[Top 15] Horror Movies Like Midsommar

Movies Like Midsommar
Hot on the trail of a child killer, Detective Will Dormer is desperate to track down the heinous criminal.

15. The Children of the Corn (1984)

The Children of the Corn 1984 Trailer

Trekking across the Midwest to their new life, Burt and his girlfriend Vicky are startled when they find a mutilated corpse in the middle of the road. Trying to get a hold of the authorities the two venture into the nearby town and discover that the only inhabitants are strange children who watch them closely. Upon further investigation, the two find the children are being overseen by a tyrannical teenage cult leader Isaac Chroner, who has devious plans to sacrifice Burt and Vicky to their demonic overlord. 

14. The Blood on Satan’s Claw

The Blood on Satan's Claw Trailer

A small town is thrown into a panic when a mysterious corpse is dug up by some kids. The body draws some unwanted attention for several teenagers who are convinced that the body was possessed. Eager to communicate with the devil, the teens steal the body and begin performing satanic rituals hoping to contact something from beyond the grave. 

13. The Ritual

The Ritual Trailer

Four close friends reunite years after the tragic death of one of their buddies to honor him, but soon the tensions among the groups begin to drive a wedge between them. Traveling to the edge of the Scandanavian wilderness they decide to take a shortcut through the dense forest in hopes of reaching their destination before being caught up in bad weather. Now deep inside the woods,the men begin to see mysterious figures in the trees and mutilated animal corpses and wonder if something else is following them through the wilderness. 

12. Apostle

Apostle Trailer

After returning home Thomas Richardson is furious to learn that his beloved sister has been taken hostage by a religious cult and sets off to their remote island to bring her home. He infiltrates the cult and spys on the members hoping to learn of his sister’s location. Thomas soon learns that there is trouble brewing within the leaders of the group and just under the idyllic surface lies a much darker evil. 

11. Sightseers

Sightseers Trailer

Chris wants to take his girlfriend Tina out on a road trip through the British Isles to teach his sheltered partner what the outside world has to offer. Their trip starts off wonderfully but soon Tina’s mother and other outside parties begin to throw a wrench into Chris’s adventurous plans. Soon the happiness and good spirits have faded away from the couple and they descend into pure madness. 

10. A Field in England

A Field in England Trailer

Amid the horrors of the English Civil War, a group of soldiers makes a break for the countryside, deserting their company. Hiding out in the fields the group encounters a strange man who holds them captive and forces them to assist him in his devious plans. The man is convinced that somewhere under the heaps of grass lies a secret buried treasure and he keeps his newfound prisoners as slave labor to hunt for it. 

9. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

The Blair Witch Project Trailer

Three film students venture to the edge of the Black Hills Forest in search of the truth behind the local urban legend of the Blair Witch. After gathering stories and rumors from the townsfolk they pack up and make their way into the woods to capture the Witch on camera. Documenting their trek through the trees they soon become hopelessly lost and descend into madness as the influence of the sorceress poisons their minds. 

8. An American Werewolf in London

An American Werewolf in London Trailer

During a backpacking trip through Brittain, two friends David and Jack are brutally attacked by a vicious werewolf. The attack claims Jack's life and David is rushed to the hospital with a massive bite from the beast. While in the hospital David becomes suicidal as he is plagued by horrific nightmares of Jack, warning him that he will soon transform into the being that attacked them. 

7. The Conqueror Worm (Witchfinder General)

The Conqueror Worm (Witchfinder General) Trailer

The fear of witches has England under its tyrannical hold and newly appointed Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins is hell-bent on tracking down the agents of the devil. He scours the countryside with his pose searching for possible witches and torturing a confession out of them. Soon the power goes to his head and Hopkins becomes a raging psychopath on a bloody killing spree across the country. 

6. Hereditary

Hereditary Trailer

Annie Graham is still deeply upset over the recent death of her mother Ellen and is struggling to hold it together as her mental state deteriorates. If that isn't hard enough her husband and children begin to experience terrifying occurrences in their home which leads to the death of daughter Charlie. Slowly going insane Annie is desperate to find answers and pries into her mother’s past convinced that she has something to do with her suffering. 

5. The Wicker Man (1973)

The Wicker Man 1973 Trailer

After a young girl goes missing, rumors begin circulating that a mysterious group of occultists has taken her hostage on their remote island. Determined to rescue the girl Sergeant Howie ventures to the island and searches for the girl among the strange villagers. Howie spends days learning about the group’s practices and believes he is close to finding the child when things take a sinister turn. 

4. The Witch

The Witch Trailer

When her younger brother disappears on her watch, Thomasin’s family blames her for his absence and accuses her of being a witch. Thomasin swears she had nothing to do with her brother’s disappearance but with the mad craze of the witch hunts in the air no one believes her. Desperate to clear her name Thomasin must fight off the mob forming to kill her and find the truth about what happened to her missing sibling. 

3. Mandy

Mandy Trailer

Red is hell-bent on seeking revenge on the occultists who murdered his wife Mandy and in a blind rage he sets out after the group. As he draws closer to the cult’s lair he becomes more and more unhinged by his grief and will stop at nothing to get his hands on their leader. The pressure comes to a boiling point when Red makes it to his destination and all hell breaks loose. 

2. Deliverance

Deliverance Trailer

What should have been a relaxing canoeing trip in rural Georgia has taken a dark turn as four friends are brutally attacked by local backwoodsmen. Barely surviving the attack the group takes off into the wilderness hoping to escape their pursuers only to find that another crazed maniac is hot on their tail. Now surrounded by hordes of the angry woodsmen and hopelessly lost, the four men must band together if they are ever going to make it home alive. 

1. Insomnia (2002)

Insomnia 2002 Trailer

The recent murder of a teenaged girl has brought a famed police detective to a small town in Alaska where for part of the year the sun never sets. Filing his sights on his prime suspect, the detective searches for hard evidence pointing the blame on the man when he begins to suffer immensely from the stress. As the days pass on with still nothing to pin the murder on his target, the seasoned officer slips into utter insanity.  

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