7 Reasons Why We Love Horror Games

You can run, you can hide, but will you survive?

Each year there are many horror games that are released. We buy them, we play them. Those of us who spend money and time on horror games get more than just scared. Here are 7 reason why we love horror games.

7. The Plot


In horror games, it’s not just about a quick thrill, it’s about the plot as well. Throw a character into a world where everything is strange and give him or her a mystery to solve. With that, add in monsters to chase you so that you HAVE to find a way to live.

The stories that come with horror games make you want to play. You want to walk down that dark hallway to the cracked door that has a tiny bit of light peeking out. You want to find that piece of paper that has the garage door code on it.

We want the plot to drive us forward, all the while keeping us on our toes and peeking around every corner. Games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Outlast are among many of the games that have great stories that go with the terror they bring.

 6.  The Atmosphere

Are you sure you’re okay?

Abandoned insane asylum? Check.

Closed down amusement park? Check.

Underwater research facility with no survivors? Check.

Creators of horror games really know what makes our skin crawl. They build worlds that under normal circumstances we would never go anywhere near. But that is why we are drawn to them.

Developing a horror game is about more than jump scares. Combining plot with a lush atmosphere that feels real is key in why we love horror games. There is something about the realism that draws us in.

Add in an excellent soundtrack and you have struck horror game gold. The atmosphere is perfect for creating chaos in your mind. It is also a great way to escape to a reality that you would normally not be able to enter.

5. We Love to be Scared

He just wants to give you a balloon animal.

You’re running from a horde of zombies. Suddenly one lurches out in front of you and grabs your shirt. You scream and mash the shove button to get him off you.

Now your heart is racing and you’re breathing heavy. The adrenaline rush from getting scared is addicting. We laugh it off and keep playing.

With each new horror game we play, there’s the chance to feel that same rush we had on the previous game. So while it doesn’t make any sense to someone who doesn’t play horror games, we get it. And we want more.

Every time I play a game like Left 4 Dead 2, I get scared. I scream and jump in my chair when I turn around and find that one silent zombie that has snuck up on me. I love the feeling, so I keep on playing.

4. A Safe Way to be in Danger

Winding down after a long day.

In a typical day, most of us do not see any danger in our normal lives. With horror games, it gives us a chance to live dangerously from the safety of our homes.

We could probably agree that any sort of apocalypse would not truly be ideal. We wouldn’t want to actually have to survive without TV and internet. Fighting to eat and survive probably wouldn’t make our bucket list either.

In a horror game we can fight zombies, aliens, or even ghosts without actually being in any danger. We love them because even though we still get scared and feel the effect from the stress and tension in a given game, we can turn it off if it becomes overwhelming. Later, when we are feeling confident again, we can fire it back up and pick up where we left off.

After all, who doesn’t want to save the world from aliens and blood thirsty monsters?

3. Great to Play With Friends

I’ve got your back, you’ve got mine.

Fighting off hordes of zombies with your buddies is good entertainment. One of my personal favorites is No More Room in Hell. There’s nothing quite like grouping up with friends to take on the zombie apocalypse.

Survival horror makes a great multiplayer game. Games like Killing Floor 2, Don’t Starve Together, and H1Z1 are just a few of the popular games currently out there.

In order to survive you have to work together, complete objectives, and kill the enemies. You can play over the internet or have a party. Whichever you choose, be sure to leave no man behind.

Unless he’s infected. Then you need to take care of that. STAT.

2. Great to Play With Your Date

Someone needs a breath mint.

While playing with friends is great, sometime you and your significant other just need some time to yourself. Playing a horror game can make for a great date night.

Together you can survive the zombie apocalypse. You can build a new life together.

But if your date doesn’t play video games, that doesn’t mean you can’t show them a good time right? Just pop in anything scary and he or she can enjoy the experience through you.

The best part is when they get scared, they can just cuddle closer to you. It’s a win/win situation and you’ll feel like a hero!

1. Conquer Your Fears

Get ready to eat lead.

Remember when you were afraid to open that door because you swear you heard something behind it? You had to open it because there was a vital piece of information in that room. Something that you needed to progress in the story.

But behind that door was your worst fear and you had to face it. When the fight was over, there was a sigh of relief. You had done it.

We love horror games because we conquer our fears in them. At first it is terrifying, but over time the fear lessens. In the end when we have triumphed we can celebrate, because we have survived.

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