[Top 50] Best Horror Movies of 2016

Lights Out
In his directorial debut, David Sandberg terrified the world with 'Lights Out', making audiences desperate for a flashlight.

Perhaps one of the brightest years for horror cinema, 2016 brought about many new and exciting additions to the genre.

Both on the home turf and internationally, horror films released throughout 2016 were a mixed bag of excitement and terror, covering every conceivable topic that has become beloved in the horror community.

From zombie apocalypses to terrifying home invasions, 2016’s various entries raised the bar for the future of horror films, paving the way for the current industry. Without further adieu, here are some of the best horror movies of 2016.

Movie Name What's The Movie About? Trailer Release Date
10 Cloverfield Lane A young woman wakes up to discover she’s trapped in an underground bunker with two men who claim the world has been ravaged by an inexplicable disaster.  Trailer  December 9, 2016
 1920 London  A woman desperately seeks help from a former lover when her husband is possessed by an evil spirit.  Trailer  May 6, 2016
 Abattoir  After her sister’s family is killed, an investigative reporter tries to unravel the mystery behind the killings, leading to a terrifying and gruesome discovery.  Trailer  December 9, 2016
 The Autopsy of Jane Doe  A father and son team of coroners attempt to identify the body of a mysterious young woman, whose corpse harbors supernatural secrets.  Trailer  December 21, 2016
 Bedeviled  Five friends are terrorized by a sinister supernatural entity after downloading a strange phone app called ‘Mr. Bedevil’.  Trailer  October 22, 2016
 Before I Wake  A couple adopts a young boy after the sudden death of their son, only to realize that his dreams manifest into reality when he sleeps.  Trailer  April 7, 2016
 The Belko Experiment  A typical day at work turns to terror as a group of employees are trapped in a social experiment where they are forced to kill each other or risk death.  Trailer  September 10, 2016
 Better Watch Out  A babysitter must defend two children in the midst of a home invasion, only to realize the invasion is far more sinister than she ever could have imagined.  Trailer  September 22, 2016
 Blair Witch  After a tape supposedly featuring the disappearance of his sister is found, a boy and his friends venture into the woods believed to be haunted by the fabled Blair Witch.  Trailer  September 16, 2016
 The Boy  An American nanny discovers that her English ward is a life-sized doll, but inexplicable and disturbing events lead her to believe the doll might be possessed.  Trailer  January 22, 2016
 Cabin Fever  While vacationing in a remote cabin in the woods, a group of friends is inflicted with a horrific flesh-eating disease.  Trailer  May 13, 2016
 Child Eater  A babysitter and a young boy must struggle to survive after learning that a monster lives in the boy’s closet.  Trailer  October 28, 2016
 The Conjuring 2  Paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren travel to England to investigate a haunting involving a single mother and her four children.  Trailer  June 10, 2016
 A Cure For Wellness  A young executive is sent to fetch his company’s CEO from a wellness retreat, only to discover the spa’s treatment plan isn’t quite what it seems.  Trailer  December 10, 2016
 Don't Breathe  A group of friends breaks into the home of an elderly blind man with intent to rob him, only to find themselves in a desperate fight for survival when the man begins hunting them down.  Trailer  August 26, 2016
 Don't Knock Twice  After knocking on the door of a supposedly haunted house, a mother and her troubled daughter become entangled with a deadly entity.  Trailer  September 22, 2016
 The Evil In Us  While on vacation on the Fourth of July, a group of six friends are transformed into bloodthirsty cannibals.  Trailer  August 19, 2016
 The Faith of Anna Waters  When her sister dies of seemingly demonic circumstances, a young woman travels to Singapore to unravel the truth.  Trailer  May 6, 2016
 Friend Request  A popular college student struggles against a malevolent entity after she unfriends a mysterious girl online.  Trailer  January 7, 2016
 Gehenna: Where Death Lives  A group of researchers stumble upon an abandoned World War II bunker, where something evil has been waiting for years to be set free.  Trailer  October 6, 2016
 The Girl With All The Gifts  When the world is plagued with a deadly infection, a teacher and a scientist struggle for survival alongside a powerful girl named Melanie.  Trailer  August 3, 2016
 The Haunted House on Kirby Road  In a moment of deadly curiosity, a group of friends investigates an abandoned and supposedly haunted house to discover if the rumors of supernatural entities are true.  Trailer  October 14, 2016
 Here Alone  A young woman struggles for survival when a sudden epidemic wipes out most of humanity and forces her into the harsh and unforgiving wilderness.  Trailer  April 15, 2016
 Holidays  An anthology of horrific and twisted tales centered around some of the most beloved holidays.  Trailer  April 15, 2016
 Hush  Living in a remote area, a deaf and mute writer must fight for survival against a masked killer who breaks into her home.  Trailer  April 8, 2016
 Hypersomnia  An actress rehearsing for a role in a play about human trafficking begins to experience nightmares that may be linked to an alternate reality.  Trailer  November 18, 2016
 Inside  A woman in the middle of her third trimester of pregnancy is stalked by an unknown woman in black obsessed with her unborn child.  Trailer  October 7, 2016
 The Invitation  A man accepts an invitation to a dinner party hosted by his ex-wife, only to discover that she and her friends have a mysterious and terrifying agenda.  Trailer  April 8, 2016
 Let's Be Evil  Three chaperones are recruited to watch over an advanced learning program, in which children are equipped with augmented reality glasses to better their education.  Trailer  August 5, 2016
 Lights Out  After the sudden death of their father, a family is haunted by a wicked entity that can only attack them in the darkness.  Trailer  July 22, 2016
 Lost Creek  On Halloween night, three friends venture into the woods to face off against a creature born from their nightmares.  Trailer  July 17, 2016
 Morgan  A risk management specialist must make the difficult decision whether or not to destroy an artificial human being when she proves to be growing smarter and more dangerous than the average person.  Trailer  September 2, 2016
 The Monster  After breaking down on the side of the road, a mother and her young daughter fight to survive against a monster that stalks them.  Trailer  October 6, 2016
 The Neon Demon  An aspiring model’s mysterious beauty sparks fascination and jealousy among her friends in the fashion community.  Trailer  June 24, 2016
 Night of Something Strange  A group of friends on vacation are rerouted to an isolated motel where a strange infection turns the living into bloodthirsty monsters.  Trailer  November 22, 2016
 The Other Side of the Door  When her young son is killed in a tragic accident, a woman seeks a ritual to bring him back for a final goodbye, disrupting the balance between life and death.  Trailer  March 4, 2016
 Ouija: Origin of Evil  A widowed mother and her young daughters summon a wicked spirit to bolster their seance scam, not realizing the danger that comes from their ritual.  Trailer  October 21, 2016
 Pandemic  In a dystopian world where a deadly virus has transformed most of humanity into infected beasts, the surviving humans try to thrive amidst the chaos.  Trailer  April 1, 2016
 Pet  A young woman is held captive beneath an animal shelter by a deranged man who once had a crush on her.  Trailer  December 2, 2016
 The Purge: Election Year  In this addition to the Purge series, a Presidential candidate must survive the night where all crime, including murder, is legal after she claims to want to eliminate the practice.  Trailer  July 1, 2016
 Raw  After consuming a rabbit kidney as part of a hazing ritual, a vegetarian working to become a veterinarian suddenly finds herself with an insatiable craving for human flesh.  Trailer  May 14, 2016
 Siren  A simple bachelor party turns to chaos when a group of friends accidentally unleashes an irresistible and bloodthirsty monster on the festivities.  Trailer  December 2, 2016
 The Shallows  A young surfer must struggle for survival after she is attacked by a shark and stranded away from shore.  Trailer  June 24, 2016
 Shut In  A child psychologist lives in isolation with her unresponsive stepson, until the arrival of a mysterious young boy brings something sinister to light.  Trailer  November 11, 2016
 Terrifier  On a horrific Halloween night, two friends find themselves the objects of obsession for a killer clown’s sadistic wiles.  Trailer  October 15, 2016
 Train to Busan  When a zombie apocalypse suddenly breaks out in South Korea, survivors struggle to stay alive aboard a train from Seol to Busan.  Trailer  July 20, 2016
 Under the Shadow  When a mother and daughter attempt to piece their lives back together in the midst of war-torn Tehran, an evil creature begins to haunt their home.  Trailer  October 7, 2016
 Viral  After a deadly virus wipes out most of humanity, a young woman documents her family’s new life in quarantine and the mental toll it takes on them.  Trailer  July 29, 2016
 The Wailing  After a stranger arrives in a small village, a mysterious illness plagues the villagers, leading the local police into a desperate attempt to unravel the mystery.  Trailer  June 3, 2016
 Wolves at the Door  What begins as a fun going-away party quickly turns to terror as four friends are hunted down and tormented by intruders mimicking the Manson Family.  Trailer  October 21, 2016

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