3 Horror Games That Use Your Mic

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Horror games and microphones sound like they go very well together, right? Well, we’re just about to see 3 examples of how adding a microphone to games, both multiplayer and singleplayer, can make for an interesting and unique gameplay experience.

3. In Silence (PC)

In Silence Gameplay

In Silence is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game that was developed and published by Ravenhood games in October of 2020. The asymmetrical genre should be well known by now - 1 player plays as the monster that’s chasing the group of survivors (also players) whose goal is to work in a team and either escape or kill the monster.

 However this indie game has tried to bring something new to the genre of asymmetrical horror games, that being the game’s main mechanic - the monster cannot see. The rake has very poor eyesight but has a very sharp sense of hearing.

The rake has a radar in the hud that shows when noises are made and the direction they’re coming from. The rake is extremely fast so in the right hands he can find you in no time at all. However, the players can try to trick the rake by purposefully knocking over vases or turning on TVs to trap the rake.

In Silence also has a proximity chat. So if you don’t wanna take the game too seriously (it is a very small game, there are bigger and better alternatives in the genre) you can gather a few friends and have fun! Games with proximity chat always lead to some weird and fun moments!

2. Deceit (PC)

Deceit: The 6-Player Game of Trust & Deception

You wake up in an unknown place with 5 other people next to you. You hear the gamemaster’s words telling you that a third of your group is infected. The uninfected “innocents” need to escape from the infected who can shapeshift into monsters once the lights go out.

Deceit is a first-person multiplayer horror game developed and published by “World Makers”. It was released in march of 2017 and has since then been a niche social deduction game.

The goal of Deceit is to either escape from the monsters which appear as normal humans, until the lights go out (which happens at set times during a match), all the while you have tasks and tools to help you figure out who the infected monster is; OR if you are the infected, your goal is to slowly hunt down the innocents and appear as an innocent.

Deceit has a built-in talking system where all the players can talk with each other during a match. It’s primarily used for communicating with the rest of the players to figure out who the infected are (or if you’re an infected to mask your trail and blame someone else). But just like in “In Silence”, giving people the ability to talk to each other during a game, leads to plenty of derpy and fun situations.

Deceit is a very fun game, with loads of strategies, diverse maps, character skins, monster upgrades. It is in my opinion one of the best social deduction games, and it’s definitely worth a try since it’s free.

1. Escape The Ayuwoki (PC)

Escape the Ayuwoki | Official Gameplay Trailer | November 26th 2019 | Steam

You are trapped in a mansion with a mysterious creature lurking around. You must complete puzzles, and hide as well as possible if you intend to survive.

Escape The Ayuwoki is a first-person survival horror game developed and published by Deadlycrow Games.

The name “Ayuwoki” comes from an old video of a Micheal Jackson animatronic which looks very unsettling. The video later turned into a series of Spanish creepypasta with the main premise being that Ayuwoki might appear in your room at 3 AM; you will hear the signature Hee Hee if he does…

This might be THE most well-known horror game that uses a microphone. To hide from the Ayuwoki you will have to be quiet in real life because the game has access to your mic and the monster will hear you if you make noise. The game was very popular once it came out, and since then Deadlycrow games have been adding a whole lot of lore and updates to the game to make it even better.

Don’t be fooled by the meme origin of this game! You will always be on edge because you’ll often be under the table, looking at the Ayuwoki trying not to make a sound so he won’t notice you.

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