[Top 50] Upcoming Horror Movies of 2020 We're Excited For

Upcoming Horror Movies of 2020
Fans of the horror genre will learn to fear Kayako's curse in the 2020 revival of the Grudge series.

The Roaring Twenties are alive with the sound of screams.

With new additions to series such as "The Purge" and "Insidious" to be announced and Jordan Peele’s revival of "Candyman" lurking in the shadows, the horror genre is undead and thriving. Several horror remakes also take the stage in the upcoming months, as well as original nightmares from big name production companies such as Blumhouse, Lionsgate, and Paramount.

From supernatural entities plaguing rural communities to zombies picking off the remnants of humanity, here are fifty horror movies we’re excited for in 2020.

Movie Name Release Date Trailer What's The Movie About?
 After Midnight  February 14, 2020 Trailer After Hank’s girlfriend vanishes without a trace, a monster appears  from the woods and begins trying to break into his house.
 Alien Outbreak  February 11, 2020  Trailer  A rural community is plagued by an alien presence, resulting in mass suicide and widespread panic.
 The Alpha Test  March 10, 2020  Trailer  A robot servant is driven to violence after being abused by her owner.
 Alone  January 17, 2020  Trailer  A writer seeking peace and quiet in the countryside soon discovers her inner demons are the least of her worries.
 Antebellum  April 24, 2020  Trailer  An author finds herself caught in a terrifying reality and must uncover the truth in order to escape.
 Antlers  April 17, 2020  Trailer  An Oregon teacher discovers that one of her young students harbors a dangerous secret that threatens a small town.
 Awoken  January 22, 2020  Trailer  A medical student’s attempt to cure her brother of his sleep disorder reveals a far more sinister explanation for his condition.
 Baba Yaga: Terror of the Dark Forest  February 27, 2020  Trailer  A young boy goes on a quest to find his little sister after both her and his nanny disappear without a trace.
 Brahms: The Boy II  February 21, 2020  Trailer  After a new family moves into the Heelshire Mansion, their young son becomes friends with a terrifying doll called Brahms, unleashing mayhem on their household.
 Candyman  June 12, 2020  Trailer  An urban legend about a hook-handed serial killer who appears when his name is called five times plagues a small housing project in Chicago.
 Color Out of Space  January 24, 2020  Trailer  After a meteor crashes in a secluded farm, a family finds themselves haunted by a strange light that twists their reality and compels them to violence.
 Come to Daddy  February 7, 2020  Trailer  A man travels to visit his estranged father, with deadly consequences.
 The Conjuring 3  September 10, 2020  Trailer  Paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren continue their mission to exorcise evil spirits plaguing unsuspecting victims.
 The Dark Red  February 27, 2020  Trailer  A woman suffering from a mental breakdown claims her newborn was stolen by a secret society.
 Dead Earth  January 28, 2020  Trailer  Two women living an isolated life after a world-ending disaster are discovered by outsiders, plunging them back into the chaos.
 Disrupted  March 6, 2020  Trailer  A widower is driven to seek revenge when a local killing shares similarities to his wife’s unsolved murder.
 Do Not Reply  October 2, 2020  Trailer  A high school introvert is abducted by a boy who keeps women trapped in his house to live out his virtual reality-themed murders.
 Don't Speak  March 10, 2020  Trailer  After arriving at their grandparents’ farm house, a family realizes they are being hunted by a creature that uses sound to track them.
 The Dustwalker  February 8, 2020  Trailer   A rural town is plagued by a creature whose infection causes the townsfolk to transform and turn violent.
 The Empty Man  August 7, 2020  Trailer  An ex-cop stumbles upon a secret society attempting to summon a supernatural entity.
 Fantasy Island  February 14, 2020  Trailer  A group of friends travels to an island that makes their greatest fantasies come to life, only to realize their desires come with deadly consequences.
 Ghostbusters: Afterlife  July 10, 2020  Trailer  A single mother and her two children discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters and the legacy they left behind.
 Gretel & Hansel  January 31, 2020  Trailer  In a desperate search for food, a brother and sister stumble upon a cottage in the woods, tended to by a sinister witch.
 The Grudge  January 3, 2020  Trailer  A house is cursed by a deadly spirit, driving those within to commit horrific murders and plaguing those who enter with a violent death.
 Halloween Kills  October 16, 2020  Trailer  The saga of the serial killer Michael Myers continues in this next thrilling installation to the Halloween series.
 Hunter's Moon  March 24, 2020  Trailer  A sheriff is called to an orchard where three sisters have been attacked by a gang of young delinquents, only to make a strange and startling discovery.
 The Hunt  March 13, 2020  Trailer  Twelve strangers wake up in a clearing to discover they have been chosen to be part of the Hunt.
 The Invisible Man  February 28, 2020  Trailer  A young woman suspects her abusive ex-boyfriend may have faked his death when an unseen entity begins plaguing her.
 The Lodge  February 7, 2020  Trailer  A woman and her fiancé’s two children are snowed in during a remote vacation, when strange and frightening events begin to haunt them.
 Morbius  July 31, 2020  Trailer  A young man tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease, only to end up inflicting himself with a form of vampirism.
 Mortal  February 28, 2020  Trailer  A young man discovers he has frightening god-like powers similar to the god Thor from Norse mythology.
 The New Mutants  April 3, 2020  Trailer  Five young mutants, newly adjusting to their powers, find themselves trapped in a facility against their will.
 Promising Young Woman  April 17, 2020  Trailer  A woman suffering trauma from an event in her past seeks vengeance on those who cross her path.
 A Quiet Place Part II  March 20, 2020  Trailer  A mother and her young children face countless dangers in a world plagued by monsters who use sound to hunt their prey.
 Sadistic Intentions  February 14, 2020  Trailer  A musician lures a fellow band-mate and a young woman to a remote mansion for a night of deception and torture.
 Saint Maud  March 27, 2020  Trailer  A religious nurse becomes obsessed with saving the soul of a dying patient, no matter the cost.
 Skin Walker  TBD 2020  Trailer  A young woman moves to the city to escape the memories of her traumatic childhood, but her family’s dark secrets draw her back.
 Spiral  May 15, 2020  Trailer  In this new chapter in the Saw series, police officials seek to stop a twisted mastermind from inflicting a new form of justice on unsuspecting victims.
 The Superdeep  TBD 2020  Trailer  A research team investigates the Kola Borehole in Russia and unleashes a deadly threat on humanity.
 Swallow  March 6, 2020  Trailer  A pregnant housewife finds herself compelled to swallow dangerous objects, and must confront the reason behind her new obsession.
 Transference  March 10, 2020  Trailer  A brother struggles to keep his mentally disturbed sister in an asylum while he tries to find the reason behind their supernatural experiences.
 The Turning  January 24, 2020  Trailer  A governess is hired to watch after two children following their parents’ deaths, only to discover something sinister lurking in the mansion they call home.
 Uncaged  March 17, 2020  Trailer  A zoo veterinarian leads the hunt for an escaped lion that begins terrorizing the city of Amsterdam.
 Underwater  January 10, 2020  Trailer  A crew of aquatic researches struggles to survive after an earthquake destroys their undersea base, leaving them at the mercy of the monsters lurking in the depths.
 The Vast of Night  March 13, 2020  Trailer  A strange audio frequency disrupts a small town in New Mexico one fateful night in the 1950s.
 VFW  March 31, 2020  Trailer  A group of veterans fights against a drug dealer and his gang of mutants in order to protect an innocent teen.
 Vivarium  March 27, 2020  Trailer  A young couple searching for their new home finds themselves trapped in a terrifying maze of houses that all look the same.
 The Witch: Subversion  March 10, 2020  Trailer  A high school student suffering from amnesia tries to piece together the mystery of her past and the darkness surrounding her.
 The Witches  October 9, 2020  Trailer  A seven-year-old boy finds himself facing off against a terrifying cult of witches who have remained hidden among society for decades.
 The Woman in the Window  May 15, 2020  Trailer  An agoraphobic woman living in New York City witnesses a horrific act of violence after she spies on her new neighbors.

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