Top 15 Movies Like The Conjuring You Need To Watch

Don't miss these spooky movies!

Looking for more chills like the ones from The Conjuring? Here are 15 movies you have to see!

#15. The Haunting

This 1963 supernatural horror film was directed by Robert Wise and spawned a 1999 sequel.

The story follows a group of people invited by a paranormal investigator to a purportedly haunted house. 

Adapted from the 1959 novel The Haunting of Hill House.

#14 The Orphanage:

This film was the 2007 debut of Spanish filmmaker J. A. Bayona. A brilliant ghost story about a woman who returns to her childhood home, an orphanage.

The woman brings her husband and adopted son with her, which may not have been a great idea.

#13 Deadly Blessing:

This 1981 Wes Craven gem is a real masterpiece. This is one of Craven’s lesser known films but amongst his finest. The movie tells a story of a strange figure committing murder in an Amish-like town, that believes in an ancient evil and curses.

#12 The Others:

This 2001 film was written, directed and scored by Alejandro Amenabar. The story is set in 1945 in a remote country house located in the channel islands, where a string of strange events occur. Starring Nicole Kidman.

#11 The Exorcism of Emily Rose:

A 2005 supernatural horror trial film, directed by Scott Derrickson. The story is loosely based on Anneliese Michel, a German woman who underwent Catholic exorcism rites. This movie adds a unique twist to the ever changing genre.

#10 The Lords of Salem:

A 2012 Rob Zombie film. This amazing story focuses on a drug addicted disc jockey in Salem, Massachusetts. Her life starts to change after she meets the new neighbor in her apartment building. She begins to be entangled with 3 Satan worshipping women.

#9 Observance:

This 2015 supernatural horror film was directed by Joseph Sims. The story is about a private investigator who accepts a surveillance job, then finds himself in the center of very bizarre happenings.

#8 Insidious:

A 2015 film directed by James Wan, Leigh Whannel and Adam Robitel.  The story focuses on a couple's son, who mysteriously enters a coma and becomes a vessel for a ghost. This movie has already spawned 3 sequels.

#7 The Shining:

A 1980 film by Stanley Kubrick. The story follows an aspiring writer who moves his family into a historic hotel. While there his son begins to possess psychic abilities that allows him to see the hotels horrific past.

#6 The Exorcist:

This 1973 classic was directed by William Friedkin. The story was adapted from the 1971 novel of the same name. Focusing on a possessed 12 year old girl, who 2 priests conduct an exorcism on. This movie spawned 5 sequels.

#5 The Ring:

This 2002 film directed by Gore Verbinski was a remake of the Japanese film, Ring. Adapted by from a novel by the same name. The story is about a cursed videotape, with whoever watching dying 7 days later.

#4 The Blair Witch Project:

A 1999 film directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez. The story focuses on 3 students who hike to a small Maryland town to film a documentary about a local legend. The 3 students disappear but their footage was recovered.

#3 The Haunting in Connecticut:

This 2009 film was directed by Peter Cornwell. The story follows a family who moves into a former mortuary and become haunted by supernatural forces. Allegedly based on the Snedeker family and spawning 2 sequels.

#2 Annabelle:

A 2014 prequel to The Conjuring, directed by John R. Leonetti. Inspired from the story by Ed and Lorraine Warren. The story is about a supposedly haunted Raggedy Ann doll. The movie was followed with 2 sequels.

#1 The Amityville Horror:

This 1979 masterpiece was directed by Stuart Rosenberg, based on the 1977 novel of the same name. The story follows the alleged supernatural experiences of the Lutz family and has spawned an incredible 15 sequels.

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