[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Demogorgon Builds

Dead By Daylight Best Demogorgon Builds
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[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Demogorgon Builds


5. Beginner Demogorgon


This is a good strong build when just starting as the Demogorgon that doesn’t require any DLC killer perks and only uses perks available to killers that everyone has.

  • The Demogorgon is a somewhat strong killer, being able to teleport across the map but is still at a disadvantage because survivors can get rid of his portals.
  • Being able to teleport across the map is very useful as the killer because it gives you a lot of map control so you can hunt survivors down.

What Beginner Demogorgon Excels In

  • These perks are available to everyone as long as you level up your other beginner killers so you don’t have to get any other DLC killers.
  • This build is still really strong while only using teachable perks from the other simple killers like the Nurse, the Trapper, or the Hillbilly.

Build details:

  • To start you’ll need Enduring from the Hillbilly so that when survivors hit you with pallets it won’t stun you as long, and next a Nurse’s Calling from the Nurse to see when survivors are healing themselves or others.
  • The last two perks you’ll need are from the Demogorgon and every killer’s blood web, take Sloppy Butcher to hurt survivors more, and lastly, Surge from the Demogorgon to make generators regress after putting a survivor into the dying state.
  • For add-ons take Red Liver and Deer Lungs for the best effect when playing as the Demogorgon as your new main killer.


4. Aggressive Demogorgon


This is a well-rounded build for the aggressive type of player who loves to play as the Demogorgon and hunt down those pesky survivors

  • For all killer mains, you know how frustrating it is when survivors pop generator after generator because it’s easy to play as the survivor, this builds remedies that and gives the survivors a true sense of fear as you stalk them and kill them.
  • The Demogorgon is a strong killer able to pounce and teleport across the map making him very versatile because of how quickly he can down a survivor. 

What Aggressive Demogorgon Excels In

  • You’ll be able to play much more aggressively and travel across the map to down survivors and hook them.
  • The survivors will feel fear when you play this build making it much more fun and satisfying when you hook them and sacrifice them to the entity.

Build details:

  • For perks go with Agitation from the Trapper to move faster while carrying a survivor, Hex: Devour Hope from the Hag to get increasingly better effects when survivors save each other off of hooks, Hex: Undying from the Blight to make sure Hex: Devour Hope doesn’t get broke, and lastly Save The Best For Last from the Shape to decrease your cooldown for your basic attacks.
  • The add-ons take anything that will help you, it’s better to take common add-ons when learning how to use this build on the Demogorgon.


3. Gen Protector Demogorgon


This is the best build to use to keep generators from being repaired and to make sure survivors don’t escape too quickly because you’ll be camping around generators.

  • Without the right perks, it’s too easy for survivors to fix generators without being caught or heal so quickly without heal kits.
  • Camping a generator might seem like a crappy thing to do as a killer but with the game so one-sided towards survivors you gotta do what you gotta do.

What Gen Protector Demogorgon Excels In

  • Those snot nose survivors won’t be able to repair generators and when they get the smallest amount of progress you’ll know and be able to catch them off guard.

Build details:

  • For perks use Hex: Ruin from the Hag to make all generators regress automatically if they’re not being repaired, Surveillance from the Pig to find any survivors working on gens, Thrilling Tremors from Ghost Face to block generators when you pick up a survivor, and lastly Surge from the Demogorgon to make generators explode and regress when you put a survivor into the dying state.
  • These perks all go extremely well together because the moment a generator explodes because of surge Thrilling Tremors will go into effect when you pick the downed survivor up, while Hex: Ruin makes sure every generator regresses constantly so you can see them with surveillance when survivors start to repair a generator.
  • The add-ons that will help the most are Deer Lung and Rotten Green Trope to traverse the Upside Down much faster than either does alone.


2. Demo’s Dungeon


This build is fun to use because you’ll be able to control the game by just forcing one survivor into the basement and hooking them. After all, they won’t be able to escape.

  • Every killer knows how annoying it can be when you have a mission to put survivors into the basement so this build is extremely useful to remedy that.
  • The basement hooks are the best location because everyone can be in the same central location with only one way in or out making it ideal to camp and wait for other survivors.

What Demo’s Dungeon Excels In

  • Getting survivors into the basement so you can trap them down there when they try to save other survivors who get put down there.
  • With just one survivor on the basement hook, you’ll be able to lure one or two others who try to help and be able to do it all over again leading to a somewhat short game.

Build details:

  • To start you’ll need Agitation from the Trapper to transport survivors faster, Iron Grasp to keep hold of survivors for longer and better, Make Your Choice from the Pig to see when someone rescues a survivor from a hook, and lastly, Mad Grit from the Legion to have no cooldown timer on your attack when carrying someone and pause the wiggle timer for the survivor making it take longer for them to escape your grasp.
  • The add-ons you’ll need are Deer Lung and Rotten Green Trope to make you so much faster when traversing the Upside Down


1. The Best Demo


This is the best possible Demogorgon build that rounds it out with its strengths and weaknesses making him a much better killer.

  • His power makes it great to see survivors and teleport to them and make chases end quickly with your shred attack.
  • This build makes the Demogorgon’s shred attack stronger as well as his basic attack while making it much better at ending chases quickly.

What The Best Demo Excels In

  • Everything, this build rounds out the puppy of Dead by Daylight and makes him a much more vicious killer able to shred survivors down and traverse the map with ease.

Build details:

  • The First two perks you’ll need to use are Save The Best For Last from the Shape to make it so that your basic attacks have a decreased cooldown (Use your special shred attack on your obsession to avoid losing stacks) and next, take Tinkerer from the Hillbilly so that you can know when a generator is about to be finished.
  • The Last two perks you’ll need for this build are Pop Goes The Weasel from the Clown so that you can make generators regress much more after you hook a survivor, and finally, Corrupt Intervention from the Plague to block the three furthest generators from you forcing survivors to get closer to where you are.
  • For add-ons take Rat Liver to increase your movement speed while charging Of The Abyss for your shred attack, and lastly, either Mew’s Guts to increase the number of portals you have or Deer Lung to move much faster in the Upside Down.

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