[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Addons For Every Killer

"Good luck, you'll need it."

Dead by daylight, is a survival horror game in which survivors must work as a four-person team to repair generators that will power up the gate to escape the killer in time. The game features a variety of terrifying killers, each with their gruesome abilities and add-ons.

In a match, you may encounter a silent killer lurking in the darkness, a teleporting ghost, or encountering deadly traps either by foot or head. The killer can toy with the survivor and with the right add-ons, the killer has the power to take advantage. 

Below I will list the five best add-ons for every killer.

1. Ghostface

The Ghostface is a stealth-focused killer who can approach his victims out of nowhere. His power called Night Shroud aids him in tracking every survivor. He is always waiting for the perfect moment to strike once they become marked for death. Take them by surprise, and they'll have no idea what is coming. 

Ghostface Caught on Tape Add-On (Ultra Rare):

The add-on “Ghostface Caught on Tape” allows Ghostface to put a survivor into a dying state immediately with just a basic attack. This is a great add-on because it also allows the stalking rate to increase when he leans from cover, but it can also decrease his stalking rate if he isn’t leaning from cover. However, this add-on is worth it and it keeps your adrenaline rushing.

Outdoor Security Camera Add-On (Ultra Rare):

When a marked survivor is in a dying state, this add-on allows Ghostface to see the auras of survivors outside of his terror radius. This can be bad news for survivors because it allows Ghostface to locate them much more quickly

Chewed Pen Add-On (Rare):

As previously stated, Ghostface’s primary ability is Night Shroud. So with the add-on Chewed Pen. It boosts Night Shroud’s recovery rate. Which will give you a great advantage, helping you stay more stealthy at any time. 

Lasting Perfume Add-On (Rare):

This is an add-on that every Ghostface player should have. The Lasting Perfume add-on extends the time for a marked survivor. When a survivor is marked, a red circle will appear on the survivor’s icon, and the timer will slowly decrease, which is helpful because you will be able to down the survivor quickly.

Leather Knife Sheath Add-On (Rare):

When you’re crouched, this add-on increases your movement speed. There is no noise detected when sneaking up on a survivor, allowing you to catch them off guard much faster


2. Albert Wesker

"The Mastermind", best known as Albert Wesker, originates from the popular video game franchise Resident Evil. His power, Virulent Bound, allows him to lunge at survivors from across the map, he can also throw the survivors or slam them into the wall. Wesker is a deadly threat to be reckoned with. 

Bullhorn Add-On (Uncommon):

This add-on can be a pain for survivors. When they use the first aid spray, they will suffer from the Oblivious Status Effect for 30 seconds! The survivors will be unable to hear your terror radius which will give you the advantage.

Lion Medallion Add-On (Uncommon):

Since Wesker possesses superhuman abilities. He has the ability to charge at survivors and throw them! With this add-on, the distance is increased by thirty percent once he throws a survivor. So try to not get in his way while in a chase!

Green Herb Add-On (Very Rare):

The green herb is an add-on that I genuinely believe to be the best. In the Resident Evil games, the green herb was used to heal a survivor. However, when Wesker’s power “Virulent Bound” is activated, the add-on allows the infection rate to increase once he charges at a survivor rapidly. Wesker can cause havoc for anyone he pursues.

Lab Photo Add-On (Ultra Rare):

When using his power Virulent Bound, Wesker can break through walls and pallets with this add-on. The only disadvantage is that it disables vaulting pallets when using Virulent Bound. However, this add-on is one I highly recommend!

Iridescent Uroboros Vial Add-On (Ultra Rare):

At the start of the trial, this add-on will activate “Infected” from Uroboros for the survivors. They will also experience the Exposed Status Effect for 30 seconds when they reach the critically infected stage.


3. The Twins

Yikes! This strange-looking duo can be your worst nightmare, and it gives me chills. Conjoined twins with a power called Blood Bond which allows the player to switch between Charlotte (the woman) and Victor (baby-like twin) and have both chase after you will be no fun!

Rusted Needle Add-On (Rare): 

The add-on that is the most dangerous in my opinion is the Rusted Needle. With this add-on Victor will pounce on the survivor, attempting to down them. However, if the survivor crushes Victor, the survivor will be hurt as well. They will suffer from the Haemorrhage Status Effect until they are healed! That means, as a survivor, you will be leaving a blood trail for a while before being discovered by The Twins again.

Iridescent Pendant Add-On (Ultra Rare):

This add-on is similar to the Rusted Needle. If a survivor crushes Victor while he is idle with the Iridescent Pendant active, then they will suffer from the Exposed Status Effect for 12 seconds. They will be unable to heal themselves until that time has elapsed.

Silencing Cloth Add-On (Ultra Rare):

For this add-on, after switching back to Charlotte from Victor, she is able to go undetected for 12 seconds. This means the survivors will not be able to hear her footsteps/terror radius after she wakes from her idle state. 

Drop of Perfume Add-On (Very Rare): 

Once Victor shrieks, the survivor’s within that radius will suffer from the Oblivious Status Effect. This effect once again means that survivors will not hear the heartbeat inside the terror radius from the killer. 

Toy Sword Add-On (Common):

This is a fantastic add-on that reduces the time it takes to charge for a pounce. This is ideal because you can pounce on the survivor much faster while in pursuit. 


4. The Doctor

I would not want to visit his office! The doctor is one of the original killers in Dead by Daylight. Carter’s Spark is his main power, which delivers a terrifying shock to survivors within his vicinity. Playing against him will give you a headache as this killer is full of nothing but mind games. 

Order-Carter’s Notes Add-On (Very Rare):

When I first started playing Dead by Daylight, I spent a lot of time as The Doctor. Order- Carter’s Notes is a fantastic add-on for him. This causes the survivor to suffer from illusions. When being chased, the survivor will dash to a pallet, which will end up vanishing into thin air as The Doctor will laugh sinisterly. This add-on also allows you to see the auras of the illusionary pallets and the “broken” pallets will regenerate every 20 seconds.     

Calm Class 1 Add-On (Common):

This add-on will increase the doctor’s terror radius while his power static blast is ready by 4 meters. The survivors that are already under the Madness Status Effect will suffer from the Affliction of Calm as well. Stages 2 and 3 are the worst for the Madness Effect because of the illusions you will encounter or hear. However, this add-on is much needed and I recommend it.

Iridescent Queen Add-On (Ultra Rare):

After you shock a survivor, the survivor will still have a static charge. This means that it will remain with the survivor until it is discharged. If that survivor is already near someone else, then that survivor will also receive a static shock, and the static charge will be disposed of. 

Restraint-Carter’s Notes Add-On (Very Rare):

This add-on can reveal a survivor’s aura for 3 seconds as their Madness level increases. It will be much easier to locate them.

High Stimulus Electrode Add-On (Rare):

This add-on increases the range of Shock Therapy, which allows you to shock the survivors that may be far away from you. Which is a must-have!


5. Wraith

Now you see him, now you don’t. The Wraith’s power is easy to manage as it allows him to make himself invisible by ringing his Wailing Bell. This allows him to easily sneak up on survivors. It is difficult to see him coming, and by the time you do, it will be too late.

Blind Warrior-Mud Add-On (Uncommon):

Blind Warrior is the most useful add-on; when you surprise attack a survivor, they will suffer from the Blindness Status Effect for 60 seconds. The survivor’s aura will be exempt, which means they will be unable to locate certain items such as gens, pallets, who is hooked, and so on.

Shadow Dance-Blood Add-On (Very Rare):

The Shadow Dance Add-On increases the action speeds for breaking walls and pallets. It is also useful for damaging generators and allows you to vault windows 60% while cloaked! This add-on is perfect for when you are chasing a survivor.

Blink-Mud Add-On (Uncommon):

This add-on reduces the cloaking time by 40%! This means whenever you sneak up or come across a survivor, it will not take that long to reveal yourself and you can attack right away.

Coxcomb Clapper Add-On (Ultra Rare):

With this add-on, The Wraith’s Wailing Bell will be silenced! It is perfect if you want to be stealthy and the survivors will not be able to hear you. It is basically like giving them a jump scare.

All Seeing-Spirit Add-On (Ultra Rare): 

This add-on is a must-have as it gives The Wraith the ability while cloaked to view the auras of the generators. Once you reveal it, it will show the progression of the generators, which is great because you can damage them at any time which will slow down the process for survivors.


6. The Spirit:

The Spirit is a phase-walking killer that has the ability to teleport thanks to her power called Yamaoka's Haunting. Survivors will be unable to see her movements when she uses her power, until she appears out of nowhere and delivers a surprising attack!

Rin’s Broken Watch Add-On (Uncommon):

This add-on increases the power recovery rate by 15%. Once you use your teleportation the first time, after using it, it will already be regenerating. Teleporting with The Spirit is the most important thing you will need to do. This add-on is much needed.

Uchiwa Add-On (Rare):

This will instantly recharge Yamaoka’s Haunting (teleportation) when stunned by a pallet. I call this a revenge add-on because it allows you to teleport right away after being stunned by the pallet. This gives you the opportunity to hunt the survivor.

Dried Cherry Blossom Add-On (Very Rare): 

Once you come across a survivor within 4 minutes while she is phasing that will trigger Killer Instinct, which is a mechanic that will reveal the location of survivors. The survivor’s outline will be highlighted in orange. 

 Mother-Daughter Ring Add-On (Ultra Rare):

This add-on is similar to the other with no scratch marks while phasing. However, with this one, it increases the movement speed while phasing by 40%! I love this one because usually her teleportation isn’t the fastest sometimes, so applying this add-on will be better because you can attack survivors much faster. 

Kintsugi Tea Cup Add-On (Ultra Rare): 

I highly recommend this add-on because it recharges your main power (teleportation) if you break a pallet or a breakable wall. Although it is an Ultra-Rare add-on, if you receive it, I recommend you put it in your loadout right away!


7. Hillbilly

Although he walks with a limp, The Hillbilly is proven to represent a quick-moving killer. With his powerful chainsaw, he charges at the survivor and can immediately put them in the Dying State! Survivors will be unable to stop him and it is impossible for him to lose a chase.

Homemade Muffler Add-On (Uncommon):

With this add-on equipped, the chainsaw is silent! This is needed because once you spot a survivor, you can quickly dash to them without making a sound. This is a must-have if you want to catch them by surprise.

Long Guide Bar Add-On (Uncommon):

This add-on increases the reach of a chainsaw attack, which means that when you are charging at a survivor with the chainsaw, you will be able to knock them down faster and you won’t run out of stamina. This add-on basically gives you an extra boost. 

Doom Engravings Add-On (Rare):

Having this in your loadout will help tremendously. It will increase both chainsaw speed and charge time. This also gives you a boost, but it gives you a boost in both ways, by foot and chainsaw, making a chase, in my opinion, shorter. 

 Rusted Chains Add-On (Rare):

You will make a survivor suffer with the Mangled Status Effect! This means that they will leave a larger blood trail that will be easier to follow. 

Thompson’s Moonshine Add-On (Very Rare):

I highly recommend this add-on because it allows you to steer the chainsaw while charging at a survivor. When you charge as The Hillbilly, he never turns and always attacks straight ahead. When using this add-on, you will be able to steer, and the time penalty for colliding with objects will be increased.


8. The Shape

"The Shape" better known as Michael Myers is from the 1978 film Halloween. He appeared in Dead by Daylight during Chapter 2. Michael Myers is a terrifying serial killer who stalks survivors from afar in order to feed his power, Evil Within. He grows stronger as he stalks, and once he reaches Evil Within III, he is more deadly. 

Jewellery Add-On (Uncommon):

This increases the movement speed for The Shape while he stalks by 20%. While having this add-on equipped it is important to make sure you are stalking so you can get your tier up for Evil Within.

Hair Brush Add-On (Uncommon):

This is a great one as it increases the duration of Evil Within III by 20 seconds. It also makes it much faster to reach by 50% and 2.5 stalk points. This add-on is much needed for your loadout and it will help!

Tombstone Piece Add-On (Very Rare):

The Tombstone Add-On will give The Shape an ability to kill healthy or injured survivors while in Evil Within III! Even though once you kill it drains the power of Evil Within III, it can increase the amount to reach Evil Within III again by 150% and 7.5 stalk points! This is definitely an add-on to include in your loadout and it will help to get rid of survivors much quicker. 

Scratched Mirror Add-On (Very Rare):

When stalking, it reveals the auras of all survivors within 32 meters of your vicinity. Although you will not be able to reach past Evil Within I, it is still a great add-on to add because each hit score will grant you 200+ bloodpoints in the Deviousness Category, in addition to the regular blood points gained in the Brutality Category. 

Judith’s Tombstone Add-On (Ultra Rare): 

You will be able to kill healthy or injured survivors while having Evil Within III. This add-on will also increase the amount of Evil required to reach Evil Within III for the first time by 200% plus 10 stalk points! It reduces the movement speed of The Shape though by 9% while in Evil Within III. However, it is best to still equip this to your loadout because you have a chance to immediately down a survivor no matter what. 


9. The Huntress

The Huntress is a ranged killer whose main power is the ability to throw Hunting Hatches. She can injure the survivor from any distance once thrown! The Huntress is an excellent assassin because she is constantly applying pressure with her map awareness. When going against The Huntress, survivors must stay alert or flee!

Fine Stone Add-On (Uncommon):

When a survivor is hit by the hatchet, the Haemorrhage Status Effect lasts for 60 seconds. Which means their health will drain until they will be able to heal themselves. This add-on is perfect because it betters your chances of downing them if you can right away.

Leather Loop Add-On (Uncommon):

If you have this equipped, then you get to start with an extra hatchet! It also increases how many hatchets you can carry by 1. This one is very important because as I said before the Huntress main ability is throwing the axes from a distance! The more axes the better, it saves time from checking into lockers.

Yew Seed Concoction Add-On (Rare):

Once you hit a survivor, they will suffer from the Hindered Status Effect, this ability will make the survivor's movement speed slow down. This will make them an easier target and I highly recommend this. 

Glowing Concoction Add-On (Very Rare): 

Although this add-on will only do you good for five seconds. It will help, because it shows you injured survivors auras for five seconds. It will be much easier for you to find them and finish the job.

Iridescent Head Add-On (Ultra Rare):

With this add-on, you are able to eliminate the survivor with just one hit. That means they are put into a dying state immediately. Although this add-on also reduces the amount of hatchets by 4, I still believe this is an item you’ll need in your loadout. 


10. Leatherface

Bubba Sawyer, also known as Leatherface, is a character from the 1974 horror film franchise The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and he first appears in Dead by Daylight during Chapter 5.5. Bubba's Chainsaw is his ability, which allows him to instantly down survivors. The best part is that he can do this to multiple survivors at once, making survivors avoid approaching you at all!

Long Guide Bar Add-On (Uncommon):

This add-on will increase the range of the chainsaw. As you are in a chase and you use your chainsaw, it is able to go a farther distance and you will be able to down a survivor much better.

The Beast’s Marks Add-On (Rare):

This will increase the chainsaw’s speed which is a plus because you can get to the survivor much quicker. It also slightly increases the chainsaw’s charge time but I highly recommend this add-on because you have the ability to end a match quicker. 

Light Chassis Add-On (Rare):

This add-on reduces the time penalty when bumping into objects. When you are chasing a survivor and you use the chainsaw, sometimes you will not hit the survivor right away. You’ll end up hitting a tree,wall, or a box! With this equipped in your loadout, it will help when you bump into things. 

Rusted Chains Add-On (Rare):

Survivor’s who are injured by the chainsaw will suffer from the Mangled Status Effect. Which will make healing much slower for survivors, even if they are being healed by other survivors, the process will be slow. Which still makes them an easy target.

Award Winning Chili Add-On (Very Rare):

This add-on tremendously increases the speed of the chainsaw. It also increases the time penalty when bumping into objects, but having a much faster chainsaw is better than nothing. 


11. Sadako

Sadako is a creepy and vengeful ghost from the 1991 horror novel franchise Ring. She first appeared in Dead by Daylight in Chapter 23. Her primary ability is known as Nensha power, and she is capable of executing survivors using a powerful cursed videotape that allows her to travel through the Realm silently via several televisions. Survivors will be terrified just by her presence, and they will be constantly looking over their shoulders.

Old Newspaper Add-On (Common):

With this add-on you are able to stay invisible for a duration of 33%. This is a good one because it allows you to do a sneak attack and get a hit in whe the survivor least expects it.

Sea-Soaked Cloth Add-On (Uncommon):

When survivors are within 8 meters of a tv that is on. They will suffer from the Blindness Status Effect. What makes this even better, is that the effect will linger after 7 seconds. 

Distorted Photo Add-On (Very Rare):

Survivors that are witnessing a Manifestation by being within 16 meters will scream, this will reveal their location for four seconds! Manifestation for this killer also means that you will see flashes of her and then basically switch over into the real world to attack a survivor.

VCR Add-On (Very Rare):

TV’s are the most important for this killer and survivors. With this add-on, all the TV’s will play the projection effects when The Onryo projects to a tv. This is a must have because it sets a creepy vibe and it will be intense once you surprise a survivor through the TV.

Remote Control Add-On (Ultra Rare):

After using Projection, the survivors' auras will be revealed to you for seven seconds when they are within 16 meters of a TV and carrying a VHS tape. This add-on allows you to focus on survivors who are far away, but it is always best to equip an add-on like this because it is easier to spot survivors. 


12. Freddy Kreuger

Freddy Kreuger is a character from the classic horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street. This character is based on the 2010 version of the film, and his main power is Dream Demon, with a clawed glove as his weapon. He is a “nightmare killer” capable of luring survivors into the Dream World, where they will face danger.  

Cat Block Add-On (Uncommon):

Once a survivor is in the Dream World, they can use a Dream Trap to escape back to the other dimension. When this add-on is equipped, however, when a survivor interacts with the Dream Trap, they will suffer from the Haemorrhage Status Effect for 60 seconds! This means that the pools of blood will appear, giving you an advantage in tracking. 

Paint Thinner Add-On (Rare):

This particular add-on reminds me of one of the doctor’s abilities with pallet illusions. So, with this add-on, Dream Snares are replaced with Dream Pallets, which are not real. When a survivor interacts with this pallet, you will be able to see their aura, which reveals their location. You will also receive 7 dream tokens for this add-on

Jump Rope Add-On (Rare):

With this add-on in your loadout, when a survivor is injured in the dream world, their grunts of pain are increased by 50%, making them easier to hear and allowing you to better locate them. 

Class Photo Add-On (Very Rare):

This add-on causes every generator to spew blood when channeling Dream Projection, which acts as Freddy’s teleportation. It also suppresses the Husk, which makes it unable to cancel Dream Projection.

Black Box Add-On (Ultra Rare):

Exit gates that have recently been opened will become blocked for 15 seconds. I recommend this add-on because it gives you another chance to get the remaining survivors.


13. The Legion

The Legion isn't just one killer; they're a gang of ruthless killers who use their power Feral Frenzy to hunt down helpless survivors. They can inflict damage on a survivor multiple times and eventually down them if the survivor does not mend or heal themselves immediately. 

Etched Ruler Add-On (Uncommon): 

Survivors who are hit by the Feral Slash will have the Oblivious Status Effect for 60 seconds. They will not be able to hear your Terror Radius or Heartbeat warning, only silence, giving you the perfect opportunity to sneak up on them and attack again!

Stylish Sunglasses Add-On (Rare): 

Within 24 meters, survivors who are mending themselves will be revealed to you, giving you a second chance to finish the job and down them.

Frank's Mixtape Add-On (Very Rare):

This add-on may appear silly at first, but it allows you to unlock new music for your terror radius and chase music. This add-on is even better because it increases the action speed of damaging generators by 20%! In addition, during the Feral Frenzy, breakable walls are broken by 30%!

Filthy Blade Add-On (Very Rare):

Due to The Legion's power, you will not be able to down a survivor the first couple of times. However, if you hit them, they will have to mend themselves, causing them to heal but not completely. The mending time is increased by four seconds with this add-on. Making healing more difficult and frustrating for them.

Iridescent Button Add-On (Ultra Rare):

While in a chase with the power of Feral Frenzy. When you slide across the pallet, the Feral Vaults immediately break it. This is advantageous because it does not slow down a chase and ensures that you always catch up to the survivor.


14. The Pig

Amanda Young, also known as The Pig, is a tormenting killer who first appeared in Dead by Daylight's Chapter 7: The Saw Chapter. She can crouch, making her stealthy. She will then ambush survivors and try to inflict damage from a close range. She also deploys Reverse Bear Traps on downed survivors; if they do not remove it before the timer expires, they will perish! 

Last Will Add-On (Uncommon): 

Since The Pig is a stealthy killer, once crouched and found her victim, she will rush to what is known as Ambush Dash and attack the survivor. The Last Will add-on helps you out by increasing your movement speed during the ambush by 6%! It also increases the dash's charge time by 33!

Face Mask Add-On (Uncommon):

Survivors caught in reverse bear traps will experience the Blindess Status Effect! This can be crucial for them because they will be unable to see auras of anything, especially when attempting to disarm the trap by going to the jigsaw boxes.

Utility Blades Add-On (Uncommon):

The Pig enjoys using her traps to torment the survivors. Survivors caught in the reverse bear trap will suffer from the Haemorrhage Status Effect with this add-on. The killer will be able to track them down because they will leave pools of blood.

Rusty Attachments Add-On (Rare): 

Survivors who have already been injured while in the reverse bear trap will experience the Mangled Status Effect until they are healed! Having a ticking trap and trying to heal slowly at the same time isn't the best combination, but it's a plus for killers!

Video Tape Add-On (Ultra Rare):

Instead of the traditional method of attacking the survivor and then placing the trap on them. This add-on essentially puts the traps on for you at the start of the trial! This will cause panic among survivors, especially if the timer is already ticking!


15. The Demogorgon

The Demorgorgan was introduced into Dead by Daylight during Chapter 13 and it is based on the 2016 Sci-Fi horror series Stranger Things. The Demorgorgan is a species that has yet to be identified. It can open multiple portals and travel through them to cover large distances. It can detect survivors at close range from its portals using its power called The Abyss, and then leap from it and deliver a surprise attack. The Demorgorgan can also deal damage from afar!

Rotten Green Tripe Add-On (Uncommon):

One of The Demogorgan's abilities is to traverse between portals. With this add-on equipped it increases the speed to travel through portals by 15%! Surprising the survivors at any given moment.

Eleven's Soda Add-On (Rare):

While traveling through the Upside Down, you will notice the yellow auras of generators that are being repaired. As previously stated, when traveling between portals, you can appear out of nowhere near the survivors! This add-on is useful because it allows you to damage the generator at any time and cause as much chaos as you want.

Violet Waxcap Add-On (Rare):

It's always fun as a killer to go undetected because it serves as a sort of jump scare for survivors. The Violet Waxcap add-on accomplishes this while also increasing the duration to remain undetectable by 0.5 seconds.

Lifeguard Whistle Add-On (Very Rare):

Survivors near activated portals are detected by Killer Instinct without the need to charge The Demogorgan's power Of the Abyss. It then reduces the killer instinct detection range by one meter. Killer Instinct is a mechanic that, for the duration of the game, reveals the location of survivors via a pulsating orange spiderweb overlay that follows a survivors every movement. 

Red Moss Add-On (Ultra Rare): 

With this equipped, survivors will be in for a treat, as it extends the duration of the Undetectable Status Effect by 8 seconds. This add-on also mutes all noises made by The Demogorgan when he emerges from a portal. It also increases the portal's initialization time by 15%!


16. The Deathslinger

The Deathslinger is a vengeful killer who can spear survivors from afar and reel them in with his power, The Redeemer. His personal perks allows him to locate and disrupt survivor objectives, as well as punish survivors who destroy his totems.

Chewing Tobacco Add-On (Uncommon):

This shortens the duration of the stun when survivors attempt to flee The Redeemer. It cuts it by 0.5 seconds, which may not seem like much time, but it is worth it.

Honey Locust Thorn Add-On (Rare): 

Survivors who break free from The Redeemer will pay in the form of the Mangled Status Effect until they are healed. As previously stated, this is a lengthy and drawn-out process.

Gold Creek Whiskey Add-On (Very Rare): 

When aiming down sights, this reduces The Deathslinger's terror radius by 8 meters. Survivors will be unable to hear the warning heartbeat, and you will have the advantage of surprising them.

Barbed Wire Add-On (Very Rare):

Once you've caught a survivor, you'll be able to hit them and they will be under the mending effect, which means they won't die right away but will have to heal themselves even more. This add-on speeds it up by 3.5 seconds.

Iridescent Coin Add-On (Ultra Rare):

Survivors who are speared by The Redeemer from a distance of at least 12 meters will suffer from the Exposed Status Effect for as long as they are speared! This will result in them being quickly downed.


17. The Dredge

Hopefully survivors aren't afraid of the dark because The Dredge can summon an overwhelming darkness with his Reign of Darkness power, and to make matters even more difficult, The Dredge also has teleporting abilities and can teleport through locked lockers! The Dredge can also teleport without using lockers, which is known as The Gloaming. When activated, The Dredge will leave a remnant behind, which works best while in pursuit. The Dredge, on the other hand, is free to roam at any time at a slow but steady pace. 

Worry Stone Add-On (Rare): 

The Dredge relies heavily on lockers and must teleport through them to move around the map. When you equip the Worry Stone in your loadout, it will reveal a survivor's aura for a total of 6 seconds when they lock a locker. ​

Broken Doll Add-On (Rare): 

This extends Nightfall by 20 seconds, and survivors will be desperately trying to find a place to hide from your presence, while you have the advantage of sneaking up on them at any time.

Tilling Blade Add-On (Very Rare):

This add-on is a must-have because healthy survivors who are injured during the night will experience the Blindess, Haemorrhage, and Mangled Status Effects all at once for 60 seconds! They will be unable to see the auras of anything while in the dark and will have difficulty healing themselves.

Boat Key Add-On (Very Rare):

The Dredge's main ability is to teleport, so with this add-on equipped, you can teleport at a 25% faster rate during the day! When all of the generators are finished, all active locks on the lockers will be instantly broken!

Iridescent Wooden Plank Add-On (Ultra Rare):

It can be critical for the killer and any remaining survivors during the Endgame Collapse, but having this add-on in your loadout can put you at ease because survivors will suffer from the Exposed Status Effect for the final 12 seconds of nightfall! This gives you plenty of time to take out whoever is left, and the best part is that it all happens in the dark.


18. The Executioner

The Executioner, also known as Pyramid Head, is a character from the Silent Hill video game franchise. He is a map manipulation killer who uses hazards he creates to torment survivors. Survivors who are affected by his abilities will be subjected to his terrifying special mori Final Judgement and his special hook called the Cage of Atonement.

Spearhead Add-On (Uncommon):

Pyramid Head's main ability is called Rites of Judgement, and when activated, he can carve a Torment Trail into the ground. When a survivor runs or walks on it, it will activate Killer Instinct and inflict Torment. The Spearhead add-on extends the duration of Rites of Judement power by 1.5 seconds!

Wax Doll Add-On (Uncommon):

Pyramid Head possesses a variety of special abilities that aid in the elimination of survivors. You can carve into the ground with this ability as well, but this time you can unleash a wave of force in the form of an attack trail that injures the survivor in the process. The attack range is increased by 0.5 meters with this add-on.

Mannequin Foot Add-On (Rare):

As previously stated, the Rites of Judgement grant you the ability to carve a Torment Trail into the ground. This add-on extends the duration of that, allowing it to remain in the environment for an additional 20 seconds.

Rust-Coloured Egg Add-On (Very Rare): 

Survivors affected by Rites of Judgment will experience the Blindess Status Effect for 60 seconds! If they have the ability to see killers, they will be unable to see the auras of any object, including you.

Iridescent Seal of Metatron (Ultra Rare):

When a survivor is sent to a Cage of Atonement (similar to hooking the survivor), the auras of all the other survivors are revealed if they are Tormented for 6 seconds!


19. The Trickster

The Trickster, like The Huntress, is a ranged killer. However, Showstopper's power allows him to unleash a furry of blades on survivors at a rapid pace. With his special attack called The Main Event, with each blade hit, it will fill a meter and once it is full The Trickster will be able to automatically throw unlimited blades for the duration of his special attack. You're in luck if you have a steady hand and good aim!

Lucky Blade Add-On (Uncommon):

This extends The Main Event by 0.2 seconds for each Blade Hit, giving you more time to inflict pain on the survivor.

Bloody Boa Add-On (Rare):

With this equipped, you will begin the trial with 8 additional blades, increasing your capacity by 8.

Trick Blades Add-On (Very Rare):

You may not always be as accurate with The Trickster. However, if you miss with the trick blades add-on, the blades will richochet off the environment twice, potentially hitting the survivor.

Edge of Revival Album (Very Rare):

When blades collide with the environment, they shatter, inflicting 50% Laceration on nearby survivors. This causes harm to anyone who comes into contact with it.

Iridescent Photocard Add-On (Ultra Rare):

Once a survivor's laceration meter is one or two hits away from reaching the maximum point, they are inflicted with the Exposed Status Effect. Giving you the advantage to immediately put the survivor into the dying state.


20. The Nurse

The Nurse is a warping killer with the ability to close gaps and blink through obstacles with her power Spencer's Last Breath. You will be able to end chases much faster with The Nurse because she can also phase at great distances, inflicting damage on the survivor.

Dark Cincture Add-On (Uncommon):

The Nurse isn't a fast killer, but thankfully with this add-on it increases her movement speed during the Chain Blink Window by 30% before she succumbs to fatigue. 

Bad Man Keepsake Add-On (Uncommon): 

This add-on is similar to perk A Nurse's Calling in that you can see the survivor's healing aura. However, with the add-on, when you hit a survivor with your Blink Attack, it reveals their aura for 60 seconds if they are healing or being healed within 28 meters of you. 

Anxious Gasp Add-On (Rare): 

Every killer in Dead by Daylight is constantly patrolling the map, which can be a time-consuming or boring process. You're in luck with this add-on, because blinking past survivors within one meter of you will cause them to scream and reveal their location. This add-on also grants 200 bloodpoints in the Deviousness category.

Kavanagh's Last Breath Add-On (Very Rare):

When you succumb to fatigue, all survivors that are within 8 meters of you will suffer from the Blindess Status Effect for 60 seconds!

"Bad Man's" Last Breath Add-On (Very Rare):

When you use a Blink Attack on a survivor, you will gain the Undetectable Status Effect for 25 seconds. Because they won't be able to hear your terror radius or see the red stain, you can quickly attack them again by surprise if they are injured.


21. The Cenobite

The Cenobite, also known as Pinhead, is a villain from the Hellraiser film franchise, which debuted in 1987. The Cenobite is a summoning killer, he has the ability to possess chains with his Power: Summons of Pain and enjoys tormenting survivors with the box called Lament Configuration.

Liquified Gore Add-On (Uncommon):

Before the chains can grip the survivors, there is a box called the Lament Configuration, and the survivor must solve the Lament Configuration to avoid being cursed by the chains. The solving time will be increased by one second with this add-on. Unless, of course, Pinhead teleports to the survivor and delivers his famous line: "You opened it. We came."

Larry's Blood Add-On (Rare): 

You can run, but you can't hide. The Larry's Blood add-on extends the maximum travel distance of possessed chains by 4 meters! Latching onto the survivor and slowing them down.

Original Pain Add-On (Very Rare):

Survivors who manage to break free from the possessed chains will experience the Deep Wound Status Effect. When the survivor isn't running, being mended, or mending themselves, their health bar gradually drains. When the timer runs out, they will be placed in the Dying State.

Greasy Black Lens Add-On (Very Rare):

This will reveal survivors for a total of 6 seconds that are being hit by the possessed chains. 

Iridescent Lament Configuration Add-On (Ultra Rare):

Survivors beyond 24 meters of the Lament Configuration will be unable to see the aura of a Chain Hunt when it is inactive.


22. The Nemesis

The Nemesis is from the popular gaming franchise Resident Evil. Once he attacks survivors with his tentacles, he is unstoppable, as he infects them with his power, the T-Virus. His mutation rate also increases along with his power! The Nemesis receives assistance from zombies that will be roaming the area; injuring and even downing the survivors. This prevents The Nemesis from pursuing the majority of them.

Marvin's Blood Add-On (Uncommon):

Increases the mutation rate when hitting survivors with a tentacle strike by 0.75 mutation points! 

Licker Tongue Add-On (Rare):

This adds 0.2 seconds to the duration of the Hindered Status Effect after a survivor is contaminated. When a survivor becomes contaminated, it is easier to track them down because they will constantly cough, revealing their location.

Jill's Sandwich Add-On (Very Rare):

When a survivor unlocks one of the supply cases to receive the vaccine, The Nemesis will see their aura for 12 seconds. This allows The Nemesis to inflict more damage on the survivor.

Broken Recovery Coin  Add-On (Very Rare):

Survivors facing The Nemesis will rely heavily on the Supply Cases to eradicate the disease. This add-on, however, removes one Supply Case from the trial.

Iridescent Umbrella Badge Add-On (Ultra Rare):

After using the vaccine, a survivor will experience the Exposed Status Effect for 60 seconds. It only takes one hit to put them in the dying state.


23. The Plague

With her power Vile Purge, The Plague can infect survivors from a short distance. Survivors will be injured or broken until they find a way to cure themselves of the disease, which is finding The Pool of Devotion.

Olibanum Incense Add-On (Common):

For 4 seconds, the auras of survivors cleansing at the Pools of Devotion will be revealed. Once they have cured themselves, you will be able to return to the survivor and infect them once more.

Prophylactic Amulet Add-On (Uncommon):

To prevent survivors from curing themselves. The Prophylactic Amulet prevents them by decreasing the available Pools of Devotion by 2. 

Worship Tablet Add-On (Very Rare):

Increases Ingestion speed by 100%! As well as The Plague's movement speed will be increased while holding Corrupt Purge by 4.4%.

Severed Toe Add-On (Very Rare):

Increases the infection gained from interacting with objects by 50%.

Iridescent Seal Add-On (Ultra Rare):

Each time a generator is completed, The Plague will be granted Corrupt Purge automatically. The Corrupt Purge will also be reduced by 20 seconds.


24. The Oni

The Oni is a monstrous killer with the ability to absorb his enemies' blood. He will be able to transform into a vicious demon once he has received enough blood. Yamaoka's Wrath, his power, will grant him great speed and a lethal strike with his weapon, the Kanabo.

Blackened Toenail Add-On (Common): 

The Oni's movement speed will be increased while he is absorbing the blood orbers by 0.3m/s.

Child's Wooden Sword Add-On (Uncommon):

The Oni needs to collect as many blood orbs as possible. This add-on then increases the aura detection range of blood orbs by 3 meters, allowing you to head over to it and collect it.

Wooden Oni Mask Add-On (Rare):

Increases the frequency of survivors dropping blood orbs by 14%  When a survivor performs a action such as vaulting, throwing down pallets, exiting lockers, etc. They will drop one addional blood orb.

Lion Fang Add-On (Very Rare):

Increases the duration of Blood Fury by 10 seconds! Blood Fury offers two special abilities Demon Dash and Demon Strike. Both are powerful and give you the ultimate advantage!

Iridescent Family Crest Add-On (Ultra Rare):

When The Oni misses a Demon Strike, it will cause all survivors within 24 meters of your location to scream which will reveal their location to you!


25. The Blight

The Blight is an unpredictable killer because he can rush forward with a burst of speed or simply bump into objects to injure the survivor with his power, Blighted Corruption. He has two special abilities: Rush and Slam, which both perform a powerful attack on the survivor that causes damage. His personal perks allow him to impose powerful effects on the generators, totems, and pallets.

Blighted Rat Add-On (Uncommon):

Since The Blight's power is based on his lightning speed, this add-on boosts it even further by increasing the rush movement speed by 4% for each consecutive rush!

Umbra Salts Add-On (Rare):

The rush turn rate of the Blight will be increased by 15%! When you're on the hunt for a survivor, this gives you more freedom of movement.

Vigo's Journal Add-On (Very Rare):

The Blight will be granted the Undetectable Status Effect. He will be able to appear out of nowhere on survivors roaming, repairing a generator, or performing any other action. This is essential so they don't hear you approaching them.

Summoning Stone Add-On (Very Rare): 

When you're looking for a survivor, it can be nerve-racking or intense at times. It will be much easier with The Blight. When you hit a survivor with Lethal Rush while this add-on is equipped, it summons The Entity to block the pallets within a 16-meter radius of your location for 15 seconds. This prevents survivors from stunning you and allows you to take them down.

Compound Thirty-Three Add-On (Ultra Rare):

Any survivor within 16 meters of a slam will be affected by the Hindered Status Effect for 3 seconds, slowing their movement by 3%. Another great feature of this add-on is that when you collide with breakable walls or pallets, it instantly destroys them, which is ideal for a chase.


26. The Hag

The Hag can lay down Phantasm Traps and then teleport to them when they are triggered by a survivor. This also grants her the ability to cause them harm. As long as the totems remain uncleansed, her personal perks implement ravaging penalties on survivors. Her perks revolve around totems, which keeps the emphasis on cursing the survivors.

Dead Fly Mud Add-On (Common):

Since her power relies on her Phantasm Traps, this add-on will increase the teleportation range by 20%! Offering her to travel at a greater distance.

Bloodied Water Add-On (Uncommon):

When a survivor triggers The Hag's traps, it will reveal a "decoy" of her that she can eventually teleport too. The Bloodied Water add-on extends this, if you can't get there at the moment, it increases the Phantasm Trap's trigger range by 20%.

Grandma's Heart Add-On (Very Rare):

This add-on suppresses the Terror Radius of The Hag. It also increases the fake terror radius of the Mud Phantasms to 16 meters.

Disfigured Ear Add-On (Very Rare):

When a survivor triggers a Phantasm Trap, they will suffer and become deafened for 6 seconds. Their hearing will become muffled and it will be hard to hear the Terror Radius.

Mint Rag Add-On (Ultra Rare):

This grants The Hag the ability to teleport at any time to any Phantasm Trip that hasn't even been triggered!


27. The Artist

The Artist is a ranged-reconnaissance killer who wields the Birds of Torment power. This gives her the ability to send her murderous crows across the map to attack and reveal survivors! Crows can fly in different directions and travel long distances!

Untitled Agony Add-On (Uncommon):

Survivors swarmed by the Dire Crows will suffer from the Hindered Status Effect for 1.5 seconds. Their movment speed will be slowed, making it easier for you to down them.

Thorny Nest Add-On (Rare):

Survivors who are injured from the Dire Crows will suffer from both the Haemorrhage and Mangled Status Effects which effects their healing speed. 

Severed Hands Add-On (Very Rare):

Any survivor that is within 3 meters of another survivor who is already being swarmed by the crows will also suffer the consequences and become swarmed by the crows as well. 

Severed Tongue Add-On (Very Rare): 

The Artist's movement can be a bit slow once she dispatches her crows. With this add-on it actually reduces the slow-down duration of The Artist when her crows take flight by 0.5 seconds. 

Garden of Rot Add-On (Ultra Rare):

Once a survivor completes the Repel action after being swarmed by the crows. They will then have to deal with the Exposed Status effect for an additional 4 seconds. 


28. The Trapper

The Trapper is an area-control Killer who uses deadly bear traps to put pressure on survivors all over the map. He feeds on the fear of survivors and makes good use of his physical abilities and strength.

Bear Oil Add-On (Common):

This one may appear simple, but it is useful so that survivors do not know your every move. Because bear traps normally make an annoying sound when placed, this add-on allows you to set them silently. Once you've established it, the survivor should be able to step into one during the trial. It is best to place them in areas where they can be well hidden.

Serrated Jaws Add-On (Uncommon):

Survivors will step into the traps throughout the trial, and when they do, they will suffer from the Haemorrhage Status Effect. This creates a bloody trail, making it easier to find the survivor. 

4-Coil Spring Kit Add-On (Uncommon):

Once the survivor is caught in the trap, it is sometimes easy to disarm. However, this add-on increases the time required to disarm the trap by 33%! This allows you to quickly go to the survivor and down them if they are still trapped.

Fastening Tools Add-On (Rare): 

This add-on speeds up bear trap rescue and escape by 25%! What makes this even more unique is that it increases bear trap setting speed by 50%! Allowing you to lay traps at a much faster rate.

Bloody Coil Add-On (Ultra Rare):

When a healthy survivor disarms a beartrap, the Bloody Coil makes them pay, it puts the survivor into the injured state where they must quickly heal until the killer comes. 


29. The Clown

The Clown in Dead by Daylight isn't your typical happy clown; he lets out a sinister laugh when attempting to poison survivors with The Afterpiece Tonic. Survivors hit by the gas will suffer greatly from slower movement, impaired vision, and constant coughing, revealing their location. I've listed some add-ons that will help you out in a trial to make The Clown even more powerful!

Sulphuric Acid Vial Add-On (Rare): 

As stated above, The Clown's main power revolves around his handy dandy tonic. With this add-on once you get a direct hit on the survivor, they will then suffer the Mangled Status Effect from being intoxicated from the gas. They will suffer from this until they are healed, which is a slow and dreadful process for them. 

Smelly Inner Soles Add-On (Rare): 

The Clown is constantly reloading his tonic. He'll have to reload even during chases. With this add-on in your loadout, you gain 66% faster movement speed while reloading! This allows you to take a much faster approach to eventually throwing the tonic at the survivor again. It will not be a lengthy procedure!

Cheap Gin Bottle Add-On (Very Rare):

You will start the trial with two additional bottles which also lets you carry two more. This add-on can put players at ease because you will not have to worry about constantly reloading all the time or running out!

Redhead's Pinkle Finger Add-On (Ultra Rare): 

Survivors who are directly hit with the tonic will suffer from the Exposed Status Effect for the duration of their intoxication! Even though this add-on reduces the bottles by two, it is still worthwhile to use because when you hit a survivor, it will be a long process for them and you will be able to down them immediately.


30. The Knight

The Knight is one of Dead by Daylight's recent killer. He is a strategic killer that is able to send out his loyal guards to hunt for survivors and he will never let anyone get in his way. Nowhere to Hide, Hex: Face the Darkness, and Hubris are his personal perks that allow him to reveal survivors near generators, curse them to scream in terror, and get revenge for survivors who stunned you to suffer from the Exposed Status Effect. But wait, there's more! The following add-ons will make you a more powerful killer, and you will succeed in every trial!

Map of the Realm Add-On (Common):

In the game, The Knight's best friends are the guards. They assist him in a variety of ways, but for this particular add-on, the guards' vision range is increased. They will be able to patrol by more than 4 meters. This guard keeps an eye out for you while you're out damaging generators or looking for survivors, and it helps put an end to looping survivors, forcing them to move to a different location. 

Gritty Lump Add-On (Common):

The guards can be a little sluggish at times, which can be aggravating. However, with this add-on it increases the movement speed of the guards on patrol by 9%! They'll be able to spot survivors and possibly lead them on a chase, making things a little more exciting!

Iridescent Company Banner Add-On (Ultra Rare):

During the Endgame Collapse, it may seem like you've lost the match if you didn't eliminate all of the survivors in time. However, with this add-on in your loadout it is a total different story! When survivors are being pursued by the guard, the Iridescent Company Banner prevents them from fleeing. This also increases the vulnerability of survivors who have been injured or exposed.

Broken Hilt Add-On (Rare):

This add-on, while simple, is extremely beneficial. The Mangled Status Effect will be applied to the survivor after a guard performs a basic attack on them. When they are affected by this effect, it takes them much longer to heal, making them more vulnerable and an easy target once you find them again.

Healing Poultice Add-On (Very Rare) : 

When you summon The Assassin Guard, all survivors within 24 meters of you will start screaming for 5 seconds. This will reveal their location, making it very easy to locate them.


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