Ruin, and the lethality of Save The Best For Last, and you’ve got a winning combo that punishes Survivors greatly for mistakes and forces them to play extremely efficiently for even a chance to survive. 

The Demogorgon makes great use of this perk build for a few reasons. Firstly, as long as this Killer places two of its Portals on the map, it can teleport to and from these two points as long as it’s not on cooldown. If you see a Survivor far away after hooking someone and you have a portal not too far away, you can be there in a few seconds. The other part of the Demogorgons’ power that makes this a great anti-loop build for him is the fact that it can use his Shred to instantly break any dropped pallets in its path. Save The Best For Last is also an amazing perk on this Killer. The Demogorgon makes short work of Survivors when using a strong build like this one.

What Save the Undying Ruin For Last Excels In:

  • Forcing Survivors to waste time cleansing Totems is always good for you, and this build will make them do it twice with Hex: Undying
  • Save The Best For Last works great on The Demogorgon. Since its Shred does not count as a basic attack, you can pick and choose who to hit normally to build tokens up efficiently and not lose them. As a side note, this Killer also excels at feigning its attacks, threatening a Shred, and then canceling its power to attack normally. This can make Survivors try to dodge an attack that was never coming
  • Barbecue & Chilli ties this build together nicely by showing you the auras of far away Survivors after hooking another. An all-around great perk, this Killer uses it more effectively than some others with the help of its Portals

Build Details:

  • Hex: Ruin and Hex: Undying work well together. Don’t forget to look out for Survivors who are revealed when they go near Dull Totems. Also, while Hex: Ruin is still active, you also don’t need to worry about manually damaging Generators to have them regress, letting you focus on chases
  • Save The Best For Last is one of The Demogorgon’s best-used perks. Being able to choose to hit normally or with a Shred attack allows you to build up to eight tokens efficiently without having to worry about losing any by hitting the Obsession. Simply Shred the Obsession or let them go until you find them later. Also remember that if the Obsession dies, any tokens you had stay with you permanently unless another Obsession is created. If that happens, you can still lose and gain tokens again, so keep that in mind
  • Barbecue & Chilli can help the Demogorgon quite a bit, but you have to plan out using your Portals without wasting them. You must place two Portals and travel through them to activate the Portals for their secondary effects, but remember that Survivors can then cleanse them as well. If you value a location and fear that survivors may get rid of it quickly, place an additional Portal close by and keep it inactive. This will keep it hidden and allow you to teleport there at another time

1. Make Your Infectious Choice with The Trapper

Strongest Trapper Build possible? | Dead by Daylight - YouTube

This build is a combination of a few things that make it strong. Starting with Hex: Ruin, this perk will always help you when chasing Survivors off of Generators and saves you time. This build relies on a lot of lethality, which you’ll see with the next three perks, Save The Best For Last, Infectious Fright, and Make Your Choice. While Save The Best For Last helps your cooldown speed when successfully attacking certain Survivors, you might not even need to hit your victims as much. Make Your Choice triggers if you’ve hooked a player, and you are far enough away when they are rescued. It causes the rescuer to become Exposed in this case, forcing them to go down in one hit even if completely healthy. To add to this, Infectious Fright causes Survivors in your Terror Radius to scream when another player is downed, pairing well with Make Your Choice. This is a build that has a lot of things going for it when used properly but isn’t too complex. 

The Trapper has a few tricks of his own to make some good uses of this build. His power, the Bear Trap, allows him to lock down loops and use this build quite effectively. This Killer already needs a bit of time to set up at the start of the match, so any time saved, as in with the perk Hex: Ruin, is great. The Trapper can also use Save The Best For Last quite effectively. The Trapper’s unique ability allows him to pick up players that are still caught in Bear Traps, saving you the need to hit a Survivor that you don’t want to. You can also punish Survivors who unhook others with Make Your Choice and force chases that can end very quickly if you play your cards right. Place Bear Traps at loops and with these perks and there won’t be much a team can do once they start going down. 

What Make You Infectious Choice Excels In:

  • Hex: Ruin works well for many Killers, but the Trapper can use his power to protect the Hex Totem and get an early warning if Survivors choose to try and cleanse it. Even better if a player doesn’t see the trap and gets caught in it instead
  • This is a build that doesn’t rely too heavily on something working perfectly. Hex: Ruin allows you to focus on chases while trying to build tokens for Save The Best For Last, but even if you’re forced to hit the Obsession, you can still use Infectious Fright to locate and hit other Survivors. Make Your Choice adds to that by forcing players to either go for quick and usually unsafe unhooks near you or wait and hide from you until the timer runs out. 
  • Together these perks cause chaos and you will almost always get some value out of them, even if some are not useful in certain matches. You may not be able to build up tokens for Save The Best For Last, but you might not need to if you hook the Obsession multiple times and get them out of the match early. You might not hear anyone scream with Infectious Fright, but that confirms that there may not be anyone near, so you can hook downed Survivors and move on. There are many ins and outs to using this build, but it will always be useful in some way

Build Details:

  • Save The Best for Last synergizes with The Trapper’s power since he doesn’t always have to hit a Survivor twice to down them. If the Obsession is caught in a Bear Trap, you can simply pick them straight up from the trap instead of hitting them, saving your tokens. If a non-obsession is caught, simply hit them out of the trap to gain tokens as you need
  • Make Your Choice has a great effect of causing the Exposed status on Survivors who rescue when you’re farther than thirty-two meters away, but it has another use. When this perk is at tier III, it can help you counter Decisive Strike, being able to clearly see when one minute has passed, and when this perk has expired
  • The Trapper can also uniquely make use of Infectious Fright. If a Survivor is downed and under a pallet and you hear someone else scream, another survivor who is close enough can stun the Killer after the pickup animation is complete to save their teammate. However, you can set a Bear Trap towards one opening of the pallet and pick up the downed player from the other side. This body blocks the pallet while leaving a trap to catch anyone coming from the other side. Alternatively, if you don’t hear anyone scream with Infectious Fright, you know more or less that you’re safe to pick up the Survivor and hook them

These were our top five Anti-Loop Killer builds in Dead By Daylight. There are so many perk combinations and Killer power synergies, so make sure you experiment and try them out for yourself! What did you think of our list? Have you tried any of these specific builds? Do you have a favorite Killer or perk? Let us know!

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