What Made Jason Voorhees An Evil Killer (Story Behind The Evil)

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The Story Behind the Evil

The Friday the 13th franchise is one of the most highly celebrated franchises in the horror genre. With over twelve films under the franchise’s belt, multiple video games, and even a few comics, Friday the 13th is probably one of the most recognizable horror franchises of all time. What makes this franchise so special is its main antagonist: Jason Voorhees. A character of mystery, guts, and hockey masks. But, what made Jason into the iconic slasher?


Rough Childhood

A young Jason Voorhees drowning in the lake

Jason’s troubles would start before he was even born. In the comic series Friday the 13th: Pamela’s Tale, Jason’s mother killed her abusive husband while pregnant. She would then find a job at the elusive Camp Crystal Lake, and after giving birth to her deformed son, she would hire a nanny to take care of him while she was at work. The nanny informed her that Jason had begun harming small animals, but Pamela wasn’t worried, taking him to the camp so she could keep an eye on him herself. Unfortunately, Jason would end up drowning in the camp’s lake due to negligence of the camp counselors, and Pamela would end up heartbroken and lost in despair. 


After Death

Pamela Voorhees during her murder spree

Years after her son’s death, Pamela Voorhees would fall into a psychotic fit of vengeful rage. Led by the voice of her dead son in her head, she would kill various counselors, including those that had nothing to do with Jason’s drowning. Essentially, Pamela’s grief turned her into a monster hellbent on revenge. It wasn’t until she was beheaded by one of the counselors that her reign of sorrow-filled terror would stop. 



Jason's tribute to his dead mother

Pamela’s death was only the beginning of Camp Crystal Lake’s problems. The death of his mother managed to bring Jason back from the dead, reborn into a silent stalker. Jason, too, was driven to kill by revenge. Though this time, for his mother’s death, affecting him almost as severely as his death did her. In fact, Jason would create a special shrine just for his mother’s head so that he could always be with her.

And he was. 

To the point that he would hear his mother speaking to him in his head, telling him to kill the camp counselors on her behalf.


The Traumatized One

Tommy Jarvis, the survivor of Jason Voorhees

When talking about Jason Voorhees’ evil nature, it’s only right to bring up another important character who was affected by it directly: Tommy Jarvis. Tommy is one of the few famous “final boys,” to the point that he is just as recognizable of a character in the Friday the 13th franchise as Jason or Pamela. And for good reason: the poor kid was traumatized by Jason and he only ever wanted to end the killer’s rampage. Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do against Jason.

Tommy’s trauma was caused by Jason’s surprise visit on his family vacation as a child. By the end of the ordeal, Tommy was left alone after his mother and sister were both left dead by the killer. This incident caused Tommy to go through multiple mental institutions and development centers, as he was left extremely traumatized. Although mentally broken, Tommy is one of the few people who managed to “defeat” Jason and is the reason Jason hates him.


But On The Inside…

Jason's nightmare in Freddy vs Jason

Another key factor that plays into Jason’s character is something that was touched upon briefly in Freddy vs Jason; on the inside, Jason is still a scared little boy who was bullied about his birth deformities. 

Considering Jason literally died from negligence, it’s not too improbable that his hatred is rooted in his past. His mother was the only person who truly cared for him, so his vengeance is completely justified in his eyes. He is getting revenge for his mother and for the lonely little boy he once was. And revenge, well… it’s a dish best served cold and bloody, right?


The Killer of Crystal Lake

Jason stalking one of his victims

Jason Voorhees would become a legend in New Jersey due to his numerous murders, to the point that Camp Crystal Lake would be nicknamed “Camp Blood.” However, it’s important to note that Jason’s murder sprees, although vengeful in nature, are mostly led by his mother’s disembodied voice. In fact, one could argue that Jason is carrying on his mother’s bloody legacy.

With so many movies, comics, and other media that cover the series, it’s hard to really put everything that makes Jason who he is into words. He’s a killer, a scared kid, an obedient child, etc. There are so many factors that play into Jason and what truly makes him the evil character he is.

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