Top 15 New Horror Games for PC (2018-2019)

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15. HellSign

HellSign Trailer

This investigative, RPG style game will lead you through a small town plagued by monsters. Your job as a hunter is to investigate, research the supernatural, and wipe them out.

Through the game you’ll take on various requests to annihilate the various monsters in the town - ranging from a simple ghost to menacing demons. Having the option to investigate and research your otherworldly enemy allows you to calculate your next move, and attack them at their weak point. Now the choice is yours: do you play with brains, or brawn?

Knowledge is Power: Researching the various monsters while investigating will help you learn more efficient ways of destroying them.

Ghost Busters! : Will you use your research knowledge to make calculative moves to bust these ghosts? Or will you just bust down the doors, guns drawn?

14. Someday You’ll Return

Someday You’ll Return Gameplay Reveal Trailer

In this beautifully detailed game, your goal is simple - survive, and bring back your daughter. Or…is it that simple?

As you plunge into an ancient forest, you’ll need to quickly hone your survival skills. You’ll have your standard survival mechanics, such as crafting, tracking, and interacting with the environment. But this game allows you to use your in-game smartphone features, and even has a karmic system in which your actions will have direct consequences, potentially altering the ending. What will your fate be?

Caught Red-Handed: There are plenty of nightmares in Someday You’ll Return - but what about your own demons?

Sight Seeing: With phenomenal graphics and attention to detail, this game has no shortage of jaw-dropping views.


IMMURE PC Gameplay

In IMMURE, you’re trapped inside an unnerving mansion, with no obvious means of escape. In order to escape your prison, you must travel through different doors leading you into terrifying dimensions, filled with nightmarish creatures.

But IMMURE is more than your ordinary side-scroller. It’s story-driven gameplay allows you to immerse yourself, exploring all the unsettling worlds that plague this mansion. While using the mysterious shining trapezohedron to find clues for your escape, horrific creatures will cross your path, testing your will to stay alive. In this beautifully hand-drawn psychological horror, will you manage to save these tortured souls…or will you fall victim to the evil residing deep within?

Passages : Use your Trapezohedron to unveil special glyphs…will this help you escape the terror?

The monsters within: This beast isn’t the only creature you’ll encounter on your harrowing adventure.

12. Faither

Announcement Trailer

In this haunting RPG, your role as the exorcist is to rid a village of it’s unwanted demonic residents. You may be a priest, but you’re far from normal.

With the game’s 30 unique demons, you’ll need to sharpen your expertise by performing exorcisms, and learning the weaknesses of every demon. Faither’s non-restrictive world allows you to adventure at your own leisure, delving into each village occupants history. As you build allies and perform rituals, your day as an exorcist is far from dull.

Blessed: With your collected knowledge on various demons, you’ll be able to perform successful exorcisms quickly and save the village residents.

Holy Roller: Among the limitless things to do in Faither, you’re able to fully customize your unorthodox exorcist.

11. Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones

Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones Gameplay Trailer

Based in the eerie worlds of H.P. Lovecraft, your character will explore Stygian - a gothic-style world riddled with unfathomable evil. You create your own 1920’s inspired character, and carve your own path within the deep narrative of this illustrative RPG.

With turn-based tactical combat, the decisions you make will put strain on your characters mental state, causing direct consequences. In a world already lost, you’re able to follow your own goals - will you seek salvation, or something more sinister?

A world gone grey: The 1920’s inspired scene is perfect for setting an eerie, otherworldly ambiance.

Taking Turns: The turn-based tactical combat is far from easy, and will create strain on your character’s sanity.

10. Dark Deception

Dark Deception Trailer

Fast-paced and anxiety inducing, Dark Deception is a story-driven, first-person horror maze game. This game forces you into the dark to face your fears head on.

Trapped in a world straight out of your worst nightmare, you navigate the maze-like halls collecting shards and try to stay alive. The horrifying creatures aren’t the only thing you need to fear, the world itself is full of hazardous traps and obsstacles. Your only chance at escape is a mysterious woman, but what are her intensions? Will you face your fears, or run blindly through the dark?

Monkey See…: Faced with the nightmare fuel creatures in Dark Deception, will you tactfully escape your fears? Or run blindly through the dark?

Secrets Unearthed: What mysteries will you uncover in this mad dash for survival?

9. Hide or Die

Hide or Die Trailer

Hide or Die is a large multiplayer horror game where all players will start together in an underground bunker, to then be let out with the objective of survival. With a vast array of options, will you choose tactical survival to be the last one standing, or will you let the darkness consume you?

Hide or Die provides a procedural level system, with random spawn locations for supplies, items, and objectives. This creates a new, unpredictable way of playing every single time. How you play may change, but one question remains the same: will you seek the darkness?

Unseen Forces: The darkness is out there, spreading. Will you cling to survival? Or will you be consumed by darkness?

Caution!: Danger lurks around every corner…will you be ready?

8. The Beast Inside

The Beast Inside Trailer

In this thriller-horror combo, you play as Adam, a CIA cryptanalyst, who comes upon a mysterious diary. Once the diary is opened, the horrific past is released into the present, risking the lives of Adam and his wife, Emma, alike.

In The Beast Inside, you’ll have the chance to play as two separate protagonists in two different time periods, creating an interesting, well rounded story line. While you navigate the nightmares of this world, you’re given the opportunity to play passively by hiding and running from enemies. Or if you’re feeling brave, you can face the creatures head on, and fight using your revolver. Will you live long enough to solve this horrifying case of a lifetime?

Home Sweet Home: Adam and Emma moved to the country for some peace and quiet…but will they survive to live out that happy dream?

Lurking: This mysterious diary has made the nightmares of the past a reality…what does the owner of the diary need from you?

7. Project Nightmares Case 36: Henrietta Kedward

Project Nightmares Case 36: Henrietta Kedward Gameplay

In this first-person survival horror, you’re linked to an organization of scientists called Project Nightmares. These scientists have developed a way to induce your sleep, and link you into a nightmare-filled past: in this case, Henrietta Kedward.

Throughout the game you’ll find clues to piece together Henrietta’s tortured past, trying to stay alive in the process. With only a small candle to light your way, the procedural survival aspect ensures your gameplay will be unique every time. Without knowing what lurks in the dark, will you be brave enough to unearth Henrietta’s tortured history?

Dark Decent: In a challenge of bravery, will you face what lies in this dark history? 

Strange Sightings: Henrietta plagues this nightmare…but what secrets lie in her past?

6. The Peterson Case

The Peterson Case Trailer

This first-person psychological horror revolves around the Peterson family, who went missing in Roswell, New Mexico. With so much to uncover, you take it upon yourself to investigate the Peterson family home to find any trace of where the family might be…that is, if you survive.

Within a deep, rich story, you discover clues that allow you to play though the family’s flashbacks. While you search for the Peterson family, you’ll be faced with various, nightmarish creatures you’ll need to evade to complete your search. The Peterson family left seemingly without a trace…will you be next?

Ancient Aliens: Roswell, New Mexico is home to many unexplained phenomena. What exactly caused the Peterson family to disappear?

Vacancy: The clues to the Peterson family case are disturbing and unexplainable. Will you be able to unearth the truth?

5. Visage

Visage Official Gameplay Trailer

Visage is a first-person psychological horror game with a slow burn approach. In an atmospheric home, this game gives you a false sense of security - only to slowly fill you with the nightmares of the previous owners as you make your way through the maze-like halls and rooms.

While plunging into the previous owners tragic history, this game encourages you to keep a cool head. You can do this by staying in light areas, and finding other tools to save your sanity - something you definitely want to keep. Unfortunately for you, you’re unarmed. You will need to search around for clues and key elements to aid your escape. Don’t lose your cool…or you might end up as another victim to this house’s tragic history.

Home is Where the Heart is: This seemingly normal home lures you in, only to slowly uncover it’s true, murderous memories.

Light of my Life: Don’t stay in the dark for too long. You lose your sanity first, then your life. You never know what's lurking down the hall.

4. Reborn

Reborn Official Trailer

In nearly every horror gaame, the player is forced to hide from monsters and killers, with only their bare hands and the elements around them to survive. This first-person survival breaks the rules of a traditional survival game. This time, you won’t cower in fear, hiding and running from various evil creatures.

In Reborn, you’re the hunter. You’ll still face horrendous creatures in hellish environments, but now you’re fully equipped to rush in and take care of business. The time to hide is over, now gear up, and make a stand.

You can run…: The monsters might be terrifying, but you don’t have the time to be afraid. You’re taking a stand, and taking these monsters out.

Ready, aim, fire!: Fully armed and ready to fire, these monsters won’t stand a chance.

3. Last Year: The Nightmare

Last Year: The Nightmare Official Trailer

This multiplayer, team-based strategy game takes place when five teenagers find themselves waking up in complete darkness in their high school. The group soon realizes not only is their school a horrific mirror of it’s normal self, but they’re being hunted by a supernatural killer.

This game allows the 5 survivors to each pick a class, craft items, and strategize with each other. It also allows the 6th player, the killer, to choose from 3 different enemies, all of which are unique. Will you be the hunter? Or the hunted?

Fight or Flight: In this team-based strategy game, will you work together and survive, or will it be every man for himself?

School’s Out: This eerie mirroring of East Side High School is the last thing this group of students expected.

2. Call of Cthulhu®

Call of Cthulhu® Gameplay Trailer

Call of Cthulhu® is a video game adaptation of Chaosium’s tabletop RPG. You play as Private Investigator Pierce, who is investigating the horrific death of the Hawkins family. As you move through the home, you’ll begin unearthing clues as to what exactly happened to them.

But you’ll need to be careful, your sanity will waver. As you plunge deeper into the Hawkins family dark secrets, your reality will begin to shift and you’ll wonder what’s real and what isn’t.

Light the Way: The Hawkins family home is full of secrets, beckoning you to find them.

Condemned: The more you unearth the Hawkins family secrets, the more you risk your own sanity.

1. Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 remake gameplay

In Resident Evil 2, you follow police officer Leon Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield as they attempt their escape through Raccoon city. With zombies plaguing the city, escaping will be no easy task.

Resident Evil 2 has been remade to be better than ever, with over-the-shoulder camera views and more realistic settings. The same basic elements still carry over into this fantastic remake: your goal is to survive the haunting combination of exploration, puzzles, and combat.

Keep Out: Leon disregards the warnings and heads into the monster den head on, certain he’ll find a way to survive.

Dinner Time: The zombies in this Resident Evil 2 remake look better (and hungrier) than ever.

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