[Top 50] Best Horror Movies of 2019

best horror movies of 2019, top horror movies of 2019
A24 takes the cake with Midsommar throwing the audience into a whirpool of pyschoilogical horror.

Which 2019 horror movies shook us to our core?

2019 was truly a blessing for the suspense loving, adrenaline addicts of the horror scene. In twelve months Hollywood and independent studios shocked and captivated their audiences with jaw-dropping masterpieces of fright. They gave us suspense, gore, physiological terror, and all the terrifying details in between.

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Annabelle Comes Home  

In an attempt to keep the evil entity possessing Annabelle at bay, Ed and Lorane Warren bring the doll back to their New England home and lock it in a case in their paranormal museum, unwittingly exposing their young daughter and babysitter to the demon lusting for a human host.


Black Christmas When a mysterious figure in black stalks the desolate campus of Hawthorne College during Christmas break, Riley and her sorority sisters put it upon themselves to bring an end to the murderous rampage.


Bliss Finding herself trapped in the clutches of an unbeatable block in the heart of Los Angeles, a struggling artist turns to heavy drugs, sexual conquest, and deranged murder to overcome her obstacles and complete her horrifying creation.



Tori Breyer once thought that the baby boy from another world was a gift from God, however, when the troubles of adolescence begin to wear on her son, Tori realizes that he is capable of unleashing hell upon the earth.


Child’s Play  

When Andy’s new robotic Buddi doll begins acting weird, and the bodies begin to pile up, he and his friends must unite to rid the town of the menace before it’s too late.



After her father becomes trapped in the family home in the wake of a category 5 hurricane, his daughter ventures into the depths of the flooded building to rescue him. Little does she realize that while they struggle against the rising waters of the storm, monstrous alligators have made the home their hunting grounds.


Daniel Isn’t Real Luke resurrects his imaginary friend Daniel from his childhood to help him cope with the intense trauma of a family incident. He fails to realize what Daniel is capable of and soon finds himself in a desperate battle against his inner demons for his soul. Trailer

Having suffered intense emotional trauma in war, a PTSD stricken field doctor returns home to carry out his master plan of bringing the dead back to life.

Doctor Sleep  

Haunted by the traumatic events of “The Shining”, a grown-up Dan Torrance struggles to protect Arba, who shares his gift of the “shine”, against the influence of the True Knot.


Suffering from a rare autoimmune disorder, Eli is taken to a special hospital to receive treatment. When a series of suspicious events begin occurring Eli realizes the hospital isn’t the sanctuary that he had thought.

Escape Room  

In a bid to win $10,000, six strangers are thrown into a dangerous escape room where they must fight for survival in a twisting maze of traps and puzzles.

Girl on the Third Floor  

While renovating a decrepit mansion for his wife and unborn child, Don Koch makes the terrifying discovery that the house is very much living.


Vigilante David Dunn stalks the streets using his supernatural talents to track down raging madman Kevin Wendle Crumb who has 24 personalities and unholy superhuman strength.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters  

Humanity becomes trapped in the middle of Godzilla’s battle for supremacy against the likes of Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah.


When Francis strikes up a friendship with a widowed French piano teacher, she fails to foresee how the lonely woman’s obsession with her could take a dark and deadly turn.

Hagazussa: A Heathen’s Curse  

Accused of being a witch during the superstitious mayhem of the 15th century, young mother Albrun struggles fend for herself and newborn child in the heart of the Alps.

Happy Death Day 2U  

Thrust into an alternate universe and back into the path of a masked murderer, Collegian Tree Gelbman discovers she must relive her hell and unmask her killer to save her friends and stop the time loop.


Stranded on a yacht in the middle of the ocean, three friends begin to sink into madness as tensions begin to rise.


Haunt When the thirst for frights drives a group of young adults to search out the most extreme haunted house in town, they quickly realize that the horrors lurking inside the walls of the hell house that they have come face to face with their darkest nightmares. Trailer

Hell-bent on saving the world and stopping the Blood Queen Nimune, Hellboy joins forces with the humans in a supernatural battle against the forces of darkness.

High Life  

Alone and stranded in the vast expanse of outer space, Monte and his young daughter must struggle to survive as their lives hang in the balance.

I Trapped the Devil  

Steve has trapped a man who he believes is the Devil himself in the basement of his home. He slowly descends into insanity when his brother and sister in law show up for an unexpected Christmas visit and he struggles to keep the evil incarnate from making his escape.

In the Tall Grass  

When a brother and sister team up and venture into a field of tall grass to rescue a young boy, they soon realize that there is something more sinister lurking in the towering blades.

IT Chapter 2 Brought back to face their greatest fears one final time, the Loser’s Club returns to Derry to put an end to the murderous reign of terror over 27 years later. Trailer
Knives and Skin  

A small town collectively slips into insanity after one of their own teens mysteriously disappears.

Little Monsters A zombie outbreak threatens humanity once again as a musician does her best to protect the kids and keep their spirits up. Trailer
Ma A group of teenagers strikes up an unlikely friendship with a lonely middle-aged woman, whom they call Ma, lets them use the basement of her home as a party stronghold. At first, Ma is nothing but a kind fun-loving woman, but when strange events begin to occur and the tensions begin to rise, the teens come to the frightening realization that Ma may have other plans for them. Trailer

What seemed to be a harmless mid-summer festival soon dissolves into a violent pagan ritual controlled by a deadly cult that sends a young couple and their friends into a battle for survival.

One Cut of the Dead  

During a low budget film session for a zombie movie, the crew is attacked by a real hoard of zombies and has to fight for their lives inside an abandoned WWII facility.


In a desperate bid to escape the cycle of poverty and class struggle, the Kim family form a close bond with the wealthy Parks. However, as the two families become more involved with each other some unforeseen and deadly consequences.

Pet Sematary  

Right in the backyard of their new home deep in rural Maine, the Creed family discover a mysterious makeshift burial ground and the dark secrets hidden within the woods.


A seemingly ordinary businessman leaves his family for a mundane business trip with darker intentions to hire a prostitute and commit what he believes will be the perfect murder.


After having experimental stem cell therapy to correct the disfiguring injuries she sustained in a traffic accident, Rose slowly realizes that the treatment may have altered her more than she expected.

Ready or Not  

Grace thought she had it all when she married the man of her dreams and was welcomed into a wealthy family. Unfortunately, after the ceremony, she learns that her new in-laws have devious plans for her wedding night.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark  

The mysterious history of the old Bellows mansion comes to life through the book of scary stories written by the most infamous member of the family, Sarah Bellows.


After being shipwrecked on a deserted island, Jenn quickly realizes that she may not be alone after all.

The Curse of La Llorona La Llorona is on the prowl in 1970’s Los Angeles and she has set her ghostly sights on a social worker’s young children. Trailer
The Dead Don’t Die  

The sleepy town of Centerville is thrust into supernatural turmoil and the citizens must bind together to fight the rising dead.

The Golem  

In a bid to rid her community of a deadly plague, a young Jewish woman conjures up an entity she believes will bring protection for her and her people. 

The Head Hunter  

After years of collecting the severed heads of his victims, a medieval bounty hunter is on the lookout for the crown jewel of his collection, the monster who murdered his daughter. 

The Hole in the Ground  

Sarah’s young son returned from the woods behind their home, but it soon becomes apparent that the boy standing before her may not be her son.

The Lighthouse  

Alone on a mysterious island in New England, two lighthouse keepers struggle to maintain their sanity and slowly sink into a sea of madness.

The Perfection  

Charlotte, a washed-up musical prodigy, seeks out the new start pupil of her former teacher and soon their interactions go from innocent to sinister.

The Prodigy When her young son Miles begins exhibiting disturbing behavior, Sarah learns that her troubled son may be under the control of someone much more devious than himself. Trailer
The Silence  

Prehistoric man-eating creatures with wings have stormed the skies and taken the earth by force. Deaf Ally Andrews and her family must stick together and make the dangerous journey to a safe haven in silence to avoid alerting the blind creatures.

The Wind  

Driven to insanity in the endless expanse of the Mid-Western frontier, Lizzie becomes convinced that she is being stalked by a supernatural presence. 


Upon returning to the beachfront home she grew up in, Adelaide Wilson is filled with an overwhelming sense of dread. Her worst fears are realized when a group of masked strangers trap the family in the home, and the four of them fight for survival. 

Velvet Buzzsaw  

Mysterious paintings from an anonymous artist begin popping up in a pretentious art museum and real havoc on the greedy art dealers trapped within its walls. 

Zombieland: Double Tap  

Venturing out of the safety of the Whitehouse, the zombie slayers make the treacherous journey to Memphis Tennessee, where they must fight off hordes of indestructible zombies.

47 Meters Down: Uncaged  

Trapped deep underwater in the ruins of an ancient city, four teen girls must fight for survival while being hunted by an enormous shark. 



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