Dead by Daylight How To Counter Bubba (Top 5 Tactics)

Five Ways to Counter Bubba in Dead by Daylight
Don't mind him, he likes to throw tantrums.

The Cannibal— Who is He?

Like many killers within Dead by Daylight, The Cannibal had a life before all this. Before the Entity— before this game of cat-and-mouse, The Cannibal was Bubba Sawyer… Or, as he’s most commonly known, Leatherface. The Cannibal only had one thing growing up, and that was family. A family that protected him and loved him. However, there was a darkness within that group— in every single Sawyer; they ate human flesh. This caused fear to be rooted within The Cannibal. That, one day, someone would find out the family’s secret. That’s why he kills. He didn’t do it because of hate or rage, not even to quiet the voices within his mind. The Cannibal did it out of fear. It was what he was taught to do. One day, he didn’t kill all the outsiders that had wandered onto their property; a girl got away. The Cannibal and his brother ran after her. His brother made it out into the road and was about to catch the girl… then a truck ran him other. The Cannibal was so mad and got careless. So careless that the driver managed to get the chainsaw from his grasp and turned it against him. As he laid there, bleeding out, he felt something wash over him— pulling him to somewhere else. The thing that dragged him there— it filled him with fear… but. It’s the same fear that his own family gave him. So, he had a new home and family. That also meant new outsiders, and The Cannibal isn’t so quick to fail as he did that long time ago.


His Power & Abilities 


Bubba’s Chainsaw

The Cannibal starts the match with three charges. Those charges are use for his chainsaw sweeps.


Chainsaw Sweep

When he consumes a charge, he performs a Chainsaw Dash for two seconds (without add-ons). If he hits a survivor, the When he consumes a charge, he performs a Chainsaw Dash for two seconds (without add-ons). If he hits a survivor, the victim will automatically go into a dying state.


Additional Chainsaw Dash

The Canniable can consume another charge during the chainsaw sweep to extend the sweep.



A timer will slowly fill up as he revs the chainsaw. Once the meter is full or he hits an obstacle during the sweep, The Canniable goes into Tantrum.The following effects will happen…

  • Lose all charges
  • Tremendously movement decrees

However, if any survivors get hit, they will still go into the dying state.


Ways to Counter The Cannibal


1) Jump Into Those Lockers

The best thing to do when you have a chainsaw sweeping Cannibal behind you is to jump in a locker. He has no choice but to hit it and go into a tantrum.Now, guessing when it’s safe to come out will take some time to learn. If you come out early, you will be downed, but if you come out too late, The Cannibal will just grab you out. It will just take some time to learn.


2) Loop Carefully

With his power, The Cannibal can catch up to you quickly. Due to his power, survivors need to find bigger loops and hug the walls tightly. Maybe use the loop two times and dip.


3) Map Awareness is Key

As a new survivor player, you really want to remember the maps within Dead by Daylight. You don’t need to remember everything… just dead zones and loops. You do not want to be caught in a dead zone with The Cannibal: he can easily hit you with his power.


4) Use Trees, Walls, And Corners

The Cannibal will have a tantrum whenever he hits an obstacle. This means anything on the map that is solid and unbreakable. Trees are useful when you’re stuck in a dead zone, but this is really risky.


5) Windows Over Pallets

The tricky thing about The Cannibal’s power is that he can easily break pallets. His chainsaw sweep eats pallets that are dropped early. So, survivors need to find loops with windows. Depending on how far he is from you, this will force him to do a basic attack.


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