11 New Horror Games Coming Out in 2016

This will only hurt a little.

11. Routine

Routine gameplay video.

Routine is a brand new sci-fi horror that is set to come out in 2016. The unnamed protagonist that you control has been placed on the mysteriously abandoned moon base called Lunar Research Station. In first person point of view, you must uncover the truth of what happened to the team on the moon base.

When you first set foot upon Lunar Research Station you immediately notice that with the exception of the AI on the station, a helper robot and the monotone voice over the loud speaker, it is completely deserted. Equipped only with a Cosmonaut Assistance Tool (CAT), you begin your investigation.

Arrival to Lunar Research Station

You aren’t sure how “alone” you are, so caution is key. You peek around corners and sneak through hallways to be as stealthy as possible as to avoid detection. You can’t decide if your mind is playing tricks on you, but you swear you are hearing noises.

You work on uploading files to your CAT that might be useful, and trying to find clues as to where the crew may have gone. As you venture down a dark hallway, the sound of clunky footsteps makes you pause. It’s not human.

Friend or foe?

In Routine, you’ll find that you aren’t alone. Robots bent on destroying you are on the base. You have the choice to run and hide or stand and fight.

Your CAT gun is a weapon and a technical unit as well. It runs on batteries and needs floppy disks to upgrade. If you choose to fight, you run the risk of wasting your batteries and losing the use of the CAT gun altogether. Make your choice wisely, because if you fail, your death is permanent.

Overall, Routine looks to be a great game. It will have procedurally generated environments, allowing for a different approach and experience with each play through. The use of Oculus Rift is anticipated for this game as well.

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