[Top 10] Best Supernatural Board Games

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I'm not crazy enough to enter a haunted house in real life.

Up for a little ghost hunt? or maybe we could go investigate that haunted mansion? Get to do all that more with board games with a dash of the supernatural.

Ghost stories, movies and the like have always been a must when it comes to having people over. Even horror streams have more views than other genres out there. Video games, movies and stories aren’t the only ones covering the paranormal. Board games have their own growing collection when it comes to dealing with the supernatural.

Lore of the unexplainable told through board games. Here are 10 titles that we think hit the theme just right.

10. Ultimate Werewolf (Deluxe Edition)

Ultimate Werewolf Box

Your village is being plagued by a pack of werewolves. Almost every night a villager dies. The werewolves have the upper hand by knowing who are in their pack as they disguise themselves as fellow villagers. The game is played by two teams, the villagers and the werewolves, a moderator who we call a “Seer” keeps track of the happenings of the game. The game is played in a series of rounds where the villagers will have to try to kill off the werewolves while the opposing team tries to stay hidden and kill off the villagers.

What’s fun about Ultimate Werewolf:

  • Partygame, also an icebreaker game, lots of player interaction.
  • Deluxe Edition has more artwork, lots of other inclusions that makes the game more appealing and also a score pad for the “Seer”
  • More Friends, by more we mean up to 75.


9. T.I.M.E. Stories

T.I.M.E. Stories Box

Okay, while not always dealing with the supernatural, T.I.M.E. Stories will have you face them every now and then (depending on what era and scenario you have to play). The game is a narrative decksploartion game where each player is given the opportunity to create the roles of their characters and live through their story. Every scenario is a big puzzle where the players will have a “run” through. But each time you run out of Temoral Units you are brought back to the beginning of the scenario. Your goal is to complete the scenario perfectly. It’s a different scenario every time and sometimes you will have to deal with supernatural beings.

What’s fun about T.I.M.E. Stories:

  • Played in sessions, you can even save at any point.
  • Several Scenarios, this game will keep you busy for a while.
  • Light Role Play, nothing too serious yet, if you’re looking to get some RP experience maybe this adventure game is a great place to start. (Though it is hard)

8. A Touch of Evil: The Supernatural Game

A Touch of Evil Cover Art

It has the word “supernatural” in it, so we tried it out. What a time to be alive, the 19th century is known as the age of science but with reason also comes superstition. Witchcraft and things about the supernatural are all the rage especially in a village called Shadowbrook. Word on the street is, an evil creature has been causing several gruesome murders over the past days. Good thing we have you, a monster hunting-hero ready to save the town and maybe you even brought a group of friends with you to help save this town from falling into darkness. Get stronger by investigating the town and finally defeating the villain that plagues the town.

What’s fun about A Touch of Evil:

  • Friend or Foe, you can choose to team-up to defeat the Big Bad or compete on who can take it down first.
  • Different Villains, you get to choose which supernatural being you get to face, it’s a different experience every time.
  • If you like games with randomness, lots of rolling and luck of the draw moments, while some gamers do not like it, there are a lot of us that welcome this randomness.

7. Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories Cover Art 

You are now tasked with the duty to protect the village from the lord of hell—Wu Feng. He isn’t revived yet, but his legion of ghosts are on the move to wreak havoc and recover his ashes that will allow him to return to the land of the living. You and your fellow Taoist must use your special abilities to exorcise the waves of ghosts entering the town. You can benefit from the work you do and get stronger. In order to completely save the town, you must defeat Wu-Feng in his incarnated form.

What’s fun about Ghost Stories:

  • Replayability, the ghosts spawn at different areas per game.
  • Up for the Challenge, a fairly difficult game since the number of ghosts can be overwhelming.
  • Teamwork, since the Taoist all have different abilities it’s great with another player to cover your weak spots.

6. Betrayal at the House on the HIll 

Betrayal at the House on the Hill

Explore a haunted mansion and unlock mysteries. You and your friends get to build a haunted mansion tile by tile. As you go on your adventure, one of your friends will suddenly start to betray you. The game from then on, will now pit you against the betrayer… or maybe you are the betrayer.

What’s fun about Betrayal at the House of the Hill:

  • Replayable, well considering the fact you create a new house of horrors everytime.
  • Turning traitor, exactly what caused you or your friend to switch sides?
  • Scenarios, part of replayability, there are a ton of scenarios that could get triggered. 

5. Mysterium


Mysterium Box

Mr. Macdowel felt uneasy upon entering his newly bought house in Scotland. Haunted maybe? So, he hires a few spirit mediums to finally put whatever is haunting his house to rest. But, before we put the ghost to rest, we must understand it. The ghost sends out several clues, and pieces of their memories on how they were murdered. The ghost cannot speak so they send out information via visions. 

What’s fun about Mysterium:

  • Overall look, the cards, tokens and other components look really pretty for a horror game, I want protective sleeves for them.
  • Mute Ghost, you give out vision cards to give the mediums hints but you can also make other noises and sounds for RP purposes.
  • Sand Timer of doom, once it runs out you’re pretty much done, throw in your guesses.

4. Vampire: The Masquerade- Heritage

 Vampire the Masquerade - Heritage Box

Instead of hunting vampires or running away from them, this time you get to play as the vampire. You try to shape 7 hundred years of vampiric and human history in pursuit of ancient secrets, all the while trying to hide the fact that you are a vampire. While history is playing out you are also trying to solve conflict on your side of the world. 

What’s fun about Vampire the Masquerade- Heritage:

  • Come to the dark side, you can bite unsuspecting mortals and turn them into vampires, then you can choose their role in your vampire army.
  • Run through history, well you are living through 700 years of both Human and Vampire History.
  • Clans, there are 9 clans to choose from.

3. Horrified


Horrified Box

What a horrific turn of events! Not only do you have to face one monster but there are two more—wait you mean 3? There are about 7 ready monsters ready to cause havoc. It’s up to you, and your other brave friends (let’s assume that there are a few willing to join this crazy party) to rid the town from these monstrous fiends before they completely tear up the village. A standard game pits you up against 3 monsters, but depending on the difficulty you choose then the number of monsters you are up against changes. 

What’s fun about Horrified:

  • Different Monsters, Different Solutions, you aren’t heading straight into battle, each monster has certain weaknesses and you need to work your way to exploit them.
  • Classic monsters from old films, if you grew up watching old horror films, well… those monsters you saw growing up are now out to get you.
  • Villagers, aside from worrying about completing tasks, you have these people to worry about—but wait! They sometimes reward you if you keep them safe.

2.Eldritch Horror

Eldritch Horror Box

Out of nowhere, ancient evil is suddenly starting to wake up once again, promising to plague the world in darkness. It is up to you and a few others to seal off these evils before time runs out. Travel across the world, fight off other monsters and gain experience in order to banish the Ancient One once and for all.

What’s fun about Eldritch Horror:

  • Lovecraftian fan, now’s your chance to go up against the monsters in his books.
  • Adventure at heart, travel the world, solve mysteries and beat up monsters.
  • Easy to learn, something you can get on the first playthrough.

1. Mansion of Madness (2nd Edition)

 Mansion of Madness Setup

If you’ve loved Eldritch Horror, you’ll probably love this game. The game takes place in the same universe as Eldritch Horror and Elder Sign takes place. You are a researcher investigating the strange happenings around the streets of Innsmout and the haunted corridors of Arkham’s cursed mansions as you try to solve the mystery of the haunting. You will be faced with different scenarios all promising a different night of horror.

What’s fun about Mansion of Madness:

  • Dungeon Crawl, if you’re into that type of game and looking to put a touch of the supernatural into it.
  • Replay value, if you have the expansion there’s about 22 scenarios, but even with the base game there are about 4 scenarios.
  • App help, let’s allow more companion apps in board games, it allows easier setup and guides the player well.

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